Ruscal Cayangyang and John Fox are Activists in the Homosexual Mafia.

About a year or two ago, I had the chance to meet with Ruscal Cayangyang at a meet and greet at a downtown eatery.  We talked for about an hour, and were interrupted on occasion by a left wing marijuana activist whose last name rhymes with Hinton.  I went over the problems I saw in the schools, and what I thought should be done about them.  Ruscal listened studiously, took notes, and thanked me for sharing with him.  He proceeded to do absolutely nothing about my recommendations, and the dysfunction in the schools continues.   Let me say, I commend Ruscal for opposing the school bond, but unfortunately, he is indoctrinated by left wing media, like much of Vallejo.  This is what happens when 90% of our population has never been exposed to 7 conservative news sites for 2 months of their lives.  We become mindless drones and unthinkingly carry out the bidding of our puppet masters.  I know, because I once was a mindless drone, just ten years ago.

Two evenings ago, at a Vallejo School board meeting, I challenged anyone to debate the health hazards of homosexuality.  I was halfway through my challenge, when Ruscal got up, and walked out.  The entire exchange can be seen in Part 1 and Part 2 of the school board video.

Ruscal, true to his media and academia indoctrination, decided to lecture the audience and me that free speech and the First amendment did not apply to offensive speech, which is totally bogus.  Just last year the Supreme Court decided that there is no exception for ‘hate speech’ in the First Amendment.

Part of the problem for why there is so much dysfunction on the current board is because board members are incapable of listening to each other and respectfully disagreeing.  When I made my comments, Ruscal not only left, but, homosexual activist and fellow board candidate John Fox completely left as well.  Also, homosexual activist Mitchell Romao also made his departure.  It appears that all three of these men have  no problem with SB 48 and indoctrinating little children into homosexuality.  What kind of sick human being would stand by and allow little children to be taught dangerous sexual behaviors which can mess them up for life? Then, I’m supposed to be a big bully because I object to sexual perversion being normalized in the classroom!! What is wrong with this picture!?

Please do not vote for Ruscal Cayangyang and John Fox.  Vallejo does not need homosexual activists perverting our children.  Also, please contact all candidates and ask them whether they support indoctrinating children into homosexuality.  California just voted in 2008 that we wanted marriage between a man and a woman.  The lawless SCOTUS threw out our decision, and decided they would force the sick law upon us.  We were assured in 2008 that homosexuality would not be taught to our children. Well, that was a lie, and the homosexuals are  hard at work doing it right now.  We need to force our elected officials to stand up against this perversion.  If we do not, we will face the wrath of our wounded children in the future.  When children grow up, they will not forget the adults who sat silently by and allowed them to be taught perversion, and they will require a vengeance it is terrible to think about.

To offend a child is one of the worst offenses in nature.  In conclusion I will quote Jesus.  “But whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. ”  Matthew 18:6  It is one of the worst offenses to corrupt an innocent child by teaching them sex period, never mind deviant sexual practices.  Here are a few examples of what is happening to our children.    Here is a great website on the horrors of what happens when homosexuals expose children to their perverse behavior.  This is a war between good and evil.  Be not deceived, Ruscal and John are on the side of evil.  While they may change, as of right now they are the ambassadors for an evil agenda that cannot be tolerated in our schools.   As for Allen Yeap, Burky Worel, Christy Gardner, Tony Gross, and Tony Ubalde, none of them has demonstrated a backbone and opposed teaching kids this perversion.  They are either too frightened by the homosexual mafia, or they agree with the homosexual agenda.  They need to be exposed.  I am the only one who dares to tell the truth.  Come election day, may the parents make the right choice.  Your children’s future hangs in the balance.

Also, please remember, the current board is dysfunctional and the academic results are abysmal.  I AM THE ONLY CANDIDATE RUNNING WHO HAS NO TIES TO ANY CURRENT BOARD MEMBER.

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