Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

The left is rampaging today, as they’ve been doing for the past 4 years.  They are pushing their latest fake news bombshell, alleging that Trump did something wrong in asking Ukraine for details on Joe Biden’s corruption scandal in Ukraine.  Biden’s son illicitly served as a well paid executive for a Ukrainian company, which he lacked the expertise to do, and was simply, to a reasonable person, a political appointee, to curry favor with Biden, the 2nd most powerful man in the world at the time.  Well, this company was under investigation by a determined Ukrainian prosecutor, and so corrupt Joe Biden told the Ukrainian president that the prosecutor needed to be fired or $1 billion of U.S. aid would not come to Ukraine.  Biden boasts that the prosecutor was fired in less than 6 hours.  This is your corrupt Democrat party.  But, in their book, extortion and corruption is not a crime.  Oh no Sirreee!! The real crime is whoever discovers they committed a crime, which in this case is Trump.  So, they are frantically running around, claiming Trump needs to be impeached. It’s flat out hilarious, and yet, because half of America is functionally illiterate, they get away with it.

Let us turn our attention to the dying, fake news Times Herald, whose editor, Jack Bungart claims to be a Republican.   Pure comedy.  No Republican who knows the Constitution would have anything to do with the corrupt Times Herald.  It’s full of sewage, lies, deceit, and corruption.   Just like all other Democrat media.


We get a story featuring the logical fallacy of the appeal to anecdote, detailing how bad it will be if illegal aliens, who are here committing a crime, are going to feel bad if they can’t have the taxpayer dollars of Americans.  This is justifying theft, and the Times Herald is extremely dishonest for running this garbage story. There does not appear to be any level too low for the Times Herald though.  Bottom line, don’t come to America unless you come legally.  And definitely don’t take U.S. taxpayer dollars if you haven’t come here legally, adding theft to your crime of illegally entering America.  But, the Democrats profit off of this, and so push it.

Then we learn that city attorney Claudia Quintana isn’t happy with last years pay raise of 7%, and now wants a 5% pay raise.  Keep in mind California has 12% of America’s population, and half of American’s homeless population, but we keep giving pay raises to Democrat bureaucrats who want to be paid more.  If you are in public service for the money, please get out.  If you think you are worth so much, go get a job in the private sector, and wean yourself from the taxpayers teat.  City Manager Dave Nyhoff makes as much as Donald Trump, nearly, though Trump generously forgoes his salary.  Does anyone think Dave Nyhoff does anything close being worthy of the same salary as the President of America?

Then we move on to learn that California has ruined P G & E so badly, that they are considering cutting power to customers.  As Chriss Street noted, California wants to nationalize P G & E.  Sound familiar?  It should, Marxists love nationalizing private industry whenever possible.

The garbage Times Herald, which isn’t fit for any wise person to read, had 19 news articles today, written at the 4th grade level.  They had about 10 articles about worthless sports, to distract the masses from their corruption.   As usual it was full of disinformation, and tomorrow’s Times Herald will be full of disinformation again.  They will likely have a few articles from the liars at the Washington Compost, more sports garbage, and all kinds of Democrat disinformation.

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