Voting for Biden breaks all Ten Commandments

Exclusive: George Bailey shows how you can figuratively smash the Decalogue to smithereens

George Bailey

By George Bailey
Published November 2, 2020 at 7:20pm


Hey everyone! Have you heard? Joe Biden and the Democrats are offering a 2020 election special. It’s even better than a two-for-one special, and that’s no malarkey. This year, Joe and the Dems are offering a ten-for-one special – and it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

By simply pulling the voting lever for Joe Biden or the Democrat of your choice, you can figuratively snatch the Ten Commandment tablets out of Moses’ hands and smash them to smithereens.

But can Joe Biden and the Dems really deliver? Let’s delve a little deeper.

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1. The First Commandment states: “You shall have no other gods before me.” Joe Biden and the Democrats never fail to elevate government above God in every sphere of public life. God is unwelcome in government schools, in public discourse and in civil law. The phrase separation of church and state (which does not appear in the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution) is used to exclude God and morality from every corner of America. To Biden and the Democrats, government is God. Smash! One down, nine to go.

2. The Second Commandment states: “You shall not make for yourself an idol.” To Joe Biden and the Democrats, money spent on government programs is the answer to every problem. In money we trust. Sex in just about every form is honored, exalted and legalized. Minority voting blocs are raised up as sacred cows and used as political clubs to bludgeon opponents. These and many other idols are exalted and worshiped above God by Joe Biden and the Democrats. Smash! Two down, eight to go.

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3. The Third Commandment states: “You shall not take the name of the Lord Your God in vain.” Since Joe Biden and the Democrats worship strange gods and make idols of all sorts, saying “God Bless the United States of America” is just an empty proclamation. It is at its core a vain use of God’s name. Smash! Three down, seven to go.

4. The Fourth Commandment states: “Observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” Is it possible Joe Biden and the Democrats who serve the strange god of government, make idols of all sorts and use God’s name in vain daily could possibly keep anything holy, let alone the Lord’s Day? Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed devout Catholic who also supports the murder of the unborn, often takes Sunday Communion and sometimes gets refused by priests of conscience, as one priest stated, for “living outside of church teachings.” Smash! Four down, six to go.

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5. The Fifth Commandment states: “Honor your father and your mother.” In America, honoring our parents includes honoring the wishes of our Founding Fathers who created this nation with guiding moral principles enshrined in the founding documents. To Joe Biden and the Democrats, The Constitution is not something to be honored, but to be manipulated and to be used for political purposes. Moral principles are subject to change at whim by activist judges. Public schools are use to indoctrinate students against parents’ wishes with hatred for America, sexual perversion and leftist ideology. Smash! Five down, five to go.

6. The Sixth Commandment states: “You shall not murder.” Murder is not just killing, such as in self-defense or by capital punishment. It is the premeditated taking of another’s life. To Joe Biden and the Democrats, murder by surgical abortion, RU-486 and assisted suicide is business as usual. Shallow excuses such as a woman’s right to choose are just smokescreens to deceive – but murder is murder. God, not Roe v. Wade, gave us the “right to choose” between good and evil. Joe Biden’s claims to be a devout Catholic, while supporting murder on demand, is the height of hypocrisy. Smash! Six down, four to go.

7. The Seventh Commandment states: “You shall not steal.” To Joe Biden and the Democrats, stealing is simply a way of life. Governmental theft from the middle class and the wealthy to pay for vote-buying schemes (such as welfare and food stamps) and social engineering (like legalized marijuana and same-sex marriage) is at the core of their strategy to maintain a death grip on America while dragging it deeper into socialism and communism. There’s also the Biden Crime Family, raking in millions on crooked deals with China, Russia and Ukraine at the expense of the American people. Smash! Seven down, three to go.

8. The Eighth Commandment states: “You shall not commit adultery.” Once upon a time in America, sex was sacred, but Joe Biden and the Democrats have put an end to such puritanical prudery. Now sex between just about anyone anytime is condoned and encouraged. Consent alone is the guiding principle, not morality. Now, the sexualization of kids is being pushed (Can anyone say “Cuties”?) and Joe Biden sniffs kids’ hair any chance he can get. Even sex with minors seems tragically to be the next civil right du jour on the menu. Fornication, disguised as civil unions (hello, Pope Francis) and same-sex marriage, is championed across America as a new right – and of course there’s Bill Clinton. Smash! Eight down, two to go.

9. The Ninth Commandment states: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” For Joe Biden and the Democrats truth is simply what’s expedient at the time to achieve a goal. Famous whoppers like “I did not have sex with that woman,” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and “I’m not banning fracking” still reverberate from sea to shining sea. Smash! Nine down, just one to go.

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10. The Tenth Commandment states: “You shall not covet.” Wanting what others have used to be taboo in American culture, but thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats, not anymore. The simple phrase “the rich are not paying their fair share” says it all. Now coveting has been raised to the level of virtue and a high art, as long as you can demonize the person whose stuff you are coveting and planning to steal. Can anyone say “peaceful protests” and Black Lives Matter? Smash! There goes the Tenth Commandment.

Wow! A perfect 10!

But how does voting for someone who breaks all Ten Commandments habitually in the course of his public service confer the benefit of being a perfect 10 on a voter? All we need to do is examine a simple principle in American Criminal Law.

When a murder is committed in the commission of a robbery, the getaway driver, if apprehended, can be charged with and found guilty of both robbery and murder even though he (or she) did not actually rob the bank or kill the guard at the door.

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Simply put, being an accomplice to a crime makes one just as guilty as the perpetrator.

So on Election Day, if you’re looking to distinguish yourself and become a perfect 10, Joe Biden and the Democrats are offering you the deal of a lifetime – and it’s completely free of charge. All it will cost you is your soul – and that’s no malarkey, man.

Voting for Biden breaks all Ten Commandments

CoVid Test is Worthless According to World Health Organization!

November 3, 2020 


“Boris Johnson has sold out his country as have most leaders across the globe.   They have deceived and commit gross fraud at the expense of lives, livelihoods, and their economy, subjecting The People to dire straits, inexcusable lockdowns, failed businesses and unemployment. They have manipulated, propagandized, and deliberately subjected citizens to senseless panic, fear and suicide.”

CoVid Science Reveals – Test is Worthless According to World Health Organization!
by Helena
After a leaked memo revealed that Boris Johnson was considering a one-month total lockdown beginning Monday, today he announced a one-month total lockdown beginning NOW. [He also announced plans to use the army to test 500,000 people in Liverpool.]
The UK had the sixth-largest economy in the world with the services sector contributing 75% to GDP. The average age of a CoVid victim death is revealed to be greater than the UK life expectancy… And those that will be hit the hardest by a renewed lockdown – are the young people. Their lives are being trashed.
The last lockdown caused the UK GDP to contract by 9.2%, so hey another 9% loss is old hat…right? For the Greater Good of those in Nursing Homes over the age of 80!
The UK reports annual flu deaths from flu average 17,000 with an additional pneumonia count of roughly 30,000. Lumped together = 47,000. To date the UK claims they have 394 flu deaths and maybe 13,000 deaths due to pneumonia. But they are not really sure. That would indicate a drop in flu and pneumonia cases by 71.5%.
Upwards of 617,000 people die each year in the UK. But here is an interesting anomaly in how the UK determines UK CoVid deaths – according to their government health site, they include ‘nonresidents’ & illegal immigrants. WHAT?
According to data released in September, CoVid ranked 24th as the cause of death in the UK. As of September 1, the total number of deaths in the UK were registered 365,889.
A simple extrapolation would reveal roughly 45,625 people have died each month in the UK over an 8-month time frame. Assuming the same death rate for the last four months of the year, an additional total would reach 182,500. Adding that to the currently registered deaths – a total death count for the year would reach 547,500 or 11% BELOW the previous year’s death count.
When a death certificate mentions numerous factors contributing to death, when CoVid is mentioned at all, 92% of the deaths are attributed to CoVid and NOT any other cause – again according to their own Health Ministry. The annual death rate for the UK has been steadily increasing since 2013. When the rate was 9.004 per 1,000. Today the rate is 9.413 per 1,000 – on par with an influx of immigrants.
Italy’s death rate has been steadily rising since 2008 and now stands at 10.658 per 1000. In 2019, Italy recorded 641,640 deaths. According to Bloomberg – 96%-99% of CoVid deaths, the individual had underlying conditions. And those rates are highest among Chinese immigrants and old-age, as in nursing homes.
Italy typically reports over 5 million flu cases per year and a death rate of 68,000 in the 2013-14 and 2016-17 epidemic seasons. An annual average is typically 23,000. Italy’s flu season typically peaks in autumn. During the 2017 flu season Italy reported 278 deaths per day! 66% of the deaths were in the Lombardy region which has a high concentration of Chinese.
The first confirmed case of Sars/CoVid in Italy was on January 31 when 2 Chinese tourists tested positive. But CoVid 19 had yet to be identified, so how could a test have already been manufactured and make such a determination? The oops factor.
ANSWER: Because there is no CoVid 19 test – the test utilized today is the same test utilized in 2003 for SARS-CoV which embraces ALL coronaviruses. Here is what WHO stated about SARS-CoV testing in 2003:
PCR TEST: Recommendations for laboratories testing for SARS-coronavirus, are very specific and mean that there is genetic material (RNA) of the SARS-CoV in the sample. This does not mean that there is a live virus present, or that it is present in a quantity large enough to infect another person. The virus and its genetic material may be present for a brief period only, depending on the type of specimen tested.
ANTIBODY TEST: Positive antibody test results indicate a previous infection with SARS-CoV. Seroconversion from negative to positive or a four-fold rise in antibody titre from acute to convalescent serum indicates recent infection.
In other words, the test used in 2003 to detect SARS/CoV, is the same test being utilized today to detect – any coronavirus even if there is no live virus present. If a person had any type of coronavirus in the past, the PCR test would reveal that. The Antibody test only reveals if the person has had a ‘previous infection’. Meaning they already recovered, or the infection was so minor they never knew they had an infection.
Hence CASES is an absolutely meaningless determination according to the Science espoused by the World Health Organization!
SCIENCE? Let’s revert to the Science championed by the same organization that is embraced by the Socialist world and Bill Gates.
And let’s note that the 2003 test was called, SARS-CoV, just as it is called today.
Boris Johnson has sold out his country as have most leaders across the globe. They have deceived and commit gross fraud at the expense of lives, livelihoods, and their economy, subjecting The People to dire straits, inexcusable lockdowns, failed businesses, and unemployment. They have manipulated, propagandized, and deliberately subjected citizens to senseless panic, fear, and suicide.
All the while claiming Science – when in fact the Science advocated by WHO before Tedros sold out to China and Gates revealed that the test for this virus is virtually worthless!—
Thanks, John B!Related PCR Tests are Meaningless