Letter to Mayor Sampayan, City Council, and Media about new proposed ‘Decorum’ Ordinance

Dear Mayor, councilmembers, Media, and fellow citizens,

In regards to the ‘decorum’ ordinance, it appears to be a needed measure to strengthen existing laws, at first glance.  However, further review, leaves questions and doubts about the intent and motive of this ordinance.  Is it to bring civility to meetings alone, or is it to drum out opposing ideas and to disguise it under harmless sounding decorum ordinances?

It’s fantastic to ban profanity, booing, clapping, and other disruptive audience behavior.  This should have been done long ago.  It was the unruly mob action of the marijuana hearings a few years back, that forced the council to legalize medical marijuana, unleashing a plague on the city. Neither medical pot that affects rational thought or recreational pot should be allowed at all.  90% of the voters who supported legalizing pot have never read a book on its harms in their lives.  Then Mayor Osby Davis courageously defied the mob, not so much the rest of the council.  Had these proposed decorum rules been in force then, the marijuana mob would have never been allowed to terrorize meetings.

However, free speech was designed for a virtuous people, not rowdy and debauched hooligans.  It is not certain that these proposed rules would allow citizens to disagree and condemn marijuana and homosexuality as they not only have every right to do, but also, a duty from nature, nature’s God, and their conscience.  It can be easily suspected that these rules are simply an attempt to create laws to condemn Christians.  Just as those who hated Daniel created laws to forbid his usual activity, which was praying, and nearly got him killed for their wicked machinations, so it appears that those who disagree with my usual activities, which include publicly denouncing moral evils apathetically accepted by slumbering masses, wish to create laws to criminalize me.

These laws would have the unfortunate effect of stifling dissent, which is diametrically opposed to the spirit of the First Amendment.   These laws, which would place arbitrary and subjective restraints upon speech, activities engaged in by tyrants, should not be implemented.   The existing laws already deal with the profanity, hooting, booing, and interrupting of the audience.  They simply need to be enforced.

If this subjective ordinance is passed, the city will invite lawsuits and civil disobedience.  Thoreau, Gandhi, Ruskin, and Martin Luther King Jr., can show you what happens when those in power attempt to silence dissent.  It does not end well for the oppressor.

Please do not pass this ordinance without removing the subjective portions of it.  Banning booing, clapping, profanity, audience interruptions, whistling, stamping of feet, etc, is fine, but the other language strays into arbitrary decrees.

Thank you,


Ryan Messano


Also included, the reader may find the exchange with Ms. Quintana, the City Attorney.


Dear Ms. Quintana,

Hope this finds you well.  I noticed the proposed decorum ordinance scheduled for tomorrow, and would like to obtain the complete verbiage for the proposed change,
Any efforts to expedite this are appreciated,
Thank you kindly for your attention to this,

Good Morning Mr. Messano.


Here are the documents you requested, plus some additional ones that are referenced in an email below which may be of interest to you. The ordinances should all be available on line by going to the city of Vallejo website.

Rosenberg’s was provided to the council previously.


Additionally, here is an email that will be available to the public, which I sent to council and staff on this subject  after the agenda cutoff date”



“In response to Councilmember Dew-Costa’s request for  information on the merits, please find attached a copy of Rosenberg’s Rules of Order and a quick comparison. These were previously provided to you, albeit several months ago.


It should be noted that currently, the VMC has its own “rules of order and debate” for the transaction of the Council’s business.  Those rules place the responsibility of running the meeting, and  resolving parliamentary issues on the Mayor/chair.

I have attached our local rules to this email. Robert’s Rules are referenced therein as follows:


“ 2.02.470

At all meetings of the council, Roberts Rules of Order, as amended shall be the governing rules of order and debate, unless such are in conflict with these rules, in which case these rules shall apply and govern.”


To my knowledge, we have seldom-to-never actually used Robert’s Rules of Order because we normally just look to the rules in the Vallejo Municipal Code  to address procedural matters. The Planning Commission also has procedural rules, and they also default to Robert’s.


The ad hoc committee, made up of Mayor Sampayan and Councilmember McConnell, feel that the decision on which rules to use should be the Council’s.  Councilmember McConnell  has been a proponent of Rosenberg’s.


Rosenberg’s Robert’s
shorter longer
More informal More formal
Mayor’s (Chair’s)  role

Less active in debate or discussion; focus is on running the meeting


Mayor’s role

No such comment on the mayor’s role.

Motions require a second Motions require a second
Newer- More modern; additional  training and ordinance changes required. Established




Secondly,  the council did adopt a “Code of ethics and conduct” earlier this year. It is also attached. 

At Tuesday’s meeting, two ordinances will be considered: One is 2.02.190 and 2.02.220 which concern the ‘rules of decorum at public meetings’. While there is some overlap between the ordinances and the Code of Ethics, the  ordinances  focus on the behavior of the public and council (or commission) members at the public hearing, while the Code of Ethics is broader and covers interpersonal dealings outside of the public hearing context.


Also, the proposed amendments to 2.26 concern the role of the council liaison, a subject that has never been addressed before.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information. “


Thank you for your interest in this matter. Regards,


Claudia Quintana

The American Christian Church is dying, and America cannot survive without her.

Despite the revisionist history of the left, America is founded on the Christian Concept.  How do we know this?  Well, we can do what 90% of the Democrat voters don’t do. We can go and read what the Founders actually said, and we can stay off Google and it’s algorithms that continually sucker the mindless drone leftists onto atheist websites that quote the Founders out of context.  For instance, you constantly hear people on the left talk about the Separation of Church and State, and squawk about how that is supposed to mean no Christian ideas are permitted in the public political arena.  Well, that’s totally bogus, because the phrase isn’t anywhere in the Constitution, and the letter from Thomas Jefferson it did appear in was grossly misconstrued by the SCOTUS justice who used it to justify removing Christianity from the public square. The reader can read the letters for themselves, and make their own determination.   Another common myth from the left is that John Adams said that America wasn’t a Christian nation in the treaty of Tripoli, so there you have it, we were founded by a bunch of atheists.  Not quite the whole story.  What really happened is that Tripoli was just like Muslims today, and was waging Jihad on American ships over 200 years ago.  So, in making a treaty, and trying to avoid the topic of Christianity, which Muslims are commanded to wage war upon, Adams wisely avoided any reference to it, so a peace treaty could be signed, and the war could be ended.   Another myth you will commonly hear is that the Founders were all a bunch of Masons, and weren’t devout Christians at all.    Another myth was that the Founders were all slave holders and spent their time raping the help. 


Keep in mind, the people stating these myths have never read just five biographies of the 204 Founders in their lives, but they will preach to others how bad the Founders were, based on the disinformation fed them by Google, the media, and the schools.  The Democrat party of today is fond of talking about how bad the Founders were, when the Founders evils were inherited and often the cause of mistaken science, while ignoring the four by fours in their own eyes of the slavery of 300,000 women in America from prostitution, hundreds of thousands of other women in porn, the murder of 200 million babies from contraception and abortion in the past 53 years,  homosexuality, along with Islam.  So, they are literally walking around with a four by four in their eyes claiming that they want to help America with the relatively and comparatively trivial motes in their eyes of the Founders which we have long since corrected.   Now, it’s pretty foolish to expect a person with a four by four in their eye, to think they will have any success helping anyone else with a tiny speck in their eye, but the people on the left are pretty confident it can be done, and they attempt it every day on WB, in the media, and in the schools.

I started with this to establish our Christian beginnings and to dispel the leftist dogma that tens of millions of Americans have been fed to divorce them from the roots of our freedom, with the end result being to enslave us.  Keep in mind, every one in America who votes Democrat is voting to enslave  us, they simply can’t understand the logical outcome of their vote.  When their mind is reading this, their brain is furiously regurgitating all the propaganda they’ve been receiving for decades from the leftist media and schools, which feed it to them everyday. They don’t protest when Google or the hellivision feeds them this garbage, but when you oppose their myths, you become Public Enemy Number 1, and they will ruthlessly attack you, since you are assaulting their fairytale.  Most of them drink often, use drugs often, have no issues masturbating and looking at porn,  have lots of promiscuous sex, and do other vices, to try to keep their mind occupied and off the misery that the lies they believe in cause them to feel.

But, let me get to the topic of my article, that the American church is dying.  It was the backbone, along with marriage, of America.  Yet, today, despite big buildings and mega churches, with well paid pastors, it is dying.  There are many theological debates, but what is neglected is to consider what was the church like in 1776?  What made America so great then and so weak today?  Did they go to church for 2 hours on Sunday, hear some nice guitar music, and then go to a bible class once a week, and call it a day back then?  No, they sure did not.  They  had blue laws, where businesses were closed the entire Sunday, so that the entire day could be devoted to God.  But then America got prosperous, and began to grow to big for her britches, and now Sunday is treated just like any other day largely.  Most of the Americans who attend church have no idea what the Bible says.  Church is one big get along gang.  If you tell them that, they will furiously search your own life and try to find anything wrong you did, like you not paying your Aunt Myrtle back $20 20 years ago, and they will call you a hypocrite and tell you not to judge.  Then, they will turn around and hit the adult beverage hard at the party that night, saying that the Savior made wine from water, and we should enjoy it greatly. 

One big indicator that the church is dying is when you walk in and there are no children.  Well, that means they are practicing contraception, which is totally unscriptural, yet 90% of Christian men and women today swear the Good Lord favors this idea.   God designed the sex drive for marriage and for children, and never once favored avoiding having children.  No society in human history who actively avoids having children lives to talk about it.  As America has wiped out 200 million babies in the last 53 years from abortion and contraception, she has wiped out generations of ideas, and instead we have brought in foreigners and many have very unfavorable ideas of this nation.  They love the money they can make here, but when they make their money, they promptly use it to abuse the  nation that gave them the opportunity, quite often.  Legal and illegal immigrants often vote for the party that gives them free stuff, which is the corrupt Democrat party.   Too many women and men say they can’t afford to have children.   How can that be when we are in the top 10% richest nations on earth?

If you look back at the ancient churches listed in the New Testament, Galatia, Philippi, Thessalonica, Corinth, Rome, Collosse, and Ephesus, you find that nearly all are in Muslim territories, or have been threatened by Islam.  Yet, the church has not learned.  When it grows decadent, it is continually set upon by invaders.  When Islam began 1,400 years ago, the Christian church was soft, and it had grown comfortable.  And this enabled Islam to victoriously wage war on Christendom.  As the church was largely in big structures and the societies focused too much on money then, so today, the church is in big buildings and the societies focus too much on money.   Islam is a death cult.  It’s the biggest murder machine in world history.  Like cancer, it spreads in stages.

It is the job of the church and wealthy to help the poor, yet the churches advertise they are doing this, but it doesn’t happen, which is why we now have welfare.  There are many millions receiving welfare who don’t deserve it, rich and poor.  The church being in charge of welfare would fix that.  Unlike the government, the church says if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat.

Churches today are big entertainment venues, where people gather for a few hours to enjoy songs, hear a few verses about how God loves them, never any verses about their sins, and they go home.  There is rarely any church discipline.  Church growth is laughable.  People rarely go and knock on doors to spread the gospel, as they once used to do.  There are often more Democrats who go knock on doors than Christians in my city.  And I’ve knocked on over 10,000 doors inviting people to Bible Classes. They don’t want to attend a Bible class, but they have to watch their hellivision, Hollyweird, porn, and go and party.  When they do attend, they complain the preacher is boring.  Umm, church isn’t a hellivision production.

Unless this is reversed, and Americans learn to live up to the virtue and wisdom that the early Christians had, despite the flaws the morally bankrupt left never tires of pointing out, we are on the path of destruction.  Do we wish to live and prosper, or to die and decay.

Should women have the right to vote?

This is a very controversial topic today, though women got the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920.  In 1911, an interesting article opposing woman’s suffrage was posted  Included in this article is the following quote, ”

The mother’s influence is needed in the home. She can do little good by gadding the streets and neglecting her children. Let her teach her daughters that modesty, patience, and gentleness are the charms of a women. Let her teach her sons that an honest conscience is every man’s first political law; that no splendor can rob him nor no force justify the surrender of the simplest right of a free and independent citizen. The mothers of this country can shape the destinies of the nation by keeping in their places and attending to those duties that God Almighty intended for them. The kindly, gentle influence of the mother in the home and the dignified influence of the teacher in the school will far outweigh all the influence of all the mannish female politicians on earth.

Looking at America today, it shows this quote is absolutely spot on.  Our first serious female candidate for president was the most corrupt politician in American history.    Now, I have many dear female friends, and I believe the woman was the final creation, and the most perfect of all God created.  However, he created men and women in their own spheres.  Giving women the vote has torn the home apart, and if one looks at what has happened to the American family in the last century, it is a wreck.   This article is not an attack on women, but rather, it is advocating the role nature and nature’s God fitted them for, the role that when abdicated, leaves women, men, children, and societies in ruins.  Wise women build up their home, foolish women tear it down and destroy nations.

In 1947, two years after the conclusion of World War 2, there were around 140 million Americans and there were 3.6 million babies born.  Just seventy years later, in 2017, there were over 330 million Americans, over double, and there were only 3.8 million babies born, not even close to double.  Even more telling, the 3.6 million babies born in 1947 had only 3.6% born in homes without a married father in the home, and in 2017, the 3.8 million had 39.8% born in homes without a married father.   Effects of fatherlessness are terrible on a society, as the objective data conclusively shows.   Selwyn Duke at American Thinker wrote an excellent article on what happens without men, which is a risk when women vote and ignore their duties at home and to their children.   Women repeatedly vote with their feelings and place Democrats into office with little to no comprehension of the Constitution and/or history.  This is destroying our nation, because their feelings lead to very bad decisions, and their emotions are easily manipulated by a liberal media and school system.

One of the main reasons to consider to repeal the 19th Amendment is that tens of millions of women in America today, both young and old, Have Never Been to Me, as the wonderful song says.   They have been so busy going all over the world, doing all kinds of fun and exciting things, they wake up one day and discover their lives are nearly gone and the children that would have made them happy in their old age, simply never were born, not because they couldn’t have them, but because they chose  not to.  The studies are in, women who are older who have children have the majority report they love their children and are glad they had them, and the ones who are older with no children, have the majority report they wish they had had children.  When both sides say this, an obvious truth emerges.

Further, the majority of women vote Democrat every single election.    The majority of women value relationships, communication, affection, and love over reason, logic, and rational thinking.  As such, they do not often make wise long term decisions.  The vast majority of women voting Democrat, have no idea about the Constitution or Communism.  Not only that, but they vote for a bigger government and a nanny state which is slowly enslaving our entire nation.  A big government equals a small man and strong man equals a small but powerful government.  The vast majority of conservative women would gladly give up the right to vote if it meant liberal women would no longer have the power to wreck America with their votes that consistently lead to chaos and dysfunction in our nation.  The big Democrat cities, largely upheld by women’s votes, are hellholes, and have the highest rates of poverty, crime, and wealth disparity in America.  This illustrates that when the woman is allowed to run things, this is the result.  It’s no anomaly.  God designed the man to lead, not the woman.  Our nation became powerful and strong with the man leading, and our nation has become weak when the woman left the home and tried to arrogate the role of the man for herself.

While men need to learn self control and servant leadership, yet, giving the woman the right to vote has not helped America out at all.   Our marriages and children are in worse shape than ever before, and our national dysfunction due to the rebellion of women to the laws of nature is only beginning.  A woman was to teach other women and children alone, she was not fitted by nature to be able to command men.

Why do Democrat voters hate Trump so much?

There are a number of reasons for the Democrat voters unreasoning dislike of Trump.  The primary two are they were taught it by the media and schools, who are hotbeds of communism.  This is quite dangerous.  While Trump has his faults, profanity, being rash, using personal attacks, his past infidelity, among others, any objective and critical evaluation of Trump and any Democrat reveals that he is light years better than any candidate they offer.  The problem is many voters aren’t voting on the Constitution and the vision for America of the Founders, which is sad, because it was that vision that leads to America offering the greatest opportunity to every race of any nation on the earth.

Also, there are 39 million people on welfare, which isn’t in the Constitution at all, and these people vote for Democrats, as the Democrats promise them other people’s money.  The same goes for the 20 million employed by local, state, and federal governments, besides the military and post office.  Bureaucrats vote Democrat because they want to keep their paycheck.

The liberal media is calculating and scheming, and has fed latinos, Asians, and blacks the idea that Trump is a racist and hates them.  This means that many Asians, latinos, and blacks hate Trump no matter what.  Since they think he dislikes them, which is a total lie manufactured by the fake news, they don’t care what he does, they don’t like him.  This leads to 90% of blacks voting Democrat, and over 60% of Asians and Latinos.  Then, the scheming media makes it appear that Trump doesn’t like Asians, latinos, and blacks because they aren’t in his administration.  Of course, few are in his administration because few actually support him due to the media’s lies.

White liberals and their cultural Marxism are a bunch of snakes, and they will whip up Latinos, Asians, and blacks in an effort to gain power and money for themselves.  The globalists would love civil unrest in America. This would give them more power.  It makes them positively giddy in anticipation.  Americans get suckered by this race nonsense right and left.  Democrat men are often guilty, because they are often lecherous libertines, and since they have no self control mostly, they are too weak to see the deceit in the media and schools, and they are lustful after conservative women, who are often far more desirable for spouses and raising children than liberal women who believe in abortion and are rebellious.  Conservative men rarely waste any time on liberal women, as the conservative male understands that to marry a liberal woman is to ask for a lifetime of misery if she doesn’t change her views, and there is no assurance she will.

Whenever you hear someone talk about how terrible Trump is, dear reader, just keep in mind there is a 95% chance the person knows next to nothing about the Constitution, they can’t name the 9 SCOTUS justices currently sitting, and have never read 5 biographies of the 204 Founders.  So, they are parrots and have been fed disinformation.  It’s a shame to watch people be brainwashed so badly.  And who is behind this?  Well, $3 trillion poured into Silicon Valley from wealthy investors and some foreign countries.  Do you think this money was to build up America, or was it to buy power and influence for those investing?  It doesn’t take a fool to see that this money was invested to weaken America and gain power and control for those hostile to America’s interests.  This is why the media, tech companies, Hollyweird, hellivision, and schools all detest Trump so much.  He actually stands for America, and these Americans who oppose him know very little about our history and are prostituting themselves out to interests diametrically opposed to the liberty and freedom we stand for.

The problem with the Vallejo Times Herald

For many years the Vallejo Times Herald was a reliable source of information for the city of Vallejo.  It provided unbiased news, and a reliable viewpoint.  However, since the worst President in America history, Obama, was elected in 2008, the Times Herald has degenerated into a Democrat rag, unfit to be called serious news.  The readers have caught on, and its subscriptions have dropped dramatically.  Some will make the argument that the internet has made the Times Herald irrelevant, which may be true, but it’s content is overwhelmingly one sided, and it’s readers were largely conservative, and so it alienated it’s key base.  A very foolish business decision.  It no longer delivers on Monday, and it’s subscriptions will probably never recover again.

It is the only newspaper in town tasked with covering public events and happenings, and it has been doing a miserable job.  As a result, most people have tuned out.  This is part of the reason why there is so much voter apathy.  The voters know they are being deceived, and so they step away.  The Times Herald makes no bones about it’s wildly partisan opposition to Trump.  Every last negative item about him gets headlines, and every positive development gets buried on the inside, or isn’t reported on at all.   The Times Herald is very undiscriminating on whose letters it publishes.  While they did a good job a few years back of publishing my letters, and for that I’m thankful, they often censored my letters and removed whole sentences.  They only published a fraction of the letters I submitted, and when my letters came under fierce criticism from resident atheist troublemaker Thom McCombs, the Times Herald would fail to publish my response to his constant revilings.  So, to the gullible reader, it appeared this moral midget always had the last word and was right.  He definitely wasn’t.  200 years ago, newspapers wouldn’t give any space to the morally bankrupt citizens who write to the Times Herald supporting marijuana, opposing Orcem, opposing business, and parroting the latest progressive nonsense they’ve learned in the media and schools.

John Glidden, an alleged reporter, publishes the usual cultural nonsense about homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, racism, and the rest of the garbage.  Meanwhile, he quietly ignores and hides opinions he doesn’t like from the readers and the readers are never the wiser.  From now on, I will attempt to shine a light on local news, and the reader can get state, national, and world news from these seven conservative sources.

American Thinker

The Federalist


PJ Media


Daily Wire


Also, voters are voting without a comprehension of America’s history, and are easily swayed by Hollyweird, Hellivision, and the liberal media and schools.  Further, they are often corrupted by porn and drugs, and can’t think straight.  These are the people who are mindless drones and keep on voting for incompetent candidates.

Since the Times Herald refuses to start being unbiased, it’s best to not read it.  I read it 5 minutes a day, for the obituaries, letters, and town announcements.  Other than that, it’s only good to line a bird cage with.

Cultural Marxism in churches

Today is the 40th anniversary of Jim Jones.  This lunatic killed 900 people by trying to mix Christianity with communism and Marxism.  As a white liberal, he was good at race baiting, and white liberals today do the same things.  He would tell blacks that America was so racist and hated blacks, and then he goes off and kills hundreds of blacks with the Kool-Aid.  Same thing happens in Vallejo today.  Matter of fact, Tony Ubalde served on a commission with Jim Jones, and now is a pastor and on the school board, playing the same game about race baiting.

It’s not isolated there though.  This cultural Marxism is in Vallejo’s churches.  They teach their gullible and naive parishioners that social justice is good, and on and on.  The parishioners little dream what horrors await them under communism.  In this fascinating article on Jonestown, Stella Morabito of the Federalist has both the the NBC video just prior to the slaughter and the audio tape of the massacre.  Pretty sickening.  If the reader is sickened by it, just recognize that today’s Democrat party has a pretty similar message.

In Vallejo, you are constantly hearing adults going on about how systemic racism is such a problem.  Anyone who knows the data knows that is a bunch of malarkey.  The people who talk about color the most have the least character.  But they are very brutal in their tactics and will ruthlessly suppress any who disagree with their systemic racism myth.  What we have is a problem with race baiters who love to make power and money off of portraying themselves as victims.

The Democrat party is a menace to society today, and the only reason why they have one elected official in America is because of the naivete, corruption, and gullibility of their voters.  They love uninformed students in schools, because they are easy to manipulate, and their media does a very good job, feeding the masses all kinds of disinformation.   If American voters all knew the Bible, our our real history (not the stupid nonsense you find in Howard Zinn’s revisionist textbooks), and all read just five biographies of the Founders of America, there WOULD NOT BE ONE DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE TODAY!  Their unions, and special interest groups are what sow mayhem and disruption in society.  The unions have long outlived their purpose, and are now responsible for kids doing horrible in schools.  The unions don’t understand what the issues are in society, and are in no rush to correct them.  Societal dysfunction means more money and power for them, and they have no objections to that.

It’s amazing, because Democrats have been running Vallejo for decades, yet they claim the schools are racist, the police are racist, and discrimination is all over the place.  Well, if that’s the case, they are the ones to blame, because they’ve had power for quite a long time.  Truth be told, crime and poverty among blacks and latinos is always highest in Democrat run cities and states.  Yet, these Democrat leaders always blame Trump and Republicans.  Any logical person understands its the Democrats that are to blame for the plight of minorities.  But, many voters are not logical at all, and vote on their feelings.  The hellivision, popular culture, schools, and other Democrat entities feed them disinformation, until they can’t tell what is reality and what is not.  Some of the biggest churches in Vallejo teach cultural marxism and deify figures like Colin Kaepernick.  Just look at who ol’ Colin’s mentor is, a radical communist type, who has been influencing young athletes in communist subversion for decades.

So we need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves about Cultural Marxism.   There was a great book written on the evil doctrine here.  Those who do not understand its wickedness, need to learn fast, because a showdown is coming.   Evil never relinquishes power voluntarily.  It must be steadfastly resisted.

November 6th, 2018 election results

Dear reader,


The results are in for the November election for school board, and they have good and bad news.  The good news is 3,200 voters in Vallejo voted for a platform of a Constitutional Christian conservative, which is what Vallejo and California need to get out of the wreckage they are in.  The bad news is that result was 8/8. The leading vote getter was John Fox, who did an excellent job hiding the fact that he is a homosexual and wants to indoctrinate kids into homosexuality away from voters.  The unions provided cover for him.  If you read his signs, and  his website, you’d never dream what he was up to.  So the Vallejo voters got suckered again.  This is what got us into this mess to begin with.  Tony Ubalde and Tony Gross were the other leading vote getters, and both of them are deeply into identity politics, and believe they represent everyone of their respective races, which is totally bogus.  No one who is their race needs their help to get anywhere.  They can do it on their own if the schools would just educate students and improve on the abysmal 70% of 12th grade students who graduate and are incompetent in math and English.   But, the Democrat party kind of likes voters who are uninformed and incapable of basic math and English.  It makes people easy to deceive, and if all voters in Vallejo did math and English at the 12th grade level, the Democrat’s wouldn’t have a prayer of winning one seat.  So they like the dysfunction in the schools, and will keep lying to the parents about how they care about their kids education, as they continue to pad their pockets and live in the lap of luxury.   These fat cats will stop at nothing for money and power.

So, the task remains to educate Vallejo’s voters.  Showing them this site is a start.  Getting every Vallejo voter to read just seven conservative news sites for 2 months before the November 2020 election would assure a smashing Democrat defeat, and the Democrats are terrified of that.  We should remember that the last off President school board election in 2014 saw the leader get 8,000 votes.  This election saw the leader get 15,000 votes, nearly double. Why?  Well, the unions and the other Democrat special interest groups were horrified at the thought of a conservative ending their corruption, and so they went to work mailing mailers, calling, and knocking on doors.

To all the conservatives reading this, please share this with at least ten people a month, and ask them to share it with ten people themselves.  Here are 7 conservative sites.

  1. American Thinker
  2. The Federalist
  3. PJ Media
  4. WND
  5. Breitbart
  6. Daily Wire
  7. TownHall

Also, knocking on doors and having discussions with people is a good thing.  We can never start too early.  Next election, those 3,200 votes will increase.  We are starting a new movement, and the truth will never be overwhelmed.  For too long deceit and incompetence have ruled Vallejo.  It’s time for a new day to dawn.  The same players have manipulated the system.  They don’t have good ideas, and their rules have ended in our city being a wreck, but they know how to win elections.  They could care less if the voters are informed.  The less informed the voters are, the better, as far as they are concerned.  Makes ’em easier to sucker.  In reality, no voter ought to be voting unless they have thoroughly researched the topics, know the Constitution, and understand that the Founders vision for America was a small government with low taxes and low regulations.  Any voter voting who doesn’t realize this is a menace to society.  It’s better they actually don’t vote, than they cast their vote and cancel out the vote of an informed voter.  But, you’ll never hear the Democrats talk about informed voters.  If they could have babies vote, they’d do it.  It’s all about finding enough naïve and gullible people to vote for their crazy ideas and abysmal candidates.  They think if they tout enough recommendations, put up enough signs, mail enough mailers, and talk enough on Fakebook, that people will be deceived.  They’ve largely been correct.

So, the task remains before us.

Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate,

still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor, and to wait.  Longfellow

White Privilege

I have met many delightful and wonderful people in my knocking on doors here in Vallejo, and it is a pleasure conversing with 98% of the people.  However, there are the 2% that make knocking on doors challenging.  There are others, not included in the 2% who have strongly held ideas but express them and are trying to test their ideas.  Those I take the time to reason with.  I came across one door yesterday and had an interesting experience.

The gentleman who opened the door was younger looking, and Asian.  We began talking and he was quite logical and reasonable.  However, when the concept of children being treated equally came up, he began to ask me about white privilege.  Now, I’m convinced white privilege is a malicious myth invented by Marxists who would love nothing better than to have latinos, Asians, and blacks unite to fight the white majority of 63%.  It’s cultural Marxism, where one’s identity no longer depends on character, but rather on color.  Ones identity is based on what color one rolled into the world as, and one is hopelessly tied to that destiny.  America is the only nation in world history that has offered freedom from the idea that our race is your destiny.  Though it took us awhile to live up to the idea that all men were created equal, we are more advanced in that idea than any other nation on earth.  It’s nice to hear Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran lecture us on racism, when their nation’s are nearly exclusively made up of one race.   Every race in America has the most power and wealth in America, than members of their race have in any other nation on earth.  You would think all of us would be grateful.  But no, we have to constantly hear about how racism is alive and well today.  We constantly have to be lectured by diversity police about systemic racism, and how we are all racists (only if we are white, that is), and that whether we see it in ourselves or not, we need to be guilty of it.  That’s a bunch of malarkey. The idea that any race is inherently evil is pure rubbish.  Every race can be racist, and every race has good and bad people in it.

The gentleman kept pressing the point about white privilege, repeating the question often.  Again, I was on his doorstep, and wanted to be polite, and since he was emotionally involved with the topic, I wanted to avoid offending him, while still stating my beliefs. That was a tough task, as every word hinting at the idea that I didn’t believe in the white privilege myth got him more involved.  I began to understand that unless I said that I believed in white privilege, there was no satisfying this gentleman.  It was quite sad, because it’s not fair to ask a question of someone on a topic that you refuse to discuss, and to become angry when they respond in a way opposite from how one feels.

He was gracious, and thanked me for coming by, and said he had an engagement to attend.  We talked for 45 minutes, and ended peacefully.  However, it was sobering because the white privilege myth is being spread by the media and schools among the gullible and naïve.  The media and schools design is to spread racial discord in America, and the best way to do that is to keep dredging up the crimes of the majority race, which happens to be white, and to continuously advertise these crimes to minority races, while ignoring the crimes that the ancestors of minority races were guilty of.  It’s clever manipulation and it’s deceiving far too many Americans.  The truth is, none of us is guilty of our ancestors crimes, nor are we responsible for our ancestors successes.  We are all responsible for our own behaviors.  While it is true, that there were periods in American history where everyone was not treated equally, we went through tumultuous times, including a Civil War, to ensure that all men were given equal rights and opportunities.  It is wicked to try to subvert our existing equality, to try and resurrect past wrongs, to try and gain power and money by inciting resentment in people today for wrongs long since righted, and for crimes which only a tiny fraction of Americans today are even blood related to.

There are too many in America today who talk constantly about racism being an issue, and these same people are silent on the issue of character.  My experience is that those who shout the loudest about racism and color, have some of the worst characters.  I haven’t come across any one, of any race in America, who contains sex in marriage between a man and a woman, who avoids psychotropic drugs, who reads widely and deeply, who avoids the corrupting influence of hellivision and porn, and who is not successful.  So, our choices matter, not our color.

United we stand, divided we fall.

We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.

Does one have to know teacher jargon or go to college to understand education?

Yesterday, I was knocking on doors, when I came to one where a man answered the door and we began talking.  He was hospitable, but began querying me on my teaching credentials or lack of them.  He kept insinuating that if I didn’t know all the minute details of what tests were, and the minutiae of the terms used in teaching, that I was unfit to be involved in education.

Yet, this is the exact strategy that keeps the parents out of the schools, when studies have shown that parents who are heavily involved in their children’s education have children who perform the best, both academically and behavior wise.  When educators insist on using arcane language that no one but their coterie understands, it becomes difficult for the community or parents to be actively engaged in children’s education.  One begins to wonder, is that what educators want?  Do the teachers unions think the children belong to them, to educate as they see fit, parents be damned?  I believe they do.  What do you parents think?

The gentleman was an educator, and was quite flustered.  His face was twitching,  his body was continuously shifting and his discomfort was quite evident.  I simply calmly listened to his continuous queries and deflected, trying to be polite, as I was at his door, and wanted to avoid antagonizing him, though the ideas I stood for, simply being stated were plenty antagonizing to him.

I tried to explain to him that experience was overrated, and that wise people learn from other’s experience, but foolish people have to learn from their own.  It appeared likely that he would shoot through the roof when I said that.  His face became animated, like the Fourth of July come early, and he passionately pursued the idea that only personal experience can be a teacher.  Of course, the appeal to anecdote ( or one’s personal experience) is a logical fallacy, but he was completely not interested in discussing this.

When I said that Abraham Lincoln had a single year of 2nd grade formal education, and that was the extent of his formal education, he grew apoplectic, and said, “We aren’t talking about Abraham Lincoln, we are talking about you”.  “Well,” says I, “what one man can do, anyone of us can do, would you agree”?  He did not.  I then said that students today were the least informed of any generation in American history.  This brought fresh animation to his face, and I began to earnestly fear he may be in danger of heart palpitations.  He was utterly outraged that today’s students should be thought of as mindless and uninformed, when the test scores, showing 70% of Vallejo’s 12th grade graduates can’t do math and English at the 12th grade level, show that the students are quite often, mindless and uninformed.  There is an entire book on the topic.

His wife came to the door, and I began to feel guilty, as if I was the cause of a family disturbance, when all I had done was come to introduce myself and ask for his vote.  She had a bland countenance, but like the headmistress from Roald Dahl’s Matilda, she got to business quickly.  “Did you vote for Donald Trump”? says she, in a matter of fact way.  Well, I knew the jig was up then, because if you say yes, the conversation comes to a screeching halt as disinformation contorts those infected with it to hate anyone who believes anything they don’t.  So, I began to explain the principles that would lead one to consider voting for Donald Trump, and she hastily ended the conversation, commandeered her still gesturing husband into the home, and brought a swift termination to the conversation.  I bid them a good day, thanked them for their time, and thought Vallejo would like to learn about who their neighbors are.