News, Friday, December 21st, 2018

Is America’s Military loyal to it’s Commander in Chief?

HUGE gop-rep-introduces-bill-to-remove-liability-protections-from-tech-giants-will-force-social-media-to-pay-for-political-discrimination

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has two cancerous growths removed from her lungs.

Record Polarization!


Senator blocks vote on EEOC commissioner with ‘Radical views on marriage’

Meet the Transformed Wife, whose ‘Working Mom’ post rocked the world.

Crowley: What the war over Obamacare is really about.

Weissberg: What makes Trump run?

Susan Collins describes harassment leading up to Kavanaugh vote.

Hakim: If Trump fails to get border funding, may God help him.

Walker: Let’s get this straight, all totalitarianism is leftism.

Donald Trump urges Mitch McConnell to use nuclear option to fund government.

Lawless judge strikes down Trump’s asylum policy.

Cleveland: The most important thing about Michael Flynn is not his guilt, but his politicized prosecution.

Triple-amputee vet’s wall fund hits $11.5 million!

NY Times: Planned Parenthood mistreats pregnant women.

Trump vows veto of wall-less spending bill.

Farah: Stand strong behind Trump on Border.

Mercer: Meet the Kushners: First Couple in Waiting.

China tests sub launched nuclear missile.

John Wayne Gacy arrested 40 years ago in killing spree that claimed 33 male victims, shocked the country.

Blue State Blues: White House Press briefings should open with a prayer.

Archibald: Mattis was no good.

Sachs: The anatomy of an American Jewish Deplorable.

Stone: Why handing out birth control will not help women manage fertility the way they want.

75% of Americans are lonely, wisdom makes it easier to deal with.

Here’s everything Trump just said in his tweetstorm about the looming government shutdown.

National Review won’t be cowed by a litigious Michael Mann.

Mexico agrees to hold asylum seekers.

Lowry: The Insufferable James Comey.

Scaramucci: There’s no reason for higher interest rates.

Blake: It’s  not populism waging a war on women, it’s liberalism.

Lifson: Trump has 3 border wall trump cards.

Sobieski: Ted Cruz is right, make El Chapo pay for the wall.

Borges-Silva: Tucker Carlson is absolutely right, illegal immigration is destroying the environment.

Ellison accuser charges liberals with hypocrisy.

District of Columbia sues Facebook over ‘privacy failures’.

Limbaugh: The giant Liberty-sucking sound from the left.

California sheriff vows to physically remove ICE from jails.

Hemingway: Trump’s Syria policy is correct, but communicated horribly.

Man charged with raping 11 year old he met on Tinder.

McLaughlin: Who do you want on your side when Trump is gone?

Bozell & Graham: Baby it’s crazy outside.

Jashinsky: Why the Tucker Carlson boycott is bad for everyone. 

Bryen: Trump declares victory in Syria too soon.

Hewitt: Trump is right about Syria.

Chaves: The Federal land grab racket.

Moran: Texas city featured in Al Gore film lost millions in green investments.

Showalter: The left thumps the Bible to promote illegal immigration.

DeAngelis: Michelle Obama’s horrifying $4,000 Balenciaga boots.

Hakim: Will SCOTUS tackle transgenderism in Masterpiece Cakeshop Part 2?

Nollet: Trump and the pocket veto.

Phelps: Google and the Red Dragon.




Book Recommendation: The 5,000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen.  Former police chief of Salt Lake City, worked for the FBI for over a decade, was warmly regarded by J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan, had 8 children, 50 grandchildren, and 120 great grandchildren, and wrote over 30 books, selling over 30 million copies.  Also great are, ‘The Naked Communist‘, ‘The Naked Socialist’, and ‘The Naked Capitalist’ Timely reads since the Democrat party platform is the same as the Communist party platform.

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