Women in leadership

Article from Jew Drudge Report today. From CNN. Anything CNN, FOX, or the rest of television releases, you need to do serious research on, as 90+ is propaganda. They omit and distort truth, and lie ceaselessly.

Women in leadership is very dangerous, as it is easy to deceive them, just as Eve was deceived in the garden. They will fight for power too, as it was prophesied after the Garden of Eden debacle.

They were the last creation, the most beautiful, but they were created to be a helpmate, not a guide and leader. Wise women acknowledge this, foolish women fight it.

Biblical churches do not allow women to speak in formal public meetings, i.e. Bible classes and Worships, with men present unless it is to ask prayer requests or to sing.


The war between good and evil continues in Sacramento.

The war between good and evil continues in Sacramento.

Video included at bottom.

I spoke for about four minutes, laying out the facts; HT follower Scottie spoke for 10 seconds and said, “F the Jews and F the N****rs.”. He was immediately cut off. Accomplished nothing harmed the cause much—an optics nightmare.

2-hour 13-minute mark: my first comments.

Notice in my remark, the transgender Antifa member, Samuel, in the green cap, at the bottom of the screen, directly to the left of the timer, gesturing to the Mayor to silence my speech, and the Mayor, to his credit, answers to the TRANSGENDER, “but he hasn’t said anything offensive.” Who elected this transgender to police speech in Sacramento? It doesn’t matter if the transgender was elected; free speech isn’t subject to politicians, votes, judges, or juries.

2-hour 40-minute mark, the three Antifa screaming banshees begin, Samuel, a transgender, not sure of birth sex, the ringleader, N, and O. So brave, they wear masks and go by letters. They likely haven’t worked a 40-hour-a-week job in their lives. These three have terrorized the Sacramento City Council meeting for the past four months. They can’t seem to contain their remarks into 2 minutes, though they’ve had four months to practice. They will aggressively exceed their limits, and the Mayor and City council tolerate it. They are also allowed to interrupt speakers. If Sacramento had a competent mayor and city council, these three ignorant loudmouths would have been tossed the first meeting they tried pulling their stunts. Instead, they are still going strong, with no end in sight.

At the 2 hour and fifty-minute mark, I began my remarks. The mayor hypocritically allows Antifa speakers to speak over their time and cuts me off when I start targeting their bogus “anti-semitism campaign. Notice how he will enable the audience to freely interrupt.  

At the 2-hour 52-minute mark, HT admirer Scottie, trying to wittingly or unwittingly single-handedly hijack and sabotage the movement, calls in with these observations right after me!

What is the wisdom he has to offer Sacramento?

“F*** the N*****rs,” and “F*** The Jews”

Notice I received 99% of my time; he was cut off in 10 seconds and convinced no one of anything.

This is the contrast between HT’s tactics and mine. This is why Jewish bankers love HT and his followers.

We need wise and virtuous men to speak up in this meeting and meetings all over America. We cannot sit here silently and allow evil to run roughshod all over America.

People will post all day on Gab, but when a city Council meeting comes up, they are too busy to speak out in a place where it really matters. Gab is like the practice field; the City Council and school board meetings are the actual battle. Whatever you believe so strongly on Gab, you need to be able to publicly say it, or you are wasting your time on here.


Rothschilds Owe Humanity Trillions in Reparations


(Jacob Rothschild, right, with his chief go-fer George Soros) Reparations to the descendantsof black slaves 


the real debt 

the Rothschilds 

owe to humanity.  The Rothschilds may discharge this debt by forgiving all “debt” due to money creation and relinquishing ownership of central banks to national governments. This is letting them off easy, but the return to national sovereignty, personal freedom, and truth is worth the price.  Updated from March 15, 2021
by Henry Makow PhDA Tentative Invoice The Covid Scam  – 10 Trillion 
World War Two – Ten trillion (includes Dresden, Hamburg and Jewish holocaust) World War One – Five Trillion
Destroying the Catholic Church and Christianity – Three trillionRemoving God from social consciousness and public discourse – Five trillionDestroying millions of lives through feminism (marriage and family destruction)  – Three trillion
The war on masculinity and femininity has damaged heterosexuals and robbed the world of masculine virtue and feminine charm. One trillion.
Mass murders by Bolsheviks and Chinese Communists – Five trillion 
General depredations of Communism – One trillion
The Cold War and other wars of the twentieth century – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Libya   –  Five trillion 
The Great Depression, the Credit Crunch, and the #scamdeminc of 2020 —  Five Trillion
The assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK, and 9-11  – Two trillion

Wars previous to the twentieth century- i.e. US Civil War, etc. Two trillion 

Attempt to start a race war in America –  300 Billion

Destruction of the democratic process, journalism, education, and the arts –  five trillion 

Damage to national cultures and identities caused by multi-culturalism and illegal migration  — One trillion 

The Rothschilds will finance and distribute ten honest movies about Communist subversion and espionage in America, 

as well as ten movies extolling American patriots like Louis McFadden, Charles Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, and Henry Ford.

Airports and public places named after Illuminati traitors like G.H.W. Bush will be renamed.   

The Rothschilds may discharge this debt by forgiving all “debt” due to money creation and relinquishing ownership of central banks to national governments. This is letting them off easy, but the return to national sovereignty, personal freedom, and truth is worth the price.


A foolish woman

A foolish woman tears her home down. How? By being contentious, quarrelsome, loud, stubborn, lazy, led by emotions and feelings, spendthrift, easily offended, controlling, manipulative, discontent, unkind, selfish, and walks in the flesh. 

A wise woman builds her home up. How? By living in submission to her husband with a meek and quiet spirit, accepts him as he is, led by Truth, pours love and grace upon him, not easily offended, renews mind with truth daily, takes every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, works hard in the home, lives simply, content, kind, sacrificial, and walks in the Spirit. 

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” (Pr. 14:1)


Response to a Catholic adherent

Her original post:

Mr. Messano,

Good Morning. “Water baptism is necessary for Salvation. It really is as simple as that”

Yes, an infant without the use of reason cannot consent to Baptism. That is where The Catholic Church requires the parents, to have a godparent to consent for the child during the ceremony.

When you get the chance read (John 3:5). Infants who die without the Sacrament of Baptism will go to hellfire. 

That is why the sin of abortion is so evil, and those who steal the Kingdom of heaven from infants through contraceptive pills, abortion, natural family planning (NFP), etc. will be severely punished on the day of judgement. God’s word is final.

The Catholic Church teaches dogmatically that the state of virginity or celibacy is a superior state to marriage. This dogma of the Catholic Church comes from the Bible (Matthew. 19:11; 1 Cor. 7:25)

The Most Holy Trinity doctrine is so scriptural, read (John 1:5). 

Also, we fast on Friday and other ember days to share in the sorrowful passion of our Lord’s death on the Cross, and remind ourselves of the need to mortify the flesh.

So once again, no matter what issue you want to turn to – whether it’s the Papacy (Mt. 16:18-20; Jn. 21:15-17) or the Eucharist (Jn. 6:54) or Confession (Jn. 20:23) or the necessity of Baptism (Jn. 3:5) or the necessity of faith with works (James 2:24) or celibacy (Mt. 19:11; 1 Cor. 7) or something else – it’s the Catholic Church which has the true Biblical teaching and the Protestants who do not.

You should get rid of your King James Version of the Bible, it contains heretical texts and can be misleading. The Douay Rheims Bible is the closest English translation that I can recommend. 

Yes, blessed are the pure in spirit for they shall see God. But our Sovereign God has His laws and precepts laid down for us in His Traditional Catholic Church. Our Lord is explicit when He said, If you love me, keep the commandments. 

He is the one that gives us the grace to come to Him. But we have to have humility. If we are proud and want to understand things that is above our human intellect, then God cannot reveal Himself to us.

We also must pray, do penance, and study the Catholic Faith (The Catechism), for that is how God sees if we are genuinely seeking Him out or just pretending.

No, we have thousands of false churches today because, The Holy Ghost cannot contradict Himself. God founded one church which is, His Mystical Body The Catholic Church, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation for anyone.

One man with The Catholic God is majority. 

The Faith of our founding fathers is definitely not Christianity. Myron Fagan pointed this out in his speech.

Those who wrote the constitution intentionally omitted God. Those who founded this nation were atheistic in thinking, satanist, illuminati, freemasons, etc and have no regard for our Sovereign God, as the leader of this nation.


My response

Dear Ana,

@jacintawazi @DeltaLima @ForwardIntoHistory

To be baptized, you must have sinned; to have sinned, you must be accountable; babies aren’t accountable.

Original sin is a heresy. No one is responsible for anyone’s sins but their own.

It is ludicrous to think a child who dies without baptism is going to hell.

You condemn a child to hell when nowhere in the New Testament was infant baptism taught. You know the doctrines of men, but you don’t know the Commandments of God; you are like the Pharisees.

Abortion, porn, homosexuality, masturbation, and birth control are all evil and wicked sins.

Paul did say that celibacy was superior to marriage because a person had more time to devote to God, but bishops are commanded to marry and be the husband of one wife in Timothy. The Catholic Church has been violating this for centuries.

Trinity isn’t scriptural at all. The entire purpose of communication is for one entity to communicate ideas to another entity. If it’s the same entity, no communication is necessary. To say that God spoke to Christ, and Christ prayed to God, and they are the same entity, is ludicrous. It’s also absurd that this doctrinal difference has separated millions of Christians when it has so little to do with salvation.

1 Timothy 4:3

[3] Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

Here Paul denounces the Catholic doctrines of forbidding marriage and commanding to abstain from meats.

Matthew 16:16-18 does not uphold the papacy; it’s simply stating Christ’s church will not be prevailed against. He also says where two or three are gathered in my name; there am I in the midst of them. The idea you need to go to an ornate building which is part of a billion-dollar church is not only not in scripture; it’s expressly condemned by the scriptures.

Acts 17: 24] God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;

As for the Eucharist, if you obey God and refuse to obey a corrupt Catholic Church with a heathen pope, choosing not to attend mass and take their perverse Eucharist, you will be going to heaven.

The Rothschilds have infiltrated Catholic Church for at least the past 400 years., Luther was right in condemning the indulgences. He was also right that scripture is our authority, not any fallible man. On Judgement Day, you’ll be judged by your obedience to the Bible, not on your obedience to any Pope or priest. As a matter of fact, if you follow any false prophets, and the Catholic Church is full of them, you’ll be sent to hell.

You were told twice in scripture, in 1 Timothy 2:9-15 and in I Corinthians 14:34-35 not to teach men in the churches. That extends to the public square. Women are to teach other women and children, not men.

Confession is scriptural, but it isn’t to any Priest. It’s to those we have offended; it’s to the public if it was a public sin, or it’s to a trusted person if you are trying to conquer a sin and need help. (1 John 1:9, James 5:16)

Baptism for salvation certainly is necessary, but Acts 2:38 says it’s part of repentance, which rules out children being baptized as they lack the ability to understand repentance or to actually engage in repentance. Acts 8:12 shows men and women being baptized, and we never see a single example of a child being baptized in the entire New Testament. We learn from scripture in three ways. Direct command, example, and necessary inference. There is no direct command for children to be baptized, there is no example of it, and the only necessary inference is that child baptism is not scriptural.

Faith with works is necessary, but works alone will not save; neither will faith without works.

Anyone who isn’t married ought to live celibately. Confining sex to heterosexual marriage alone is biblical.

You do not understand the corruption which has been in your church for centuries. But corruption is in all mankind, so you can find corrupt Protestant churches too.

The KJV has stood the test of time; it has refuted all attacks.


None of the texts are heretical, it was based on 5,000 manuscripts which agree 90%, and the 10% they don’t agree on are spelling errors and aren’t doctrinal issues. It has the most ancient manuscript evidence of any ancient document in human history. The translators were inspired men, many with commands of dozens of languages.

Your current Catholic Church is doomed to hell. Ornate and ostentatious buildings, a corrupt priesthood, Billions of dollars in money, but spiritually impoverished. The only thing worse than Catholicism is Talmudic Jewry and Islam.

Yes, you need humility to stop trying to teach men first of all, and to stop being deceived like Eve, secondly. Satan went after women because they are easily manipulated. You are impressed with power, pomp, and ceremony. That’s why you are Catholic and can ignore the glaring contradictions.

Catechism and Rosary save no one; God wants sincere obedience and repentance.

God did found One church, and you’ll know it by its obedience to His word, which the Catholic faith has far too many contradictions to take seriously.

Spiritual pride was the besetting sin of the Pharisee, and it’s the besetting sin of many Catholics and Protestants. You believe you are superior for being a member of an organization, not understanding God doesn’t care about numbers or power. He expressly says few will go to heaven, which doesn’t apply to the morally bankrupt Catholic Church.

No, God doesn’t need the corrupt Catholic Church to carry out his will. He has always worked with men outside of organizations. Abraham, Moses, David, and Daniel are a few examples. Women are very relationship-oriented, so you don’t understand this concept well. Relationships are lovely when they are those family-based relationships that God designed, but when rulers and churches are perverted, women’s relationships frequently get perverted too. You are led by your feelings, not facts. That is why Satan went after Eve in the garden, ignoring Adam. Men are far more capable of critical thinking and reasoning, areas where women are notoriously weak.

America’s Founders were definitely Christian; Myron Fagan is mistaken in that aspect. Read primary sources. Ben Franklin’s autobiography shows he wasn’t a Christian but had a very high regard for it. Every single Founder was affiliated with a Christian church, and a few were Catholics; Charles Carroll was one. I’m 99% sure you never read three biographies of the Founders, so you’d do well to not speak on matters you have little comprehension of. Our nation is awash in brainwashing due to internet propaganda spread with videos to naive types who never read deeply into history and think internet videos have everything we need to know about history. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They did not intentionally omit God; they told you in the Declaration of Independence that laws come from nature and nature’s God. Since they quoted the Bible the most, there is no mystery about what God they spoke of.

Thankfully, 90% plus were Protestant, and they recognized the many devices of the Catholic Church to try to seize power and defeated most of them. Separation of Church and state is a myth, as it’s nowhere in the Constitution. Interestingly, it’s based on a letter from Thomas Jefferson responding to the Danbury Baptists, who were fearful of the religious wars that occurred in Europe between Catholics and Protestants, the natural result of the spiritual pride you have, as pride leads to contention and strife. Jefferson responded that we have freedom OF religion, not FROM religion. He stated that the government had no right to impose its religion upon any people, a mistake the Catholic Church has been committing for centuries. Christianity was to be given to men by persuading and convincing them, not by coercing them. To be fair, the early adventurers like Cortez and Junipero Serra were well within their rights to use force to resist barbaric and savage natives, but the European wars where Catholics and Protestants slaughtered each other wantonly were totally unnecessary, the result of a Catholic Church trying to retain power by force.

You evidently don’t understand plain English, as the Founders are on the record many times praising the Christianity the majority of them obeyed and practiced.


Barton is admittedly a Zionist, but he’s an astute student of early American history.

“The Light and the Glory” is a marvelous book on the Christian underpinnings of the foundation of America.


Your concept of American history obviously was shaped for you by the internet, and you have never obviously done serious research into American history by deeply reading into it. When you are asked to prove your beliefs on history, and all you have are internet videos, that’s a sign you are probably deceived.

The Beloved Roald Dahl and his marvelous books.

As a boy I LOVED all of Roald Dahl’s books. They brought me laughter and peace growing up in the most diverse city in America, Vallejo, CA.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the GLORIOUS “Danny, the Champion of the World,” “The BFG,” “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator,” “Matilda,” “The Witches,” and the deliriously funny, “Boy” chronicling Dahl’s whimsical childhood, though his father died when he was young and his mother had to raise six children on her own.

I laughter until I cried last night, re-reading “Boy”. I had forgotten how it was to laugh so hard.

And, please sit down in your seats, Dahl understood Jew bankers!!! Can it get any better!!!??

His poor family was bullied into apologizing for the truths that Dahl told.

Every child should have the enchanting experience of reading Dahl’s books.

Jews created communist China.


Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who make South Park, are JEWS.

Jews created communist China.

The Forward is a Jewish newspaper, and they tell you Jews were behind the communist Revolution in China.


Jews created communist China.

Jewish Bolshevik Russia took money and supplies from America, and provided it to China.