Saturday, September 21st, 2019

We learn from today’s news that yesterday, Vallejo’s students, who aren’t even being taught math, english, and writing, along with history and civics, are suddenly calling for us to pay attention to the hoax of man made climate change.  Vallejo’s Communist teachers union is behind this stunt. You see, the Democrats control Vallejo, they control the media, they control the police, teachers, firefighters, and construction worker unions, and many other unions as well. They even start fights among their constituents to keep the city distracted from the real problem being the Democrats who are pulling the strings.

Vallejo, California, and America, needs to remove every elected Democrat from office. Not a single one is fit for public office. They are easily manipulated by their Democrat plutocrat overlords.  It’s unconscionable that teachers are using little children, whose brains aren’t even fully formed, to try to spread their propaganda among them.  When the children do learn the truth, they are going to savagely turn on the Democrats.  And you Democrat leaders will have a lot to answer for.  Bankrupting the future of America, and cooperating with Marxist ideas which align with those of our biggest geopolitical foe, China.

Speaking of which, isn’t odd, that China, the world’s number one polluter, DID NOT ALLOW ANY CLIMATE PROTESTS!!! It’s kind of disturbing that they don’t allow these protests at all, yet have been known to fund American environmentalist groups.

We have had about a century’s worth of the left trying to scare us into handing them power by predicting the world’s future was in imminent danger because of weather.  The left is 0-41 in predicting climate disasters, but like the religious scam artists who constantly predict the end of the world, the left is determined to try again.  It’s the same scam every single time.  It’s very cruel, heartless, and malicious to lie to and indoctrinate children.  Vallejo’s schools should be ashamed of themselves!!  Unfortunately, Democrats are long on propaganda, short on common sense.   It is sedition against America to push the false narrative of man made Climate change, and scaring the gullible, naive, and children, with no other intent than to seize more power for Democrats to enslave us with.  Further, with Democrat neglect of discipline, we tragically have another school mass murder on the way to us shortly.

Also, have to note, I was sitting peacefully at my computer finishing up my news site and minding my own business in the Vallejo JFK library, wearing a flaming red MAGA hat.  A young man, who appeared to be in his twenties, with a very unkempt attire, approached, and started muttering threateningly at me.  He was African American.  Understanding the media lies that would cause him to think a MAGA hat is threatening to him, I coolly ignored him, and kept right on typing.  In the Vallejo hood, it’s thought that physical machismo is the sign of right and wrong.  So, if you physically threaten someone, and don’t get beat down, in the minds of the majority of men and women in Vallejo, that must mean you are right.  Because far too many don’t realize facts don’t care about your feelings, and think whoever is more emotional must be right.  Well, right makes might in my book, and getting angry and fighting about every threat is the mark of a foolish person.

This particular man went to another, older African American man, who looked to be in his forties or fifties, sitting in the back, minding his own business, and began antagonizing him.  Well, the older gentleman wasn’t going to have it, and told him if he didn’t back off, he’d fight him.  Well, the young man didn’t back off, and threatened to slap the older man.  It was so loud the entire library could hear the altercation.  The next thing I know the older man has the  younger man by the neck and is slamming him over the nearest sofa.  It’s very sad that Vallejo recently had a full time sheriff sitting in the library, but this practice has been stopped, probably due to high crime rates elsewhere.  So, the library staff called the police, and the sheriff’s came.  The young man fled before the police arrived.  The sheriff’s courteously asked the older man if he needed medical aid, and left him alone. They did ask him for ID, which is totally wrong, as he did nothing wrong.   This problem could be easily averted if Vallejo banned drugs and pornography and allowed open carry.  That way young hoodlums would think twice before threatening peaceful patrons in the town library.

I’ve been attending Vallejo libraries ever since 1986, as a child, and this is the first time, 33 years later, that I’ve ever seen a physical fight in the library.  This is a very troubling development for the city.  And for the liberals who want to throw money at every problem, the solution is not to throw more money for law enforcement at it.  Democrats are notorious for screaming for more money for every problem,and then having their activists,  unions, or other arms siphon it off, while the problem is never fixed.  The Democrats have been sucking on the taxpayer teat ever since Woodrow Wilson, and they are furiously outraged that they are being weaned.

This experience in New York is perfectly illustrative of what often happens in Vallejo.  Kids are allowed to get away with practically anything, and they are allowed to graduate knowing practically nothing.  No wonder they defy the police.  They respect no one.

I was always stoned, drunk, and skipping class, so they let me graduate early.  Maspeth alum.

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