The Beloved Roald Dahl and his marvelous books.

As a boy I LOVED all of Roald Dahl’s books. They brought me laughter and peace growing up in the most diverse city in America, Vallejo, CA.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the GLORIOUS “Danny, the Champion of the World,” “The BFG,” “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator,” “Matilda,” “The Witches,” and the deliriously funny, “Boy” chronicling Dahl’s whimsical childhood, though his father died when he was young and his mother had to raise six children on her own.

I laughter until I cried last night, re-reading “Boy”. I had forgotten how it was to laugh so hard.

And, please sit down in your seats, Dahl understood Jew bankers!!! Can it get any better!!!??

His poor family was bullied into apologizing for the truths that Dahl told.

Every child should have the enchanting experience of reading Dahl’s books.

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