News, Monday, December 17th, 2018

Russia sought to divide Americans by race, religion, and ideology on socials.

Nordlinger: A life and an example.

Kuznecki: The real tragedy of human caused climate change.

Hakim: Time to investigate the investigators.

Thornton: Democracy, Deliberation, and the Internet.

11 year old boy dressed in drag, dances at gay bar, gets dollar bills thrown at him by sick Sodomites.  But, ‘let’s be tolerant and loving, like Christ’, Christians are lectured.  

Ron Paul warns on ugly.

Sobieski: Gun Confiscation begins in New Jersey.

What if feds went after Washington Compost, as they are currently going after National Enquirer?

Scientists developing AI tool to combat ‘hate’ speech on social media.

Sordid origins of ‘hate’ speech laws.

Cleveland: Here’s whats weird about Robert Mueller’s latest Michael Flynn filing.

Davidson: A federal judge finally exposes the lies at the heart of ObamaCare

Cleveland: What the House should ask James Comey when he testifies again today.

Street: Overpaid public sector employees.

Skurkiss: Is the NRA dying?

Lopez: Student says he loves white people; Columbia university explodes.

Weingarten: Incoming Dem chairman makes definitive case against impeaching Trump.

Geert Wilders at Restoration weekend.

Martin: America’s most profitable non-profit.

Schaper: Mr. Buchanan: We are not a Democracy – and other countries need to learn from us.

The truth emerges: Border patrol not responsible for young girls death, her Father confirms.

Tom Cotton: Fix the First Step Act and keep violent criminals behind bars.

CBO: First step act will release dangerous criminals and increase the deficit.

U.S. airstrikes against Somali extremists, 62 dead.

Google’s secret China project ‘effectively ended’ after internal confrontation.

Barnard: Here’s what millennial parents are getting right about their kids education.

Davis: The carbon tax riots may be the breaking point for France’s Socialism.

Morgan: Why did Michael Cohen plead guilty to campaign finance crimes that aren’t campaign finance crimes.

Mill: Of the many potential crimes of 2016, only Trump’s are being prosecuted.

Cancun’s cartel war kills 525 in 2018

Ponte: Th e Orwellian Lexicon of the left.

Man spends $1.6 million as ATM spits out cash.  

Locations of Military bases given away.

Simpson: White Christmas Horror.

Priest tells truth at youth’s funeral, for committing suicide, parents on the warpath.

Man attacks red light camera with Baseball bat.

93% of those in Ivory Towers align with Dems.

Cost: Why the Boston Tea Party was such a great event.

Breaking: Senator Lamar Alexander announces his retirement.

Sen. Gillibrand still worried that top Dem candidates in 2020 are white men.

Diversity: This rich, all-white, all-male ticket for Democrats is reportedly in the works.

Morefield: Democrats and their war on the secret ballot.

Schlichter: Pardon everyone (except that rat Cohen).

Kataline: Shutting down the myth of a government shutdown.

Paulson: 2018 End of  year musings.

Davis: Marriage: It takes a willage.

Purcell: All along, Google’s been Googling me.

Woody Allen’s former teen lover speaks out, ‘I was little more than a plaything’.

Garber: Life as a Trump supporting female in Manhattan

Allen: The immigration ultimatum.

Moran: Dems promise quick action on gun control in January.

Moran: California moves it’s primaries from June to early March.

Book Recommendation: The 5,000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen.  Former police chief of Salt Lake City, worked for the FBI for over a decade, was warmly regarded by J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan, had 8 children, 50 grandchildren, and 120 great grandchildren, and wrote over 30 books, selling over 30 million copies.  Also great are, ‘The Naked Communist‘, ‘The Naked Socialist’, and ‘The Naked Capitalist’ Timely reads since the Democrat party platform is the same as the Communist party platform.