Monday, September 30th, 2019

So, today, we have the recurring issue of Google algorithms, and those who have very few morals to speak of, who constantly attack those they disagree with.  The first picture shows what you will find when you Google my name.   Google and media sources like the Times Herald are all owned by the same elites, who have aligned their messaging.  So, you’d think I desperately hate homosexuals if you read Google’s view of me.  We already have a social credit system in America, like China’s.  If you speak out against a leftist identity politics point, you are branded, and your name is mud on Google.   This is a favorite game of the left.  And, further, if anyone has not read ‘None dare call it a conspiracy‘ it gives excellent insight into  how the powerful wealthy elite have done a great job snowing the common man.  While these American and European elites have funded Communism in China and Russia, and here in America, they constantly bombard us with the message that the rich are the problem, knowing full well that they are pulling the strings of the puppets.  And the mindless drones are easily fooled, by the messaging from the elite plutocrats messaging centers in the media, schools, and tech companies.   These wealthy elite control the Republicans and Democrats, which explains why so little good gets done by Republicans when they are in office.

These wealthy elite train our schools to dumb down our children, so they are easy to control with the leftist lies.  Notice also how the Times Herald, who we thankfully don’t have to listen to any lies from today, as they are dying and don’t deliver on Monday,  aligns with the left.  Treacherous snakes, constantly delivering the left’s lies to the masses.    No patriotism to speak of, though Jack Bungart lies through his teeth and claims he is placing country over party.  Hilarious.  Never knew he had talent in comedy.

For those who will speak the message of conservatism in public, you will be attacked by the left’s activists. Most of them are simply deceived, but a few know exactly what they are doing.  TJ Walkup does not understand he is doing the bidding of the very rich he claims to despise.  100 years ago, when you wrote lies about people, you were sued for libel. Today, he writes complete lies on a website of 1,200 Vallejoans, and no one corrects him.  That’s why lying is so bad, because you affect other people, and it’s exhausting correcting the lie with all the people who have been exposed to it.

We already reviewed, a few days ago, and TJ is included in this e-mail, how Don saying ‘peaceful racists’ was a gaffe, and not at all to be taken seriously.  So, TJ, you can go a few days back on my website and review that article, so you will no longer repeat the lie that he is a racist, as you are fond of doing.  Keep in mind, Don and I were protesting drag queens reading to kids at the library, and TJ, who thinks this is perfectly fine and advisable, accuses us of being child molesters and racist bigots, with zero evidence.  Gross libel.  His writing is confused, but he apparently accuses me of wanting to get rid of multiculturalism in the schools.  That’s another distortion.  I simply want to get rid of Howard Zinn fairy tales, and teach history as it happened, not favoring any race over another, and not echoing TJ and the left’s hate whitey and  America themes.

TJ then goes on to call Don a ‘dookie’.  This is really elevated english here.  TJ then goes on to lazily assert ‘Ryan wants all gays in jail’, which is a straw man argument.  The Declaration of Independence states our laws come from nature and natures God, and as such, SCOTUS had no right to legalize homosexuality. TJ is simply too lazy to learn the origins of our laws, and is perfectly content to libel those of us who do.  TJ then ridicules my calling myself a ‘Christian’, and goes on to misspell ‘bare’ sic.  I just love when people who don’t know the Bible and certainly don’t follow it judge me on the Bible.  Total hypocrisy.  He then asserts I’ve commented online  under a pseudonym, which is totally accurate, as I was tired of being blocked, though it turns out I got suspended by Facebook no matter what name I used.  Yet, Facebook is a totally lying platform who claims to be for all views, taking advantage of Section 230, and using it’s privileges granted to open platforms, while acting as a publisher, and discriminating against ideas it does not like.  TJ, as is his wont, descends into vulgarity, and calls me and Don, ‘a*******s’.  Lying about others and calling them vulgar names while ridiculing their Christianity, while you have no Christian values to speak of.  Hypocrisy, thy name is TJ.

TJ then attacks ‘fragile white patriarchy’, which is a made up identity politics term to attack the people the left hates the most, straight, white males who won’t back down to Communism.  Since America is made up of 63% whites, the left understands perfectly that if you can stir up the 37% of America who is not white against the 63% of white Americans, you can destroy America from within, without fighting them in a war.  And that is the goal of the wealthy elites, who hate the 1st and 2nd Amendment that Americans have, and that stops them from  having total control over us.

The  deluded TJ, who is corrected by no one on the worthless Facebook page, then goes on to say ‘love protects’.  Actually, love doesn’t use vulgar names for others, and love doesn’t blatantly lie about others.  Not sure what kind of love he is talking about, but it sounds like the tribalism the left loves, where right and wrong depend on whether someone is your skin color or not.  He then goes on to lie about me by calling me a racist and a fascist.  It’s easy to lie about people behind their back, and TJ and the left have a big problem with backstabbing and gossiping.  They love to talk about people when they aren’t around, but go mute, or use vulgarity,  when a real debate confronts them. The sure signs of cowards, and I’m telling you that to your face, TJ, in front of the whole city.   TJ then proceeds with another lie, saying I cornered his wife talking about Porno.  The truth is, I had a discussion on Fakebook with TJ a few months back, during which he constantly  spouted Marxist nonsense.  I decided to leave Fakebook, since Fakebook suspended me, and TJ then accused me of blocking him.  Somehow, the next day, I happened to be walking down First Street in Benicia, and, who should I see, TJ!  He was with his wife and child.  So, having nothing to hide and certainly not afraid, I greeted, him and proceeded on my way.  Well, he wanted to have a conversation, and I simply recited what I believed to be the root of a lot of the problems, which pornography happens to be one major cause.  Oh, and I made very sure to be very discrete about my terms when his child was around.  TJ, however, has no  problem exposing kids to drag queens and celebrating this!  He terms this ‘cornering his wife and talking about pornography’.  So, the man who has no problem with drag queens reading to little kids, claims that having an open discussion about how harmful pornography is bothers him.  LOL.  The irony is strong!  Still wondering how he happened to be in Benicia and crossed my path the day after I talked to him on Facebook.  I certainly wasn’t seeking him out, as I walk down the street 5 days a week, and have been doing it for the past year.

He then states he wants me to stay away from his family, when I made no attempt to seek his family out.  The left are  notorious for this.  They libel you as racist, or some other term, and when you approach to explain you aren’t this, they ruthlessly tell you to stay away!!! LOL.  It’s hilarious!

He then equates me with David Duke, a favorite pawn of the left, who is supposed to represent all white supremacists in America, and who openly supports Democrats.   This is more libel. He then goes on to libel me as a Nazi or KKK member, though the Nazi’s were socialists, fighting for what he fights for, and the KKK was started by Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was a Democrat, just like what TJ supports most of the time.  Because he doesn’t know history, he projects an awful lot.   For those, who are deluded like TJ about history, and think slavery in America was the worst in world history, time to be disabused of the propaganda you believe.

I’ve never met a white supremacist in person in my life, but this doesn’t bother TJ, he slanders me as one and calls me a Nazi to boot.  So, what he is trying to do is to get Vallejo’s sizeable minority community to think of me as a Nazi and KKK member, and to get me beat up.

Let me be very clear, TJ, all of your comments are on record.  If anyone lays a finger on me, you are going to be financially liable for anything that  happens, and you will be cleaned out for every dime you own, and you will be lucky to be able to keep the cloths on your back.  So, if I were you, you’d better get busy correcting your lies, because all of Vallejo, and Solano county is aware of your malicious lies now.

Further, the city of Vallejo can see that Melissa Nold understands history very badly, and has a nasty habit of lying about the city, it’s police officers, and citizens of Vallejo, like me.  She also blocked me on Fakebook when I refuted her bogus characterization of police officers as a bunch of racists.  It’s unbelievable she is allowed to practice law, and I have filed a complaint with the California State Bar against her, as it’s very  unethical how she is stirring up riots with her lies and slanders.

The complaint is as follows, ‘The attorney has shown up to Vallejo City Hall on numerous occasions and has convinced many of the people she represents, erroneously, that the police killed their relatives out of racist motives.   She has directly influenced mayhem that led to the shutting down of 4 city Council meetings in Vallejo. She causes chaos and racial tensions often with her rash, hasty, and slanderous remarks, and is on record calling me a racist and a bigot, for no reason at all.

She is on a Facebook page calling me a MAGA rat. This kind of defamatory and demeaning language used by a public figure, much less a lawyer, towards a private citizen, is conduct entirely unbecoming a lawyer.’

I’m tired of being threatened with violence by people who are being stirred up by irresponsible race baiters like Melissa Nold.  A lawyer has an ethical responsibility to uphold standards of courtesy and decency, and rabble rousing is not the duty of a lawyer, nor should it be tolerated.

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Sunday, September 29th, 2019

There are many Americans, who are  unable to discriminate between the Democrat party and Republican party.  Neither is perfect, but if one compares the Democrats to the Bible, Constitution, and natural laws they hate, it becomes clear that every Democrat in America is  unfit for power.

When America’s biggest geopolitical foe is China, and China is communist, and the Democrat party and Communist party of America have platforms, along with the Vallejo Times Herald, most of the media, the majority of schools, and tech companies, that agree with Communism, we have a serious problem!

The only way the unpopular Democrats get away with this is because they are Masters of Deceit.   Just as Hoover was hated and ridiculed by the left because he understood their nefarious schemes, so today’s Communists will hate and ridicule anyone brave enough to call them out.   Since we have millions of Americans who are cowards, and who care more about their money, fun, and social prestige than standing up for truth and liberty no matter what, we have a perfect scenario for Communist mayhem to run wild.  And it is, led by Marxist Obama and his promise to Fundamentally Transform America.

What is happening with the treasonous Democrats constant attempts to overthrow Trump is a wicked and evil attempt to subvert the government of America.  But, none dare call it treason, because many are afraid or apathetic.

The question remains, will Americans demand, in public that this treason by the Democrats be stopped?  Or, will they sit silently and grumble, while the Communist Revolution proceeds to it’s inevitable bloodbath?

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Saturday, September 28th, 2019

To those who understand what is going on, we all know the left lies daily, they lie about those who are telling the truth, and they lie about themselves, saying they tell the truth.  So, they tell lies, lie by saying they are telling the truth, and tell a third lie by saying those telling the truth are lying.  It’s very hard to keep straight. Liars are so incredibly damaging.  Yet, that’s what the Vallejo Times Herald does daily, and most of America’s newspapers, schools, and tech companies.  It’s a wonder Americans agree on anything when Jack Bungart and the Times Herald, along with the rest of the lying left are done.  We are supposed to quietly sit and not object to being lied to.

Part of the reason why this works so well, is half of America is functionally illiterate. So, wealthy Democrats are used to getting their way, by using their media, tech companies, and schools to push any idea they like on a naive and gullible population.  They are now trying to push a coup attempt on America with their bogus impeachment charges.

For the past few decades, the schools have been dumbing Americans down badly.  Alex Newman describes it perfectly in the included 15 minute video.

Let’s give an example of the lying and propaganda.  Today, on Vallejo City Politics, Vallejo race baiter, anarchist, and trouble maker extraordinaire, TJ Walkup, posts a video of a colleague of mine, Don Grundmann, a very good man, saying ‘We are a racist peaceful organization’.  What TJ is trying to do, since he just talked to me on Tuesday, is slander me as a racist, by association, and stir up hatred towards me personally.  He is devious and diabolical, and these types never stop, most never having been disciplined as children.  You may watch what he posted for yourself.  Even USA today, not noted for being conservative or reliable, noted that it was a gaffe. Anyone watching the whole video of Mr. Grundmann’s remarks knows they were not racist.  The NY Post, another somewhat rightwing source, says it was a gaffe, but does not clearly outline Mr. Grundmann saying that.  I even called Mr. Grundmann to ask him, and he personally told me that it was an accident.  If you watch the entire video, he was saying he was not a racist, and was so outraged, that he inadvertently stated we are a ‘peaceful racist group’.  The entire audience knew this, and like the left is fond of doing, they never admit their own faults, but they love to make up faults about others, and take things out of context.  Mr. Grundmann also confirmed that he opposes Planned Murderhood, which has killed 19 million black babies in the last 46 years, and is the biggest killer of blacks in world history, far bigger than the Translantic Slave trade.



Who should comment on TJ’s fake news post?  Why, none other than Vallejo Police Hater Melissa Nold.  The woman who comes to Vallejo to lecture us about racism and our police force constantly, but who knows nothing about American history, or actual documented data supporting her cause.  What is the good of going to law school, if you believe in a bunch of fairy tales about America and whites?  She honestly believes if you wave a college degree, and scream and yell loud enough, that makes you right.  The same woman who took Council Member Verder-Aliga’s innocuous comments about victims of controversial police interactions, offensively, says ‘I heard that was taken out of context’, followed by 7 laughing emoji’s, showing that she is saying that sarcastically.  TJ follows up with more slander.  And no one contests this.  A Deborah Rucker and Cameron Shearer both laughed approvingly at it, and Cameron cuttingly says he wants to hide his white, as if he’s ashamed of the clear racism of his fellow whites.  Of course, if you are a latino or a black person reading this, you might think Don Grundmann is a racist, and that I, since I ally with him, am one too.  And it’s slanders like these, that can get the average person hating me, and can easily result in a person hitting or attacking me for no reason at all. And this is what the left lives for.

Notice, how the left doesn’t ask questions. TJ is a notoriously lazy thinker, and whatever the media, tech companies, or schools say, he is the first to parrot it.  TJ didn’t thoroughly research these very serious charges at all.   Like most of the other mindless drones on the left, he runs to Google, runs down their algorithm rabbit hole, and when he comes up again, he’s convinced he’s got the entire truth and there is nothing more to be learned.  This is why Google is so dangerous, because  it’s algorithms brainwash millions of other poor Americans, just like TJ, every single day.   If you type in Don Grundmann’s name, you’ll likely think he’s a massive racist.  So, this is how Google’s Social Justice algorithms work.  If anyone accuses anyone else of being racist, sexist, hateful, a misogynist, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe or any of the other Marxist Identity Politics terms, then if you ever search for the accused, these are the first search results that pop up. It’s Google’s version of the French Revolution and the guillotine.  Google hates God too, just like the leaders of the French Revolution, so they create their own standards for what is right and wrong.  And, if you search on Google, for someone Google hates, and Google hates Don Grundmann and me, Google will send you all kinds of disturbing, non factual, slanderous results, to make the searcher believe we are evil people and deserving of harm.  Since half of America is functionally illiterate, as aforementioned, these tactics are dangerously and devastatingly effective.

This is just one incident in the millions of these incidents taking place in America.  May the wise profit from this.  Foolish types never will.

What TJ did to me and Don Grundmann, the left does to Donald Trump EVERY SINGLE DAY!  They count on the intellectual laziness and apathy of tens of millions of Americans who HATE to thoroughly prove their beliefs, and would prefer to rely on ‘expert’s’, popular opinion, or the media, and schools to think for them, to ensure their evil agenda is carried out.

It is nothing new.  What TJ did, and what the left does to Trump daily is what Iago did to Othello in Shakespeare’s play.  Constantly whispering lies to him about Desdemona, and making Othello hate Desdemona so much, that HE EVENTUALLY KILLED HER!  Only after she died did he realize she was innocent and he was badly deceived.  This is what the left is trying to do with their lies.  They want Americans to rise up and seriously harm the object of their lies, for them to gain more power, and to destroy their enemies.


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Friday, September 27th, 2019

The above pictures are from the climate change rally in San Ramon. The despicable activists, not content in believing a lie themselves, brought along about 20-40 children, to brainwash them in the ideology, to add to the brainwashing they get from the tech companies, schools, and media.  Spoke to a few of the activists but not a single one could discuss basic American history, and not one of them had read 7 conservative news sites for 3 months of their lives, to demonstrate they were familiar with both sides of the argument. So, they charge into public, to screech their emotional convictions, having never proven them to themselves.  They were also very arrogant and impudent.  When pressed on their beliefs, not a single one of them could prove their beliefs, and their two favorite reasons were ‘everyone else believes it’, and ‘all the experts believe it’, which are both logical fallacies, appeal to popular, and appeal to expert, respectively.

So these nice activists who care so much about toleration and the earth, came and poured ugly and toxic paint on the pavement of the city, which is called VANDALISM,and which will run off into surrounding creeks creating pollution.  They call came in cars, most have cell phones. So they are massive hypocrites.  The city of San Ramon had to pay public works employees overtime to clean up after the dirty and polluting activists.  Costing taxpayers money as these deluded denizens protest, advocating for a lie.   They were nearly all leftists, who didn’t believe in God, had no moral standards to speak of, and were full of hate and intolerance towards anyone who disagreed with them.

Keep in mind, China and Russia have already been caught funding environmental groups to try and sabotage American energy and to promote their own industries.  Silly environmentalists have no idea they are supporting their own demise.   Green energy is vastly inferior to fossil fuels.  If green energy can be cheaper and more efficient than fossil fuels, then let the private market reward it. But, it’s not, and its extremely unfair to try and subsidize green energy and it’s inferiority with taxpayer dollars by pushing climate change hoaxes.  Nuclear and fossil fuels are vastly superior energy sources than wind and solar.  But the left is in a fairy tale world, and has a hard time dealing with reality.


At the end of the article is a letter sent in response to Jack Bungart, editor of the Vallejo Times Herald, threatening me with a lawsuit because he’s outraged his newspaper has been revealed to have the same ideology as the Communist party of America, and that Communism just killed 100 million people over the past century.

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Mr. Messano. You send this nonsense to just myself, it’s one thing. You send this – complete with accusations of me and a staff member attempting to murder people – out to this many people, and you should contact your lawyer.

You are going to need him.
Jack F.K. Bungart
Times-Herald Editor
Dear Mr. Bungart,
Exactly what are you going to sue me over?  Telling the truth about the lying Times Herald?  You go ahead and do that.  If telling the truth about the Times Herald means getting sued or going to jail, count me in.
The Citizens of Vallejo have tried to tell the Times Herald they were tired of the Communist nonsense by cutting their subscriptions so much that the Times Herald could no longer deliver on Monday, and other week day deliveries are so skinny they look like anorexic egg rolls.  Well, the message still didn’t get through. Evidently, the owners of the Times Herald, whoever the lunatics are, aren’t capitalists and don’t care about profits. So, instead of telling the truth, and staying in business, they prefer to continually lie to Vallejo, and don’t really care whatever it costs.  That’s how Communists work.  It’s all about power, control, and prestige. To hell with the truth. The rest of the big newspapers in America, the San Fraudsicko Chronicle, and the New York Slimes, primarily, are just like you. They lie daily, and we are supposed to worship them, becuz they are ‘experts’.  Well, I’ve never been into idolatry, and it’s time for you to repent of yours.
Every sane person in America can grasp that your newspaper perfectly aligns with the Communist paper.  If that’s news to you, that’s your fault, for not educating yourself.  And, you really didn’t even need to educate yourself, I warned you for years, and you refused to listen.  Climate change hysteria, gun control, systemic racism, and Impeach Trump, those are the lies both of your garbage newspapers put out every single day, and the average mindless drone can’t defend their belief in these nonsensical ideas to save their life.  The reason why is because they can’t. They believe in a lie.  And you are paid to keep them deceived.  A despicable profession!
They think they will lie to the City and keep right on doing it, over the customers protests.  This appeals to the bullies and corrupt types in the city, who litter your comments section with their mindless garbage, like Morgan Hannigan and Michael Haworth, the two biggest pot head advocates in the city, nearly, who wrote letters today, along with Donna Lawson, who has the best morals of the three, but is severely misguided on the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, because like most women, the lying media, including you, tech companies, and schools, have left her (the wife of a school board member who once was a history teacher, to boot) without any grasp of how the Founders intended the 2nd amendment to allow the common citizen to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. And we see, at every single City Council meeting, why that was a very good idea, because the government can’t even protect my right to speak,and we are supposed to think they will defend us if we don’t have guns?  Hilarious and risible!
But the reasonable types in the city aren’t going to stand for your lies.  We know the schools, media, and tech companies are lying every single day to the average citizen, and they count on us to stay quiet.  Well, until I die, that’s not going to happen. And, for the violent thug types in the city, who are constantly threatening to kill me or beat me up, some of them so bold as to do it in City Council meetings, if you kill me, 1,000 more will rise up to take my place.
Your newspaper has exactly the same talking points as the Communist Newspaper.  They believe in gun control, in environmentalism, in systemic racism, in man made climate change nonsense, all of those thoroughly debunked on my website multiple times, and on every conservative website in America, but the lies continue.  So, we see, it’s not the truth you are after, but after deluding and deceiving people.  It’s gone far enough, and your newspaper has harmed Vallejo enough.  The City is a hellhole because the Times Herald is a Communist Newspaper, with policies that lead to the policies that murdered 100 million.  And we aren’t putting up with it any longer.  Stop lying to people, and stop threatening those of us who tell the truth with lawsuits.
Vallejo may surrender when frauds threaten them with lawsuits, as they did over these district elections, but I’ll never  surrender.  Not ever.  Crooked lawyers don’t intimidate me at all, though our justice system is full of them.
You get me in front of a 12 member jury who doesn’t use drugs or porn, and who understands basic history ( admittedly, a tall task after the media and schools have been indoctrinating Americans for decades), and I’ll defeat any lawyer in America on any of the Democrats crazy talking points.  The Democrat party is literally insane, and is destroying America, and your newspaper, instead of calling out the insanity, WHICH IS YOUR JOB, is aiding the lunatics!  Shame on you!
And as long as the Times Herald agrees with the communist ideals, yours truly will be an implacable opponent, as will most citizens of Vallejo.   You chose your bed, now you have to lay in it.


Thursday, September 26th, 2019

The Times Herald is nothing more than a Communist Newspaper.  Of course, they will never admit that, but they are.  How do we know this?  Because, People’s World is a real Communist Newspaper, for the Communist Party of America, and they are issuing the same talking points as the Times Herald.

We have Communism roaring and running wild in America, folks!!  Where are the patriots!  The enemy is at the Gates!

The Democrats have launched the impeachment they’ve been slavering about for 3 years.  It’s based upon complete nonsense.  Trump was in a conversation with the Ukrainian President, and asked him to investigate Joe Biden’s son getting paid $50k a month for a position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, when Joe Biden’s son had no expertise in energy.  The only reason he was there is because he was the son of the 2nd most powerful man in the world at the time, Vice President Joe Biden.  It’s perfectly reasonable to request an investigation, especially when we have Joe Biden on tape, laughing about how he threatened to withhold $1 billion of aid to Ukraine, unless an investigator who was investigating his son, was removed.  And the prosecutor was removed.  Totally corrupt. So, the Democrats, being exposed, refuse to apologize, and instead, running around with a four by four in their own eyes, respond that Trump needs to be impeached.  They really think America is stupid enough to fall for this.

Also, a common lie taught by the left, is that America was built on the backs of slaves, and that is the reason for America’s current prosperity.  The article disproving this is as follows.

“Recently there seem to be an increasing number of claims that American prosperity resulted from slavery.  This is presented as justification for the renewed calls for reparations for slavery, which Democrats are using in an attempt to gain support as we approach the next presidential election.  But did slavery actually create the wealth of the U.S.?  Does this claim have any historical basis in fact, or is this a distortion of history to influence the views of voters?

We should all agree that slavery is an immoral institution in which people are treated as property and work, not for themselves, but for the benefit of their “owners.”  It is an extractive economic system that shares some characteristics of feudalism and communism.  They are all extractive in the sense that work is extracted from laborers who benefit very little from their own efforts, and as a result do not have much incentive to work hard, to make improvements, or to innovate, even though they may be faced with threats and coercion.

Credit: Florida Center for Instructional Technology.

Lacking the motivating force of self-interest, such systems have proven to be highly inefficient, as well as inhumane, and hinder economic growth.  So, while a small elite can live well through the efforts of others under these systems, the overall economy suffers, there are fewer opportunities, and a lower standard of living for members of society as a whole.

If we consider the historical experience of other nations involved in the slave trade, it could help our understanding of the issue.  The transatlantic slave trade that took place from the 16th to the 19th centuries was a system in which Africans sold members of other tribes, often prisoners, as slaves to Europeans, who then shipped them to the Americas.  During this time period only 5% of the total number of slaves sent across the Atlantic went to the U.S., with the other 95% going mostly to South America and the Caribbean.

If American prosperity is based on slavery, then we would expect other nations that participated in the transatlantic slave trade to also be prosperous.  If we take Brazil, for example, that nation took about 20 times more slaves than the U.S.  So, if slavery leads to great prosperity one would expect Brazil to be much more prosperous than the U.S., since they took many more slaves.  However, the U.S.’s GDP per capita is about four times greater than Brazil’s.  Although the standard of living in Brazil is significantly lower than that of the U.S., other nations in South America are even worse off and among the poorest in the world, despite their historical experience with slavery.

Now if we consider a sample of other prosperous nations that have a standard of living comparable to that of the U.S., would we find that their prosperity resulted from slavery?   In Europe let’s take Switzerland, Germany, and Norway; in Asia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea; and let’s also consider some other former British colonies, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  None of these prosperous nations participated in the transatlantic slave trade.

If American prosperity were based on slavery, then we would expect to learn that in the 1800s the Southern States were wealthier than the Northern States, where slavery was illegal.  However, this was simply not the case.  The Industrial Revolution, which included new mechanized manufacturing techniques along with innovations in transportation and communication, such as the railroads, steamboats, and the telegraph, dramatically increased production.  This was the driving force of the North’s economy, and in 1860, 90% of the nation’s manufacturing output came from the North.

In the Southern States that became the Confederacy during the Civil War, 84% of the population worked in agriculture in contrast to 40% in the North.  Although the South had an agricultural-based economy, through mechanized techniques the North also surpassed the South in some areas of agriculture.  For example, in 1860 80% of the U.S.’s wheat was produced in the North.  Southern plantation owners had less motivation to invest in modern farm machinery since they owned slaves, so Southern agriculture remained more dependent on labor, which hindered progress and economic growth as the North became more mechanized and productive.  In 1860 per capita income in the South was only72% of the U.S. average, so there is no evidence that slavery made the South wealthy, let alone the entire U.S.

While it is true that a small elite group in the South did become wealthy from growing cotton through the use of slave labor, we also need to take into account the impact this had on the U.S. economy as a whole.  At the outbreak of the Civil War the Confederate States of the South had a population of 9 million as opposed to 23 million in the Union.  The overwhelming majority of people in the South were poor farmers who did not own slaves.  The 4.9% of Southerners who did own slaves had most of them working on plantations to produce cotton, which was the South’s biggest cash crop.  Almost all was sold to the British market.  Cotton made up 59% of exports from the U.S. at the outbreak of the Civil War, but in 1860 cotton production represented just 5% of the U.S. economy.  It is also worth noting that in the years after the warcotton production increased dramatically without the use of slave labor.

We also need to be aware that during the war, wealth that had accumulated in the South was wiped out.  The physical devastation that was experienced by the Confederacy left it in ruins.  As Union soldiers marched through, buildings were burned, crops destroyed, and livestock killed.  Southern cities such as Atlanta, Savannah, and Richmond were burned.  At times, Confederate troops also contributed to the destruction on their own territory when they burned anything that could be used by advancing Union troops.  And by the end of the Civil War, the currency of the Southern States had become worthless.

By any objective measure, American prosperity is not based on slavery.  The industrial revolution set the stage for people such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and companies such as Boeing and Apple.  It set the stage for all the American entrepreneurs, small businesses, and workers that contributed to American economic growth and prosperity.  This along with a developed legal system, property rights, a high literacy rate, and a market economy is what led to a prosperous nation.  To deny this and distort history to further a political agenda only creates more conflict and division at a time that has already become one of the most divisive in the U.S. since the Civil War.”


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Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Last night’s City Council meeting had good and bad.  Good, because the vast majority of the audience attentively listened to ideas, whether they liked them or not. Bad, because as has been the case for the last 6 years, there are a few rabble-rousers, who have been instructed by their vicious and ruthless leaders to interrupt, who still constantly interrupt.

The First Amendment was one of the most sacred rights Americans have.  It guaranteed that everyone, great and small, could have an opportunity to speak their truth in the public square, and that is what has made America great.  It doesn’t mean everyone is always going to agree.  The Founders had some pretty strong disagreements, but, they guaranteed the right of speech.  What we find in Democrat strongholds, is they have members of the audience who consistently, mostly at the urging of powerful shadow figures, who are too cowardly to show up in person,  interrupt speakers who speak against Democrat lies.

California, and across America, has seen a wave of a very vicious campaign to attack police and seize power.  How do you do this?  Well, you play on the public’s ignorance.  You first use grieving family members of controversial police interactions, to claim the police ‘murdered’ their relative. Well, the police didn’t murder anyone.  But, when a grieving female claims this, who is going to get up and argue the point?  Few people, particularly when doing so will get you tarred as insensitive, racist, bigoted, and hateful, have the courage to do this.  It’s psychological terrorism at it’s finest, and it has been honed to a science by some very wicked people who play on the naivete of the community.  The families themselves aren’t evil, they are simply being manipulated by some very evil people.  Melissa Nold, whether consciously or unconsciously, has come into Vallejo, with her biased university training, and really doesn’t want to hear anything.  She has appointed herself judge, jury, and executioner of the Vallejo Police Department, and to hell with the Constitution or anything else.


Last  night, Rozanna Verder-Aliga, happened to say we’ve had casualties, in relating to those who perished in controversial police interactions.  Melissa Nold, in theatrics that would win an Oscar, went ballistic, stalking out, and slamming the door in an impressive show of rage. And, like a spoiled child, she got what she wanted, as this bullying theatrics, and pretend outrage spurred Ms. Verder-Aliga to politely apologize, not wanting to be thought bad by the Marxist Identity politics mob, who terrorize all who disagree with them.

Have we ever heard anyone come up to publicly remark about how white people are under attack in the last 10 years in Vallejo?  I haven’t heard it.  But, we constantly hear about how white racism is so bad, and how those who aren’t white are such victims of whites, and this is encouraged, by the corrupt Democrat media, tech companies, and schools.  It’s a flat out lie today, supported by no objective evidence whatsoever.   Didn’t Hitler call all Jews evil?  Wasn’t that racism?  Isn’t it racism to call entire races bad, and other races good?  Why does that constantly go on at City Hall?  There are good and bad people of every race, and we need to start evaluating people on their choices and character and stop evaluating gender and skin color, which no one, in the history of the world ever chose.

It is the job of the City Council to maintain order.  If they can’t do that, and if they cannot stop rabble rousers in the audience from interrupting unpopular speakers, then they need to resign, and we need to have other leaders who will have order.  These rabble rousers don’t respect themselves, they don’t respect Vallejo, and they don’t respect anyone really. They are anarchists, determined to cause chaos every where they go.  They have problems with neighbors, with co workers, with other citizens, with police, with the government.  They have problems with virtually everyone, and they don’t realize that the root of their problems are their own problem with learning history, virtue, and knowledge, and practicing the lessons they teach.

Is Racism towards blacks from whites a major problem in America?  Not when 90% of inter racial violence is directed from blacks towards whites, and only 10% of it is from whites toward blacks.

Here is a part of the brilliant article by Heather MacDonald above.

‘Yet key parts of the intersectional narrative are not born out by data. It is now a standard trope, implanted in freshmen summer reading lists through the works of Ta-Nehesi Coates and others, that whites pose a severe, if not mortal, threat to blacks. That may have once been true, but it is no longer so today. Just this month, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its 2018 survey of criminal victimization. According to the study, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites last year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent. That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.

Blacks are also overrepresented among perpetrators of hate crimes—by 50 percent—according to the most recent Justice Department data from 2017; whites are underrepresented by 24 percent. This is particularly true for anti-gay and anti-Semitic hate crimes.’

It’s time to stop the bullying at city Hall.  No one has the right to interrupt other speakers. If there are members of the audience that cannot contain themselves, then they need to be taken out, or be told they are not welcome.  Their disruptive behavior is a disgrace to the city.  No one is such a victim that they get to take rights away from other citizens.   Allowing this is sending a message to people that Vallejo is lawless, and disrespect to public speakers is tolerated and not discouraged.

Also, I keep getting warnings from leading Democrats that they are worried about me, and to be careful.  Well, without liberty, life isn’t worth living.  The worst a person can do to me is to kill me, and even if they do that, they still won’t have my obedience to their totalitarianism.

TJ Walkup, an area Anarchist, who claims he cares about Vallejo, but who constantly fights for the very ideas that have always destroyed civilizations, last night had a conversation with me.  He ridiculed me, which I’m pretty used to, since the left worships it’s idols, and ridicules those who tell the truth.  Then, when he claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about, I asked him could he discuss basic American history, like say name 10 Civil War Generals from memory, which is about as basic as it gets.  He could not, and then commenced to go on a profanity spree, which meant I had to cut the conversation off.  Yet, this is a person who has spoken at least 50 times in public at School Board, City Council meetings, and forums in the last 10 years.  The loudest voices are frequently those who mean the worst and trouble themselves the least to learn history.  He then asked me why wasn’t I afraid, and began to remark on how easy it is to beat a slight person like me up. So, I reminded him, the Founders were used to bullies like him, and gave people the First Amendment, followed by the Second Amendment.   His response?  ‘So, Ryan, you are going to use a gun to shoot a lot of people up’, he hysterically surmised.  So, to the left, when you threaten to beat up the right, and the right reminds you they have the right to defend themselves with a weapon, that sounds dangerous to the left.  Very sad.  Would be funny if he wasn’t serious.

Also, a local Native American activist, who constantly talks about how bad racism is, how bad the police are, and whatever the Democrats handlers pay her to say, was walking out, and I said hello.  ‘Why are you only telling me hello’, she demanded.  ‘Well’, says I, ‘I’m  perfectly willing to have a discussion with any of you here, but you aren’t willing to return the favor’.  That’s Democrat tolerance for you.   The vast majority aren’t there to hear or learn anything.  They want to scream, shout, and pitch a temper tantrum over ideas they don’t like, and there is zero authority to stop their disruptive antics.  That is a travesty.


Also, they came to whine about police not being drug tested, when the vast majority of the speakers, were just up at City Council shrieking that we needed to legalize pot in the last 8 years. So, they want drugs legal for themselves, but not for others. Hypocritical to anyone but them.  Also, while they demanded we do drug tests on police officers, I’m convinced if we drug tested every speaker last night, half of them would have had some kind of psychotropic drug use in their system, based on their erratic, incoherent, and illogical behavior.   A few, I’d like to have a reasonable conversation with, but being familiar with the screaming outrage of the left when they encounter anyone they’ve been trained to hate, I wait for the right time.   If I approached them to have a conversation, it would be like Jim Carrey in a movie I watched long ago, he approached a girl to merely tell her hello, and she began screaming that he was trying to molest her.   He hurriedly beat a hasty exit.    If anyone thinks this is just my imagination, I’ve tried to speak with at least a dozen liberals, and had this same response, nearly. The latest was Melissa Nold, who refused to shake my hand and called me a bigot about two weeks ago. She’s still on her identity politics Jihad, and it doesn’t look like she will be done with it anytime soon.

The Democrats thrive on continual chaos, so there isn’t even time to get to the rubbish that is in today’s Times Herald.

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

The left is rampaging today, as they’ve been doing for the past 4 years.  They are pushing their latest fake news bombshell, alleging that Trump did something wrong in asking Ukraine for details on Joe Biden’s corruption scandal in Ukraine.  Biden’s son illicitly served as a well paid executive for a Ukrainian company, which he lacked the expertise to do, and was simply, to a reasonable person, a political appointee, to curry favor with Biden, the 2nd most powerful man in the world at the time.  Well, this company was under investigation by a determined Ukrainian prosecutor, and so corrupt Joe Biden told the Ukrainian president that the prosecutor needed to be fired or $1 billion of U.S. aid would not come to Ukraine.  Biden boasts that the prosecutor was fired in less than 6 hours.  This is your corrupt Democrat party.  But, in their book, extortion and corruption is not a crime.  Oh no Sirreee!! The real crime is whoever discovers they committed a crime, which in this case is Trump.  So, they are frantically running around, claiming Trump needs to be impeached. It’s flat out hilarious, and yet, because half of America is functionally illiterate, they get away with it.

Let us turn our attention to the dying, fake news Times Herald, whose editor, Jack Bungart claims to be a Republican.   Pure comedy.  No Republican who knows the Constitution would have anything to do with the corrupt Times Herald.  It’s full of sewage, lies, deceit, and corruption.   Just like all other Democrat media.


We get a story featuring the logical fallacy of the appeal to anecdote, detailing how bad it will be if illegal aliens, who are here committing a crime, are going to feel bad if they can’t have the taxpayer dollars of Americans.  This is justifying theft, and the Times Herald is extremely dishonest for running this garbage story. There does not appear to be any level too low for the Times Herald though.  Bottom line, don’t come to America unless you come legally.  And definitely don’t take U.S. taxpayer dollars if you haven’t come here legally, adding theft to your crime of illegally entering America.  But, the Democrats profit off of this, and so push it.

Then we learn that city attorney Claudia Quintana isn’t happy with last years pay raise of 7%, and now wants a 5% pay raise.  Keep in mind California has 12% of America’s population, and half of American’s homeless population, but we keep giving pay raises to Democrat bureaucrats who want to be paid more.  If you are in public service for the money, please get out.  If you think you are worth so much, go get a job in the private sector, and wean yourself from the taxpayers teat.  City Manager Dave Nyhoff makes as much as Donald Trump, nearly, though Trump generously forgoes his salary.  Does anyone think Dave Nyhoff does anything close being worthy of the same salary as the President of America?

Then we move on to learn that California has ruined P G & E so badly, that they are considering cutting power to customers.  As Chriss Street noted, California wants to nationalize P G & E.  Sound familiar?  It should, Marxists love nationalizing private industry whenever possible.

The garbage Times Herald, which isn’t fit for any wise person to read, had 19 news articles today, written at the 4th grade level.  They had about 10 articles about worthless sports, to distract the masses from their corruption.   As usual it was full of disinformation, and tomorrow’s Times Herald will be full of disinformation again.  They will likely have a few articles from the liars at the Washington Compost, more sports garbage, and all kinds of Democrat disinformation.

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Monday, September 23rd, 2019

We have no Times Herald newspaper today, because, like most businesses Democrats touch, it is failing.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the Times Herald, like Boxer the horse from Animal Farm, still supporting the Marxist Democrats right up until the end. When Boxer died he was taken to the slaughterhouse by the Democrats of Animal Farm, the pigs.  And the Times Herald will be dying in 3 years at it’s current pace, unless it changes its ways and starts telling the truth, instead of constantly lying every single day.  With Jack Bungart and John Glidden in charge, and both fearing the community Democrat leaders, it’s unlikely to happen.  They love the praise of the people who are destroying their business, more than the truth and the people of Vallejo.  Yet, they both will say they are putting their nation above politics.  LOL.

Good Old Vallejo Times Herald, lying every single day to the naive, gullible, and deceived.

Tomorrow nights council meeting will have an item on the agenda about the police.  They are going to try to remove mandatory drug testing from requirements for a police officer.  Who is the genius who came up with this idea?  You have a city wracked with unrest, due to Democrat media vilification of the police, and one of the common sense measures, drug testing for police officers, is being submitted to be removed from procedures?!  Are the Democrats sincerely trying to start a riot in Vallejo?  I mean, I know they control the media, the police, all political positions, the schools, and the unions, but what are they really trying to do?

Keep in mind, I’m a military veteran, never used drugs or alcohol, never had a criminal record, owned a company, grossed over $400k at the age of 34,and the Vallejo Police Department, in it’s wisdom, does not see fit to hire me.  Some standards they have over there.  And, for the few standards they do have, they are nonsensical, and make zero sense.  They are hypocritical and tolerate some sexual degeneracy but criticize others.  If you are an active homosexual or a full blown pornography addict, you are perfectly welcome on the Vallejo police Department, but I know of an instance of a person who repented of seeing a prostitute 5 years ago, who was never caught, sincerely repented, and changed their life, and VPD views that as unacceptable.   Our police  hiring department is literally insane.  That’s frightening when these are the people in charge of FORCEFULLY upholding our societies standards, and they have few or no standards to speak of themselves.  No wonder why many in Vallejo hate the police. With standards like these, they are contemptible.

As a nuclear veteran of the Navy, where I served aboard Ballistic Missile Submarines, and we were routinely drug tested, I strongly recommend police drug testing is mandatory.  If officers cannot serve without using drugs, they don’t need to be serving.  Having a police officer serve whose mind is impaired by drugs is a massive threat to every single person they come in contact with.  It is far too great a risk to allow.

Further, the Vallejo Police Department needs to uphold the Constitution.  The Constitution was created by men who declared our rights come from nature and nature’s God.  As a result, homosexuality is a crime against nature.   So, they need to start asking if applicants are homosexual, and to stop allowing active homosexuals on the police force.   Further, they need to start asking if people are using pornography, and if they are, they need to be sure that the person has repented of this practice for at least a year, preferably longer, depending on how often they used it, and their history of using it.  Because no one is fit to be a police officer who is viewing pornography.  The effect of pornography on the brain is just like drugs.   So, pornography poses a bigger threat to America than all our foreign enemies combined, and our police department definitely has officers who are porn addicts, serving.

No wonder we get hotheads constantly getting into fights with the community!!  We are going to get cleaned out with lawsuits when another porn user gets on the national news for rashly handling an encounter with the community.  Had I been in charge of the Willie McCoy encounter, he’d still be alive, because, if he’s passed out, it’s stupid to think he’s going to wake up and magically not reach for his weapon.  Simply should have evacuated the restaurant, had a rifle man perch about a hundred yards away, out of pistol range, and used a bull horn to get his attention, and have him emerge from the car with his hands up.  Situation solved, and he’s still alive.  If he emerges with his gun and starts shooting, then the rifleman can take action.

I staunchly support the military and the police, but it’s very hard when Democrat policies weaken both, and abuse the use of both.  We should not have Democrat controlled unions controlling our police forces.  Somehow we need to break and end the union stranglehold over Vallejo.  They are not only unnecessary, they are dangerous and create far more problems than they solve.   We don’t need Democrat oversight of the police, and we don’t need  union control of the police. We need the most qualified person in the community running the police, appointed not as a political favor by Democrats to the people who bought their elections, but appointed because, regardless of race or political ideology, they are the best person for the job.

I have a better idea for tomorrow nights Council meeting. Why doesn’t the council vote to de-unionize the police department, and to rescind our recent police chief hiring, since it’s obvious the San Jose police department he came from is incompetent; demand a question about applicant homosexuality and pornography use be put on the police applications; and hire a police chief from a Republican city who understands how to deal with criminal, to hell with the stupid Democrat social justice nonsense.

It’s a far different world from the one when Mayor Bob Sampayan began serving as a police officer.  And, we need to adjust, while not forgetting the moral standards that gave us peace and tranquility before.

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

We learn that California Democrat officials tried to shake down the federal government for even more money for their homelessness crisis recently, and Ben Carson and Trump gave them the smackdown.  Must be pretty embarrassing to publicly claim your state is an economic miracle, and then go begging to the federal government for more welfare.  As it stands, California has 12% of the nation’s population, and about half of the homeless people in America.  Los Angeles is home to 19% of the total homeless population of America!!  This is today’s Democrat party, constantly asking for money to try and solve the problems it’s own lunatic ideas cause.  What lunatic ideas, you ask?

Oh, constantly predicting the end of the world for nearly the last century, due to climate, and always being wrong.  The lunatic ideas of high taxes and high regulations, then innocently wondering why homelessness is such a problem when they’ve priced builders out of the market.  The lunatic ideas of ignoring the massive crime increase, and instead attacking police as the problem.   The lunatic ideas of making illegal immigration protected in California, passing billions of dollars of expenses onto U.S. taxpayers.  The lunatic ideas of legalizing drugs, and watching mental health worsen in America.  All of this is easily predictable, but Democrat leaders, driven by the love of money, power, and prestige, don’t care about humanity.  They will lie through their teeth and say they do, but they will sacrifice anyone for more power, money, and prestige for themselves. Watch Democrats fight among themselves.  It reminds me of warfare between savages that I witnessed in history centuries ago.  Very ugly, and not pretty at all.

The front page of today’s Times Herald had a lot of the usual nonsense.  It celebrates cleaning up the community.  Not much to celebrate when you are picking up 10,000 lbs of trash, but tens of thousands of homes in Vallejo are putting even more damaging trash in their brains every single day watching television, pornography, and using drugs.  Just like the Pharisees of 2,000 years ago.  Make the outside look clean, but inside you are full of filth.  And, just like those Pharisees who murderously hated a 33 year old who told them the truth, today’s Democrats absolutely hate anyone who confronts them with their hypocrisy.  Thankfully, the Constitution gives us the First and Second Amendment, which Christ did not have in his day, to protect those of us conservatives who tell the truth, against the corrupt rulers.   Back then they tried to call Christ a Devil, and then falsely accused him of treason against the Roman Emperor.  Today, Democrats accuse Republicans of treason constantly and falsely, and then accuse us of hatred, though they are full of it.  They equate opposing moral abominations with hatred.

We then move on to another article on the front page, which is Maui Phil’s Peace Rally. God bless his efforts, as he means well, but he simply does not understand that the peace he is promoting is no different from the peace we were constantly being lectured about by Communists in the 1960’s.  They could care less about world peace, they wanted to disarm America so we would lose a war with Communist Russia.  And, as Stalin called them, they are Useful Idiots.  Sad that the youth of Vallejo are being used for this.  Fittingly the article begins by noting they played a John Lennon Song.  The same man who said he was greater than Jesus and was assassinated a short while later.  The same man who sang a song about ‘No heaven, and no Hell’, about a Communist paradise, when Communism has murdered 100 million.  Remember first listening to ‘Imagine’ on NPR and thought it was beautiful.  Didn’t realize NPR was using taxpayer money to spread disinformation to people.  Now I realize popular entertainment is used to sucker the common man.  Communism depends on moral decay to spread and overwhelm virtuous societies.   The fact that we have a prayer given by Dawn Roginski, a homosexual who dares to defy God and call herself a Christian leader, demonstrates that that rally had nothing to do with peace, and everything to do with promoting evil.

Communists believe that Government is God, which leads us to the final bit of nonsense on the front page, celebrating GVRD’s 75th Anniversary.  Vallejo was far better off before GVRD, because we had far more stable families, far better schools, far lower crime rates, and a far better city.  In 1944, Vallejo, California, and America had real men.  Probably the only reason why Vallejo got the GVRD, was because the real men were off at war, and this was done behind their back by bureaucratic pencil pushers in FDR’s fraudulent administration.  Every single Democrat Presidency has been a disaster for America, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, who gave us the disastrous 16th and 17th Amendments, along with the Federal Reserve.   It was the weakness of America’s military supported by Wilson and FDR that directly led to World War 1 and World War 2, and the loss of hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Today, was asked to leave another church, simply for imitating what the Bible said.  1 Corinthians 6 identifies who won’t be going to heaven.  So, judging by that, and examining the Democrat party platform, it becomes easy to say that all 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton can’t possibly be going to heaven unless they repent.  Of course, the Christian hating media has brainwashed tens of millions to think Trump is unfit for office because of his past sins, failing to realize that a person’s past behavior, that is repented of, is not held against them.  These deceived tens of millions also don’t realize the media has lied to them, and is manipulating them, for while they shriek about Trump being bad, they carefully hid Bill Clinton’s rape of Juanita Broaddrick in the 1992 presidential election.  Had that been known, Clinton would have been easily beaten.  They also hid Obama’s crack cocaine use and homosexual past when he ran for President in 2008.  Had that been known, he’d have been beaten as well.  That said, the globalists were sitting pretty, because the Republican alternatives to the Democrats;  George H.W. Bush, McCain, and Romney were terrible Republican Candidates in their own right.

Also said birth control is unscriptural, which it is.   The preacher was offended by this truth, and rather than inviting this truth into his heart, he invited me out of his church.  Am getting pretty used to this, and so I beat feet, and a disciplined retreat.


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Saturday, September 21st, 2019

We learn from today’s news that yesterday, Vallejo’s students, who aren’t even being taught math, english, and writing, along with history and civics, are suddenly calling for us to pay attention to the hoax of man made climate change.  Vallejo’s Communist teachers union is behind this stunt. You see, the Democrats control Vallejo, they control the media, they control the police, teachers, firefighters, and construction worker unions, and many other unions as well. They even start fights among their constituents to keep the city distracted from the real problem being the Democrats who are pulling the strings.

Vallejo, California, and America, needs to remove every elected Democrat from office. Not a single one is fit for public office. They are easily manipulated by their Democrat plutocrat overlords.  It’s unconscionable that teachers are using little children, whose brains aren’t even fully formed, to try to spread their propaganda among them.  When the children do learn the truth, they are going to savagely turn on the Democrats.  And you Democrat leaders will have a lot to answer for.  Bankrupting the future of America, and cooperating with Marxist ideas which align with those of our biggest geopolitical foe, China.

Speaking of which, isn’t odd, that China, the world’s number one polluter, DID NOT ALLOW ANY CLIMATE PROTESTS!!! It’s kind of disturbing that they don’t allow these protests at all, yet have been known to fund American environmentalist groups.

We have had about a century’s worth of the left trying to scare us into handing them power by predicting the world’s future was in imminent danger because of weather.  The left is 0-41 in predicting climate disasters, but like the religious scam artists who constantly predict the end of the world, the left is determined to try again.  It’s the same scam every single time.  It’s very cruel, heartless, and malicious to lie to and indoctrinate children.  Vallejo’s schools should be ashamed of themselves!!  Unfortunately, Democrats are long on propaganda, short on common sense.   It is sedition against America to push the false narrative of man made Climate change, and scaring the gullible, naive, and children, with no other intent than to seize more power for Democrats to enslave us with.  Further, with Democrat neglect of discipline, we tragically have another school mass murder on the way to us shortly.

Also, have to note, I was sitting peacefully at my computer finishing up my news site and minding my own business in the Vallejo JFK library, wearing a flaming red MAGA hat.  A young man, who appeared to be in his twenties, with a very unkempt attire, approached, and started muttering threateningly at me.  He was African American.  Understanding the media lies that would cause him to think a MAGA hat is threatening to him, I coolly ignored him, and kept right on typing.  In the Vallejo hood, it’s thought that physical machismo is the sign of right and wrong.  So, if you physically threaten someone, and don’t get beat down, in the minds of the majority of men and women in Vallejo, that must mean you are right.  Because far too many don’t realize facts don’t care about your feelings, and think whoever is more emotional must be right.  Well, right makes might in my book, and getting angry and fighting about every threat is the mark of a foolish person.

This particular man went to another, older African American man, who looked to be in his forties or fifties, sitting in the back, minding his own business, and began antagonizing him.  Well, the older gentleman wasn’t going to have it, and told him if he didn’t back off, he’d fight him.  Well, the young man didn’t back off, and threatened to slap the older man.  It was so loud the entire library could hear the altercation.  The next thing I know the older man has the  younger man by the neck and is slamming him over the nearest sofa.  It’s very sad that Vallejo recently had a full time sheriff sitting in the library, but this practice has been stopped, probably due to high crime rates elsewhere.  So, the library staff called the police, and the sheriff’s came.  The young man fled before the police arrived.  The sheriff’s courteously asked the older man if he needed medical aid, and left him alone. They did ask him for ID, which is totally wrong, as he did nothing wrong.   This problem could be easily averted if Vallejo banned drugs and pornography and allowed open carry.  That way young hoodlums would think twice before threatening peaceful patrons in the town library.

I’ve been attending Vallejo libraries ever since 1986, as a child, and this is the first time, 33 years later, that I’ve ever seen a physical fight in the library.  This is a very troubling development for the city.  And for the liberals who want to throw money at every problem, the solution is not to throw more money for law enforcement at it.  Democrats are notorious for screaming for more money for every problem,and then having their activists,  unions, or other arms siphon it off, while the problem is never fixed.  The Democrats have been sucking on the taxpayer teat ever since Woodrow Wilson, and they are furiously outraged that they are being weaned.

This experience in New York is perfectly illustrative of what often happens in Vallejo.  Kids are allowed to get away with practically anything, and they are allowed to graduate knowing practically nothing.  No wonder they defy the police.  They respect no one.

I was always stoned, drunk, and skipping class, so they let me graduate early.  Maspeth alum.

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