Monday, September 30th, 2019

So, today, we have the recurring issue of Google algorithms, and those who have very few morals to speak of, who constantly attack those they disagree with.  The first picture shows what you will find when you Google my name.   Google and media sources like the Times Herald are all owned by the same elites, who have aligned their messaging.  So, you’d think I desperately hate homosexuals if you read Google’s view of me.  We already have a social credit system in America, like China’s.  If you speak out against a leftist identity politics point, you are branded, and your name is mud on Google.   This is a favorite game of the left.  And, further, if anyone has not read ‘None dare call it a conspiracy‘ it gives excellent insight into  how the powerful wealthy elite have done a great job snowing the common man.  While these American and European elites have funded Communism in China and Russia, and here in America, they constantly bombard us with the message that the rich are the problem, knowing full well that they are pulling the strings of the puppets.  And the mindless drones are easily fooled, by the messaging from the elite plutocrats messaging centers in the media, schools, and tech companies.   These wealthy elite control the Republicans and Democrats, which explains why so little good gets done by Republicans when they are in office.

These wealthy elite train our schools to dumb down our children, so they are easy to control with the leftist lies.  Notice also how the Times Herald, who we thankfully don’t have to listen to any lies from today, as they are dying and don’t deliver on Monday,  aligns with the left.  Treacherous snakes, constantly delivering the left’s lies to the masses.    No patriotism to speak of, though Jack Bungart lies through his teeth and claims he is placing country over party.  Hilarious.  Never knew he had talent in comedy.

For those who will speak the message of conservatism in public, you will be attacked by the left’s activists. Most of them are simply deceived, but a few know exactly what they are doing.  TJ Walkup does not understand he is doing the bidding of the very rich he claims to despise.  100 years ago, when you wrote lies about people, you were sued for libel. Today, he writes complete lies on a website of 1,200 Vallejoans, and no one corrects him.  That’s why lying is so bad, because you affect other people, and it’s exhausting correcting the lie with all the people who have been exposed to it.

We already reviewed, a few days ago, and TJ is included in this e-mail, how Don saying ‘peaceful racists’ was a gaffe, and not at all to be taken seriously.  So, TJ, you can go a few days back on my website and review that article, so you will no longer repeat the lie that he is a racist, as you are fond of doing.  Keep in mind, Don and I were protesting drag queens reading to kids at the library, and TJ, who thinks this is perfectly fine and advisable, accuses us of being child molesters and racist bigots, with zero evidence.  Gross libel.  His writing is confused, but he apparently accuses me of wanting to get rid of multiculturalism in the schools.  That’s another distortion.  I simply want to get rid of Howard Zinn fairy tales, and teach history as it happened, not favoring any race over another, and not echoing TJ and the left’s hate whitey and  America themes.

TJ then goes on to call Don a ‘dookie’.  This is really elevated english here.  TJ then goes on to lazily assert ‘Ryan wants all gays in jail’, which is a straw man argument.  The Declaration of Independence states our laws come from nature and natures God, and as such, SCOTUS had no right to legalize homosexuality. TJ is simply too lazy to learn the origins of our laws, and is perfectly content to libel those of us who do.  TJ then ridicules my calling myself a ‘Christian’, and goes on to misspell ‘bare’ sic.  I just love when people who don’t know the Bible and certainly don’t follow it judge me on the Bible.  Total hypocrisy.  He then asserts I’ve commented online  under a pseudonym, which is totally accurate, as I was tired of being blocked, though it turns out I got suspended by Facebook no matter what name I used.  Yet, Facebook is a totally lying platform who claims to be for all views, taking advantage of Section 230, and using it’s privileges granted to open platforms, while acting as a publisher, and discriminating against ideas it does not like.  TJ, as is his wont, descends into vulgarity, and calls me and Don, ‘a*******s’.  Lying about others and calling them vulgar names while ridiculing their Christianity, while you have no Christian values to speak of.  Hypocrisy, thy name is TJ.

TJ then attacks ‘fragile white patriarchy’, which is a made up identity politics term to attack the people the left hates the most, straight, white males who won’t back down to Communism.  Since America is made up of 63% whites, the left understands perfectly that if you can stir up the 37% of America who is not white against the 63% of white Americans, you can destroy America from within, without fighting them in a war.  And that is the goal of the wealthy elites, who hate the 1st and 2nd Amendment that Americans have, and that stops them from  having total control over us.

The  deluded TJ, who is corrected by no one on the worthless Facebook page, then goes on to say ‘love protects’.  Actually, love doesn’t use vulgar names for others, and love doesn’t blatantly lie about others.  Not sure what kind of love he is talking about, but it sounds like the tribalism the left loves, where right and wrong depend on whether someone is your skin color or not.  He then goes on to lie about me by calling me a racist and a fascist.  It’s easy to lie about people behind their back, and TJ and the left have a big problem with backstabbing and gossiping.  They love to talk about people when they aren’t around, but go mute, or use vulgarity,  when a real debate confronts them. The sure signs of cowards, and I’m telling you that to your face, TJ, in front of the whole city.   TJ then proceeds with another lie, saying I cornered his wife talking about Porno.  The truth is, I had a discussion on Fakebook with TJ a few months back, during which he constantly  spouted Marxist nonsense.  I decided to leave Fakebook, since Fakebook suspended me, and TJ then accused me of blocking him.  Somehow, the next day, I happened to be walking down First Street in Benicia, and, who should I see, TJ!  He was with his wife and child.  So, having nothing to hide and certainly not afraid, I greeted, him and proceeded on my way.  Well, he wanted to have a conversation, and I simply recited what I believed to be the root of a lot of the problems, which pornography happens to be one major cause.  Oh, and I made very sure to be very discrete about my terms when his child was around.  TJ, however, has no  problem exposing kids to drag queens and celebrating this!  He terms this ‘cornering his wife and talking about pornography’.  So, the man who has no problem with drag queens reading to little kids, claims that having an open discussion about how harmful pornography is bothers him.  LOL.  The irony is strong!  Still wondering how he happened to be in Benicia and crossed my path the day after I talked to him on Facebook.  I certainly wasn’t seeking him out, as I walk down the street 5 days a week, and have been doing it for the past year.

He then states he wants me to stay away from his family, when I made no attempt to seek his family out.  The left are  notorious for this.  They libel you as racist, or some other term, and when you approach to explain you aren’t this, they ruthlessly tell you to stay away!!! LOL.  It’s hilarious!

He then equates me with David Duke, a favorite pawn of the left, who is supposed to represent all white supremacists in America, and who openly supports Democrats.   This is more libel. He then goes on to libel me as a Nazi or KKK member, though the Nazi’s were socialists, fighting for what he fights for, and the KKK was started by Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was a Democrat, just like what TJ supports most of the time.  Because he doesn’t know history, he projects an awful lot.   For those, who are deluded like TJ about history, and think slavery in America was the worst in world history, time to be disabused of the propaganda you believe.

I’ve never met a white supremacist in person in my life, but this doesn’t bother TJ, he slanders me as one and calls me a Nazi to boot.  So, what he is trying to do is to get Vallejo’s sizeable minority community to think of me as a Nazi and KKK member, and to get me beat up.

Let me be very clear, TJ, all of your comments are on record.  If anyone lays a finger on me, you are going to be financially liable for anything that  happens, and you will be cleaned out for every dime you own, and you will be lucky to be able to keep the cloths on your back.  So, if I were you, you’d better get busy correcting your lies, because all of Vallejo, and Solano county is aware of your malicious lies now.

Further, the city of Vallejo can see that Melissa Nold understands history very badly, and has a nasty habit of lying about the city, it’s police officers, and citizens of Vallejo, like me.  She also blocked me on Fakebook when I refuted her bogus characterization of police officers as a bunch of racists.  It’s unbelievable she is allowed to practice law, and I have filed a complaint with the California State Bar against her, as it’s very  unethical how she is stirring up riots with her lies and slanders.

The complaint is as follows, ‘The attorney has shown up to Vallejo City Hall on numerous occasions and has convinced many of the people she represents, erroneously, that the police killed their relatives out of racist motives.   She has directly influenced mayhem that led to the shutting down of 4 city Council meetings in Vallejo. She causes chaos and racial tensions often with her rash, hasty, and slanderous remarks, and is on record calling me a racist and a bigot, for no reason at all.

She is on a Facebook page calling me a MAGA rat. This kind of defamatory and demeaning language used by a public figure, much less a lawyer, towards a private citizen, is conduct entirely unbecoming a lawyer.’

I’m tired of being threatened with violence by people who are being stirred up by irresponsible race baiters like Melissa Nold.  A lawyer has an ethical responsibility to uphold standards of courtesy and decency, and rabble rousing is not the duty of a lawyer, nor should it be tolerated.

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