Friday, July 27th, 2018

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President Harry S Truman spoke at the laying of the cornerstone of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., April 3, 1951: “Without a firm moral foundation, freedom degenerates quickly into selfishness and license. Unless men exercise their freedom in a just and honest way, within moral restraints, a free society can degenerate into anarchy. Then there will be freedom only for the rapacious and those who are stronger and more unscrupulous than the rank and file of the people. … The international Communist movement is based on a fierce and terrible fanaticism. It denies the existence of God and, wherever it can, it stamps out the worship of God. Our religious faith gives us the answer to the false beliefs of Communism. Our faith shows us the way to create a society where man can find his greatest happiness under God. Surely, we can follow that faith with the same devotion and determination the Communists give to their godless creed. … Every day our newspapers tell us about the fighting in Korea. Our men there are making heroic sacrifices. They are fighting and suffering in an effort to prevent the tide of aggression from sweeping across the world. … Our young men are offering their lives for us in the hills of Korea – and yet too many of us are chiefly concerned over whether or not we can buy a television set next week. … This is a failure to understand the moral principles upon which our Nation is founded.”

Federer: The Forgotten War and why we fought it.

Walsh: Young people flock to Socialism because they  have been badly parented and badly educated.

Delingpole: Free speech is  under attack by Silicon Valley, and only one man can save it.

D’Souza: The Lincoln Model: How Trump can shut down the Democrat Plantation.

Marshall: The Trump-Russia collusion: The new ‘Climate Change’.

Payton: How Athens rebuilt itself only to be defeated by a foreign power

Fiene: If you don’t know enough about politics, don’t tweet or vote.

GOP Rep. Gaetz rips House Republican leadership for opposition to Rosenstein impeachment – ‘Not very bold people’.

Shock Video: Brawl breaks out at Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd – Youth Pastor assaulted/robbed for wearing MAGA gear!

Mob attacks cameraman filming fight!

Twitter drops 18% in morning trading.

Judge forces high schoolers to share showers with opposite sex.

Marcus: The American Left’s selective outrage.

Why do Christians love Trump, despite his sins?  It’s simple.

Breaking: Leslie Moonves accused of sexual misconduct in Ronan Farrow expose.

Hemingway: Media gaslighting can’t hide fact that Trump campaign was spied upon. 

Bargo Jr. : The Blue State Housing Bubble

Ocasio-Cortez insanely claims the military budget went up $700 billion  last year.  Note: The annual military budget has been around $600 billion for the last few years.

GDP jumps to 4.1% in second  quarter!!

Trump triumphant: ‘we’re going a lot higher than 4.1%’!!

Pruden: Making sport calling out ‘them lyin’ newspapers’.  Editors Note: The Vallejo Times Herald is one of ‘them lyin’ newspapers’ and has a very bad case of TARDS (Trump Acceptance Reluctance Disorder). 

Pompeo: Religious freedom ‘not exclusively an American Right – it is a God-Given Universal Right’.

Cornyn to Delusional Dems, ‘Get a grip’!

Pastor: Facebook throttling Christianity.

Limbaugh on Facebook:’Ridiculous to have an enterprise this big run by people who are so ignorant’

Geraghty: Mark Zuckerberg’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week

Facebook stands to lose tens of billions in lawsuits.

Mind blowing plunge: Facebook has biggest daily stock market loss in  American history: $100 billion!

Another judicial activist judge, a termite from within, stymies Trump’s attempt to override lawless Chicago’s Sanctuary City treason. 

Judge orders crooked Fusion GPS to give deposition.

Farah: Look who is crying out for censorship!

Mercer: A pair of motor mouth faux conservatives.

Keyes: Why impeaching Rosenstein serves a greater purpose.

Racist debauched professor: ‘I DEMAND white editors resign’.

Dems introduce legislation to criminalize lying about elections.  Would put nearly every Democrat in America in jail. 

Clueless, ahistorical, and delusional Ocasio-Cortez seeks to tax the rich/slash the military.  Exact strategy that destroyed nearly every great empire in world history.

Mark Meadows backs courageous Jim Jordan for speaker.

Lott Jr.: California and Hawaii’s huge Second Amendment victory.

Hiestand: A hatred ignored from the pulpit.

Feldman: Trey Gowdy wants specifics from DOJ on 12 Russian indictments.

Lifson:  Fusion GPS to face grilling under oath about ‘Steele Dossier’.

Fed Housing chief under investigation for sexual harassment.

Hirschi:  Taming swamp critters with security clearances.

Paul La Valle: Obama’s dying vision, the only card in the Democrat deck.

Mike Pence: Religious freedom is the ‘top priority’ of Trump administration.

Watch: Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s supporters understand socialism?

Ibrahim: Lessons from the past, why Eastern European nations reject Muslim Migrants. 

Hess & Addison: Teachers unions plan to become more political, not less political.

DeSanctis: What the public really thinks about ROE.

Trump warns Turkey of sanctions if U.S. pastor not freed.

Limbaugh: Setting straight finger wagging Never-Trumpers.

Ramsey: Is all debt bad?

Safi: The Simele Massacre and the unsung hero of the genocide convention.

Trump may bomb Iran as soon as next month.

Orca mom mourns calf’s death by carrying it for days.

How Silicon Valley became a den of spies.

Moral Midget Jimmy Kimmel hopes Cohen tapes end Trump marriage.

Blue State Blues: New Rules for Impeachment.

Watch: Judge Jeannine: ‘Left thinks they have a right to shut you down.’

Corrupt and ahistorical NPR, leeching off taxpayers, sez ‘Jesus was a Socialist’.

Dem Sycophant Tapper: Mueller critics are ‘unpatriotic’.

Kamala Harris sez, ‘We must think of immigrant children as our own’.  Has no qualms about sending swat teams to the home of a whistleblower of her biggest donor, Planned Murderhood.  So American children don’t matter to her. 

Curtis: A French Watergate.

Aussie media report that US has advised their government of a military strike on Iran next month

Moran: San Fran wants to ban Free lunch perk at companies.

Showalter: Jeb Bush’s Florida Do-Gooder with a $761,000 salary.

Vaughn: A ‘walkaway movement’ might not be enough.

Canto: In the early hours of July 26, 1960.

Hakim: Our kids are asking and we have no easy answers.

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