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The local newspapers, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Google, Facebook, and much of the media hate America and hate our heritage.  Every day, combined with the union controlled schools, they are lying and feeding disinformation to tens of millions of leftist drones, to keep them enslaved. Right now, the top news sites are often porn sites and sports sites, which are total distractions to the men of America from their duty.  So, please, pass this on to your friends and family.  The Butterfly Effect is powerful.  This blog of news is more informative and will teach far more in one month than all of the aforementioned news sources will in an entire year, and for some of them, like NPR and CNN, this site informs more than they will in 10 years.  California is the least educated state in America.  The way to turn that around is to get people onto news compilers that have the people’s best interests at heart, and away from the news and entertainment sources, named above, that want us all to be peons and slaves.  By sharing this with strangers, family, and friends, you have the power to change the world.   One person, by sharing the truth with 10 people, and each of them doing the same, and on and on, has the power to change the world in 10 cycles.  We don’t need to be entertainers, celebrities, politicians, millionaires or billionaires, have college degrees, or be any of the other things that popular culture tells us we must be to be successful.  No, we need only to have a heart generated by love, and a will determined to serve, as the greatest among us is he who is the greatest servant.  It is unconscionable that more people in America visit porn and sports sites than sites that promote virtue and wisdom, like this one.  Animals think with feelings, humans ought to use reason.  It is our reason that makes us divine, prosperous, and happy.  It is our bestial feelings, untamed by logic, that destroy us and make us miserable.

1 X 10 = 10

X 10 = 100

X 10 = 1,000

x 10 = 10,000

x 10 = 100,000

x 10 = 1,000,000

x 10 = 10,000,000

x 10 = 100,000,000

x 10 = 1,000,000,000

x 10 = 10,000,000,000

Since the world has 7 billion people approximately, 10 cycles is all it takes.  Not everyone will listen, and many will reject it, but that is the nature of truth.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”


“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”

Hosea 4:6

‘Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited. . . . What a Eutopia – what a Paradise would this region be!

I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world.’

John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America.


Thank you!


Dear Vallejo Readers,

The District Voting lawsuit is a total hoax.  I am sorry to see that some of our local residents have fallen for it and are fighting for it.  Every last person in Vallejo has the right to vote for who they wish, and the idea that we are going to split this city up by race to have each race elect members of it’s own race is one of the most racist ideas I’ve ever heard.  To even dream that people vote for someone just because they share their skin color is a blatant violation of the idea Martin Luther King Jr. expressed so well in his ‘I have a Dream Speech’, when he said, “Judge on character, not on color”.

Simply judge who is filing the lawsuit, a bona fide scam artist.  Who in Vallejo would want to partner with this snake on anything?

It was very encouraging to see Mayor Bob Sampayan and Council Members Sunga and Verder-Aliga oppose this strongly.  I just ran for school board and though I lost, it just shows Vallejo is not racist, as I got the lowest vote total in the school board race, and am a white, straight, male.  So, you can take that garbage Cultural Marxism and stuff it!  Vallejo has no problems with racism, Vallejo has serious issues with character and wisdom.



Have a wonderful evening!


House passes spending bill with Wall Funding.!!

$5.7 billion for no-strings-attached Border Wall Funding!

Perry: Trump ‘doesn’t blink very often’ in a fight.

Schumer: He won’t get his wall!

Pelosi: Trump doing ‘everything he can’ to get his shutdown.

Issa: Lynch’s testimony supported Trump’s case that he was justified in firing Comey.


Showalter: California takes props as least educated state and Democrats like it that way.

American population grew at slowest pace in 80 years.

Hill: President Trump will win the Shutdown Showdown.

Victor Davis Hanson: It was always about the Wall.

Christian called before ‘Tribunal’ over flyers over transgender candidate.

‘It’s Allah’s will’, Scandinavian women decapitated on video.

Maitra: Now that the Russian Collusion narrative is deflating, the left is shifting goalposts.

Greenfield: Was the Russian Conspiracy Hillary’s doomsday scenario?

Walsh: The Most hypocritical organization on earth.

Marlow: The anti-establishment movement in America and around the world can be traced to Andrew Breitbart.

Folks: Why we’re divided.

Mattis out in February.

Dogan: Campaign to end classroom indoctrination gets a boost from new website.

Street: A warning from Xi Jinping.

Lippincot: Steele-ling an election.

Cutler: Trump’s battle for a border wall.

Schwitzer: Marching to the leftist drummer.

Trump to fight swamp spending bill.

Vet raises over $4 million for wall in 3 days.

Prager: Google is ‘full of crap, they lie because they can get away with it’.

Stay in Syria.

Boy dances at gay bar: This really is child abuse.

Muslim Taxi driver threatens to rape converts to Christianity.

A call to pray for President Trump.

Farah: How Jesus changed the world forever.

Herland: The elites hate the Baby Jesus’ guts.

18 most mortifying media moments of 2018.

Utah number one state in nation for growth.

WH’s Stephen Miller gets heated discussing potential government shutdown over border security.

Google’s Earth: How the Tech Giant is helping the state spy on us.

Buchanan: Will Trump hold firm on Syria pullout?

Harsanyi: The state of Colorado is still trying to destroy Jack Phillips. 

Black: The Fight for life will continue no matter what happens in D.C.

Alabama police blame Satan for increase in homicides.

Elder: Gov. Moonbeam’s warning to fellow Democrats.

Coulter: Gutless President in Wall Less country

Cashill: Where the Vichy Weekly Standard went wrong.

Jerome Corsi tells Senate intel to take a hike.

Report: Dems used Russian tactics against Judge Roy Moore.

Now media claim Trump jealous about Jesus.

Blackwell: Congress must follow President Trump’s lead to reduce recidivism and build safer communities.

Gensert: Sullivan’s travails.

Rush: It’s time to move against Facebook and Google.

DHS to return illegal aliens to Mexico in effort to end catch and release.

POTUS blames Republican leadership for failed promises.

Henry: CNN journalism award winner exposed as massive fraud.

U.S. Postal service allegedly cancelled Christmas stamps for being too religious.

Regan: Trump’s troop pullout from Syria is a bad idea.

Nolte: The year CNN’s Chris Cuomo embraced violence and blacklists.

Gun rights supporters outraged over Donald Trump’s bump stock ban.

Trump admin tightens food stamp work waivers.

See list of advertisers boycotting Tucker Carlson.

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