Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Federer: Why the French thought 19th century America was great.

James Dobson warns Christians to vote or lose freedoms!!

Hawkins: 5 reasons why Hillary Clinton was the worst Presidential nominee in history.

6 reasons why Barack Obama was the worst President in history.

Hawkins: The 10 most destructive Americans of my 8 decades!

Barone: Is America’s Birth rate about to start booming?

Jesse Lee Peterson: Abortion is destroying blacks – and all Americans!

Trump lashes out at Mueller for his nasty business relationship!  Mueller is illegitimate and has no business investigating Trump.  He is a weapon of the corrupt Dems and RINO’s to overturn the will of the people.  His appointment was treason.

37 year old Millennial/ Publisher heir/editor of the New York Slimes feels Trump’s criticism of the lamestream media is ‘divisive’ and ‘dangerous’.  Can’t understand the unhinged media is lying by both omission and commission, and that Free Speech was never designed for the ahistorical and corrupt press to spread their fairytales and whip up the American population, as they are currently doing with gullible and naïve Americans.

Update: NY Slimes editor is part of the Dumbest Generation.  Must read book!

Maxine Waters sadly is delusional: Claims she has been sent by God to get Trump.  God doesn’t send anyone who approves of homosexuality, Islam, and abortion.  But that doesn’t bother Maxine, she’s worshiping the other God: Satan.  She is right that Satan has sent her to get Trump.  Will she succeed?

Showalter: Meanwhile, the Chinese think Trump is a genius.

Jordan: We will actually call the vote for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein.

Italy’s Salvini wants more babies fewer migrants.  ‘A country which does not create children is destined to die.’

Nunes: FBI & DOJ stalling hoping the GOP will lose House in 2018.

Lifson: Misreporting the rise in homicides.

Norris: Has the First Amendment been abolished?

Chumley: The good, the bad, and the sad reality of the U.S. push for religious freedom.

Feldman: Old prosecutors speaking frankly.

Federer: Civil Rights, A century-long fight with Democrats.

Farah: Help us fight back against the Google-Facebook machine.

Filmmaker blasts ‘Gangster-ization’ of Democrat party.

McMillan: What on earth have the Democrats become?

Trump: ‘I will shut down government over wall funding’. 

Maxine….’He’s bluffing and bullying’.

GOP lawmaker wants answers on FBI’s SPLC ties.

Walker: Lawless Washington.

Massage Parlor Prostitution on the rise.

Christian pastor slams NAACP for supporting ‘black genocide’ of abortion.

Tucker Carlson reports the FBI collaborates with the Communist SPLC.

Wood: Undue Deference.

Media’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ endangering lives, President says.

Hunter: Democrats embracing crazy could be a gift to GOP.

Bialosky: Russia phobia hides our biggest adversary – China.

Sigler: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of education.

Whistleblower: Denver VA office didn’t do work for….an entire year!

Devin Nunes looking for legal remedies against Twitter for shadow banning.

Hennessey: Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved.

Scotto: Defining modern liberalism.

Schwimmer: How leftist slogans might mean GOP court packing.

Judges banish anything that might resemble prayer.

Sunday Schadenfreude: Seems working for Socialist Comrade de Blasio isn’t much fun for an SJW.

Churches may have to pay taxes, and members of Congress may pay politically.

Bernstein: CNN is to Trump what Washington Compost was to Nixon.

NY Slimes publisher effrontery: Sez he told Trump his criticism of the press is ‘increasingly dangerous’.  What’s dangerous is how the lying and delusional press keeps whipping up the masses with skewed identity politics and deceitful lies.

Mike Pence on banning reporter: ‘We are maintaining due decorum’.

Licentious Amsterdam a lawless jungle.

Simon: Voting early, but not often in Nashville

Abolishing ICE just might be the dumbest Democrat idea yet.

Jacob: Trump’s secret identity.

In their own words, suicide bombers justify blowing up kids.

Austin considering name change due to slave holding past.  Interesting those agitating the loudest for changing statues and names due to slavery have the least comprehension of the Civil War and world history on slavery, and the greatest comprehension of present day pop culture. 

22 illegal aliens arrested in identity fraud scheme, stealing thousands in taxpayer money.

This day in liberal judicial activism: July 29th.  The corrupt dimwit Breyer is confirmed to SCOTUS.  His views are nearly guaranteed to be wrong on any given subject, yet he pontificates as if he’s a veritable Oracle at Delphi.  The most infuriating paradigm.  A total waste of a SCOTUS seat.

Payne: Six miscarriages of injustice in Winona, Miss.

McCarthy: My Collusion Confusion.

Trump warns of rocky September: Willing to shut down government over border security.

He slept with a married woman, now a judge says, pay the jilted husband $8.8 million.

Precinct Data: Rich white neighborhoods voted Democrat in 2016.

Bill would lift secrecy on ‘Stingrays’.  Cell phone tower imitators used by law enforcement to intercept data.

Deluded and corrupt Eric Holder announces he is interested in being President.

Dougherty: Doom and the dismal science.

Arkansas woman accused of killing husband in disagreement over porn.

Moran: What do ‘real socialists’ think of democrat socialists?

Lifson: You’ll never believe the latest argument against Brexit from the EU.

Soros just quadrupled lobbying expenditures.

Moran: Therapists report widespread cases of ‘Trump anxiety disorder’.

Cohen: The irony of the plastic straw ban.

Man who defecated on high school track plans to sue cops.

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