Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Federal Judge declares Obamacare Unconstitutional!

RIP Obamacare!!

Simon: Good riddance to Obamacare!

‘Russiagate’ spread by ‘highest levels of Obama administration’.

Sobieski: The Flynn investigation, McCabe’s personal retaliation?

Report: Feds withholding evidence exonerating Flynn.

Hellner: Jackpot: Democrats win the Justice Department lottery.

Federer: The best way to undermine the Bill of Rights.

Muslim Democrat mocks Pence’s Christianity.

Farah: Remembering Les Kinsolving.

Western Journal: Google filtered us out of search results.

Arvay: They are not us.

Showalter: Oh Good!  Another blow to the nightmare of Obamacare.

Brown: Why millennial Christians are confused about homosexuality.

McMillan: The left has only themselves to blame for Trump.

Villalobos: Electoral fraud: the real record.

Reagan:  All is fair in the war on Trump.

Gabriel: France reaps decades of open borders, socialism.

34,280 documented Islamic terror attacks since 9/11.

Millennials are paying thousands to this ‘digital beggar’, an unemployed pot fiend.

Ballabon: Hating the President is not a strategy, as Bill Kristol just learned.

New England ICE field Director pleads with Sanctuary Cities to stop helping illegal aliens.

New media hits stumbling block, scaring away some investors.

Over 300 women accuse Brazilian charlatan John of God of abuse, including his daughter.

Stockton’s insane basic income of $500 about to go into effect for a few.

Showalter: Winning :Trump’s very smart pick for chief of staff.

Lifson: Is the Flynn guilty plea going to be thrown out?

The Transformed Wife: Benefits of a mother working vs. benefits of staying at home.

Zelikovsky: The Miracle Season

Continetti: China’s growing aggression on  the high seas.

Green Beret charged with murder for killing Taliban bomb maker.

Timpf: Allowing the state to search gun seekers social-media accounts is a terrible idea.

Payton: How Mark Twain used child characters to critique adults.

Jashinsky: Here’s one remaining question on the takedown of Kevin Hart.

Wax: Paul Ryan: The Establishment savior that wasn’t

Ludwig: Does freedom of religion mean Satanic displays in state capitals?

Johnson: Economic growth lifts health care.

CNN’s Cuomo claims viewers are ‘frustrated’ because he is ‘too balanced’

Canto Jr.: Bernie discovers Congress declares wars.

Salama: Stopping Elon Musk’s money mirage.

Trump interior secretary Zinke to step down.

News, Friday December 14th, 2018

Unconstitutional!! Federal judge strikes down Obamacare!

Clarke: Wanted: New Conservative Fighters.

The Birth of Cultural Marxism: How the Frankfurt School changed America.

Is Cultural Marxism America’s New Mainline ideology?

Neo-McCarthyism vs. a Communist China world order.

Bullied 9 year old girl was picked on because she was black and had white friends.  She committed suicide.

Lifson: Inspector General discovers that Team Mueller scrubbed Page and Strzok text messages during critical post-election period!!!

Lifson: FBI defies subpoena for docs on it’s raid of Uranium One Whistleblower

Joondeph: When does Trump say, ‘Enough is enough’?

Noonan: Trump, like Obama before him, appealed primarily to emotion. 

Gottfried: A successful disruption.

Buchanan: It’s about to get worse!

Rasmussen: America’s War of Independence, Civil Rights movement were part of the same Revolution. 

Federer: Was this the only President uninterested in power?

My name is Bosch, and I’m a recovered Muslim.

Paris police bracing for more violent protests.

Chaotic moment for countries that long underpinned global order.

Villalobos: The GOP needs to stop being the stupid party.

Talgo: A Green New Deal is bad for all Americans.

Moran: Far left is raising money on Patreon to ‘Inspire insurrection’.

China greatest threat to American privacy.

Showalter: Michael Avenatti: The Jackass, dissected.

Sharma: Don’t expect new, unbiased social media anytime soon.

Lifson: Ted Lieu is angry that conservatives noticed he said ‘he’d love to be able to regulate the content of speech’.

Moran: Congress passes bill to make members pay for sexual harassment claims. 

Arvay: Scientific American:  If you like Trump, you suffer from ‘antagonism’.

Marsolo: Democrats can’t stand the thought of protecting Americans.

Stark: Calling their bluff.

Cusmariu: SCOTUS bows to Planned Murderhood.

Hellner: Trump Derangement media yawn as Trump increases opportunities for poor, minorities.

Rat comes clean.

Kellyanne and Chris Cuomo slug it out on CNN, for 39 minutes!

California could have seismic impact on 2020 Presidential race.

Geraghty: America was always diverse.

Walsh: The left attacked a white college student for saying he loved white people.  Here’s why that’s wildly hypocritical.

Israel’s Southern Wall cut illegal immigration to zero.

NeverTrump Weekly Standard to shut down.

Sikorski: Solzhenitsyn’s ‘In the First Circle is a surprisingly appropriate Advent read. 

Hunt: What shall we do with Lizzy Warren?

Skurkiss: The French Dilemma

Eggers: How ballot harvesting became a new way to steal an election.

Hines: Why does Lin Miranda-Manuel enthusiastically support a Domestic terrorist?























News, Thursday December 13th, 2018

Shady, Shady, Shady!!! IG: Mueller wiped data from Page and Strzok cell phones. 

DOJ IG found 19,000 ‘lost’ Page and Strzok texts.

Elder: Mueller probe: If convictions equal success, Whitewater was a success.

Dossier writer: Hillary considered challenging 2016 results.  

Victor Davis Hanson: Comey continues to display his lack of credibility.

Hearing scheduled for $350 million lawsuit against Mueller.

Factory Robot impales worker with 10 steel spikes after malfunction.

Human heart found on Southwest flight, causing redirect.

$5 billion fee for wall a waste?  Taxpayer burden 31 times higher.

Schlichter: Don’t underestimate dumb voters appetite for leftist politicians.  

Wilhelm: Dear Parents, avoid the madness of organized sports for your children.

Froehlke: A nation of bastards.

Lewis: How does Ocasio-Cortez explain Communism’s 100 million dead.

Trump approval rating matches Obama’s after 2 years in office.

Democrat would love to regulate speech, but ‘First Amendment’ prevents me.

Hapless, milquetoast Flake waves goodbye, gives delusional speech on ‘authoritarianism’.

Five major problems with James Comey’s latest Russia probe testimony.

Cleveland: The Federal Judge overseeing Michael Flynn’s sentencing just dropped a major bombshell.

Lifson: Judge in Flynn case demands more records before passing sentence

Harsanyi: Here’s the problem with Politico’s online ‘Lie of the year’.

Carl: How the new NAFTA trade deal lets big tech silence conservative speech.

Meyrat: The riots in France perfectly illustrate why we need an electoral college.

Mill: Promises that the media are ‘closing in’ on Trump are so far just the media crying wolf.

Christian and Herring: Double Standard: Only Obama can obliterate his own citizens.

Showalter: Migrant caravan descends into a shakedown.

McCarthy: That Oval Office sitdown?  Schumer and Pelosi got skunked.

Lifson: Incoming NY state AG admits a plan to find a crime by Trump or ‘anyone in his orbit’. 

Cashill: Might Trump be the most honest president ever?

Farah: Ken Starr strikes again, with Kavanaugh.

7 top threats Christian churches in America face today.

Zumwalt: Voltaire on Islam and today’s Dark ages II.

Open Google up to libel like the regular media?

How God led rockstar away from drugs and $23 million.

Bolyard: Governor Kasich: The lives of millions of babies are in your hands with the heartbeat bill, how will you choose?

Thomas: The fury of the Establishment.

Hunter: Democrats are fighting to lose an argument they already won.

Democrats plot return of pork barrel politics.

Coulter: Government indicts ham sandwhich, Cohen pleads guilty.

Oprah guest faces arrest in sex probe.

Curtis: Snowflakes and the historical record.

Brewster: Was baseball legend Ty Cobb really a murderous maniac?

Sammin: Why most people can’t explain the reasons why meddling with a babies DNA is wrong.

Jacobs: Theresa May just faced down a no confidence vote over Brexit, but she’s still in big trouble.

Pullman: Once informed of costs to women and taxpayers, support for federal paid leave plummets.

Marcus: Everyday feminism seminar offered to heal ‘internalized whiteness’.

Trump cancels White House Christmas party for press.

Fox News wins 2018 ratings race, MSNBC best year ever.

Russian Nuke Bombers fly over Caribbean sea.

Anarchy: Haiti policy outgunned by armed gangs.

Preston: Why NASA needs to beat China in the new Space Race.

O’Brien: Hate soaked liberals go hunting for Rudolph the Reindeer.

Lifson: Blasey-Ford’s little girl voice has disappeared in her first public hearing since Senate testimony.

Biology professor refuses to say when life begins.  

Williamson: On minimum wage, a flight from reality.

Entitled teen uses intercom to quit Walmart Job.

Vallejo brainwashing children into Democrat Communism.

Last night, as was my usual habit, I attended the Vallejo city council meeting, which is on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of the month at 7 in the evening.  We do need conservatives to attend and to consistently speak out.   I already knew the City Council was going to try and approve more marijuana for recreational uses and up in Northgate, and it didn’t really matter what the community said, Vallejo’s leadership is convinced Marijuana is a very good idea, and they are dead wrong.  Why is it that practically no voters and our leaders aren’t reading of the bad effects that happen long terms from psychotropic drugs? 

Well, I saw there was a presentation of young people from Vallejo and Jesse Bethel.  I was immediately suspicious, since the city council is dominated by Democrats, and they ruthlessly bully anyone who disagrees with them.   If they can’t run themselves well, what will they do to the kids?  Well, my suspicions were confirmed.  They sent the children to a full scale Marxist indoctrination session, where they train these kids on how America is so bad,  evil, and wicked, and the kids need to learn to suspect Whitey.  That’s the gist of it.   It was called a trip to a League of Cities event.  Very harmlessly and innocuously named.  The website looks wonderful and promising.  But, it’s got all the usual Communist messages.  Visit the Communist party website and it’s pretty much the same stuff, though the League of Cities is careful to try and hide all ties to Socialism and Communism. Can’t have the parents learning their kids are being brainwashed.  But all that glitters is not gold.   If China had paid for American kids to be brainwashed to hate America, the performance could not have been better.  And you should have seen the City Council.  They were unusually ecstatic.  Mayor Sampayan was gleeful and giddy, and Pippin Dew-Costa was elated!!  They were like kids in the candy store as they watched the kids get suckered into hating their nation.  How you can train children to hate the nation that is the bastion for freedom for all nations in the world is a pretty perverse pastime, but these Democrats revel in it.  Of course, the city staff are nearly all Democrats, because if they betray a conservative bent, they would not likely have a job.  So, it’s like being in the emperor’s court, where the emperor and all his hanger’s on hold court.  They hate it when I come because it puts a dent in their festivities, so they quietly and studiously ignore me, and then gossip about me in private.  Not there for their approbation, the affection of the mob is fickle.

But, judge, dear reader, the majority of the city council’s response, and they think it’s funny.  They don’t understand what is wrong with indoctrinating young people.  Read the League of Cities goals and beliefs, and its the usual communist nonsense, there isn’t anything conservative about it.  So, this is a cleverly designed Trojan Horse, which is being smuggled into Vallejo, to destroy our children by weaponizing them against America.  The goals sound kind of noble.

We believe in…

  • Representative, participatory local government. (Sounds nice, but Democrat cities have citizens who don’t understand history, and the schools barely teach kids to read and do math, so you really don’t want these people voting)
  • Local government as the cornerstone of government in the United States.
  • The value of public service.
  • The value of diversity throughout our organization and our communities.
  • Municipal authority over municipal issues.
  • A commitment to the highest ethical standards among all public officials.
  • Civility and mutual respect.
  • Anticipating the needs of communities and developing strategies to meet those needs and improve the quality of life.
  • Partnerships, coalitions and collaborations to strengthen cities and our advocacy efforts.

NLC’s Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Proactively drive federal policy on behalf of cities, on issues that directly impact them.
  2. Promote innovation and provide proven strategies and valuable resources. that address the challenges cities face.
  3. Raise the profile of city governments as key leaders and partners in improving the quality of life for our nation.
  4. Expand the capacity of city officials to serve as ethical, effective and engaged leaders.
  5. Achieve our mission and goals through an organizational structure that is aligned, nimble, accountable and transparent.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Pelosi insults Trumps ‘manhood’ after ‘wild’ Oval Office meet, claims she was the ‘mom’

Tinkle contest.

Pelosi and Schumer resist border security, shouting match in Oval office.

Video: Pelosi and Schumer, let’s do this in private.

Divided government on display.

Lifson: Trump sprang 3 traps on Pelosi and Schumer yesterday.

Nolte: Trump tricks Nancy and Chuck into owning border crisis in Oval Office meeting.

Dem dimwit Swalwell: Trump a ‘lying’ ‘weak’ President.

Morally corrupt Pelosi, who murders babies in abortion clinics, calmly lectures Trump to ‘pray’ for biblical wisdom.

Obesity rate at all time  high!!!

Horowitz: The sorry socialist state of the farm bill.

Curry: Liberals deadly strategy to wreck USA: wreck faith and common sense.

Walter Williams: When racism is acceptable.

Islamic Terror in France!  Killer on loose!

34,262 documented Islamic terror attacks around the world since 9/11.

Clancy: Abolish the Electoral College and Senate, Why not tear up the Constitution?

Lifson: General Flynn set up by FBI, told no lawyer needed when FBI sprang its trap.

Dallas armed robbery victim called 911 8 times, waited 3 hours for police

Google CEO Sundar Pichai runs from Alex Jones and Roger Stone at hearings.

Flaherty: Can’t anybody here play this game?

Davidson: The transgender movement is not interested in compromise.

Google approves app for Muslims to report people for blasphemy

Matt Gaetz slams political bias at Google, urges internal investigation.

Overstreet: Top 10 reasons to own an AR-15.

Lippincott: Crime and innuendo

Washington Compost’s Jennifer Rubin runs away when asked how she is a conservative.

Democrats 2020 options don’t look good (or young)

Sobieski: Reveal the Congressional slush fund hypocrites!

Federer: Why William Penn’s ‘Holy Experiment’ is still important.

Hall: The tyranny of the judiciary and what to do about it.

Showalter: Hillary, Huma, Kerry all back in fine form dancing with the Indian billionaire set.

Maynard: The Fallacy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hellner: Remember when hysterical Dems threatened a Democrat shutdown over abortion funding?

Hellner: People who supported putting Clinton’s back in White House have no business discussing law and order.

Millions in taxes support Soros agenda, supporting racial disharmony.

Farber: Why we need a universal draft.

Kamala Harris gets schooled on U.S. Constitution.

Kellyanne: Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know much about anything.

Boy dumps last name Trump, after fierce bullying.

Iran: French riots signal ‘Islamic Awakening’.

Star Parker: France: Family breakdown explains unrest.

First Amendment invalid at 9/10 college campuses.

Arpaio sues CNN, Rolling Stone for $300 million.

Shapiro: The mob gets Kevin Hart.

Bogus Mueller investigation gets latest scalp: Sobbing Cohen gets 3 years.  Meanwhile, Hillary’s crimes go unpunished.

Huffy Puffy enraged:  UN pick Nauert  has relationship with Robert Spencer.

Spencer: Blasphemy?  Google has an app for that.

Sen. Tom Cotton: First step act dangerous.

Israeli mom and premature infant battle for life.  Shows why Palestinian statehood a bad idea.

Malkin: Woke reporter tries to sack Heisman winner Kyler Murray.

Tanner: Washington’s short term thinking won’t head off debt crisis.

Elite zip codes thrived in Obama ‘Recovery’.

Watkins Jr.: States Bills of Rights have the true protections.

Jashinsky: Tuesday’s White House meeting was a politicians version of ‘Real Housewives’

Payton: How Mark Twain championed self government through humor and realism.

O’Rourke topping Biden, Bernie in 2020 polls.

Garcetti USC speech shouted down.

Bicksler: 8 practical, unconventional suggestions for fixing America’s soaring health care costs.

Blake: If you think Trump’s populism is bad, wait until France’s populism hits America.

Fazio: Now that the Supreme Court isn’t their puppet, liberals want to destroy it.

Newcombe: Did missionary die from altruism or arrogance?

News, Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

‘Men have forgotten God’, Solzhenitsyn’s 1983 Templeton Address

Alexiev: The other Solzhenitsyn

Pullman: The Feminist life script makes women miserable, don’t be suckered by it.

Brown: The real road to Fascism

Joondeph: Trump Derangement syndrome done under.

Schaper: Human wrongs perpetrated against Christians… Canada.

Victor Davis Hanson: The dangers of Asymmetry

Farah: The Kavanaugh betrayal.

Knight: The great leveling can’t put out all the lights.

Buchanan: Hatred of Trump in an unserious nation.

Jackson: Kevin Hart and the left’s war on heterosexuality.

Tomczak: 8 life lessons to make next year your best  year.

Massie: Let’s put Mueller and his hacks under oath.

Moore: The Bush tax hike betrayal.

Brown: 12 truths from the Bible about homosexuality.

Google goes to Washington.

Rights groups turns up pressure on Google over China censorship

‘The Guardians’: Time’s ‘2018 person of the year’ is persecuted journalists.

Paris Dennard speaks out for first time after being suspended by CNN: CNN/WaPo tried to destroy me, they will fail. 

Nichols: The Hoax of Climate Change.

Stone: The real border crisis is about immigrants gaming America’s asylum laws.

The Transformed Wife: Going against the Titus 2 mandate.

Marcus: Democrats would be insane to impeach Donald Trump.

Hemingway: Media conventional wisdom on Russia investigation is uninformed and idiotic.

Murchison: The coming collision.

Dershowitz: Media would call investigation ‘witch hunt’ if Bill Clinton paid off Paula Jones.

DeSanctis: Health Care doesn’t kill

Judges called out for favoring Obama’s orders over Trumps.

Texas bill would allow Ten Commandments in Classrooms

Google employees sought to block Breitbart from ads.

Stephen Curry believes moon landing was faked.

Trump ok’s $750 billion defense budget.

No on May’s Brexit deal, no on May.

Kearns Goodwin, ‘No joy in White House, Trump might resign’.  Had no criticism of worst President in American history, Obama.

News, Monday, December 10th, 2018

Dear Reader,

We had an internet outage yesterday, and that is why I could not post the news.  However, good news!!  I will now finally be able to post the news by 6 A.M. every single day from now on, beginning tomorrow! Thank you for your patience, and please spread to family and friends.  God bless!


Hayes: Employment and the vote

Corsi sues Mueller for hundreds of millions!

Black: Mueller’s got nothing!

Sobieski: Comey lied!

Showalter: Naked Partisan, Comey’s mask comes off.

Trump: Dems unable to find collusion, now focusing on ‘private transaction’, that’s at worst ‘a civil case, like Obama’s.’.

Cleveland: 6 key takeaways from the Comey Deposition transcript.

Maior: Michael Cohen’s sentencing memorandum is a roadmap for indicting Trump.

SCOTUS gave Planned Murderhood a victory today, thanks to justices Roberts and Kavanaugh.  

Exclusive: Gohmert: Meadows would make an excellent White House chief of staff.

Hakim: Tucker is wrong on this one.

Morabito: How John Taylor Gatto helped parents and children regain our ability to think.  

Ponte: Would Democrats wreck America to win in 2020?

Jesse Lee Peterson: Oscars so gay!  Lessons from Kevin Hart!

Hundreds of allegations in fundamentalist Baptist churches in America.

McCarthy: Why Trump is likely to be indicted by Manhattan U.S. Attorney.

Trump calls hush money payments ‘private transactions’.

Watch: Students want ‘Clarence Thomas’ building renamed.  Then they are asked why.

Good Trump: U.S. ends dependence on foreign oil for first time in 75 years!!

Wall Street Ed. Board to Dems: How can you demand Trump impeachment when you defended Clinton?

Schaper: Americans, learn from the yellow jackets:  Stop running and start fighting back!

Lane: The reform the Senate needs is an end of directly electing Senators.

Greenfield: What the Facebook wars are really about.

Fawstin: Islam got your tongue?

Fontova: Refugee Women and children water cannoned to death near U.S. Border.

Skurkiss: Who is Qanon?

Lifson: California solar mandate to make housing and electricity even more expensive.

3.5 million have dropped off food stamps under Trump.

Michael Savage: Never been a friendlier president for Jewish people than Trump.

Younnokis: Desperately seeking perfection.

Canto Jr.: And now, Lopez-Obrador goes after cartels.

Lifson: As Paris burns, 50,000 rally in Rome in support of populism, defying EU mandarins.

Finch: To bow us to their desires.

Spencer: A book that changes the counter-terror paradigm.

Cook: Chivalry links George H.W. Bush’s legacy with George Washington.

Currie: How the Chinese government might use cell phones to spy on Americans.

Cost: Donald Trump and the imperial presidency.

Curtis: How Wisconsin Republicans tamed the Administrative state.

Morefield: Vox is in a tizzy over William Barr, which means he is the perfect choice.

Medvin: A birthday behind bars.

Schlichter: Vive La French Revolucion 2.0 – and our own.

Macron addresses citizens in emergency speech from Paris, announces reforms.

Comey: Collusion isn’t a crime and it’s weird the media even uses it as a term.

GRADESTRIKE: Teachers with hold grades, to protest confederate monument.

Youtube bans former CRTV host, Gavin McInnes

Martin: Iran’s continuing misinformation campaign.

War drills fill skies of Nevada with American war planes.

Brain transparency? Leading expert cautions against losing job over thoughts?

Senior Chinese Military official urges plan to attack U.S. Naval vessels.

Foolish Bernstein sez “Trump is cornered”


Bezos earns more in 30 seconds than average worker makes in a year.

Russia dispatching bombers to Venezuela.

‘We’re going to kill you’, Nicaragua’s brutal crackdown on press freedom.

Zumwalt: The great divide between Muslim, Non-muslim human rights.

Cohen: Silicon Valley morphing into morality police.

Farah: Psycho professor says God preyed on Mary.

SCOTUS expert: Politics strongly influences judges decisions.

Morally bankrupt Meryl Streep says she is scared of Trump.

Police shooting of hero with gun sparks call for national dialogue!

Swallowed up: Is Iran facing divine retribution?

Ex-Communist nation poised to revert to past.

Kittle: The Walker years, an unprecedented time of reform and taxpayer victories.

Levoritz: Borders are like boundaries.

Toplansky: White privilege and illegal immigration.

Lifson: Macron facing a crisis he created by baiting Trump.

Moran: Workers will take their case to SCOTUS to recoup dues money.

News, Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Dear reader, there are some glitches being worked out on getting the news completed by 6 A.M. PDT, daily.  Thank you again for your patience.  Have never tried to create daily news and have it done by 6 in the morning every day, 7 days a week, without being paid a cent for my efforts, but it’s totally worth it.  In the absence of reliable news, today’s American is becoming hopelessly brainwashed, and is unbelievably naive and gullible.  Thank you, have a wonderful Saturday!  Ciao!  Ryan

War in Paris!  Riots rock city!

Photos of Chaos in Paris!

Trump weighs in: End bogus Paris Accords, return money to people.

Clashes in Belgium, Netherlands too!

Rush on Presidential Palace!

Paris is burning over climate change taxes.  Is America next!?

Feds Ok’d sale of top secret satellite tech to China!

Klayman: H.W. Bush vs. the Donald.

Walter Williams: Miseducated or stupid?

Logis: Deconstructing the anti-gun cult.

Gornoski: the Russia probe is about criminalizing peace.

Kupelian: Bush 41 coverage reveals 2 faced media.

Ellis: Ayn Rand, Communism, and China.

Your time is up!  South Africa sets timeline for white farmer land grabs.  March 2019.

Trump: I’m clear, no collusion!

Unhinged O’Donnell: Trump must be impeached!

Corn: Russia scandal most consequential political scandal in American history.  It is, because the Democrats subverted an election for the first time ever.  

Newly elected Muslima Democrat: ‘I truly believe Trump is a racist’.  

Lying dimbulb Cohen: Donald Trump is a criminal enterprise.

Corrupt Garamendi: Seems like Trump will be indicted.

O’Sullivan: Teresa May’s centrist conspiracy to undermine Brexit.

GOP fails conservative voters by failing to defund Planned Murderhood.

Hayes: A survival strategy for conservatives.

Timperlake: No way out for Clinton, Inc. corruption this time.

Birdnow: The vision thing, a past president’s Achilles Heel.

Showalter: Trump gives the hook to ‘nasty, rotty’ school cafeteria food.

Ferrara: Big government overregulation threatens small business lifeblood of economy.

Read: House transcript of the interview of Crooked Comey.

McCarthy:  A home run by Trump.

Comey under fire for his crooked role in bias, hiding Clinton e-mail culpability.

Ocasio-Cortez threatens to retaliate against Trump Jr. over meme, internet explodes with ethics violation charges.

She was triggered by a meme!!

Called a B**** by conservative commentator, provoking uproar.

F*** you leakers, Google’s number one priority is to stop internal info from getting out.

Mocking her naivete and massive ignorance could backfire.

Smith: Why the Dems will not impeach Trump

Brown: I repent of my insensitivity and white privilege.

White House Press legend and 41.

U of Pittsburg cited for trying to ban Ben Shapiro talk.

On the resignation of Marianne Kearney-Brown from the Vallejo School Board

Initially, when I heard Ms. Kearney Brown was running for school board, I had mixed feelings.  She had been a good teacher of my sister, personally,  however, I saw who her major supporters were, and I wasn’t impressed.  They were socialist proponents, weed proponents, and those who really weren’t astute when it came to government.  My mistrust of them is mutual, many view me as a religious lunatic, and won’t speak to me.  So when she was appointed, sure enough, the same socially liberal policies I had expected and feared she would promote, were promoted.  Of course, the entire board is composed of Democrats of one shade or another, because apparently, Vallejo is the whore of the Democrat party, for them to use at will.  Whatever Democrat leaders in the state or nation say, Vallejo’s Democrats will whore themselves out to do it.  ‘Yes massa’, they say, and they follow the party line.


You often see members come to local meetings who represent national Democrat organizations, and this is supposed to add weight to their arguments.  In reality, it is these out of touch, out of Vallejo, state and national Democrat organizations that are destroying Vallejo.  Vallejo bent over backward to accommodate Silicon Valley and put computers in our children’s classrooms and give kids laptops.  Does Silicon Valley care our kids are among the stupidest (and I’m sorry, that’s the hard truth.  When you have 30% of your 12th graders graduating competent at the 12th grade level in math and English, your kids are the opposite of intelligent), in the nation?  No, they do not.  They only care about their profits.  Has Silicon Valley paid one cent into Vallejo?  If they have I haven’t seen it.  So, while we speak so highly of the tech titans who are robbing us blind and stealing our data, while giving us practically nothing of value at all, we have kids at Bethel being taught Andrew Carnegie committed crimes against humanity, when he paid $550,000 of his own money in 1903 to give Vallejo a library, that he never used or visited.  Yet, the thanks he gets, is teachers bad mouthing him to kids a little over a century later.  These are the kinds of shenanigans that take place under Ms. Kearney Brown, and she isn’t worried about them.  If you are a parent, and your kid stands a good chance of getting beat up or molested by kids in Vallejo schools, partially because the Vallejo schools won’t ban cell phones, which leads to vastly increased bullying and molestation, would you send your kid to Vallejo?  No sane parent would.  When kids are attacking teachers, and kids aren’t even taught history, civics, math, or English, EXACTLY WHY WOULD A PARENT SEND THEIR CHILD TO THE VALLEJO SCHOOLS?  This isn’t rocket science.


Further, most of the parents in Vallejo are conservative and don’t want their children being taught homosexuality in the schools.  But the Union just turned around and pushed John Fox who is a big proponent of SB 48, pushing the homosexual agenda in kids schools.  The parents are going to riot when they find out about how John Fox, the Stonewall club, and the unions pushed this filthy garbage on their kids.  And they should.   No parent should ever let their kid within 100 feet of a homosexual, they shouldn’t let them be taught by a homosexual, and they certainly shouldn’t ever let a homosexual run the school system.  To hell with the idea they can’t  help who they are.  They damn sure can.  They choose the filthy behavior they engage in, and they want kids in it too, as homosexuals have much higher rates of pedophilia than heterosexuals do, but don’t go to Google to find that out, because Google algorithms want your child into drugs and porn, makes them easy to control by the Masters of the Universe, who had $3 trillion poured into them by many interests hostile to the Constitution, to subvert America, and make her easy to dominate and conquer.  But, I digress.

Back to Ms. Kearney Brown, however, as I must not go too far afield, though the corruption is all connected for the reader who has the patience and determination to connect the dots.  Do not rely on the media to help you.  Their job is to deceive and enslave you, and that is why Vallejo is in such a sad state because the schools and media have been doing an excellent job of suckering Vallejo voters into supporting ideas and candidates opposed to Vallejo’s best interests.

Malcolm X said, “If you’re not careful, the newspapers… If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”.  That’s true of hellivsion, Google, the schools, and the entertainment industry too.

He also said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” And the MEDIA IS DOING THEIR JOB VERY WELL TODAY!  Dear Reader, do you realize, that by visiting this site, you are helping to dispel the lies in Vallejo, California, and America?  And since America is the leader of the free world, by visiting this site you are helping mankind all over the world.  So, it can’t be stressed enough, that the more you read and direct your friends here, the greater the chance that the corruption in Vallejo, California, and America will end, and we will have a new birth of freedom, proving that this nation, founded under God, can resist the attempts of tyrants to enslave and destroy her.


Again, back to Ms. Kearney Brown, she was very good at insisting that there be accountability and fiscal responsibility.  She was sadly and unfortunately bullied by the rest of the board, with the exception of Ruscal, for her courage in not rubber stamping public money being spent on private enterprises.  We are spending money in Vallejo on Kajukenbo, on soccer, on dancing, on the arts, on college, and on a host of other programs, when the KIDS CAN’T EVEN DO MATH, ENGLISH, HISTORY, OR CIVICS WHEN THEY GRADUATE!! What kind of sense does that make?  If parents want those other activities for their kids, they can pay for them, and if they can’t, that’s fine, imitate my parents who were too poor to pay for that stuff too.  Bring your kids to the library, fill their minds with lots of good thoughts and ideas, and one day, your child will grow up to be successful and will appreciate all you gave them. Kids don’t need money and programs, they need love and direction.  A child with money and without love is in much worse shape than a child raised with love but no money.  I agreed with her on that.  And, while Vernon Williams III is a man who I count as a friend, and one who I think possesses many qualities that many men in Vallejo would do well to emulate, I don’t agree with any private entity ever getting paid by schools for working with students.  That is the job of the schools.  If the private entity is so good, they can directly be paid by parents.  It is the job of the churches and wealthy in the community to help kids who don’t have married fathers at  home, which is the majority of the kids who have behavior and academic issues in schools.

While she was very good in that respect, in limiting the profligate spending that so many organizations in Vallejo screech and holler about, in their desires for power and money, she was not good at allowing Free Speech.  Trustees Worel, Lawson, and Ubalde all upheld free speech, when Ms. Kearney Brown twice tried to silence my criticism of homosexuality.  She  had  a bad  habit of ending discussions of ideas she didn’t particularly care for, while claiming they were out of order, but when parents viciously slandered me in public, Ms. Kearney Brown silently did  nothing and allowed it.  So we see, the rules are if you agree with her, you are doing well, but if you don’t, you are going against the rules.  Very hypocritical.  She also accused Burky Worel of calling  her an idiot, while hiding the fact and dismissively laughing off the fact that she had used vile and vulgar language that far exceeded anything Burky had said, saying profane words that rhyme with lick and duck.   The readers imagination will suffice.  How anyone can be leading kids when using that kind of language, I have no idea, and then try to lecture the audience on what they can and cannot say, is really quite ludicrous.  So, while Vallejo will miss her generosity in donating her time selflessly, and defending taxpayers against rapacious special interests, who demand taxpayer money for programs that give no clear results that improve students academic results, Vallejo will not miss her totalitarian nature, her vulgarity, and her attacks on the First Amendment, where she cooperated with an ahistorical and indoctrinated Ruscal Cayangyang. Mr. Cayangyang, continuously kept popping up like a Jack in a Box, whenever any criticism of his favored pet behavior of homosexuality came up.  He had a dizzying array of departures from the school board meeting whenever ideas he personally has been propagandized to disagree with were brought up, and insisted on continuously labeling these ideas he disagreed with as hate speech, insisting the SCOTUS was completely wrong in saying that there was no exception in the First Amendment for speech deemed to be hate speech.  This is common sense, because humans often denigrate ideas they dislike as hateful and attempt to ban it.

So, all things considered, Vallejo is better off without Marianne, though we are grateful for the good intentions she had, and service she gave.   I personally hope she continues to attend, and wish her nothing but the best.   Further, for the new board members and existing ones, along with staff of the school district, if you don’t support free speech and virtuous ideas, your day of reckoning is coming too.  We know who has been up to what.  There are many who are well known, and if you aren’t part of the solution in Vallejo, you are part of the problem.  There will be no holds barred in the near future.  I’ve personally been rather restrained in my speech, but that is going to shortly give way to speech that is going to blister and sting far worse than anything I’ve ever said before.  The First Amendment was so that charlatans and scoundrels, along with corrupt elements in society could be called out publicly, and that our communities would be preserved from tyrannical and unjust elements.  But it will only work if we have courage to speak up and not to stop until Justice rolls down like waters and righteousness as a mighty stream, so that we can say, as once was said, we are free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, We are free at last.


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