Is racism as big a problem as the media and schools make it out to be in America?

To begin, let me share my story.  In 2007, I became a huge supporter of Obama for president. The reason?  I was exposed to local newspapers, the Vallejo Times Herald, the Contra Costa Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Sacramento Bee.  I was also exposed to television.  CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, PBS among others.  I heard NPR a lot on the radio and enjoyed it.  Also, I was a dupe and didn’t understand my Google searches had algorithms that promoted ideas favorable to Obama and the Democrats, and ensured Anti-Obama viewpoints were nearly hidden, as they were often over 20 search results deep.  At the time, I was convinced that police were bad, that they really had it out for black men.  There was a shooting by police officers in Vallejo, and, without knowing the circumstances, I watched the video.  I began to really believe the police were bad.  I remember a conversation I had with a fellow white business owner where I was telling him why were the police killing people so much?   I worked with a white police officer at my job, and my view of him began to deteriorate.  While I never revealed it to him, in the back of my mind, I began to think of him as the media portrayed all police officers, as cold and ruthless.  That was mostly completely false, as I later learned.

Time passed, and I began to learn Obama was a big charade.  He supported homosexual marriage all along.  I learned about abortion and how he supported that.  I learned about Islam’s bloody history, and how Obama was the most favorable president in American history towards Islam.  I was shocked to learn that many in the black church supported Obama just because he was black like them, and it didn’t matter at all that he stood for totally sinful practices as mentioned above.  That was a shocker.  There were many in the black church who weren’t suckered.  However, Obama managed to play on the deep roots of bitterness in the black community, and using Alinsky tactics.  You’ll recognize many of them in Obama’s tactics.  Alinsky was in the Mafia for a few years, so this is why our government under Obama, an Alinsky acolyte, began to resemble the mob.  They hid scandals.   Obama was the most biblically hostile President in American history.   Homosexual friends who he was rumored to be in relationships with at Trinity Church in Chicago turned up murdered right before Obama announced he was running for President.   He allegedly had a homosexual relationship with Larry Sinclair and used crack with him.   And a high school classmate of his alleged he was a homosexual and a crack user.  They were used by Obama and his administration to shut up the conservative press, to use our intelligence services against conservative politicians, and to infiltrate our police departments with Obama’s corrupt policing scheme.  WE STILL HAVE OBAMA’S RIDICULOUS AND DANGEROUS COMMUNITY POLICING WHICH HAS INCREASED CRIME AND ALLOWED CRIMINALS TO RUN WILD!

Below are Alinsky’s tactics:

1. Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.

2. Never go outside the expertise of your people. It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.

3. Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

4. Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

6. A good tactic is one your people enjoy. They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

7. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Don’t become old news.

8. Keep the pressure on. Never let up. Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.

9. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.

10.“The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.” It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.

11.If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive. Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.

12. The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

At this point, my view began to shift.  I recognized Obama now as a very confused or very wicked man, and the worst President in American history.  That was quite a realization for a man who had ardently supported him through 2010.  Then, I began to realize this war on police was a fraud.  The idea that racism was all over American society and was designed to hold down blacks was a huge lie as well.   I then realized, with horror, that if I objected to Obama, and I happened to be a white, straight, Christian male, I was public enemy number one in America and would be immediately identified as a racist and a KKK member.   It is cultural Marxism.  Unfortunately, 90% of Vallejo doesn’t know about cultural Marxism, and so the brutal tactics of having people believe all whites are bad, and all blacks are victims is succeeding here and in other Democrat cities. This was shocking, but I wasn’t about to cower in terror before these Marxist tactics, and so I am writing this and speaking out, and will continue to do so no matter what happens to me.  It’s quite astounding when the justice Martin Luther King Jr. was calling for has come and we now have a sick backlash where injustice against whites is tolerated as payback for the sins of a minority of whites in America, most long since dead.   Under these tactics, it no longer matters what you say, how nice you’ve treated other races, or what your actions are.  If you oppose Obama and the black victimhood tribe, you are a RACIST, no matter what, and if you object, you will be terrorized and menaced with mob violence to get you to know your place on the Democrat plantation.

To add to this, we are told only individual races can understand their experience.  So, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve read or heard of oppression of blacks in America, you are told you can’t understand it because you aren’t black.  I totally disagree with this.  I can understand the horrors of the Holocaust because those who lived through it wrote about it.  I can understand the horrors of the Communist Gulags in Russia, because those who lived through it, wrote about it.  I can understand the horrors of slavery and segregation because those who survived it, wrote about it.  There is no new experience, and there is no experience unique to any race.  Every last race had slaves and every last race was a slave.  Just because the printing press was in Europe before Africa, and so the horrors of slavery among whites was written about first, does not mean the brutality wasn’t just as bad in African slavery, even if it wasn’t written about.

Then we had Ferguson, where Michael Brown died, after robbing a liquor store, and charging a police officer.  Michael Brown was not innocent, as even the Obama DOJ concluded, after intemperate remarks by Obama and AG Holder.    Witnesses in Ferguson admitted they were intimidated and bullied into testifying favorably to Michael Brown, or else.   So, we then had a Ferguson effect, where police were afraid to do their job, because if they happened to shoot a black man, there would be riots, no matter what the facts were.   Jesse Lee Peterson, a black minister, wrote about Brown and many of the other controversial police killings of black men, and showed what the true culprit is, and it is rarely the police.  It is true there is injustice at times in policing.  but when you consider the millions of interactions the police have with Americans every year, the amount of wrong conduct by the police is extraordinarily small.   Crime has exploded, since 1960, which anyone who knows math halfway decently can tell.   Keep in mind police have already been caught cooking the books too, so these crime rates are probably not representative of the real rates and are probably too low.

So the question comes up, are police racist towards black men in America?  Anyone who takes the time to examine the actual data, not their media and academia influenced emotions or anecdotal evidence, recognizes the police are overwhelmingly not racist.  If they are racist, it’s towards white people.  Roland Fryer, a black Ivy League Professor, discovered police were not racist, because white police officers are more likely to shoot whites than they are to shoot blacks.  Police use of force towards blacks was higher, but that is to be expected because black instances of crime are much higher than other races.  Here are five stats on police killing blacks, which clearly show the police are not racist, if people take the time to consider the objective data.   Here are 7 statistics about black on black violence, showing that police violence towards blacks, or white violence for that matter, is hardly the problem.   In a 2016 Color of Crime study, it showed racial bias towards blacks by police or whites was negligible or nonexistent.


Further, look at the black on white crime rate, contrasted with the white on black crime rate!  If racism is a problem, judging on actions and behavior, who is racist in America?  It sure doesn’t look like whites and the police, as the Marxist media and schools constantly tell us.

Allen West, who is black, wrote an excellent article on problems which some in the black community are responsible for, but blame on whites.   Let me be clear, slavery and segregation were heinous wrongs, but those directly responsible are to be accountable, not whites who had nothing to do with it.  This  piece is not an indictment of blacks, it is rather a rebuttal to the charge that white America and police are largely racist towards blacks.  That is simply not true.  Blacks in America are the most powerful and wealthy group of blacks in any nation on earth.  Further, there are plenty of conservative blacks who disagree with the nonsense about America being racist and the police are out to get blacks, but the media and liberal blacks often brutally attack them or ignore them.  They are written off as Uncle Tom’s and other even worse remarks.

What the liberal media and academia hate to talk about is two issues that all communities face, but which are more pronounced in the black community, though it was not always this way.  They say resentment is like drinking poison, it kills you, not your enemy.  And by whipping up race resentment over slavery and segregation with terms like systemic and institutional racism, it ensures problems in the black community will only grow, and not be healed.  There are no problems in the black community that I haven’t seen in my own family, the only difference is that those in my family who act bad are held accountable, including myself.

No matter what race a person is, not having a married father at home, and being functionally illiterate will increase the chances of poverty and criminality.  Our jails are full of this.  In the black community, the out of wedlock birth rate is 75%.  It can’t be because of slavery and segregation, because in 1942, the rate was 14%, when segregation was really an issue.  Also, when Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, 2% of the black community could read, and 20 years later, 99% could.  Today, 75% of black boys in California are functionally illiterate. So the problem cannot be segregation and slavery.  It may be the soft bigotry of low expectations, which causes black children to be passed along without understanding math or english, and prevents them from being disciplined out of a fear that whites will be called racist for doing so, when it is deserved.

It would be astonishing if anyone of any race can say they have never been offended or wronged by someone of another race.  However, each of us knows more about our own wrongs than we do about all the combined wrongs done by others to us.  No one on earth knows our own personal wrongs as well as we do, which should give us pause before we begin aggressively highlighting others wrongs done to us.  The appeal to anecdote is a logical fallacy.   Personally, I was bullied by black students in Jr. High.  But my closest friend in elementary, in church, and in Jr. High and High School was black.  I attended a church that had all races.  I do not let my negative experiences with a few people of a race color my view of the entire race.  We would be a lot healthier city, state, and nation if we all had that attitude.  There are good and bad people of all races.  There is racism in all races, towards all races.  None of our races is exempt.  It is a natural tendency to want to think of one as superior or a victim due solely to race.  The wise reject this.  What if every race in America demanded to have people like them be their bosses or politicians?  We’d have chaos!  We would devolve into a  nation of color tribes, where reason and character no longer mattered.   I understand there are many in the black community who harbor grievances for treatment they received from whites.  However, a mark of greatness is to isolate that grievance with the person who perpetrated it.  It is exhausting and draining to try to attack entire races for the behaviors of those who are dead, or the behavior of a few members of that race.

It is necessary to go back to judging on character, not on color.

We can heal, if we will go back to learning morals, the Bible, and history, and to put aside our pride.  Our skin color has absolutely nothing to do with our character, and until our entire society recognizes this, we will continue to have those who do not cherish character, who will continually promote color, and continue to sow discord and chaos in our society.  None of us chose our color, and none of us should desire to be recognized because of it.  All of us choose our character, and all of us should desire to be recognized due to that.

‘He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.” – Thomas Fuller

‘The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong’


Mark 11:

[23] For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.
[24] Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
[25] And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
[26] But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.


Holding racial animosities against entire races will ensure that the holder never prospers or is happy, and will bring further adversity.

‘He is no fool who gives up that which cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose’

Jim Elliott

Benjamin Rush, an American Founder who opposed slavery, on why the Bible should be in schools.


By Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), distinguished physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Dr. Rush was an outspoken Christian, statesman, and pioneering medical doctor. He was a prolific author, publishing the first American chemistry textbook. In 1797, President John Adams appointed Rush as Treasurer of the U.S. Mint, a position he held until 1813. He also founded America’s first Bible society. At the time of his death in 1813, he was heralded as one of the three most notable figures of America, the other two being George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Dear Sir:

It is now several months since I promised to give you my reasons for preferring the Bible as a schoolbook to all other compositions. Before I state my arguments, I shall assume the five following propositions:

I . That Christianity is the only true and perfect religion; and that in proportion as mankind adopt its principles and obey its precepts they will be wise and happy.

2. That a better knowledge of this religion is to be acquired by reading the Bible than in any other way.

3. That the Bible contains more knowledge necessary to man in his present state than any other book in the world.

4. That knowledge is most durable, and religious instruction most useful, when imparted in early life.

5. That the Bible, when not read in schools, is seldom read in any subsequent period of life.

My arguments in favor of the use of the Bible as a schoolbook are founded.

I. In the constitution of the human mind.

1. The memory is the first faculty which opens in the minds of children. Of how much consequence, then, must it be to impress it with the great truths of Christianity, before it is preoccupied with less interesting subjects.

2. There is a peculiar aptitude in the minds of children for religious knowledge. I have constantly found them, in the first six or seven years of their lives, more inquisitive upon religious subjects than upon any others. And an ingenious instructor of youth has informed me that he has found young children more capable of receiving just ideas upon the most difficult tenets of religion than upon the most simple branches of human knowledge. It would be strange if it were otherwise, for God creates all His means to suit His ends. There must, of course, be a fitness between the human mind and the truths which are essential to its happiness.

3. The influence of early impressions is very great upon subsequent life; and in a world where false prejudices do so much mischief, it would discover great weakness not to oppose them by such as are true. I grant that many men have rejected the impressions derived from the Bible; but how much soever these impressions may have been despised, I believe no man was ever early instructed in the truths of the Bible without having been made wiser or better by the early operation of these impressions upon his mind. Every just principle that is to be found in the writings of Voltaire is borrowed from the Bible; and the morality of Deists, which has been so much admired and praised where it has existed, has been, I believe, in most cases, the effect of habits produced by early instruction in the principles of Christianity.

4. We are subject, by a general law of our natures, to what is called habit. Now, if the study of the Scriptures be necessary to our happiness at any time of our life, the sooner we begin to read them, the more we shall probably be attached to them; for it is peculiar to all the acts of habit, to become easy, strong, and agreeable by repetition.

5. It is a law in our natures that we remember longest the knowledge we acquire by the greatest number of our senses. Now, a knowledge of the contents of the Bible is acquired in school by the aid of the eye and the ear, for children, after getting their lessons, read or repeat them to their instructors in an audible voice; of course, there is a presumption that this knowledge will be retained much longer than if it had been acquired in any other way.

6. The interesting events and characters recorded and described in the Old and New Testaments are calculated, above all others, to seize upon all the faculties of the mind of children. The understanding, the memory, the imagination, the passions, and the moral powers are all occasionally addressed by the various incidents which are contained in those divine books, insomuch that not to be delighted with them is to be devoid of every principle of pleasure that exists in a sound mind.

7. There is in man a native preference of truth to fiction. Lord Shaftesbury says that “truth is so congenial to our mind that we love even the shadow of it”; and Horace, in his rules for composing an epic poem, established the same law in our natures by advising that “fictions in poetry should resemble truth.” Now, the Bible contains more truth than any other book in the world; so true is the testimony that it bears of God in His works of creation, providence, and redemption that it is called truth itself, by way of preeminence above other things that are acknowledged to be true. How forcibly are we struck with the evidence of truth in the history of the Jews, above what we discover in the history of other nations. Where do we find a hero or an historian record his own faults or vices except in the Old Testament? Indeed, my friend, from some accounts which I have read of the American Revolution, I begin to grown skeptical to all history except that which is contained in the Bible. Now, if this book be known to contain nothing but what is materially true, the mind will naturally acquire a love for it from this circumstance; and from this affection for the truths of the Bible, it will acquire a discernment of truth in other books, and a preference of it in all the transactions of life.

8. There is wonderful property in the memory which enables it in old age to recover the knowledge acquired in early life after it had been apparently forgotten for forty or fifty years. Of how much consequence, then, must it be to fill the mind with that species of knowledge in childhood and youth which, when recalled in the decline of life, will support the soul under the infirmities of age and smooth the avenues of approaching death. The Bible is the only book which is capable of affording this support to old age; and it is for this reason that we find it resorted to with so much diligence and pleasure by such old people as have read it in early life. I can recollect many instances of this kind in persons who discovered no special attachment to the Bible in the meridian of their days, who have, notwithstanding, spent the evening of life in reading no other book. The late Sir John Pringle, physician to the queen of Great Britain, after passing a long life in camps and at court, closed it by studying the Scriptures. So anxious was he to increase his knowledge in them that he wrote to Dr. Michaelis, a learned professor of divinity in Germany, for an explanation of a difficult text of Scripture a short time before his death.

II. My second argument in favor of the use of the Bible in schools is founded upon an implied command of God and upon the practice of several of the wisest nations of the world.

In the sixth chapter of Deuteronomy, we find the following words, which are directly to my purpose: “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”

It appears, moreover, from the history of the Jews, that they flourished as a nation in proportion as they honored and read the books of Moses, which contained the only revelation that God had made to the world. The law was not only neglected, but lost, during the general profligacy of manner which accompanied the long and wicked reign of Manasseh. But the discovery of it amid the rubbish of the temple by Josiah and its subsequent general use were followed by a return of national virtue and prosperity. We read further of the wonderful effects which the reading of the law by Ezra, after his return from his captivity in Babylon, had upon the Jews. They showed the sincerity of their repentance by their general reformation.

The learning of the Jews, for many years, consisted in a knowledge of the Scriptures. These were the textbooks of all the instruction that was given in the schools of their Prophets. It was by means of this general knowledge of their law that those Jews who wandered from Judea into other countries carried with them and propagated certain ideas of the true God among all the civilized nations upon the face of the earth. And it was from the attachment they retained to the Old Testament that they procured a translation of it into the Greek language, after they had lost the Hebrew tongue by their long absence from their native country. The utility of this translation, commonly called the Septuagint, in facilitating the progress of the Gospel is well known to all who are acquainted with the history of the first age of the Christian church.

But the benefits of an early and general acquaintance with the Bible were not confined to the Jewish nation; they have appeared in many countries in Europe since the Reformation. The industry and habits of order which distinguish many of the German nations are derived from their early instruction in the principles of Christianity by means of the Bible. In Scotland and in parts of New England, where the Bible has been long used as a schoolbook, the inhabitants are among the most enlightened in religions and science, the most strict in morals, and the most intelligent in human affairs of any people whose history has come to my knowledge upon the surface of the globe.

I wish to be excused from repeating here that if the Bible did not convey a single direction for the attainment of future happiness, it should be read in our schools in preference to all other books from its containing the greatest portion of that kind of knowledge which is calculated to produce private and public temporal happiness.

We err, not only in human affairs but in religion likewise, only because we do not “know the Scriptures” and obey their instructions. Immense truths, I believe, are concealed in them. The time, I have no doubt, will come when posterity will view and pity our ignorance of these truths as much as we do the ignorance sometimes manifested by the disciples of our Saviour, who knew nothing of the meaning of those plain passages in the Old Testament which were daily fulfilling before their eyes.

But further, we err, not only in religion but in philosophy likewise, because we “do not know or believe the Scriptures.” The sciences have been compared to a circle, of which religion composes a part. To understand any one of them perfectly, it is necessary to have some knowledge of them all. Bacon, Boyle, and Newton included the Scriptures in the inquiries to which their universal geniuses disposed them, and their philosophy was aided by their knowledge in them. A striking agreement has been lately discovered between the history of certain events recorded in the Bible and some of the operations and productions of nature, particularly those which are related in Whitehurst’s observation on the deluge, in Smith’s account of the origin of the variety of color in the human species, and in Bruce’s travels. It remains yet to be shown how many other events related in the Bible accord with some late important discoveries in the principles of medicine. The events and the principles alluded to mutually establish the truth of each other.

I know it is said that the familiar use of the Bible in our schools has a tendency to lessen a due reverence for it. But this objection, by proving too much, proves nothing. If familiarity lessens respect for divine things, then all those precepts of our religion which enjoin the daily or weekly worship of the Deity are improper. The Bible was not intended to represent a Jewish ark; and it is an anti-Christian idea to suppose that it can be profaned by being carried into a schoolhouse, or by being handled by children.

It is also said that a great part of the Old Testament is no way interesting to mankind under the present dispensation of the Gospel. But I deny that any of the books of the Old Testament are not interesting to mankind under the Gospel dispensation. Most of the characters, events, and ceremonies mentioned in them are personal, providential, or instituted types of the Messiah, all of which have been, or remain yet, to be fulfilled by Him. It is from an ignorance or neglect of these types that we have so many Deists in Christendom, for so irreftagably do they prove the truth of Christianity that I am sure a young man who had been regularly instructed in their meaning could never doubt afterwards of the truth of any of its principles. If any obscurity appears in these principles, it is only, to use the words of the poet, because they are dark with excessive brightness.

I know there is an objection among many people to teaching children doctrines of any kind, because they are liable to be controverted. But let us not be wiser than our Maker. If moral precepts alone could have reformed mankind, the mission of the Son of God into our world would have been unnecessary. He came to promulgate a system of doctrines, as well as a system of morals. The perfect morality of the Gospel rests upon a doctrine which, though often controverted, has never been refuted; I mean the vicarious life and death of the Son of God. This sublime and ineffable doctrine delivers us from the absurd hypothesis of modern philosophers concerning the foundation of moral obligation, and fixes it upon the eternal and self-moving principle of LOVE. It concentrates a whole system of ethics in a single text of Scripture: “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you.” By withholding the knowledge of this doctrine from children, we deprive ourselves of the best means of awakening moral sensibility in their minds. We do more; we furnish an argument for withholding from them a knowledge of the morality of the Gospel likewise; for this, in many instances, is as supernatural, and therefore as liable to be controverted, as any of the doctrines or miracles which are mentioned in the New Testament. The miraculous conception of the Saviour of the world by a virgin is not more opposed to the ordinary course of natural events, nor is the doctrine of the atonement more above human reason, than those moral precepts which command us to love our enemies or to die for our friends.

I cannot but suspect that the present fashionable practice of rejecting the Bible from our schools has originated with Deists. And they discover great ingenuity in this new mode of attacking Christianity. If they proceed in it, they will do more in half a century in extirpating our religion than Bolingbroke or Voltaire could have effected in a thousand years.

But passing by all other considerations, and contemplating merely the political institutions of the United States, I lament that we waste so much time and money in punishing crimes and take so little pains to prevent them. We profess to be republicans, and yet we neglect the only means of establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government; that is, the universal education of our youth in the principles of Christianity by means of the Bible; for this divine book, above all others, favors that equality among mankind, that respect for just laws, and all those sober and frugal virtues which constitute the soul of republicanism.

Perhaps an apology may be necessary for my having presumed to write upon a subject so much above my ordinary studies. My excuse for it is that I thought a single mite from a member of a profession which has been frequently charged with skepticism in religion might attract the notice of persons who had often overlooked the more ample contributions, upon this subject, of gentlemen in other professions.

With great respect, I am, etc.


Attack on First Amendment at School Board! Speaker silenced!

On Wednesday, October 18th, 2018, we had a School Board Meeting, and in that meeting, once again, as she is in the habit of doing, Board President Marianne Kearney-Brown, decided to take a recess when she heard ideas she did not approve of.  She has an idea that if a speaker has something to say that she disagrees with, she will interrupt them and declare a recess.  What it is is a passive aggressive power play, to enforce her ideas on her fellow board members and the audience.  It is totalitarianism.  The video of it is here. 

This time she ended my right to speak, and totally decided to deprive me of my First Amendment Rights.  Included is an e-mail exchange with Ms. Brown.

Ryan Messano:

Last night was another instance of Board Member Marianne Kearney-Brown overreaching her authority and attempting to usurp the liberty of members of the community to speak. Her tactic, which she has commonly used, is to say that opinions are off topic, and to silence fellow board members and members of the audience if she does not like what they have to say. 
I agree with her on a lot, but her desire to silence dissent is very dangerous, and she repeatedly does it, after having been repeatedly warned not to.  Last night she specifically said this was the board’s meeting, and that audience opinions were not welcome.  Apparently, she thinks she runs the board, and she will allow opinions she likes.  David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine, has a great quote.  “Inside of every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”
She later approached me and said that she was stressed with family matters.  I understand and sympathize, but just because any of us has family issues does not mean we can silence fellow citizens to attempt to ease our pain over our loved ones illness.  Elected leaders have a duty not to allow personal matters to interfere with their public judgement.  If Marianne cannot refrain from her personal life clouding her public judgement, she ought to resign.  I understand and sympathize with personal pain, but I certainly don’t agree that that is an excuse for us to mistreat other people.  Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we respond to it.  We choose our response, we don’t choose our circumstances.  Our circumstances reveal us to ourselves. 
She displayed hypocrisy, as an audience member, one of her staunch supporters, came up and vehemently criticized me, and Marianne let her go on without interrupting her once.  Ten minutes later she is busily engaged in lecturing me on what I can and cannot say, unblushingly.  So we see, Marianne’s supporters are allowed to say whatever, and those she disagrees with are silenced.  This audience member, who I admired actually, and was shocked to hear her attack, said she shuddered to think of her children being in schools with me as trustee, called me and others an idiot, questioned my math skills ( preposterous as I was in the Nuclear Navy)  and said I was unfit to be on the school board because I didn’t have children.  That’s interesting, because I never saw the requirement that school board members have children.  Matter of fact, since we are in America, and our nation was founded by men who were all Christian, Christians get instruction on raising children and family from two men who history shows were both single and childless, and that would be Jesus and Paul.  The audience member had no reasons for  her opinions at all, but simply let loose on an emotional and hysterical rant, and thought that that was quite reasonable.  It’s not.  If I disagree with someone for a position, I do so for concrete reasons, not based on feelings.  I asked this audience member if she had read my reasoning on my website, and she said she hadn’t.  Said she didn’t want to.  So, she doesn’t care to evaluate my ideas and words, but doesn’t mind getting up in public and disagreeing with them strongly.  Does that sound like critical thinking to anyone?  If parents, teachers, and board members have these attitudes, how are we supposed to teach kids critical thinking?  
We are not in China.  We are in the United States of America.  It would be one thing if I were using profanity, lying, or stating ideas that were demonstrably false.  That would justify silencing me.  But I am not.  So there is no reason to silence me, unless we have totalitarians running loose.  I am not a slave.  As such, the idea that I can be silenced just because is a reprehensible one.  It is fascinating that in 1861, when the Civil War broke out, slaves were not permitted to read, and this kept them in slavery.  Today, we are in a near slave state, with 20% of the population below the poverty level, and our utopian leftist billionaire overlords in Silicon Valley aren’t giving one dime to help kids read.  Why?  Because they love the idea that they are the masters, and we are the peons and need to shut up and let them rule in peace.  They like it that we don’t read.  It helps  prevent us from getting uppity and escaping the Democrat plantation.  This is why I am very disturbed at 70% of Vallejo’s children not being able to read. The idea that we are creating mindless drones who are being shaped into the pattern that the utopian tyrants want should disturb every sane human who has read “Fahrenheit 451”, “Brave New World”, “1984”, or “Animal Farm”. 
  Free speech does not require the consent of those in authority.  I shouldn’t have to come to school board meetings or city council meetings and wonder if the audience or school board will let me talk.  I have the right to talk because I am a human being.  That is a basic right.  If Marianne does not like what I have to say, or anyone else, then you can be quiet and listen, and express your disagreement when IT IS YOUR TURN TO TALK, OR IN PRIVATE.    You do not interrupt people because you disagree with them.   Ruscal has a funny idea that if ideas are disturbing or cause people discomfort, that means they are bad, and not to be tolerated.  That is ridiculous.  By that definition, anything that causes Ruscal or Marianne to feel bad must be wrong and cannot be tolerated at school board meetings.  The school board meetings are not a safe space.  If people don’t like the ideas, then bring their own ideas.   Ruscal makes up his own rules, and reads a blurb that essentially menaces audience members with removal for opinions he doesn’t like.  This doesn’t bother Ruscal, as he does not understand totalitarianism very well, apparently, and doesn’t realize he is imitating the mistakes of past tyrants. 
It’s pretty amazing we are in America, and our very nation was created when a King tried to silence the free speech of his subjects, and we fought a Revolutionary War, to establish that all men are created free and equal.  Yet, here we are, two centuries and change over, and we are repeating the exact same mistakes. 
I appreciate Board Members Lawson, Ubalde, and Worel for upholding free speech, and request that Ruscal and Marianne take free speech training.  They are coming dangerously close to inviting a First Amendment lawsuit that the District can ill afford. 
It’s wise to remember the words of Henry David Thoreau, which were echoed by Martin Luther King Jr. 
“Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.”
If speaking the truth to power, means going to jail, then I would be happy to go!! 
I respectfully request that my right, as a citizen, to speak be upheld, and that frivolous interruptions over claims that I’m off topic, which not one has been substantiated, be stopped immediately! 
If people don’t like what I have to say, and don’t want to hear me speak, then may I recommend ear plugs?  We need to put our big boy and big girl pants on, stop being snowflakes, stop being easily triggered, and recognize the school board meetings are not Safe Spaces!  I am not coming to board meetings to flatter anyone, and I am not an obsequious sycophant, like so many I see at the board meetings, who think never disagreeing with anyone is a virtue.  It’s not, its called cowardice.  Healthy families, communities, businesses, and organizations are based on everyone being allowed to air their opinions, and where dissent is not silenced.   
I would appreciate it, Marianne, if you would share this with Dr. Schussel, and Ms. Sears, and any of your other supporters who are tempted to come up and unreasonably let loose in public on audience members. 
I am sending this to everyone, as I assume everyone on this list is interested in what goes on at the school board.  If any are not, please let me know, and I will remove you from the mailing list.
Elected officials, and public employees have a duty to hear all opinions, so this does not apply to them. 
Criticism is very productive.  The absence of it is very unhealthy.  It refines us, and makes us what we ought to be. 
Here is a great article on why criticism is good for us.  If our ideas are right, then the criticism is unfounded.  If not, then we can make them better.  There are no negative aspects of criticism to the wise person.
There is a great quote on how we get wisdom, from suffering.
“He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain, which cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”
It was quoted by Robert F. Kennedy when he announced Martin Luther King Jrs death to a tense crowd. 


Thank you!
Marianne Kearney-Brown:

Dear Mr. Messano,

The applicable code here is Section 54954.3 of the Brown Act which states:

(a) Every agenda for regular meetings shall provide an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the legislative body on any item of interest to the public, before or during the legislative body’s consideration of the item, that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the legislative body, provided that no action shall be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda unless the action is otherwise authorized by subdivision (b) of Section 54954.2. However, the agenda need not provide an opportunity for members of the public to address the legislative body on any item that has already been considered by a committee, composed exclusively of members of the legislative body, at a public meeting wherein all interested members of the public were afforded the opportunity to address the committee on the item, before or during the committee’s consideration of the item, unless the item has been substantially changed since the committee heard the item, as determined by the legislative body. Every notice for a special meeting shall provide an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the legislative body concerning any item that has been described in the notice for the meeting before or during consideration of that item.

Section 54954.3 governs meetings of legislative bodies in California. It gives the public free speech rights to address an the item before the legislative body, either before or during the
the legislative’s body’s deliberation on that item.  It does not recognize any right to speak on matters other than the item on which the board is deliberating.
Agenda item 8.12 was to consider  the approval of a contract for Chon Renee Dance Studio to provide after school dance classes. We gave you an opportunity to address the consideration of this contract. You used this time to give your opinion on other issues.  The VCUSD Governing Board had no legal obligation to allow you time  to speak on any matter other  than the Chon Renee contract during its deliberation on the Chon Renee contract ,.
Marianne Kearney-Brown
Ryan Messano:
Dear Ms. Kearney-Brown,
I was addressing the fact that we are paying lots of money for programs that are after school, when we aren’t even educating kids on basic science, math, English, history, and Civics.
I very much appreciate Trustee Lawson’s remarks last  night on history, as that is the root of our problems.  None of our problems are new, and they were successfully dealt with in schools just a century ago.  The trick is to find out how did they use their time, and what habits did they have, and then learning to imitate them.  To the argument that we are in a different day and age, and can’t go back, yes we can.  Technology changes, but human nature never does.  Our biggest problems are that Silicon Valley and other tech billionaires had $3 trillion of wealth poured into them, and this technology has not helped children at all, and it has gone a long way in making them corrupt, uninformed, uneducated, and given them the attention spans of hummingbirds. 
That government governs best which governs least.  It’s entirely within the purview of a citizen of this community to criticize the use of taxpayer money for community organizations and after school programs. 
In 1912, our children tested way better than today, without us giving one dime for public schools.  We also didn’t have after school programs.  It is not the job of the taxpayer to be paying for this stuff.  While I dearly love my mother and father and am grateful for my childhood, welfare had a deleterious effect on my family, and I saw it in person.  Before Wilson and FDR, we didn’t have welfare in America, and the American spirit was alive and well. 
A big part of the problem is shown here.
Chon Renee Dance studio, the soccer contract, the Kajukenbo contract, and others are all expenses that are not necessary to educating the children.  If parents love these services so much, they can go work, make the money, and pay these businesses out of their own pockets.  And if these businesses love the children so much, they can provide the services for free.  As a business owner, I never sought to profit off of schools.  I would be invited to advertise my business at schools, where I donated sums of money, and I rarely did.  In my mind, I was involved with the schools to volunteer, not to make money off of children. 
When we are running million dollar deficits, it’s time to cut the fat.  Let the parents take care of their own children.  It is not Joe Taxpayers job to take care of the children outside of educating them.  It’s the job of the wealthy and the churches to take care of the fatherless children, and we now have half of our children being born outside of marriage.  That is radically different from just fifty years ago, and it is a fact that is routinely ignored at school board meetings.  It will be said its not our job.  Well, whose job is it then?  It’s a problem in our community, and it’s every member of the community’s job to speak out on problems so they get addressed.  Complacency, apathy, and cowardice will never solve problems.  Also, force the parents, the wealthy, and the churches to live up to their obligations, and stop passing their issues on the taxpayers.  The school also should not be paying any funds, or have any employees involved in passing this bond with taxpayer money.
I pulled cards on all the after school programs, and had plenty of material to present on why paying all this money out is a bad idea for all involved, when you decided to end my speaking time, which was a gross violation of my First Amendment rights.  Further, it did not seem to bother you when Ms. Sears got up and gave a searing and emotional testimony of her dislike for me.  Her attack on an audience member, when I was unable to rebut and defend myself, is unprecedented in public meetings I attended, and I’m pretty sure Robert’s Rules don’t allow for that. 
We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak, and in the future, I would appreciate if I am allowed to speak uninterruptedly.  It really is an insult that I even have to discuss my right to speak, or even, somehow ask for it.  We just got done fighting for civil rights for everyone in the 1960’s, and now, your actions are attacking my civil rights.  I don’t interrupt you when you are talking, nor do I interrupt anyone else, and I strongly disagree with plenty, and see plenty that is off topic as well.  I expect the same treatment in return. 
I have found out many valuable things when I was patient and listened to ideas I didn’t like.  If you consider what I am saying, that may be true for you as well.  Impatience is not becoming of a leader.  Neither is being impetuous and inconsiderate.  You may also elect to ignore my remarks and refuse to consider them, but you do not have the right to suppress them.  Rather than seeking to suppress ideas you don’t like or understand, it would be wise to let speakers have the benefit of the doubt, and let the audience decide.  If you or members of the audience disagree with what I say, you are free to express that publicly as well. 
Thank you,
Thank you for reading, and please attend School board meetings.  We need more citizens in Vallejo who are willing to learn the issues and to speak up for liberty and justice.  If we do not do it, fellow citizens, who will?


How to vote to get Vallejo and California out of the mess they are in.

This is the only breakdown of the ballot that I know of in Solano County that is in accord with the Bible, history, and the Constitution.  The lens we view candidates by is  not on feelings, relationships, their college degrees, their career performance, but on how they line up with history, the Bible, and the Constitution.  Forcing candidates to live up to high standards will give us the wise and virtuous leaders we once had, and no longer do.

This list was formed with help from Craig Huey and Norman Reece, a big thank you to both for doing the critical work in sorting out the candidates and measures, a thankless task which few voters have the time for.  They also do this without expecting personal gain, unlike many of the Democrat’s who are constantly doing this for money and power.


Governor – JOHN H. COX
Lt. Governor – Not much of a choice between top two Democrats, but Ed Hernandez may be better than the socialist alternative.
Secretary of State – MARK P. MEUSER
Treasurer – GREG CONLON
Attorney General – STEVEN C. BAILEY
Insurance Commissioner – STEVE POIZNER
Member, State Board of Equalization (2nd Dist.) – MARK BURNS
U.S. Senator – Another choice between top two Democrats, but Dianne Feinstein may be the lesser of two bad choices in spite of what she did to Brett Kavanaugh.
U.S. Representative (5th Congressional Dist.) – ANTHONY MILLS
State Assembly (14th Dist.) – AASIM YAHYA
For Associate Justice, Supreme Court – CAROL A. CORRIGAN – VOTE YES
For Associate Justice, Supreme Court – LEONDRA R. KRUGER –VOTE NO
For Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division One – JAMES M. HUMES – VOTE NO
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division One – SANDRA MARGULIES – VOTE YES
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Two – JAMES A. RICHMAN – VOTE YES
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Two – MARLA MILLER – VOTE NO
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Three – PETER JOHN SIGGINS – VOTE NO
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Four – ALISON M. TUCHER – VOTE NO
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Four – JON B. STREETER – VOTE NO
For Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Five – BARBARA JONES – VOTE YES
Superintendent of Public Education – MARSHALL TUCK
Solano Community College Member, Governing Board, Trustee Area No. 1 – KAREN SIMS
Vallejo City Unified School District Member, Governing Board (Vote up to Three) – RYAN MESSANO is the only one I’m voting for.
Vallejo City Council Member (Vote up to three) – After what the incumbents did and/or allowed to happen by shutting down free speech during a recent council meeting, I am not voting for any of those present that evening. Therefore, I will vote for only two: VINCENT MAY and JESUS “JESS” MALGAPO
Proposition 1 – VOTE NO
Proposition 2 – VOTE NO (CRA was a “YES” on this one)
Proposition 3 – VOTE NO
Proposition 4 – VOTE NO
Proposition 5 – VOTE YES
Proposition 6 – VOTE YES
Proposition 7 – VOTE YES
Proposition 8 – VOTE NO
Proposition 10 – VOTE NO
Proposition 11 – VOTE YES
Proposition 12 – VOTE NO
Measure S – VOTE NO
Other districts that may be relevant to some on my email lists:
U.S. Representative (1st Congressional Dist.) – DOUG LAMALFA
U.S. Representative (3rd Congressional Dist.) – CHARLIE SCHAUPP
U.S. Representative (4th Congressional Dist.) – TOM MCCLINTOCK
U.S. Representative (5th Congressional Dist.) – JUAN M. HIDALGO
U.S. Representative (7th Congressional Dist.) – ANDREW GRANT
U.S. Representative (8th Congressional Dist.) – PAUL COOK
U.S. Representative (9th Congressional Dist.) – MARLA LIVENGOOD
State Assembly (1st Dist.) – BRIAN DAHLE
State Assembly (3rd Dist.) – JAMES GALLAGHER
State Assembly (5th Dist.) – FRANK BIGELOW
State Assembly (6th Dist.) – SCOTT SCHMIDT
State Assembly (8th Dist.) – MELINDA AVEY
State Assembly (11th Dist.) – LISA ROMERO
State Assembly (13th Dist.) – ANTONIO GARCIA
State Assembly (16th Dist.) – CATHARINE BAKER



Vallejo is on the Democrat plantation, and the interest groups are the overseers.

The definition of apathy is: Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.

This is a huge problem with Vallejoans.  They do not like to think.  This is a problem in California and America.  How does one know if they are apathetic?  The voter who votes based on a yard sign, on a sign on the side of the road, on a billboard, on an endorsement from a local dignitary, or an endorsement from one of the Vallejo interest groups is apathetic.  They do not think for themselves, they are simply puppets.

This is why Vallejo has so many people in leadership positions who are not fit to lead.  And, if we don’t change course, we will have more on November 6th.  The way the voting works is the various interest groups in Vallejo, all of whom are Democratic or left leaning, use their money and influence to pay candidates they like to spread their poisonous ideology in Vallejo.  These candidates prostitute themselves out to do the bidding of their wealthy donors.

These interest groups rarely show up to school board meetings or city council meetings, or if they do, they have a token representative attend for them.  They simply live their lives of pleasure and indolence, wining and dining themselves to their hearts content, attending sporting games, taking vacations, treating life like a gigantic party.  Then, when elections roll around, they get busy.  They interview the candidates, spend their money for signs, door knockers, and mailers.  They make sure they send mailers to every single voter who votes consistently.  It’s a numbers game, and these snakes are well organized.  Just like Boss Tweed of the corrupt Tammany Hall in New York of a century ago, these Vallejo Democrat bosses have a nice rig set up for themselves and their cronies.  They could give two hoots about Vallejo.   Vallejo is a mess because of them, but they don’t care.  As long as they have power and money, that’s all they care about!

If they cared so much about Vallejo, why don’t they show up at EVERY city council and school board meeting?  Because they don’t think they need to. They aren’t interested in ideas or changes that help Vallejo.  They honestly believe their money and connections are all they need to control Vallejo, and due to the naivete and gullibility of Vallejo voters, they have been right for decades.  It’s time for that to end, and I’m here to tell these special interest groups, that no matter what happens this election, you are in for a nightmare for the next four years.  Your games are over.  You will be called out continuously.  Vallejo will be informed about who you are and who your representatives are.  You will be turned into social pariahs, just as you have done to those who opposed you over these decades.  Your time is coming.

Watch them get up to speak.  They say the same silly nonsense nearly every time.  Rarely do they have a fresh idea.  They normally get up there, rattle off all their college degrees pretentiously, then name drop all the boards they are associated with, then go on to name drop famous Vallejoans, and end with a single sentence dealing with the topic at hand.  I once saw one community figure, who nearly took up two minutes rattling off their achievements, and nearly had no time to even say what he got up to say.  It was quite hilarious.

It was nauseating at the forums to hear the same exact spiels, nearly verbatim, from some of my colleagues?  Do they think?  They mindlessly repeat the same absurd leftist tropes, and the indoctrinated audiences hearts often well with ardent approval for the nonsense.  What hogwash!!

It wouldn’t be painful for me at all, if I got defeated and people who honestly have Vallejo’s interests at heart were elected.  But I get outraged when I see some of the candidates for school board are Johnny Come Lately’s, who never come to school board meetings or city council meetings, and think they are going to name their ‘credentials’, and have the acclaim of the mob!   Umm, running the schools requires more than simply having teaching experience!!!  You did the teaching experience because you were paid to do it.  What defines a person is what they do when they aren’t paid to do it.

Only when adults in Vallejo have wisdom and virtue will they be able to educate their children in it.  And the Founders of America, despite the nonsense the identity politics mob repeats about them, were well versed in wisdom and virtue.   We need to educate our kids in classical education.  Not one of the seven who oppose me have said one word about a classical education, and it’s doubtful if they appreciate it or understand it at all. Instead they are going on about ‘social justice’, and other media talking points.

Why yard signs, mailers, bill boards, and endorsements mean little to nothing in races

November 6th is a huge election!!  Please vote, and make sure you read this website before you do, or there is a massive chance you will be deceived and suckered, as Vallejo and California voters have been for decades.

Let’s be clear.  Vallejo and California have problems for no other reason than they are DEMOCRAT!!  There are many good people in Vallejo who are Democrats because that is the party of their parents, but the Democrat party of today is a mutant beast, and either it will be destroyed, or it will destroy America.  Let’s be honest.  For those who are Democrats, I can listen to you and strongly disagree with you.  Let’s see if you can extend the same courtesy to me.  Most of the Democrats in leadership positions respect power alone.  They have been trained to only respect money, power, degrees, and experts.  Anyone possessing the truth without those four, they have been trained to ignore and scorn.  It’s understandable that if one’s parents, who one loves, were Democrats, one might be Democrat out of sentimentality.  But, we need to understand we are in the poorest state in America, with a poverty rate of 20% and it’s because of the Democrat party. They have their identity politic organizations and their unions that they use to dominate our elections.  If we continue to let the Democrat identity politic organizations and unions control our decisions, we will get more crime, poverty, and dysfunction, because the Democrat leaders don’t care about people, they care only about their own money and power.  It is their high taxes, high regulations, and environmental nonsense that is responsible for turning Vallejo into a hellhole. The Vallejo Times Herald should be holding them accountable, but it has been asleep on the job.  It has no standards, seemingly, other than to block controversial comments and letters from the news.  When it does report on them, it uses the identity language of the left.

These yard signs, billboards, mailers, and endorsements are often from the exact same Democrat organizations who are responsible for getting us into this mess to begin with.  Let me begin by saying that I have many friends in these organizations, but I will not prostitute the truth for unity, money, or power.  I advise my friends in these organizations to follow my example.  If you are not part of the solution in Vallejo, you are part of the problem.   There are others, but it’s better to let the voters decide.  Ask yourself if this organization is endorsing a candidate, WHAT PLAN HAS THIS ORGANIZATION PRESENTED TO RESTORE VALLEJO?  99% of them have no idea how we got into this mess and no solution on how to get out. They spend their time crucifying those who have solutions, like me.  Rather than try to come up with ideas to overcome the obstacles we face, they sit there and create more obstacles by opposing nearly every reasonable solution put forward.

Do voters realize the same entities giving money for yard signs, mailers, door knockers and billboards for the candidates are the same ones that have been doing this for years?  Why aren’t we holding them accountable for Vallejo’s mess?  Are we going to listen to their siren song again, and be suckered once more?

I challenge the reader and every single citizen of Vallejo to visit the websites of every single school board candidate in Vallejo and every single City Council candidate in our city.   Find me one that details how we got into this problematic situation, and one that tells how to get out!!  I’ve been to them all, and I’ll tell you, unless they revise it after they read this, NOT ONE OF THEM HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THE PROBLEM IS OR HOW TO SOLVE IT!    So, do the voters want to be deceived again?  If so, simply listen to the mailers, the yard signs, the billboards, and endorsements.  A reasonable person learns from the past, but a foolish people is constantly suckered!!  Maybe that’s why Democrats want children to vote so badly.  They need new voters who haven’t learned to never vote for them yet.

The Democrats have five main constituencies.

1) 18-29 year olds.  These young people are easily fooled, as their brains aren’t fully developed until 25.  The Democrat media and schools easily seduce them and dupe them.  I  know, because the Democrats fooled me at age 28.  It took me two years to figure out their lies.

2) The black vote, which votes 90% for Democrats.  This is because the Democrat media and dysfunctional schools capitalize on the fatherlessness epidemic in the black community, and lead many astray.  It is a strange paradox that much of the black community is church going and Christian, yet supports the Democrats who have taken God of their platform.   There are many black Democrats who had noble Democrat parents, but they do not leave the Democrat party as it becomes increasingly wicked and radical.  The Democrat media keeps lying to them and telling them that America, Trump, and Republicans are racist.  The black community has many powerful overseers in the community to ensure that no prominent blacks oppose the Democrat party.  This goes for latinos and Asians as well.  If a black, latino, or Asian says anything publicly favoring Republicans, they will be severely dealt with in their respective communities.  Also, many are trained to viciously attack whites like me as a racist for at all disagreeing with the Democrat party.  I’d prefer to avoid this hell, but if fixing Vallejo means going through this hell, then I CAN’T WAIT TO START!    White liberals also promise the black community leaders rewards if they will sell their people out, while they murder the black community via abortion.  It’s a cruel hoax.  The same white Democrats who ran the plantations in the South in the Civil War are still running things in Vallejo.  You saw them just deny a charter school a few months back.  You also see them run schools where only 10% of black children learn math and english at the 12th grade level.  What is the difference if blacks were not allowed to read in 1861 when the Civil War broke out, and only 10% of black children in Vallejo graduate knowing reading at the 12th grade level? Then, these white liberals blame white America as a whole, Republicans, police, and everyone for the problems in the black community,  but white liberals themselves.  White liberals have come up with a term, ‘white privilege’, where they wickedly try to make the whole white race out to be bad.  They will stop at nothing to gain power.  Remember, Jim Jones and Charles Manson were white liberals who tried to pit the black race against whites, by claiming America and whites were all racists.  These wicked men’s agendas is still being carried out in Vallejo, in California, and in America.

3) Single women, who vote 70% for Democrats.  Married women vote majority Democrat too. They are emotional, naive, and gullible.  The liberal media and schools easily delude them.

4) Government: federal, state, and local officials.  20 million in America, and they overwhelmingly vote Democrat, as their job security depends on big government.

5) Those on welfare. There are 39 million, and voting Democrat allows them to vote themselves other people’s money. It’s not the governments job to help the poor and sick. That is the job of the wealthy and the churches, and the wealthy and the churches are not doing their jobs.

Notice, the candidates for the races rarely come to City Hall or school board meetings.   The only exceptions are Hakeem Brown, who owns a marijuana dispensary, and maybe comes to half the city council meetings, and John Fox, who is a homosexual activist, and attends all school board meetings.  He is counting on the ignorance and apathy of Vallejo voters for him to subtly sneak the homosexual agenda in schools under the guise of ‘equality, tolerance, and inclusion’.   He will compare parents rejection of homosexuality with America’s segregation in the 1960’s.  That is totally bogus as no one chose their skin color, but homosexuals choose their debauched sex habits.  We have silly pastors in Vallejo, along with lukewarm Christians who constantly lecture us, ‘Don’t judge’, ‘Who are we to judge’, ‘We have to love them’, ‘We have to be kind to them’.  They simply don’t have the backbone to stand up for principles like God commands.  These lukewarm Christians are a bigger threat to Vallejo and the schools than homosexuals, atheists, or Muslims are.  The lukewarm Christians are going to be punished the worst by God, because THEY OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER!    As to the silly few who will shout and scream about ‘Separation of Church and State’, our laws are from nature and nature’s God.  That is in the Declaration of Independence.   Also, the clause, Separation of Church and State is found NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION AT ALL!!!   The silly people who talk about ‘Separation of Church and State’ trying to force moral ideas out of the political spectrum, obviously have no idea that we have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion, and have clearly never read the exchange of letters between Thomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptists where the clause is found.  This was about avoiding the religious wars in Europe between Catholic and Protestant, not getting rid of moral ideas, as it has been perverted to mean by the reprobate left.

In conclusion, please do not be fooled!!

DO NOT VOTE FOR HAKEEM BROWN OR KATIE MIESSNER FOR CITY COUNCIL!!  AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!  Hakeem is a marijuana dispensary owner, and has no business running for office until he leaves the marijuana industry.  He says he loves Vallejo so much, but why is he running a business that has tens of millions of people in America addicted to the substance of marijuana then?  That sounds like hatred to me, not love.   No one who honestly has researched marijuana supports it.  The only ones who do are those who are suckered by the media, who use it, or who make money off of it.

Katie Miessner is a radical leftist who advocates for all kinds of leftist causes.  She opposes growth, and is a big reason why economic expansion in Vallejo has stagnated and why housing prices are so high.  If the City Council would reduce permit fees and make the process more efficient, more businesses would come here, and more homes would be built.  This would give us more tax money for streets and schools.  But she has this idea that Vallejo is some bedroom community utopia.

Please do not vote for Tony Gross, Ruscal Cayangyang, Christy Gardner, or John Fox.  They are the ones who are the most well funded.  None have any ideas about why Vallejo’s schools have issues, nor do they have solutions.  Please also put pressure on Tony Ubalde and Burky Worel to oppose the bond measure, and on Allan Yeap to develop a moral backbone to go along with his financial acumen.  Please contact the candidates to let them know you oppose SB 48, which is designed to teach kids about homosexuality, and to train them to revere Harvey Milk, a full blown pedophile.  VALLEJO’S SCHOOLS DO NOT NEED TO LEARN THE HISTORY OF PEDOPHILES AND HOMOSEXUALS!!!!!!!!!

Please join the silent majority and vote for me, and either Allan Yeap, Burky Worel, and Tony Ubalde for school board, and Pippin Dew-Costa, Jess Malgapo, and Vincent May for City Council.  Please pressure these three to oppose marijuana, as Vincent already does, and to cut taxes and regulations.

Also, please speak up against tribalism in Vallejo!! We are not a city of racial tribes, we are a city where character, honor, and courage are rewarded, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RACE IS!  Please speak up against racism that is from all races and against all races.  Any race that is continually saying they are victims and blames their problems on other races is part of the problem.   We need to start judging individual situations on their merits, and stop saying that bad educational results and bad criminal rates from any race are the result of racism, unless we can show the proof FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CASE!    It is absurd to say high black disciplinary rates in the schools is due to systemic racism, when they are often the result of black students attacking other black students, and being suspended by black principals, and black teachers.  That has nothing to do with racism.   No student, white or black, should be being treated better or worse due to their race, at all!  There should be no breaks given to anyone due to race.  We have no time machine, so giving people passes today for their bad behavior is only making things harder for them.  A great book on that is here.

It is unfair to any kid to let them off due to their race for bad behavior, and its unfair to any kid to punish them for their wrong, and not a child of another race for the same wrong.  America recently got over segregation in the 1960’s, and so many have experienced it, but how will we make the problem better by simply mistreating those of other races for the wrongs they were never responsible for?  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Also, each of us needs to learn that we are all men of like passions.  Just because we were born white, black, asian, latino, or any other race does not mean our experience is unique and no other race can understand us.  We have a library, and anyone can read of the experience of any race, and the wise will read of the experiences of all races, not just their own.  This ethnocentrism is ripping America apart, and if we do not learn to unite, we shall soon learn that “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

Thank you, God bless, and may justice and virtue prevail on November 6th!



The only honest evaluation of School Board candidates in Vallejo available to voters.

The Times Herald often will offer an interview process with candidates, but rarely will a voter find any honest, unbiased overview of each of the candidates who are running. There are eight candidates running, and after having attended at least six forums with all seven of my colleagues, as well as dozens of school board and city council meetings,  I would be happy to share my experiences, and valuate them for voters who are interested in comparing and contrasting, or critical thinking.  Of course, there are wildly different standards in the minds of many voters.  Many have been influenced by the lamestream media, which has a standards system that is wildly out of sync with history.  Many have been influenced by similarly influenced ‘experts’ and ‘leaders’ in our society.  We are in a groupthink bubble in Solano County, as is the entire Bay Area.  It is Sophism, which is where people think their own opinions are always true, not realizing they are propagandized.  This ideology destroys nations, and has been destroying Vallejo for years.   If you don’t believe me, simply go up and talk about a conservative ideal at a Vallejo City Council Meeting or a Vallejo School Board meeting and see how many sour faces get made at you.  Or, if you don’t get sour faces and looks made at you, watch how people avoid you like you have the plague, and treat you like you are a member of a leper colony. You will never find a member of our police department, fire department, teacher, or any other public service position in Vallejo or any other Democrat run city, that will get up and state a conservative opinion in public. If they have them, they know to keep them quiet. If they do state them publicly, work will become hell, or they will get fired. Most employees are not hired for their competency and merits, but rather if they fit in with Vallejo’s liberal ideology. So we have educated parrots infesting our city at all levels. These people know little else other than to follow orders. They have no idea how to think for themselves and get irritated if you try to engage them in an honest discussion. They will often hurriedly end conversations, and will even rudely interrupt them, on occasion. The leaders of the Democrat establishment in Vallejo run a tight ship, and dissent is not tolerated.  Many people never sit down and examine why they think the way they think.  They are creatures of their own feelings, and rarely reason.  Many HATE to think!  Since so few like to critically think and examine ideas, and PROVE what they believe, the media and academia are dominating our thinking, and instead of choosing our destinies for our own good, we are having our destinies chosen for us for the good of people who do not care about us at all.  If we will not control our own time and thoughts, there will be others who will control our time and thoughts for us, and not for our own good either.

The eight school board candidates are myself, Tony Ubalde, Burky Worel, Ralph ‘Tony’ Gross, Christy Gardner, Allan Yeap, John Fox, and Ruscal Cayangyang.  Each will be evaluated with their good and bad, though if my evaluation is supposed to coincide with popular media biases, you will be sorely disappointed.  My biography is listed above and I will not belabor the reader by repeating it.

Tony Ubalde has been a trustee for six years.  He introduces himself as a pastor, though there honestly are some things I see in my Bible that I don’t hear from him. But some people prefer to uncritically believe individuals evaluations of themselves, and dislike the work it takes to see if they are what they say they are.  He is normally dignified, calm, and reserved in meetings.  He rarely loses his cool.  He supports the school bond measure, which I oppose and which I detailed in another post.  He supports vocational training in the schools, which is a fabulous idea.  He has not often taken a controversial stand when one is needed, and prefers to build a consensus, and rarely, if ever, takes a stand that varies with the majority.  He is quite connected, and is on the boards of numerous organizations of note.  His website is here.  Part of critical thinking is criticizing.  On his site, the reader can note that he speaks of higher graduation rates.  Before he talked about declining suspension rates.  Both figures are very misleading.  Suspensions went down not because behavior was changed by students and they weren’t worthy of discipline, but rather, the schools changed their standards, and stopped suspending students who deserved it.  So students have been going wild in the classrooms, disrupting classes, attacking teachers, and other students.  Also, higher graduation rates mean nothing when 70% of students are incapable of doing math and English at the 12th grade level.  Notice Mr. Ubalde never discusses this at all on his website.  He does not discuss how we got into this problem, nor how we get out.  If one does not acknowledge a problem, how does one solve it?  He has the backing of many of the same figures who were instrumental in getting Vallejo schools into this mess.  These figures could give two hoots about success and excellence, they just want power and money, and to hell with the taxpayer and their children. That said, I will probably vote for either Mr. Ubalde or Burky, as they are the best third choice besides Allan and myself.

Burky Worel has served on the board for three terms.  I’ve known him for six years.  He is a dedicated member of the community, and was a police officer for 30 years in Vallejo.  He is genuinely committed to improving the community.  He attends city council meetings and school board meetings even when he is not on the council and school board, which is quite rare in Vallejo, and says a lot about him.  You know someone loves something when they do it when they don’t have to.  While I don’t note that he has all the solutions to the problems we face, he is at least willing to listen and hear others out.

Ruscal Cayangyang is a product of Vallejo schools, and is the youngest member of the board.  His views are quite in line with the liberal media and schools that he recently attended.  He quotes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist.  Socialism destroys.   He is active in the environmental groups here in Vallejo.  He is very susceptible to the influence of the Vallejo liberal activist community, which has taken him under their wing.  He does not believe the First Amendment covers the right of people who say things he deems offensive.  This means he believes he can silence those he disagrees with.  He said as much in the October 3rd School board meeting.  He has excellent goals, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He is to be commended for courageously opposing the school bond.  He is a political and historical neophyte, and Vallejo will pay a heavy price if they entrust their schools to one who is so little acquainted with the problems and how to correct them.  He attempts to overcome his incomprehension of the problems by stating he is willing to listen to the parents. Leaders do not rely on their voters for ideas. If the voters have all the ideas, then why aren’t they the leaders? Leaders have ideas and the voters select them to lead them because they have the best vision, which offers the best future for the voters. Frequently, voters select leaders to do what they want them to do, and the leaders lead the voters right to destruction. Too often voters select leaders who they like, or who they feel good about, and too rarely do voters select candidates who understand the lessons of history, and who can apply these lessons to get the greatest results today and that will last long into the future.

Ralph Gross is a former teacher, and a former principal of Bethel High School.  He has a genial and amiable manner, and is immensely likeable and charismatic.  However, more is required of leaders than charisma alone.  He too supports the school bond, which is a huge mistake.  He also has never shown a propensity to oppose ideas damaging for the schools and children.  His moral compass is often shaped by asking for what the community thinks, rather than having a fixed course he is pursuing.  John Fox, Christy Gardner, and Ralph are all former teachers, and all will unhesitatingly remind the voters that ‘experience matters’.  Well, if experience matters, then why are our schools a wreck while they are being run with very experienced educational professionals?   Is it not true, dear reader, that wise men learn from others mistakes and fools have to learn from their own?  It would be interesting to find out if Mr. Gross agrees with Jesse Lee Peterson about the root and solution for the disproportionate black achievement and discipline levels in Vallejo schools.

John Fox has been an educator for 21 years. He is active in the community, and like Burky, has attended board meetings long before he wanted to be elected. However, he has an ulterior agenda. He supports SB 48, which is indoctrinating children into thinking homosexuality is perfectly alright. California parents overwhelmingly object to this, but John Fox and his cronies don’t care about California parents. In their minds, the students belong to the state and the federal government, and the parents can be damned. He is the most dangerous possible candidate for School Board, and if Vallejo elects him they will pay for it for decades. There has been a sophisticated disinformation program of psychological terrorism to vilify any who disagree with homosexuality as a public health disaster.  Ruscal Cayangyang is a close second. Both candidates are very uninformed about history in general, and believe their view of the world, which is merely academic and media indoctrination, should be accepted simply because they believe it to be true. Both cannot defend their positions with reasonable arguments, and are incapable of discussing their ideas without getting passionate and emotional and silencing those they disagree with. This is very dangerous, and both are a threat to the First Amendment rights of every single citizen in Vallejo. These are terrible role models for our children. If John Fox ended his advocacy for sexual degeneracy in our schools, I’d support him completely, but there have been few signs that that will happen.

Christy Gardner is another former teacher, who stands upon these credentials to say this is why she deserves votes. She also believes in a school bond, as every former educator in the 2018 race does. Having never run businesses, they think demanding tax payer money is how you solve problems, with no eye to accountability at all.  She also plays identity politics and will stress that she is the only woman running.  Now, exactly why is it, dear reader, that any human deserves anything due to their race or gender?  Did not Martin Luther King Jr. say judge people on character, not on color, and does that not also apply to gender?  Should we be voting for people simply because they happen to be born a woman, or born a particular race, or should we be voting for the person with the best idea, no matter their race or gender?  If we are supposed to vote for people based on gender or color, then why does anyone of us qualify for anything?  Aren’t there others of other genders or colors who will claim just as loudly that they deserve positions or jobs due to their sex and color?  What a mess our society would become?  And if this is the case, what is the point of learning anything or achieving anything?  It would no longer be necessary, we can just say we deserve things based on our color or gender, and we would be given them, no matter whether we deserved them or not. I’m not sure why a voter would believe a person who is part of the decaying establishment, who won’t acknowledge it’s problems would have a solution, but there will be voters who vote for Ms. Gardner. The union loves her, as they care only about money, with little to no regard to the actual education of children. They will claim they love children, as their hands continue to reach for the taxpayers pockets.

Allan Yeap is a financial wizard who understands the financial peril the school district is in once again. While he has given no evidence of recognizing how the finances got this bad, or what societal issues need to be addressed to fix the problem, yet he is open minded. He is very brave, bold, and courageous, and is not afraid to oppose the majority. When he was wrongly accused of being in bed with special interests at a recent school board meeting, he defended himself very well with an impassioned defense, and got a standing ovation from the audience. He attended GATE schools in Vallejo, as did I. While I recognize an ideological divide, I am personally voting for him.

In conclusion, of my seven colleagues, I’m only aware of Ruscal ever having taken a brave stand publicly on a controversial issue. Even he had the help of a fellow board member, Marianne Kearney-Brown when he opposed the bond. Not one of them has been able to stand on principle, unflinchingly, and defend it, no matter what others thought. Too often we get leaders who are obsequious sycophants, who simply fit in to try and please men. This means the elites get what they want, but our city is a mess. I represent what is right for the people, short and long term, and I have no shortage of issues where I stood up against popular opinion. I have never been proven wrong on anything I stood up for. Indeed, the more time that passes, the more correct my words prove to be. My words are not my own, they are taken from the wisdom of thousands of years, and from the same inspiration that the Founders of this nation relied upon. If Vallejo wishes to have me serve her, and to lead her to prosperity, I will humbly accede. If Vallejo wishes to have more mediocrity and dysfunction in the schools, along with bumbling ineptitude, then they will have what they wish, but they need to be sure not to vote for me. The truth doesn’t change whether people agree with it or not, whether they like it or not, or whether they vote for it or not. In four years, if I am not elected, Vallejo will be facing the same problems, only they will be worse. So, does Vallejo want to fix the problems now, or let them get worse? That is the question. If the voters thoroughly consider the candidates, and PROVE what is the best for Vallejo, I will be elected in a landslide, but if voters continue to haphazardly vote based on who they like, what signs they saw, or other irrelevant factors in choosing leaders, then I will not be elected. Either way, my happiness does not reside in the commendations of the crowd, nor does my sorrow reside in the condemnation of the crowd. The crowd is fickle, and may love a man one day, and hate him the next. A man must be sure his conscience approves of him, for that is the one friend he needs when he dies. The philosopher Spinoza said, ‘He whose honor depends on the opinion of the mob must day by day strive with the greatest anxiety, act and scheme in order to retain his reputation. For the mob is varied and inconstant, and therefore if a reputation is not carefully preserved it dies quickly.Too many voters are taken advantage of by their own pride, for they wish to be first, and are not since they have not paid the price, and are easily manipulated by the flattery of politicians who are charlatans and who will tell then whatever they wish to hear.

It is my sincere hope and desire that Vallejo will be able to tune out the familiar voices of deception and flattery, the same ones that led us to the quagmire we are currently in, and listen to the voice of reason, of virtue, and of wisdom. The voices that led us to prosperity, peace, and joy in our past, are still speaking, however quietly, and we can hear them, if we will but listen. They are not commonly found with little effort, they will not be found by the apathetic and lazy, they will not be found by the corrupt, they will not be found by the foolish. They will be found and heard by the diligent, by the honest, by the earnest, and by the persevering.  Thank you and I hope you will join the silent majority in voting

Why Vallejo will not prosper with a marijuana dispensary owner as Council Member

  • Vallejo faces a momentous choice in the vote for City Council.  Can we elect a Marijuana dispensary owner to the Council and be o.k.?  Absolutely not!!  Here is why.

Most of the media, television, internet, and academia have been lying to voters and saying marijuana is harmless, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s better than alcohol and opioids, and other disinformation.  In reality, the vast majority of those who support pot have never read a book on it’s harms in their entire life.  Apathetic and uninformed voters are a huge problem in Vallejo, California, and in America.  Drugs are a strategic weapon against America.   Twenty one years ago, an article was written against legalizing drugs, and it was just as true then as it is now.  Only problem is the younger generation is a lot less wise, so legalization makes sense to them.  The wise  understand that if we legalize marijuana and keep it legal, we will become a nation of slaves, just like China became when it allowed the mind altering drug of opium to infest it’s country. 

Bill Bennett wrote a great book on pot’s harms here.   Dr. Ed Gogek wrote another warning of it’s dangers here.   Opium, another mind altering drug, destroyed a 3,000 year dynasty in China in just 100 years.  

I would estimate about 70% of Vallejo’s regular voters do not read much, and when they do read, they do not read broadly.  This is why Vallejo’s voters are very susceptible to media manipulation.  They are naive and gullible, and easily taken advantage of.

We need voters who read broadly, deeply, and consistently, and who aren’t suckered by the television, the liberal newspapers, liberal schools, and liberal tech companies.  Those voters will vote for Vincent May, and excellent candidate who opposes marijuana, is for business expansion, and was a former police officer.  They will also vote for Jess Malgapo, who is for economic expansion, and for Pippin Dew Costa, who is, albeit timidly, a voice for business growth as well.  While Katie Miessner has grown to realize that economic expansion is necessary, she has too often opposed economic expansion, and is a big part of the reason why Vallejo is in an economic mess right now.

As for the school board, I am the only candidate who has publicly opposed threats to children from marijuana, pornography, cell phones, and media indoctrination.  Not one of my opponents has publicly done this.  My opponents have never stated how Vallejo got into this mess, many are part of getting us into it, and none of them have a solution.  I have shown how Vallejo got here, what to do about it, and how we succeed short and long term.  So, please, vote for me for School Board. I need your help to transform the schools into the safe enlightenment centers they once were.  While I do disagree with every one of my opponents on a few ideas, I do support Allan Yeap’s opposition to the bond.  Allan and I both attended GATE programs in the Vallejo schools.  Ruscal and John Fox are in favor of SB 48, which places homosexual indoctrination into students learning.  Tony Gross, Tony Ubalde, Burky Worel, Allan Yeap, and Christy Gardner have not opposed this indoctrination either.

For the Vallejo voters who want the schools to be safe, and have academic excellence restored, please vote for myself, Allan Yeap, and Tony Ubalde.  Allan and Tony have good ideas that can really benefit the schools.  Ralph Gross, Christy, and John Fox are part of the failed education system, and none of them admit the problems, or have any solutions.  Ruscal is too young and inexperienced, and while he has flashes of brilliance, as he did in opposing the bond, he is involved with socialists, who believe in wealth redistribution, which is nothing other than theft.   Burky Worel is a fine man, and a former police officer.  It is a very slight edge that Tony Ubalde has over him, in my opinion.  I would not mind working with Burky Worel either.  However, if Christy, Tony Gross, Ruscal, or John Fox are elected, there will be frequent disagreements, as all four are ideologically at odds with excellence. They think money and the system will solve the problem  and ignore the real reasons why we are in this mess.  You can’t solve problems that you don’t acknowledge exist.  Christy, Tony Gross, Ruscal, and John Fox will constantly talk about their academic achievements, and involvement in various left wing organizations, and the endorsement of political figures who have figured heavily in our current dysfunction, but none have any idea how we got here or how to get out.  So, vote for them if you want mediocrity to continue.  If you are ready for excellence and success in our schools that we have never had before, vote for me, Allan Yeap, and Tony Ubalde.  Burky Worel is not a bad alternative either.

Thank you for your consideration, and please join with the silent majority to bring success back to the schools on November 6th, pushing the interest groups to the sidelines where they can cry and whine.

Ruscal Cayangyang and John Fox are Activists in the Homosexual Mafia.

About a year or two ago, I had the chance to meet with Ruscal Cayangyang at a meet and greet at a downtown eatery.  We talked for about an hour, and were interrupted on occasion by a left wing marijuana activist whose last name rhymes with Hinton.  I went over the problems I saw in the schools, and what I thought should be done about them.  Ruscal listened studiously, took notes, and thanked me for sharing with him.  He proceeded to do absolutely nothing about my recommendations, and the dysfunction in the schools continues.   Let me say, I commend Ruscal for opposing the school bond, but unfortunately, he is indoctrinated by left wing media, like much of Vallejo.  This is what happens when 90% of our population has never been exposed to 7 conservative news sites for 2 months of their lives.  We become mindless drones and unthinkingly carry out the bidding of our puppet masters.  I know, because I once was a mindless drone, just ten years ago.

Two evenings ago, at a Vallejo School board meeting, I challenged anyone to debate the health hazards of homosexuality.  I was halfway through my challenge, when Ruscal got up, and walked out.  The entire exchange can be seen in Part 1 and Part 2 of the school board video.

Ruscal, true to his media and academia indoctrination, decided to lecture the audience and me that free speech and the First amendment did not apply to offensive speech, which is totally bogus.  Just last year the Supreme Court decided that there is no exception for ‘hate speech’ in the First Amendment.

Part of the problem for why there is so much dysfunction on the current board is because board members are incapable of listening to each other and respectfully disagreeing.  When I made my comments, Ruscal not only left, but, homosexual activist and fellow board candidate John Fox completely left as well.  Also, homosexual activist Mitchell Romao also made his departure.  It appears that all three of these men have  no problem with SB 48 and indoctrinating little children into homosexuality.  What kind of sick human being would stand by and allow little children to be taught dangerous sexual behaviors which can mess them up for life? Then, I’m supposed to be a big bully because I object to sexual perversion being normalized in the classroom!! What is wrong with this picture!?

Please do not vote for Ruscal Cayangyang and John Fox.  Vallejo does not need homosexual activists perverting our children.  Also, please contact all candidates and ask them whether they support indoctrinating children into homosexuality.  California just voted in 2008 that we wanted marriage between a man and a woman.  The lawless SCOTUS threw out our decision, and decided they would force the sick law upon us.  We were assured in 2008 that homosexuality would not be taught to our children. Well, that was a lie, and the homosexuals are  hard at work doing it right now.  We need to force our elected officials to stand up against this perversion.  If we do not, we will face the wrath of our wounded children in the future.  When children grow up, they will not forget the adults who sat silently by and allowed them to be taught perversion, and they will require a vengeance it is terrible to think about.

To offend a child is one of the worst offenses in nature.  In conclusion I will quote Jesus.  “But whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. ”  Matthew 18:6  It is one of the worst offenses to corrupt an innocent child by teaching them sex period, never mind deviant sexual practices.  Here are a few examples of what is happening to our children.    Here is a great website on the horrors of what happens when homosexuals expose children to their perverse behavior.  This is a war between good and evil.  Be not deceived, Ruscal and John are on the side of evil.  While they may change, as of right now they are the ambassadors for an evil agenda that cannot be tolerated in our schools.   As for Allen Yeap, Burky Worel, Christy Gardner, Tony Gross, and Tony Ubalde, none of them has demonstrated a backbone and opposed teaching kids this perversion.  They are either too frightened by the homosexual mafia, or they agree with the homosexual agenda.  They need to be exposed.  I am the only one who dares to tell the truth.  Come election day, may the parents make the right choice.  Your children’s future hangs in the balance.

Also, please remember, the current board is dysfunctional and the academic results are abysmal.  I AM THE ONLY CANDIDATE RUNNING WHO HAS NO TIES TO ANY CURRENT BOARD MEMBER.

Attack on the First Amendment at Vallejo School Board Meeting. 10/03/2018

Hello all:

Last night, my comments challenging the pro-homosexual crowd in Vallejo to a debate on removing teaching children sexually deviant behavior in schools, which is what SB 48 does, ( were met with Trustee Ruscal Cayangyang rudely walking out in the middle of them. After this, my next comments challenging the debauched curriculum in the classroom were rudely interrupted by Trustee Kearney-Brown.

Trustee Worel, Ubalde, and Lawson all courageously upheld my First Amendment right to speak and are to be commended. I want to personally thank all three of you. In America, our rights don’t come from other humans, they come from God. Ruscal Cayangyang was severely unaware of the First Amendment, and SCOTUS decisions when he spoke last night, and needs to correct his comments publicly, ( My colleague, John Fox, who is an ardent homosexual activist in the community, left the meeting upon hearing my comments. No homosexual contacted me to take up my offer of a debate, meaning they all agree their lifestyle is dangerous for our children and needs to be removed from our schools. School employee Mitchell Romao, also a homosexual advocate, left the meeting as well. The homosexual community will be likely looking to brand me as a dangerous homophobe, and bad for Vallejo’s children. Meanwhile, they are at work trying to indoctrinate innocent children into their filthy lifestyle. Those who love darkness hate the light, and flee when their dark lifestyles are exposed. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth. If people disagree with me we can debate it, but silencing dissent is not going to work. We don’t do that in Vallejo, that is what goes on in Fascist and Communist countries. If one cannot publicly defend one’s beliefs, one may need to get some new beliefs.

Less than 10% of Vallejo is aware of the psychological terrorism being used to indoctrinate our children with disinformation to get them into sex and drugs at young ages and destroy their futures.


The homosexual agenda is explained on my website, The website is getting 1,000 views a day, and the truth is spreading.

The parents of Vallejo never voted to allow homosexuality in their classrooms, and a full 80% of them do not agree with it.

We wonder about declining enrollment in schools, but why would a parent put their child in a school with deviant and dangerous sexual practices being taught, kids being allowed to attack teachers and other students and are not being punished, and their children (70% of them) don’t even graduate knowing math and English at the 12th grade level? They also are woefully uninformed on history and civics! This is shameful, but Vallejo’s parents aren’t stupid. They simply decide, quite often, NOT TO PUT THEIR KIDS INTO VALLEJO SCHOOLS WHICH ARE DANGEROUS AND INCOMPETENT! If we want to have more students in the schools, then we need to defy the state and NEA, and even the teachers Union if necessary, and PUT THE RIGHTS OF PARENTS AND CHILDREN FIRST! Children don’t belong to the state and federal government. They belong to parents!!! When we fight to protect the rights of children and parents, then, and only then will parents trust us to put their children back into our schools!