Anti-Gentilism causes anti-semitism

Anti-Gentilism Causes Antisemitism

July 25, 2020


Some three thousand years ago, 
Jewish Pharisees amassed and collated 
the Babylonian Talmud   
declaring eternal war on all Gentiles
(Disclaimer – This is the agenda of Organized Jewry. Although many Jews (and non-Jews)
have been duped into supporting nation-destroying globalist policies, and the COVID hoax,
most Jews don’t hate Gentiles and actually want to assimilate.]
 by Taxi
(Abridged by
The first bullet of hate was fired by the Jews in the Talmud.
This genocidal, tribal [screed] is the first recorded case of Jewish Anti-Gentilism.  It took place a good several millennia before even the concept of Antisemitism was invented.  Ancient Jews had actually put this historic and dark Anti-Gentile declaration down in writing some two thousand years before pogroms and the religious persecution of Jews were ever recorded.


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We actually presently know of the genocidal inclinations of the Jews from their own ancient Talmudic writings: fairly well hidden from the eyes of Gentiles for thousands of years till the advent of the internet clearly revealed the Jewish ill-intention towards all Gentiles.
This long-silent Jewish war against Gentiles continues to persist some four thousand years later; except nowadays, this ‘eternal’ war on Gentiles is overt and profoundly malicious and nihilistic: having already caused the destruction of many modern Gentile nations, as well as the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent Gentiles since the late 1800s.  Here, I’m counting casualties from both World Wars, the Russian Revolution, as well as past and present devastating Mideast wars – numerous savage wars whose architects bare the clear Jewish fingerprint.
When the content and calendar of the Jewish Talmud are soberly considered, one cannot help but conclude that Anti-Gentilism manifested before Antisemitism, therefore, Anti-Gentilism is actually the very source of Antisemitism.  Moreover, we can even say that, more often than not, Antisemitism is a reaction to covert and overt Anti-Gentilism.


Yes, Anti-Gentilism is the primal source and cause of Antisemitism.
It’s that simple.
And it’s astonishing that not a single piece of academic literature on this topic can be found on the internet.  Astonishing too that some dictionaries don’t even list ‘Anti-Gentilism’ as a phrase or word – and some that do, actually give the wrong definition.
Yet, this in itself is not surprising at all: considering that Jews are masters of the dark art of deception and mass-distraction; considering too that they either own or run Western Education Ministries, Mainstream Media, Identitarian Culture, Internet Censorship, etc.
Since World War II, and all thanks to relentless Hollywood and MSM propaganda, ostensibly, modern Jews are viewed as both victim and hero.  (A contradiction in terms, no?!).  The Jews have been incessantly telling us that antisemitism is the “irrational hatred of Jews”.  At least this was their definition and talking point during and post World War II.
Some seventy years after the so-called German Holocaust and the creation of the genocidal state of Israel, this old definition has now morphed into the fascistic: “criticism of Israel is the New Antisemitism”.
This means that not even Jewish ‘property’ is allowed to be criticized, and every single Jewish government is sacred.  This right here, dear reader, is your classic definition of ‘zero freedom of speech’ for all Gentiles, not just for the White Supremacist minority.  Here, we can clearly see that with each updated Jewish definition of ‘antisemitism’, larger chunks of Gentiles suffer harsher censorship and a darker social fate.
Let us be clear here that the modern weapons used by Jews against Gentile societies are numerous and the most powerful weapon they have is their so-called ‘holocaust narrative’.  Elite secular and Rabbinical Jews alike use the holocaust like a buzzing chainsaw to silence and censor Gentiles with.  They also use the holocaust narrative to brainwash unsuspecting Gentiles as well as Jews themselves.  The holocaust-brainwash is undoubtedly the most powerful mind-potion that Jews have ever concocted.  Moreover, it’s the holocaust brainwash that actually weaponizes the ‘antisemite’ smear.  Without the holocaust narrative brainwash, the antisemitic smear would be utterly meaningless and ineffectual.
Here, one naturally wonders: why are Jews such enthusiastic supporters of tyrannical censorship when it comes to their tribal affairs?  Why are Jews always on the offensive when it comes to Gentile free-speech?  What is it they are trying to hide?  What dark truths and histories are they consistently trying to bury and obscure from Gentile eyes?  Some would say the inconsistencies of the lucrative holocaust narrative explains this antisocial Jewish behavior towards inquiring Gentiles.  Of course, this is true – and I call this the ‘guarding of the golden calf’ syndrome.  But, I also say it’s deeper than that.  I say that elite Jews fear that once the swindles in the Jewish holocaust narrative have been exposed and gone universally viral, the next big exposé, nay the mother of all targets for sunlight will be the content and calendar of the Jewish Talmud.


In other words, Jews fear Gentiles en mass discovering that the first bullet of hate is actually embedded and fossilized in the Jewish Talmud.
Jews deeply-deeply fear Gentiles unraveling the true identity of the owner of the first bullet of hate in the war between Gentile and Jew.
They absolutely and utterly fear the discovery of their pathological and deep-seated Anti-Gentilism.
Sure, they have managed to suppress the ‘Anti-Gentile’ discussion and debate for over four thousand years – they have even succeeded at covertly suppressing even the mere ‘mention’ of the phrase ‘Anti-Gentilism’.
 So then, isn’t it high time now, before Jewish censorship gets even more suffocating, to squarely and nakedly put this crucial topic on the table for all to examine?  Isn’t it high time to start asking Jews why they fired the first shot?  I say it plainly here: it behooves all Gentiles to now counter the viral ‘Antisemitic’ smear with the viral ‘Anti-Gentile’ one.  I can assure you (from experience) that Jews become dumbfounded stutterers when a Gentile brings up the topic of Jewish Anti-Gentilism.  This is because, as we all know, there is no existing Hasbara in the Jewish lexicon that can explain away the enduring hatred that Jews have felt towards Gentiles for millennia.
Time to ‘chatter’ about Anti-Gentilism en mass.
Time for Jews to face their Kryptonite.

Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC: Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

“All the official COVID-19 numbers are
totally made up!”

The Coronavirus Coach

• All the COVID-19 infection rates and number of cases by locale and nation are fabricated

• All mortality rates by city, state and nation are falsified, most COVID-19 classified deaths are other causes of death

• All coronavirus hospital admissions are either confusingly misrepresented, deliberately inflated or grossly exaggerated

• All COVID-19 statistics officially issued by virtually every government within the world community of nations are either highly inaccurate, purposefully distorted or patently false

• Geriatric genocide is the primary cause of death especially in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany

State of the Nation

No other viral pandemic or epidemic in recorded history has ever exacerbated during the summer months the way that the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic has.

There are several good reasons why the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic is so odd and inexplicable.  Especially during the hot season in places like Florida, Texas, California and New York is the present COVID-19 spiking trend obviously manufactured.

But why now … and why these particular states?

Because Florida, Texas, California and New York are the bellwether states having the most electoral votes.  They’re
also the four largest state economies in the USA, that’s why!

The New World Order globalist cabal, working in tandem with Deep State, is determined to wreck and ruin these 4 state economies.  In so doing, they are assured of collapsing the U.S. economy before Election Day.

Also, the Democrats know that if they can flip either Florida or Texas or both to Biden, the bolsheviks steering the ongoing Purple Revolution will go unprosecuted.  The treasonous coup plotters are not stupid; they know: Crash the economy, slash the chances of a Trump victory.

KEY POINT: Notice how Florida, Texas and California, in particular, experienced so-called COVID-19 spikes just before, during or right after the reopening of their economies this June.  The extremely suspicious timeline of the most relevant fake news about the spiking, as captured by the published mainstream media accounts, clearly reflects a highly concerted effort to shut down those state economies yet again.  Essentially, the Republican governors of Florida and Texas are being coerced by the MSM false reporting to stall the reopenings all summer long and, perhaps, until Election Day.


The “Total Confirmed” stats as of June 28, 2020 listed below are all completely bogus.

The following “Global Deaths” and “US State Level Deaths, Recovered” stats as of June 28, 2020 are all fictitious, fallacious and fraudulent.

How do we know with absolute certainty that these stats are untrue and made up?

Because the COVID-19 test has been proven to be predictably inaccurate by various coronavirus attending physicians, medical researchers, qualified epidemiologists and investigative journalists.  Not only do the COVID-19 tests produce countless false positives, they even result in false negatives, although quite infrequently.  The overwhelming consensus of the experts is that the COVID-19 test kits themselves are flawed and unreliable.

CORONAVIRUS TEST: A total fraud, gives up to 80% false positives,
can be adjusted to produce any result

Furthermore, the “cause of death by COVID-19” is being intentionally used by the colluding medical authorities, WHO, NIAID and hospitals across the USA as a blanket explanation put on death certificates regardless of the actual cause.  This, of course, is medical fraud.  Such deliberate misclassification constitutes a criminal pattern of governmental malfeasance to misrepresent the vital data that are driving this engineered pandemic.

“The Medicare reimbursement is $13,000 for Covid-19 admissions to the Hospital; and if those Covid-19 patients receive ventilator treatment, the reimbursement is $39,000.”(Source: Here’s why COVID-19 deaths are being grossly inflated across America!)

Remember, the Medicare reimbursement schedules were purposefully designed to encourage this fraudulent scheme nationwide (see the preceding excerpt).

The perps at the top had already created a conducive crime scene when they began shutting down all discretionary medical services especially elective surgeries.  This put hospital finances in such dire straits that they were willing to go along with the COVID-19 fraud just to keep their doors open.

The perps then forced numerous hospitals to stage fake COVID-19 ICUs with no patients; hence, no revenue coming in but still having to pay the hospital crisis actors.

Look it, when the man at the very top of this Big Pharma-Government crime syndicate is a career criminal like Dr. Stephen Fauci, what official data or information about this pandemic can be taken seriously. See: FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide

Then there is the world’s premier vaccine pitchman Bill Gates whose every utterance somehow concerns the forced vaccination of every single person on the planet.  Since it is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that is now WHO’s biggest funding agent, how can any of their stats be trusted. See: BILL GATES: A Menace to Society Who Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Geriatric Genocide

If there is one aspect of THE GREAT SCAMDEMICthat has been completely ignored, or shockingly downplayed when it can’t be, it’s the ongoing geriatric genocide taking place every day now.

This premeditated mass murder of the elderly, particularly those with underlying conditions and/or those who have been institutionalized, has been carried out with ruthless execution.

GERIATRIC GENOCIDE: All of These People Should Be in Prison! (Video)

It’s very easy to explain away the myriad deaths of hospital, nursing home and assisted living residents who are over 65 years old as coronavirus caused—EVEN THOUGH IT ISN’T.

Let’s face it, older folks with serious medical ailments and/or health conditions are much more vulnerable to developing full-blown Coronavirus Syndrome.  However, this fact of life also makes them easy targets for a methodical yet stealthy geriatric genocide. See: CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: The Ultimate Genocidal Bioweapon System

There are several objectives behind such a nefarious conspiratorial plot that are beyond the scope of this exposé.  One of the most obvious, however, was to provide a means by which the perps could endlessly fabricate an alarmingly high infection rate, but more significantly a high mortality rate.  In this way, this transparently bioengineered pandemic could then be super-hyped by the MSM thus creating a contrived justification for mandatory masks, sheltering in place, social distancing, contact tracing and a future mandated vaccine.

Another self-evident objective is the rapid bankruptcy of whole sectors of the U.S. economy.  The restaurant, hospitality, cruise line, airline and tourism industries are contracting as never before, to name just a few.  In fact, closures — both temporary and permanent — as well as bankruptcies, are at an all-time high, especially in the crucial small business category.

PLANDEMIC: The Pre-Planned Controlled Demolition of the American Economy—WHY?

Not only is Main Street once again closing down in towns and cities across the country, Wall Street and Corporate America are the major beneficiaries of the economic collapse.  This is the real tragedy that is being foisted on the American people by the unelected Medical Mafia that has effectively enacted a modified Medical Martial Law.  This paralyzing state of affairs is but a prelude to a much more draconian regime planned by the NWO cabal.


The American people should expect several more “October Surprises” between now and November 3rd.   The severity of each of those fastidiously planned black operations and/or psyops is a function of how desperate the NWO globalists are to ensure a Trump loss.

Therefore, it’s a foregone conclusion that THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC will be milked by the perps in every way possible and by any means necessary.  The communist leaders of this seditious plot to overthrow the Trump administration know they will be soon heading to the gallows otherwise.

In point of fact, so many Deep State crime waves and Democrat crime sprees have been exposed since Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015 that the perpetraitors have no other way to avoid charges of treason and capital punishment.  For these and several other reasons, the globalists will artificially prolong THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC until every person on planet Earth has been strictly accounted for via contact tracing and vaccinated with the coming COVID-19 microchipped vaccine…UNLESS WE STOP THEM.

State of the Nation
June 28, 2020