Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

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Florida Governor Candidate DeSantis: Civics ignorance led to Ocasio-Cortez win.

Federer: Booker T. Washington: Advice for everyone.

Top ten cities for homelessness in America, all run by Democrats.

Massie: No group more evil: White Progressives.

Victor Davis Hanson: Origins of our second Civil War.

Chalk: Don’t let your kids waste their summers and lives on video games, like I did.

Analysis: Here are the stunning tax hikes required to pay for single payer healthcare’s $32.6 trillion price tag.

Wildfires barrel toward California lake towns.

Threaten 10,000 homes.

Firefighters battling fatigue.

Record breaking heat brings unprecedented destruction.

Video shows massive fire cloud.

Fifty Years on, warnings on contraception have been proven correct.

Marcus: All hands on deck for Operation midterm.

Solway: Is there a cure for the modern university?

Rail: Doing what we must.

Watch: Armed man tells cops to ‘leave me alone’ before being fatally shot.

Raleigh: China’s latest vaccine scandal illustrates the dangers of socialized medicine.

Lowry: The battle over socialism is joined.

Buchanan: Will America again see secession?

Dr. Vliet: SCOTUS, the Constitution, and your health

Dunaway: Goals of socialism, Christianity, irreconcilable.

Margolis: The left is working overtime to normalize fascism.

Media workforce down 23% in last decade.

Smith: Poor Facebook.

RIP Ron Dellums: Anti-American, Pro-Communist to the end.

Ahistorical Lebron sez ‘ feels like we are going back to slavery or Jim Crow’.  Funny how that works when you are making hundreds of millions, and no one in slavery or Jim Crow ever had your riches. 

Ebenhack: Trump vs. The NY Times.

Patriotism: The secret of Trump’s success.

Levin: Interrupt Obama and reporters are racist, interrupt Trump and they’re heroes.

Reprobate Durbin calls on Nielsen to resign over immigrant separations. 

House prepared to hold Rosenstein in contempt.

Giuliani: It’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up.

FBI still has relationship with discredited SPLC.

Cooke: The unserious face of an unserious movement. 

Whatever happened to Obama’s ‘unmasking probe’?

Hollywood star to Joy Behar: Move to a socialist country.

Coulter: Trump’s numbers through the roof if he does just one thing.

Texas: Muslim immigrant kills Christian son-in-law.

New video game: Shoot the unborn baby.

DOJ deal to post 3D printer gun plans online in crosshairs.

Prager: Why millennials don’t have hobbies.

Moore: Trump’s trade triumph.

Tomczak: 4 things Spurgeon would have said in a podcast.

DeSanctis: Progressive reactions to the religious liberty task force: Prove we need it.

N. California wildfire 9th most destructive ever.

Jackson: Black professor projects  her own racism onto Trumpsters.

Shapiro: Boys and girls are different, let’s celebrate that.

Crypto ‘Assassination’ market let’s users bet on whether or not Trump will be killed.

The rise and fall of Paul Manafort.

Ninth circuit: Trump supporters brutalized by liberal mob, can still sue San Jose police department.

McAleer: Michael Moore and his ever changing lies.

Kataline: Donald Trump is dragging kicking and screaming down the road to prosperity and peace.

Root: Everyone hates Trump.

Thomas: What’s not to like about Trump’s policies.

Trump taunts fake news, when I’m gone, you’re ratings will crash.

Andrea Mitchell compares Trump to Josef Stalin, calls his attacks on press ‘very dangerous’.

Lebron: Trump using sports to divide us, I would never sit across from him.

Minneapolis police under fire for fatal shooting of black man; new report reveals suspect fired at officers.

Woman discovers husband renewed porn subscription, then she gets her gun.

It’s war, Trump slams ‘total joke’ Koch brothers, mocks them as ‘overrated’.

China’s Latest Vaccine Scandal Illustrates The Dangers Of Socialized Medicine

Konrad: The return of the Valkyrie.

Chantrill: The enlightened superstitions of Stephen Pinker.

McCarthy: Alysin Camerota is from Mars, Rudy Giuliani is from earth.

Rail: The ever receding Socialist Paradise.

Hakim: Off with their security clearances.

McSwain: The latest concept liberals don’t get.

Monday, July 30th, 2018

NY Slimes publisher complains to Trump about ‘potential’ violence against journalists – ignores over 500 violent attacks on Trump supporters.

NY Slimes millennial publisher, whines ‘Stop calling us fake news’.

Imani: Robert Spencer’s ‘History of Jihad’ opens eyes.

Moran: The collective American media are mentally ill.

Perkins: The FBI, Hillary’s computers, and the Russians.

Vicious War on freedom loving media gets hot.

Federer: How persecution led to religious freedom.

James Dobson warns Christians to vote – or lose freedoms.

Schaper: Trump will continue to prove the president wrong, here’s why.

Hawkins: 5 reasons why Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential nominee in American history.

Nunes: American people ‘will be shocked’ when they read redacted portion of FISA application.

Knight: On the run at  UVa

Trump’s fight against deranged lamestream media intensifies.

Pompeo: U.S. will oppose China’s play for regional dominance.

Feinstein, other Senate Dems have plan on Brett Kavanaugh, stall.

Dem race baiters fraud Blumenthal: ‘Americans should be really angry’ about Trump’s ‘consciously and purposefully inflicted cruelty’ on immigrants.

Krumholz: The Facts behind the Trump Tower meeting are incriminating, but not for Trump.

Schlichter: Millennial Socialism: Stupid, evil, or both.

Adler: De Leon’s nightmare tax program for the wealthy.

Morefield: Pastor Robert Jeffress, Christians, and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, Reality Vs. Rhetoric.

Nazaryan: Fantasyland.

Murray: the Savagery of Isis.

Geraghty: The liberal faith in the inevitability of impeachment.

Watch: Cory Booker’s split personality.

Lifson: Iranian economy collapsing

Cost: Why a Democratic wave in November looks likely.

Armstrong: The SCOTUS is destroying national unity.

McKinley: Twitter banned me for ‘hate speech’ when I opposed trans troops, honor killings.

Braunstein: Lawyers seven miscarriages lead to infertility memoir everyone needs to read.

Calder: Women are worse off in ‘democrat socialist countries’.

Dems plan to crack down on big tech.

Trump demands funding to build the wall faster.

Ginsburg, one of the worst SCOTUS justices in history, suggests she will clog up SCOTUS for five more years.

Study: Medicare for all projected to cost $32.6 trillion.

MSNBC legal expert: Cohen flipping puts Trump one witness away from catastrophe.

Justice Department creates religious liberty task force.

Ledeen: Why the CNN reporter ban doesn’t bother me.

Illegal aliens in court over bad burritos, cold soup.

Feds: New rules needed for Jetson’s like flying cars.

D’Souza’s new film claims Democrats once too racist for Nazi’s.

Joondeph: Michael Cohen already exonerated Trump.

Blackwell: Unleashing America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Thau: Once upon a time, small business made America great.

Peterson: The Republican party, not much of a horse, but the only one in the corral. 

Bargo Jr.: How Mitch McConnell stole the 2016 congressional elections.

Showalter: Greece’s fire disaster another gift of socialism.

Straker: NH working hard to make state less white.

Club for growth targets female voters in McCaskill race.

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Federer: Why the French thought 19th century America was great.

James Dobson warns Christians to vote or lose freedoms!!

Hawkins: 5 reasons why Hillary Clinton was the worst Presidential nominee in history.

6 reasons why Barack Obama was the worst President in history.

Hawkins: The 10 most destructive Americans of my 8 decades!

Barone: Is America’s Birth rate about to start booming?

Jesse Lee Peterson: Abortion is destroying blacks – and all Americans!

Trump lashes out at Mueller for his nasty business relationship!  Mueller is illegitimate and has no business investigating Trump.  He is a weapon of the corrupt Dems and RINO’s to overturn the will of the people.  His appointment was treason.

37 year old Millennial/ Publisher heir/editor of the New York Slimes feels Trump’s criticism of the lamestream media is ‘divisive’ and ‘dangerous’.  Can’t understand the unhinged media is lying by both omission and commission, and that Free Speech was never designed for the ahistorical and corrupt press to spread their fairytales and whip up the American population, as they are currently doing with gullible and naïve Americans.

Update: NY Slimes editor is part of the Dumbest Generation.  Must read book!

Maxine Waters sadly is delusional: Claims she has been sent by God to get Trump.  God doesn’t send anyone who approves of homosexuality, Islam, and abortion.  But that doesn’t bother Maxine, she’s worshiping the other God: Satan.  She is right that Satan has sent her to get Trump.  Will she succeed?

Showalter: Meanwhile, the Chinese think Trump is a genius.

Jordan: We will actually call the vote for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein.

Italy’s Salvini wants more babies fewer migrants.  ‘A country which does not create children is destined to die.’

Nunes: FBI & DOJ stalling hoping the GOP will lose House in 2018.

Lifson: Misreporting the rise in homicides.

Norris: Has the First Amendment been abolished?

Chumley: The good, the bad, and the sad reality of the U.S. push for religious freedom.

Feldman: Old prosecutors speaking frankly.

Federer: Civil Rights, A century-long fight with Democrats.

Farah: Help us fight back against the Google-Facebook machine.

Filmmaker blasts ‘Gangster-ization’ of Democrat party.

McMillan: What on earth have the Democrats become?

Trump: ‘I will shut down government over wall funding’. 

Maxine….’He’s bluffing and bullying’.

GOP lawmaker wants answers on FBI’s SPLC ties.

Walker: Lawless Washington.

Massage Parlor Prostitution on the rise.

Christian pastor slams NAACP for supporting ‘black genocide’ of abortion.

Tucker Carlson reports the FBI collaborates with the Communist SPLC.

Wood: Undue Deference.

Media’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ endangering lives, President says.

Hunter: Democrats embracing crazy could be a gift to GOP.

Bialosky: Russia phobia hides our biggest adversary – China.

Sigler: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of education.

Whistleblower: Denver VA office didn’t do work for….an entire year!

Devin Nunes looking for legal remedies against Twitter for shadow banning.

Hennessey: Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved.

Scotto: Defining modern liberalism.

Schwimmer: How leftist slogans might mean GOP court packing.

Judges banish anything that might resemble prayer.

Sunday Schadenfreude: Seems working for Socialist Comrade de Blasio isn’t much fun for an SJW.

Churches may have to pay taxes, and members of Congress may pay politically.

Bernstein: CNN is to Trump what Washington Compost was to Nixon.

NY Slimes publisher effrontery: Sez he told Trump his criticism of the press is ‘increasingly dangerous’.  What’s dangerous is how the lying and delusional press keeps whipping up the masses with skewed identity politics and deceitful lies.

Mike Pence on banning reporter: ‘We are maintaining due decorum’.

Licentious Amsterdam a lawless jungle.

Simon: Voting early, but not often in Nashville

Abolishing ICE just might be the dumbest Democrat idea yet.

Jacob: Trump’s secret identity.

In their own words, suicide bombers justify blowing up kids.

Austin considering name change due to slave holding past.  Interesting those agitating the loudest for changing statues and names due to slavery have the least comprehension of the Civil War and world history on slavery, and the greatest comprehension of present day pop culture. 

22 illegal aliens arrested in identity fraud scheme, stealing thousands in taxpayer money.

This day in liberal judicial activism: July 29th.  The corrupt dimwit Breyer is confirmed to SCOTUS.  His views are nearly guaranteed to be wrong on any given subject, yet he pontificates as if he’s a veritable Oracle at Delphi.  The most infuriating paradigm.  A total waste of a SCOTUS seat.

Payne: Six miscarriages of injustice in Winona, Miss.

McCarthy: My Collusion Confusion.

Trump warns of rocky September: Willing to shut down government over border security.

He slept with a married woman, now a judge says, pay the jilted husband $8.8 million.

Precinct Data: Rich white neighborhoods voted Democrat in 2016.

Bill would lift secrecy on ‘Stingrays’.  Cell phone tower imitators used by law enforcement to intercept data.

Deluded and corrupt Eric Holder announces he is interested in being President.

Dougherty: Doom and the dismal science.

Arkansas woman accused of killing husband in disagreement over porn.

Moran: What do ‘real socialists’ think of democrat socialists?

Lifson: You’ll never believe the latest argument against Brexit from the EU.

Soros just quadrupled lobbying expenditures.

Moran: Therapists report widespread cases of ‘Trump anxiety disorder’.

Cohen: The irony of the plastic straw ban.

Man who defecated on high school track plans to sue cops.

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

President Trump declares National Emergency for California Wild Fires.

1,400 years of uninterrupted conflict laid on Islam’s door.

Lewis: The Dangers of worshiping Science.

Klayman: Mr. President, tell Rosenstein, ‘You’re fired’!

Master: Media cartel’s economy reporting, Silly & Stupid.

FB troubles grow, facing lawsuits in the billions.

LGBT legal group: No lawyer should help conservatives.

Dershowitz: Release of Cohen tape undermines trust in legal system.

Friday, July 27th, 2018

My name is Ryan Messano, and my number is (707) 580-1849.  I’m happy to assist anyone looking for more information on conservative, Christian, Constitutional causes.  Thank you kindly for reading, have a great weekend! 

President Harry S Truman spoke at the laying of the cornerstone of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., April 3, 1951: “Without a firm moral foundation, freedom degenerates quickly into selfishness and license. Unless men exercise their freedom in a just and honest way, within moral restraints, a free society can degenerate into anarchy. Then there will be freedom only for the rapacious and those who are stronger and more unscrupulous than the rank and file of the people. … The international Communist movement is based on a fierce and terrible fanaticism. It denies the existence of God and, wherever it can, it stamps out the worship of God. Our religious faith gives us the answer to the false beliefs of Communism. Our faith shows us the way to create a society where man can find his greatest happiness under God. Surely, we can follow that faith with the same devotion and determination the Communists give to their godless creed. … Every day our newspapers tell us about the fighting in Korea. Our men there are making heroic sacrifices. They are fighting and suffering in an effort to prevent the tide of aggression from sweeping across the world. … Our young men are offering their lives for us in the hills of Korea – and yet too many of us are chiefly concerned over whether or not we can buy a television set next week. … This is a failure to understand the moral principles upon which our Nation is founded.”

Federer: The Forgotten War and why we fought it.

Walsh: Young people flock to Socialism because they  have been badly parented and badly educated.

Delingpole: Free speech is  under attack by Silicon Valley, and only one man can save it.

D’Souza: The Lincoln Model: How Trump can shut down the Democrat Plantation.

Marshall: The Trump-Russia collusion: The new ‘Climate Change’.

Payton: How Athens rebuilt itself only to be defeated by a foreign power

Fiene: If you don’t know enough about politics, don’t tweet or vote.

GOP Rep. Gaetz rips House Republican leadership for opposition to Rosenstein impeachment – ‘Not very bold people’.

Shock Video: Brawl breaks out at Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd – Youth Pastor assaulted/robbed for wearing MAGA gear!

Mob attacks cameraman filming fight!

Twitter drops 18% in morning trading.

Judge forces high schoolers to share showers with opposite sex.

Marcus: The American Left’s selective outrage.

Why do Christians love Trump, despite his sins?  It’s simple.

Breaking: Leslie Moonves accused of sexual misconduct in Ronan Farrow expose.

Hemingway: Media gaslighting can’t hide fact that Trump campaign was spied upon. 

Bargo Jr. : The Blue State Housing Bubble

Ocasio-Cortez insanely claims the military budget went up $700 billion  last year.  Note: The annual military budget has been around $600 billion for the last few years.

GDP jumps to 4.1% in second  quarter!!

Trump triumphant: ‘we’re going a lot higher than 4.1%’!!

Pruden: Making sport calling out ‘them lyin’ newspapers’.  Editors Note: The Vallejo Times Herald is one of ‘them lyin’ newspapers’ and has a very bad case of TARDS (Trump Acceptance Reluctance Disorder). 

Pompeo: Religious freedom ‘not exclusively an American Right – it is a God-Given Universal Right’.

Cornyn to Delusional Dems, ‘Get a grip’!

Pastor: Facebook throttling Christianity.

Limbaugh on Facebook:’Ridiculous to have an enterprise this big run by people who are so ignorant’

Geraghty: Mark Zuckerberg’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week

Facebook stands to lose tens of billions in lawsuits.

Mind blowing plunge: Facebook has biggest daily stock market loss in  American history: $100 billion!

Another judicial activist judge, a termite from within, stymies Trump’s attempt to override lawless Chicago’s Sanctuary City treason. 

Judge orders crooked Fusion GPS to give deposition.

Farah: Look who is crying out for censorship!

Mercer: A pair of motor mouth faux conservatives.

Keyes: Why impeaching Rosenstein serves a greater purpose.

Racist debauched professor: ‘I DEMAND white editors resign’.

Dems introduce legislation to criminalize lying about elections.  Would put nearly every Democrat in America in jail. 

Clueless, ahistorical, and delusional Ocasio-Cortez seeks to tax the rich/slash the military.  Exact strategy that destroyed nearly every great empire in world history.

Mark Meadows backs courageous Jim Jordan for speaker.

Lott Jr.: California and Hawaii’s huge Second Amendment victory.

Hiestand: A hatred ignored from the pulpit.

Feldman: Trey Gowdy wants specifics from DOJ on 12 Russian indictments.

Lifson:  Fusion GPS to face grilling under oath about ‘Steele Dossier’.

Fed Housing chief under investigation for sexual harassment.

Hirschi:  Taming swamp critters with security clearances.

Paul La Valle: Obama’s dying vision, the only card in the Democrat deck.

Mike Pence: Religious freedom is the ‘top priority’ of Trump administration.

Watch: Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s supporters understand socialism?

Ibrahim: Lessons from the past, why Eastern European nations reject Muslim Migrants. 

Hess & Addison: Teachers unions plan to become more political, not less political.

DeSanctis: What the public really thinks about ROE.

Trump warns Turkey of sanctions if U.S. pastor not freed.

Limbaugh: Setting straight finger wagging Never-Trumpers.

Ramsey: Is all debt bad?

Safi: The Simele Massacre and the unsung hero of the genocide convention.

Trump may bomb Iran as soon as next month.

Orca mom mourns calf’s death by carrying it for days.

How Silicon Valley became a den of spies.

Moral Midget Jimmy Kimmel hopes Cohen tapes end Trump marriage.

Blue State Blues: New Rules for Impeachment.

Watch: Judge Jeannine: ‘Left thinks they have a right to shut you down.’

Corrupt and ahistorical NPR, leeching off taxpayers, sez ‘Jesus was a Socialist’.

Dem Sycophant Tapper: Mueller critics are ‘unpatriotic’.

Kamala Harris sez, ‘We must think of immigrant children as our own’.  Has no qualms about sending swat teams to the home of a whistleblower of her biggest donor, Planned Murderhood.  So American children don’t matter to her. 

Curtis: A French Watergate.

Aussie media report that US has advised their government of a military strike on Iran next month

Moran: San Fran wants to ban Free lunch perk at companies.

Showalter: Jeb Bush’s Florida Do-Gooder with a $761,000 salary.

Vaughn: A ‘walkaway movement’ might not be enough.

Canto: In the early hours of July 26, 1960.

Hakim: Our kids are asking and we have no easy answers.

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

6 Reasons why Obama is the worst President in American history.

5 Articles of Impeachment for Rosenstein introduced.  Reprobate Dems scoff at it, corrupt Feinstein contemptuously sniffs it’s ‘partisan nonsense’.

Jim Jordan on Rosenstein impeachment: ‘We are sick of the DOJ giving us the finger’.

Hollis: We were never supposed to know.

Haley: All Muslim nations do is ‘get people riled up’.

Federer: The Brilliant life of Benjamin Franklin

O’Donnell: Why you should care about World War 1.

Facebooks $100 billion rout is the BIGGEST LOSS IN STOCK MARKET HISTORY.

Zuckerberg loses $15 billion in five minutes, 1/6th of his total wealth.

Facebook insiders unloading stock.

Facebook on pace for it’s worst day ever.

Facebook daily users vanish.

Five reasons FB stock plunged 20% in a day.

CA AG accused of bias in baby-parts-for-sale case.

Hagelin: Do this NOW if you support defunding Planned Murderhood.

Victor Davis Hanson: Reforming NATO is the only way to save it.

Media push FB to censor Fox news.

Chastain: Our ballooning national debt: the real culprit.

Bailey: The New York Republic and it’s Marxist Values.

Coulter: Central Park Rapists, Trump was right.

Thomas: The seduction of Socialism.

Elder: Trump skeptical of ‘official government findings’?  Who isn’t?

Occupy ICE protesters leave heaps of trash, human waste for city to clean up at taxpayer expense.

Facebook starts paying a price for scandals.

Andrew McCarthy: Trump can resolve all FISA issues.

Brown: Has Keith Ellison repented of his censorship call?

Zumwalt: Ocasio-Cortez’s tankard of Socialism.

Facebook caught censoring.  ‘I’m Matt Caldwell, I like guns’. 

5 Never Trump Senators are least popular.

Cashill: Question of the Summer, Why are liberals acting so crazy?

Rush: Do rules not apply to Beltway Elites?

Elite college offers workshop on debauchery.

Toronto shooter frequented ISIS website, expressed support.

Bauer: American Communal roots of Individual Liberty.

Moral Midget Dem 2020 hopeful: Look people who support Kavanaugh are ‘complicit in evil’. 

Rabble Rousing Maxine Waters: ‘People should be out in the streets screaming’ about Trump.

Schlichter: Why we never get tired of winning and Never-Trumpers never get tired of losing.

Hunter: Liberals and Never-Trumpers really want us to care.

Simon: Trump’s deal with EU is Democrat nightmare.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Pro-heterosexual marriage protesters take a photo in Dixon, CA.  The Dixon City Council voted not to take action against Vice Mayor Ted Hickman for his pro heterosexual marriage comments.


Watch: Dixon City Council, homosexual activists and righteousness Patriots clash.

Watch: Debauched and deluded Anti-ICE protesters throw F-bombs and n words at law enforcement.

Republican Lawmakers move to impeach Rod Rosenstein.

Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan bring articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein.

Federer: Ulysses S. Grant, A Progressive in the Best Sense?

The Rat.

Facebook Death Spiral

Facebook stock down 24%!!!

Geraghty: Cohen turns on Trump.

Shapiro: The peril of owning the libs.

DMV Worker slept 3 hours a day on job, not punished. 

Westrop: Obama Administration knowingly funded a designated Al-Queda affiliate.

Walsh: Mankind will be extinct if we do not abolish plastic straws.

The Ninth Circuit shows us how to protect gun rights.

What happens when good people shoot back?

Walter Williams: Why we shouldn’t trust predictions of ‘experts’.

Kearns: Blood and Terror: Remembering the Romanov’s.

State: You need permit, that we won’t give you.

Newcombe: Sex change regret: It’s real and devastating.

Bible: Most accurate history book ever written.

Meadows calls on Rosenstein to recuse himself.

Planet Fitness let’s men into women’s changing room to view women with no cloths.  They feel they can’t be ‘judgemental’.

Flaherty: Black crime gets crazier.

Prentice: Deliver us to evil.

Bombshell: Liberal publication says Twitter is censoring conservatives.

It’s suspicious that the FBI didn’t check into the British Spy, Christopher Steele’s leaks to the press.

Retired Colonel wonders why Hillary not on list of those to have security clearances revoked.

York: Why is Mueller handing off key cases.

Dem Congressman accuses media of making Ocasio-Cortez into some kind of deity.

Spin cycle to maximum: Fact checker says dossier not a Clinton funded operation

Judge fights homosexual marriage mandate on religious grounds.

Here’s what U.S. Voters really think of illegal’s voting.

Farber: They shall overreach, Democrats that is.

Star Parker: GOP Senate should pass this bill.

Farah: Why I mourn the N.Y. Daily News, my industry.

See highlight reel of Dems socialist star.

Immigrant admits recruiting Muslims for Jihad massacre.

Smith: No detectable lead poisoning in Flint after all.

Bozell & Graham: Media wail for Brennan and Clapper.

Let’s take a moment to remember the corrupt hackery of Lanny Davis.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

FB likes Jihadists, not anti-Jihad Muslims.

Walsh: The deadly disease infecting Christianity in America.

Victor Davis Hanson: Russianism

Nunes pushing for House Russian Hacking report to be declassified.

More and More of what we do depends on government permission.

D’Souza: Five phases of the Democratic Plantation.

4 year olds are smarter than Democrats: Study finds kids dislike freeloaders.

U.S. Appeals Court: 2nd Amendment protects right to carry gun in public for self defense.

Buchanan: Is Putin’s Russia an ‘Evil Empire’?

Nunes: Certain members of the media working for the Democrats.

Bill Federer: Tennessee has one rich heritage no one can take away.

Farah: The Pope and the Prosperity Gospel

Prager: The Greatest Hysteria in American History, Right now.

Brown: NY Slimes posts article from pseudo professor perverting Bible to endorse sodomy.

Dunaway: Progressives war on truth and reason.

Morally bankrupt Dems refusing to meet with Kavanaugh.

Moore: the Liberal War on Work.

Rooney: Time to free workers from corrupt unions.

Denver Post runs letter to the editor demanding Trump’s execution.

Sessions: If you want crime to go up, let ACLU run the police departments.

Muslim Keith Ellison demands Amazon stop selling books that the debauched SPLC hates.

Thomas: The name of the game, votes for the Democrats.

Murchison: the Socialist Surge that’s not coming.

Hsiao: No one has a ‘right’ to immigrate into the United States.

Davidson: How the Iraq and Afghanistan wars soured America on NATO.

Xu: If America’s aristocracy works hard to stay on top, so can everyone else.

Spineless Paul Ryan: Trump just trolling with threat to revoke security officials clearances.

Tobin: An Inconvenient Amendment.

Jackson: Media attacks on Trump only help him.

Democrats in four states file misguided lawsuit against tax-reform law.

Arkes: Abortion and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, a plan for Senate Republicans.

James Clapper on ‘longstanding’ practice of intelligence officials keeping their security clearances.

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Thank you to the many visitors.  Please spread to family and friends, as 90% of California Democrat voters have never been exposed to 7 conservative news sites for two months of their whole lives.

Breaking!!!  McCarthy: FISA Applications confirm: The FBI relied upon the unverified Steele Dossier…PAID FOR BY HILLARY AND THE DNC!! TREASON!!!

Clapper: Obama is responsible for Russia investigations.  Any reasoning human realizes if the DNC paid for evidence and used it to try to harm the opposing presidential candidate, that is TREASON greater than any other in our nation’s history.

Jesse Lee Peterson: The Democrat party is evil.

Super Size me documentary maker’s past is dubious.  Claims he’s been drunk every week since he was 13.

Bill Federer: Why the Founding Fathers hated paper money.

Chuck Norris: What the media won’t tell you about illegal immigrant crimes.

Stormy Daniels husband files for divorce: Adultery.

BREAKING: President Trump Looking Into Stripping Security Clearances From James Comey, Other Obama Administration Officials

7 ‘Great’ Marxist Leaders young socialists need to know.

Geller: 1,400 years of Jihad, Robert Spencer’s ‘The History of Jihad’.

Imani: Iran and terror as an instrument of policy.

Dinesh D’Souza explains ‘outrageous’ Trump-Lincoln comparison.

Watch: Delusional Democrat NY Governor claims Trump is on ‘Jihad’.

Walsh: Gender Neutral parenting is child abuse.

Watch: Sarah Sanders reveals 6 Obama level officials that Trump is taking clearances from. 

Simpson: Banning books and mind control, it’s all the same thing.

Paulson: 13 Surefire ways to fail as a politician.

Morefield: 5 ways Trump is literally saving the world.

Lott Jr.: Weak evidence for new Gun Control Laws.

Unhinged: Delusional Democrats, most using psychotropic drugs or having sex outside of heterosexual marriage and thus easy to manipulate psychologically by the liberal media and schools, believe Trump is a traitor.

Dr. Orient: Congress and the IRS have stranded patients in Swampcare.

O’Neil: Iran threatens ‘Mother of all Wars’, Trump tweet responds in kind.

Simon: The FBI goes Full Nixon with FISA report.

Kimball: It’s Oakland in Muellerville.

Ledeen: Why are the Democrats and the spooks suddenly so ferociously anti-Putin?

Trump: Using Steele Dossier to open Russia Investigation  is a ‘disgrace’ to America.

York: FISA warrant application supports Nunes Memo.

Trump: Washington Compost has become Mouthpiece for Amazon.

Pompeo: World must help Iranians prepare for revolt.

Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism

Sen. Gillibrand Says the ‘First Thing’ Democrats Should Do If They Take Back Congress Is Abolish ICE

Schlichter: Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism

Schaper: Election 2018: Open Border Socialist Delusions—and Reasons for Hope

Scotto: Losing America.

French: This shooting should sicken America’s armed citizens.

Curtis: Erdogan’s Turkey.

Millennial whines about getting by on $4,000 a month while her parents pay her expenses.

Cleveland: 10 key takeaways from the released FISA warrants on Carter Page.

Is The New York Times Hiding A Democratic Candidate’s Obscene Rap Lyrics?

Maxine Waters: Trump Is ‘Putin’s Apprentice,’ Republicans Should Protest Putin Meeting Outside White House

Rand Paul will press Trump to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance.

Bush 41’s doctor killed in drive by bicycle shooting.

Farah: The two things you won’t find at the Museum of the Bible.

Alexander: More Sneaky Things Than You Think Take Place Behind the Scenes in Politics

Lucas: Kennedy’s biggest legacy: Picking a president.

Jackson: Why Cohen’s secret tape won’t hurt Trump.


Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

13 Part Series on Antietam on bottom.

Virgil: The President controversial policy towards Russia: The Good guys risk losing if the bad guys are united- Part 1. 

Hirschauer: The President deserves praise for his deregulatory agenda.

MassResistance to show up in Dixon to protest homosexual mafia’s crucifixion attempts on Vice Mayor.

Jeannine Pirro on View episode: ‘This isn’t about me’, ‘A microcosm of what’s going on in our country’.

Trump: Looks more and more like Presidential campaign was ‘illegally spied on by Feds’.

Callahan: Musk is a total fraud.

Arlandson: The Protestant Work ethic and the Founding of America.

Lifson: 10 problems with the heavily redacted FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Hillary and the Housecoat

Showalter: Is that a catheter bag under Hillary’s loose clothing?

Smith: UBI: Universal Basic Idiocy.

Ellis: World Naked Bike Riders, Perverts, in St. Louis Exposed Genitals, Sexually Molesting My Kids

212 Degrees.

Trump tweets that his ‘campaign was illegally being spied upon’.

FBI used anti-Trump media to obtain spy warrants on Trump campaign.

Goldman: American Narcissism and China.

New California: 51st Statehood proceeds apace.

New Law let’s parents veto Sex Ed.

Ahistorical dimwit Ocasio-Cortez: Too many men in Congress.

Air Force’s new career path: Cyber Warfare specialist.

America’s Classified Secret’s System ‘Unsustainable’.

Congress considering Reg’s for Bots.

Study: Rise in riches follows decline in ‘religion’.

Report Extremist Muslim Preachers losing clout.

McMillan: TDS: The symptom, not the disease.

Knight: The Predictability of Barrack Obama.

Chumley: Democrats need to ch ill, but science says they can’t.

Hunter: Liberals get a dose of their own medicine.

Bialosky: FBI you don’t have that right.

McCullough: Calling law enforcement terrorists is proof the left hates America.

Nolte: Hollyweird finds child rape hilarious.

Mark Levin: Progressivism is a form of tyranny.

In Hollyweird: ‘Anything goes’ becomes ‘You’re fired’.

How the Peloponnesian War brought Athens Golden Age to an end.

Feldman: To Democrats, the World is Altgeld Gardens.

Voshell: Why the left resists a reconciliation with Russia.

Zelikovsky: Soviets, Democrats, and the Captive Soul.

O’Brien: Gavin Who? Media not mining for gold in California.

Young, dumb teenage girls form doomsday cult to fight global warming.

‘The Sandlot’ celebrates myth and reminds us to keep the past alive.

High risk of ‘losing control’ of AIDS epidemic: experts.

China targets Apple.

Watch: Leftist Kerry accuses Trump of ‘kowtowing’ to Putin, calls meeting a ‘disgrace’.

Grahamnesty: Trump ‘confused’ about Russian meddling.  ‘He’s changed his mind four times this week’.

DeSantis Rising: Florida congressman candidate now the Sunshine state GOP gubernatorial Favorite.

Horowitz: Teachers and coaches should quit NEA in wake of Kaepernick award.

Alleged cop-killer should have been in jail due to drug charges.

Sodomites go on strike in Israel, march in Tel Aviv.  Angry that they can’t adopt children.  Note: Homosexual pedophilia rates are vastly higher than heterosexual.  Pro-gay publications making lots of money off homosexuality being normalized, like universities and liberal publications such as Huffington Post, The Atlantic, among others, won’t acknowledge this.

Wacko Tennessee Congressman: ‘Survival’ is greatest challenge now for Jewish, Black communities.

Moran: Voters don’t care very much about issues liberals care about.

Will New Jersey send a Republican to the Senate.

China adding ‘significant capabilities’ to nuclear forces

Man dies after throat rots away from Cocaine use.

How Obama years were 8 year hacking nightmare.

Why is Generation Z more open to faith?

Uber driver puts hundreds of passengers online.

O’Neill: Dem. Candidate Bankrolled Effort to Curb ‘Irresponsible Breeding’ and Tax Families With 2+ Kids

Degenerate Schumer:  Brett Kavanaugh’s view of Watergate tapes decision ‘bodes very poorly’ for holding Trump accountable.

CNN’s ahistorical ignoramus Stelter wonders whether chyrons are effective in era of Trump

More ‘wisdom’ from Stelter: ‘Too many’ journalists fell for ‘Trump’s cleanup act’ after Putin presser.

RINO Rubio: FBI did nothing wrong by spying on Carter Page.

Alton: Political Stress: When is enough, enough?

Showalter: Cuba’s Communists taking a page from Bernie and Obama about really being socialists.

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