The war between good and evil continues in Sacramento.

The war between good and evil continues in Sacramento.

Video included at bottom.

I spoke for about four minutes, laying out the facts; HT follower Scottie spoke for 10 seconds and said, “F the Jews and F the N****rs.”. He was immediately cut off. Accomplished nothing harmed the cause much—an optics nightmare.

2-hour 13-minute mark: my first comments.

Notice in my remark, the transgender Antifa member, Samuel, in the green cap, at the bottom of the screen, directly to the left of the timer, gesturing to the Mayor to silence my speech, and the Mayor, to his credit, answers to the TRANSGENDER, “but he hasn’t said anything offensive.” Who elected this transgender to police speech in Sacramento? It doesn’t matter if the transgender was elected; free speech isn’t subject to politicians, votes, judges, or juries.

2-hour 40-minute mark, the three Antifa screaming banshees begin, Samuel, a transgender, not sure of birth sex, the ringleader, N, and O. So brave, they wear masks and go by letters. They likely haven’t worked a 40-hour-a-week job in their lives. These three have terrorized the Sacramento City Council meeting for the past four months. They can’t seem to contain their remarks into 2 minutes, though they’ve had four months to practice. They will aggressively exceed their limits, and the Mayor and City council tolerate it. They are also allowed to interrupt speakers. If Sacramento had a competent mayor and city council, these three ignorant loudmouths would have been tossed the first meeting they tried pulling their stunts. Instead, they are still going strong, with no end in sight.

At the 2 hour and fifty-minute mark, I began my remarks. The mayor hypocritically allows Antifa speakers to speak over their time and cuts me off when I start targeting their bogus “anti-semitism campaign. Notice how he will enable the audience to freely interrupt.  

At the 2-hour 52-minute mark, HT admirer Scottie, trying to wittingly or unwittingly single-handedly hijack and sabotage the movement, calls in with these observations right after me!

What is the wisdom he has to offer Sacramento?

“F*** the N*****rs,” and “F*** The Jews”

Notice I received 99% of my time; he was cut off in 10 seconds and convinced no one of anything.

This is the contrast between HT’s tactics and mine. This is why Jewish bankers love HT and his followers.

We need wise and virtuous men to speak up in this meeting and meetings all over America. We cannot sit here silently and allow evil to run roughshod all over America.

People will post all day on Gab, but when a city Council meeting comes up, they are too busy to speak out in a place where it really matters. Gab is like the practice field; the City Council and school board meetings are the actual battle. Whatever you believe so strongly on Gab, you need to be able to publicly say it, or you are wasting your time on here.

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