In 1 Timothy 5, we are told what younger and older women’s perpetual sins will be if they don’t learn godliness and who they are in Christ. For the older women, we are told: “Now she that is a widow indeed, and desolate, trusteth in God, and continueth in supplications and prayers night and day. But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.” Yes, I know this chapter is speaking about widows, but it’s relevant to all of us.

Later on in this chapter, we are told what should define a godly, older woman. “Well reported of for good works; if she have brought up children, if she have lodged strangers, if she have washed the saints’ feet, if she have relieved the afflicted, if she have diligently followed every good work.” Therefore, older women are to be known for serving of others. Their lives should be marked by loving and serving their families too. This is the ministry that God has called them to do.

In Titus 2:3, we are told this about older women: “The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things.” Older women are then told exactly what they are to be teaching young women in Titus 2:3-5. This is God’s prescription for older women: to live godly, holy lives and love and serve others.

What are older women’s perpetual sins that they must watch out for? Living in pleasure and seeking pleasure, namely doing their own thing instead of what God has called them to do. Many older women don’t want to care for their grandchildren nor teach young women. They want to travel and enjoy life, because they’ve already raised their own children. This is wrong and unbiblical! Our lives are never to be lived for ourselves. Our lives are to be lived as living sacrifices for others since as we serve others, we are serving the Lord. The older women need to be investing their lives into the young women and teaching/modeling to them biblical womanhood. Our churches and culture are suffering because older women have become seekers of pleasure rather than seekers of God.

What are younger women to be defined and how are they to live their lives? They are commanded to “be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed” (Titus 2:4, 5). In 1 Timothy 5:14, we are told that they are to “marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.” Single women are to be holy in body and spirit (1 Corinthians 7:34).

What are younger women’s perpetual sins that they must watch out for? “And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not” (1 Timothy 5:13). The young women have a tendency to not want to be home but to run out here and there, thus neglecting their homemaking duties. On top of that, they would rather watch TV or scroll through their social media sites rather than cook, clean, and care for their husband and children. They also have trouble keeping out of other people’s lives by meddling and gossiping about them. They seem to love to tear other people down.

There you have it, younger and older women. God clearly commands how He wants us to live and shows us the sin we need to run from. He wants us to live in obedience to Him, because He knows this will produce beautiful fruit in our lives. The perpetual sins that we may become involved with will only produce rotten fruit.

Know your struggles and steer clear of them. Know who you are in Christ and that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. You can say “yes” to righteousness and “no” to sin. The more you discipline yourself to love and serve others, the more joyful you will become!

I was once a younger woman and am now an older women. I can certify that these biblical facts are true.

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.
Titus 2:12

Younger and Older Women’s Perpetual Sins

Why He Fights for Us

Kevin McCullough | Nov 12, 2020 9:22 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of He Fights for Us

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Former Vice President Joe Biden said this week that President Donald Trump was “embarrassing” himself due to what Biden described as a selfish desire to stay in office.

Joe Biden claimed to not be able to comprehend why President Trump is unwilling to surrender to the outcome as it’s currently projected.

CNN’s lower chyron said it all: “More world leaders have congratulated Joe Biden (on ‘winning the election’) than GOP members of the U.S. Senate.”

The election was held, the media called it, and as far as anyone is concerned—to Team Biden, that’s all folks.

Maybe it would settle if we pesky Americans wouldn’t think for ourselves. But for now, we’re still legally allowed to do so. It’s the cognitive dissonance in We The People’s minds, in fact, that is not allowing us to give President Trump permission to concede yet.

You see, he feels an obligation to us.

Unlike Joe Biden, President Trump didn’t need to take the job. He could have avoided all the horrific treatment he’s endured for the last four years if he had chosen NOT to volunteer his time and serve while simultaneously watching his net worth diminish by billions. He had a better plane, a bigger bed, and he could have chosen to not bother himself with trying to save America from those who have pledged to their deaths to radically transform her.

But he did.

And now We The People who hired him have uncovered what appears to be the worst truth concerning the greatest crime committed against America—the theft of our voice. And until we have answers that this is not the case—We The People—require him to stand and fight.

There may be transparent answers to these troubling concerns. If there are, then courts should be willing to get to them and adjudicate their meaning. The goal is to demonstrate to all Americans that our elections are free, legal, honest, and transparent.

But we need answers to the following brief list of examples:

1. How, according to one analysis, are there “353 counties with 1.8 million more registered voters than residents”?

2. Why, as the Trump campaign has claimed, were so many GOP poll watchers disallowed access to observe ballots and do their job in Philadelphia while it processed hundreds of thousands of ballots?

3. Identical question for the Cobo Arena in Detroit.

4. Was it constitutional for bureaucrats and state judges to change election proceduresthat violated laws that defined election parameters?

There are a good many more questions that We The People have not had answered, but let’s begin with these.

We have a legal process to do this through. Donald Trump, as our No. 1 current public servant, is seeking the answers We The People need here.

They are fair questions.

There are—according to GOP officials—at present—roughly 11,000 Americans who are willing to go under oath (at risk of jail and perjury) to testify about what they have seen or been asked to participate in as it relates to these matters.

We need these answers investigated, whether it changes the election outcome or not—for merely the sake of confidence that our votes are being properly utilized.

The president, after all, stewards his responsibility by our consent — and thus far, it is unclear who we have rendered that consent for.

And if Vice President Biden wants to be perceived as a true servant of the American people, he will join with the American people and President Trump in seeking answers to these questions that we seek.

Because for President Trump, it’s never been about anything but the power of his love for this nation and the people. For Joe Biden not to be perceived as anything less than the 140 million people that cast legal votes, he must prove to us that for him, it is not just about a love for power.

We want and are now demanding transparency and an accurate counting of every legal vote.

The Gaslighting of the American People

Josh Hammer | Nov 13, 2020 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Gaslighting of the American People

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Members of the Electoral College do not formally congregate to elect the next president of the United States until Dec. 14, but as far as the media, Hollywood and the Fortune 500 are concerned, former Vice President Joe Biden is already president-elect. This, notwithstanding the fact that President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, having alleged various abnormalities and irregularities in this unusual midpandemic voting process, is currently pursuing legal recourse across myriad closely contested battleground states.

The Constitution, of course, does not specify the media, Hollywood and the Fortune 500 as the determiners of our presidential election. We have a rule of law, and we have specific legally prescribed mechanisms and deadlines in place. But supporters of Trump are nonetheless being told to sit down, shut up and not ask any questions. Just submit to your new ruler, we are told by supercilious elites.

But Trump supporters might be readily forgiven for not submitting to their prospective new rulers with alacrity. In fact, the pansocietal effort we are now watching unfold before our eyes is the culmination of four years of a sustained, systemic gaslighting of the American people.

It is no small irony that those now united in bellowing from the hilltops about the dangers of not accepting election outcomes and delegitimizing election results are the same people who never accepted the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency to begin with. Who can forget how, on the day after Inauguration Day 2017, leftists followed the lead of Jew-haters such as Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory in planning a rival event, intended to overshadow the inauguration, which was the first Women’s March? Who can forget how leftists have invariably clamored about how Trump is a nefarious Russian agent, a Manchurian candidate and a Vladimir Putin stooge, who was only “elected” due to a biased FBI director’s “October surprise” announcement (laughable) and Russian bots manipulating voters on social media (even more laughable)?

For the past four years, leftist activists and the Democratic Party have tried their very best to out Trump in any way possible, including hallucinogenic dreams of a 25th Amendment invocation and a totally unhinged, baseless and petty impeachment push. They have stymied the administration’s attempts to effectuate substantive good governance initiatives through a veritable hodgepodge of obstructive probes, investigations and manufactured scandals. The most prominent of these, the Russiagate collusion hoax, cast a media frenzy-driven pall over the first two years of the administration and ended up as a complete bust. Democrats’ risible impeachment push, based on a brief phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian premier, was so quickly discredited that it became a total nonissue — if anything, an affirmative hindrance for Democrats — in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, the media at every turn has sought to portray Trump as a racist white supremacist reprobate, notwithstanding the fact he has an Orthodox Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. The media and Democrats have repeatedly lied about what Trump did and did not say after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, and have routinely lumped together all Trump supporters as a bunch of backwoods yahoos — “deplorables,” to borrow Hillary Clinton’s infamous phrasing — who pine for those ostensible halcyon days of (actual) systemic racism pervading the nation. The media has often railed against the alleged violent tendencies of gun-toting Trump supporters, but as the anarchy of Portland, Oregon, helped make clear a few months ago, the most conspicuous threat in this nation is that posed to conservatives by the Democratic Party’s rabid, vindictive antifa-Black Lives Matter wing.

But it gets even worse. In this unprecedented of elections, many states illegally changed their basic election/voting-related laws midstream — and invariably had those illicit attempts to deprive state legislatures of their plenary power over election regulation bestowed legitimacy by state and federal courts alike. Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans hosted war game exercises where they mused longingly about a military coup. The Democratic attorney general in a key swing state, Pennsylvania, boasted before Election Day about how Biden would surely prevail.

The political polling industry, which apparently failed to correct any of its errors from the 2016 election, was so catastrophically off that one must seriously wonder whether any pollsters may have deliberately misled prospective voters in a psychological attempt to artificially depress GOP turnout. In Wisconsin, which Biden ultimately carried by less than 1%, the ABC/Washington Post poll less than a week before election day had Biden up a whopping 17 points. It is difficult to contemplate how a pollster can be that off the mark.

And now, after four years of relentlessly fighting a president they never accepted, engaging in the most sordid of unsubstantiated character assassination campaigns against that president’s second Supreme Court nominee, and peculiarly low rejection rates for mail-in ballots after much higher rejection rates in the primaries, while the president pursues the remedial legal actions to which he is entitled, they have the temerity to tell us all to pipe down and get on board with calling Biden “president-elect.”

In a word: No.

Free republics do not long survive in a state like this — not when the entire country’s ruling class, and all its sundry leading institutions, are in a de facto state of war with half of the citizenry. Stop gaslighting us — and do it now.

Who Owns the Future? Dems or GOP?

Pat Buchanan | Nov 13, 2020 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Owns the Future? Dems or GOP?

Source: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

For Republicans, the returns were mixed on Nov. 3.

Though he carried burdens unrivaled by a president since Herbert Hoover — a plague that has killed 230,000 Americans in eight months and crashed the economy to depths not seen since the ’30s – Donald J. Trump amassed 72 million votes, the largest total in Republican Party history.

And while he lost the popular vote, Trump held off the predicted “blue wave.” He added seats in the House, a feat rivaling that of Richard Nixon, who added 22 GOP House seats while losing to JFK in 1960. And with Trump at the top of the GOP ticket, the Senate remained Republican.

Even Joe Biden’s 5 million vote margin was a tribute to Trump, who brought out friends and foes in astounding numbers, while Biden sheltered in place in his Wilmington basement reading cliches from his teleprompter.

Democrats, however, had great successes as well, reconstructing their “blue wall,” by winning all 18 states they had won in each of the presidential elections from 1992 through 2012.

Of what does the blue wall consist? All six New England states, save New Hampshire; New York, New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland; the Middle America quadrant of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota; and the Pacific Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington.

Not only did Biden rebuild that blue wall, he also added New Hampshire and Virginia, thereby carrying every state that touches the Atlantic from Maine to North Carolina.

Democrats gained ground in the Republican heartland as well.

Where Nixon in 1972 and Reagan in 1984 swept all 11 states of the Old Confederacy — as did Woodrow Wilson and FDR in the days of Dixiecrat segregation — the GOP mega-states of Florida and Texas became visibly competitive. North Carolina and Georgia are becoming toss-ups. And Virginia, capital of the Confederacy, where they now tear down statues of Robert E. Lee, is closer to blue.

The existential GOP problem? The party has lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections. Consistent and growing popular vote majorities for Democrats must one day translate into consistent and permanent electoral vote majorities.

Democrats remain today the minorities’ party and Republicans the party of America’s white majority. White folks are roughly 60% of the U.S. population, though closer to 70% of the electorate. Both those figures, however, are slowly and steadily falling.

Demography is still destiny.

Republicans are going to have to grow their share of the white vote and their share of the Hispanic, Black and Asian vote or their future will begin to look like California today, where the Grand Old Party does not hold a single statewide office.

There are other presently insoluble problems for the GOP.

Democrats are the party of government and Republicans the party of the private sector. But the number of Americans who depend on federal programs — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, student loans, housing subsidies, Earned Income Tax Credits, affirmative action — is growing, while the share of the population that contributes most to the programs is shrinking.

The top 1% of the population in income pays more taxes than the bottom 90%. The top 50% of the population pays 97% of the income taxes, while the bottom 50% pays only 3%.

If people who receive a cornucopia of benefits pay no income taxes, then why would they vote against a party that promises them still more benefits, to be paid for by raising the income taxes of someone else?

As John C. Calhoun declaimed on the roots of democratic class warfare,

“The necessary result… of the unequal fiscal action of the government is, to divide the community into two great classes; one consisting of those who… pay the taxes, and… bear exclusively the burthen of supporting the government; and the other, of those who are the recipients of their proceeds, through disbursements, and who are… supported by the government; or, in fewer words, to divide it into tax-payers and tax-consumers.”

Who owns the future?

If Democrats can kill the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court, if they can add four new senators from Puerto Rico and D.C., and if they can pack the electorate by turning millions of migrants, legal and illegal, into U.S. citizens and regular voters, then you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

Yet, as seen in California, conservatism is not dead:

On Nov. 3, Californians came out to crush Proposition 16, an attempt by leftists to cut out of the state constitution a provision that forbids racial or gender discrimination in public employment, education and contracting. The margin of defeat for Prop 16 was 56% to 44%.

The left’s appeal to diversity, and affirmative action to achieve it, was rejected by a majority of voters who put first their belief in the idea of race neutrality.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Researchers Retract Study Touting Efficacy of Mask Mandates

Bronson Stocking | Nov 12, 2020 4:00 PMResearchers Retract Study Touting Efficacy of Mask Mandates

Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

A study touting the effectiveness of face mask mandates in slowing the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus has been retracted by its authors. An update to the study notes that cases of the virus have continued to rise in areas the researchers analyzed.

Joe Biden has called for mask mandates nationwide under the guise of saving lives. 

“This is not about Democrat, Republican or Independent,” Biden said back in August. “This is about saving American lives, so let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide, starting immediately.”

Biden’s supporters were sharing champagne bottles and gathering by the thousands after media outlets declared Joe Biden the president-elect. 

The former vice president unveiled a plan earlier this week on how he hopes to tackle the virus if he should become president. While the plan doesn’t institute nationwide masking, it does outline a policy of working with local governments to enact mandates on the local level. 

Biden has billed himself as a leader in lockstep with public health experts. But that’s not particularly reassuring when so much of what the experts have said has turned out to be wrong. 

The U.S. surgeon general, the World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci have all said face masks are not effective when it comes to COVID-19. But then the experts told Americans the coronavirus could be controlled in just a few weeks if mask mandates were implemented. Some places tried that, and the virus only seemed to spread faster. 

And sure, it’s just one study being retracted. But it’s good to know science can still prevail when so much about the Wuhan coronavirus has been honed as a political weapon by Democrats and the liberal media.

The Democrats’ Guide to Losing Gracefully

Ann Coulter | Nov 11, 2020 2:15 PM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Democrats' Guide to Losing Gracefully

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Here are the times Democrats have conceded a presidential election with grace and dignity:

OK, now on to my column.

I hope someone is recording the media’s demands that Trump supporters ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION!inasmuch as the Democrats refuse to accept the results of any presidential election they lose, unless it’s a landslide, and sometimes even then.

After George W. Bush won the 2000 election — despite the media depressing Bush turnout in Florida by calling the state for Gore when polls were still open in the conservative panhandle — Gore contested the election until Dec. 13, the day after the Supreme Court called off the endless recounts (in only certain Florida counties) demanded by Gore.

The night of the court’s ruling, Laurence Tribe, the Harvard law professor who’d argued one of Gore’s cases before the court, and Ed Rendell, general chairman of the Democratic National Committee, went on TV and said it was time for Gore to concede.

Both were immediately attacked by their fellow Democrats and forced to retract their statements. Gore’s deputy campaign manager, Mark Fabiani, for example, told The New York Times that Rendell “seems to be more interested in getting his mug on TV than in loyalty.”

The next day, Gore conceded, telling his supporters he had “congratulated him on becoming the 43rd president of the United States,” adding, “while I strongly disagree with the court’s decision, I accept it.”

But that still wasn’t the end of it! Weeks later, the Congressional Black Caucus tried to prevent congressional certification of the Electoral College for Bush, raising objection after objection on the House floor.

Over the course of the next year, the Florida ballots were painstakingly recounted by an independent investigative firm at a cost of nearly a million dollars, paid for by the same media outlets currently telling you to shut up and accept the results — including The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post and the Associated Press, along with several others.

The year-long, million-dollar recount led to this shocking conclusion: Bush still won. As the Times put it, contrary to the claims of Gore partisans, “the United States Supreme Court did not award an election to Mr. Bush that otherwise would have been won by Mr. Gore.”

And yet, to this day, Democrats claim Bush was “selected, not elected,” as so wittily put by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was still harping on Bush’s stolen election when she ran for president in the 2008 cycle. At a 2007 primary presidential debate, she delighted the Democratic audience by remarking, “Well, I think it is a problem that Bush was elected in 2000. (APPLAUSE) I actually thought somebody else was elected in that election, but … (APPLAUSE).”

At a subsequent primary debate in 2008, Hillary said that she and President Clinton had been making great progress “until, unfortunately, the Supreme Court handedthe presidency to George Bush.”

In 2006, Michael Kinsley claimed in The New York Times that the 2000 election was “actually stolen.”

And so on.

When Bush was reelected in 2004, Democrats again refused to accept the results of the election, and again attempted to block Congress’ counting of electoral votes, this time with the connivance of Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Their smoking gun? The election results in Ohio didn’t match the exit polls! If that’s not enough proof for you, and I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be, the voting machines were manufactured by Diebold, and Diebold’s CEO was a Bush supporter. Yes, apparently, the voting machines in Ohio were rigged to flip votes for Kerry to Bush.

This crackpot theory was pushed assiduously by Vanity Fair (Michael Shnayerson in the April 2004 issue, and Christopher Hitchens in the March 2005 issue), Rolling Stone magazine (Robert F. Kennedy Jr., June 15, 2006), and in books: John Conyers’ “What Went Wrong in Ohio” — introduction by Gore Vidal — and “Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?” by Steven F. Freeman and Joel Bleifuss. (You’ll have to read it to find out!)

I haven’t even mentioned the craziest of the Democrat media complex’s attacks on the results of an election: Reagan’s 489-49 electoral landslide against Jimmy Carter in 1980. (Stay tuned!)

Election results, according to Democrats:

— 1960: Kennedy wins a razor-thin victory after a surprisingly high turnout of dead voters in Texas and Illinois — FAIR ELECTION, CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!!

— 1964: Landslide election for Lyndon Johnson — FAIR ELECTION, CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!!

— 1968: Nixon won with his racist (and mythical) “Southern strategy.”

— 1972: Nixon landslide — no provable cheating.

— 1976: Carter won — FAIR ELECTION, CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!!

— 1980: Reagan won by traitorously colluding with Iran to prevent the release of American hostages before the election!

— 1984: Reagan landslide — no provable cheating.

— 1988: Bush 41 won in a landslide because of his racist Willie Horton ads.

— 1992: Clinton won with 43% of the vote — FAIR ELECTION, CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!!

— 1996: Clinton won with 49% of the vote — FAIR ELECTION, CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!!

— 2000: Bush 43 was “selected, not elected” after the Supreme Court stole it for him.

— 2004: Bush won because of Diebold hacking the voting machines in Ohio.



— 2016: Trump won after colluding with Russia to persuade them to purchase $200,000 in Facebook ads.

If that’s how we’re supposed to “accept the results of the election,” then WOW — game on!