Friday, September 20th, 2019

America has a very serious problem with idolatry.  If anyone doubts this, simply examine the inordinate time we devote to paying attention to the celebrities of this day and age.  Seemingly every action in their lives, we are informed about.  And what good does this do the average citizen, in a nation where half the population is functionally illiterate?  Very little to none.  It actually is damaging, because most celebrities have personal habits that aren’t worth emulating at all, and since we often become what we pay attention to, many start to imitate the faults of celebrities.  The debauched culture of Hollyweird, which used to be isolated and not represent America, now has spread to America and the entire world, poisoning all it touches.

Idolatry is so insidious that tens of millions of Americans have been programmed to unthinkingly accept the decrees of the Democrat run schools, media, and tech companies as absolute truth.  Of course, the Democrat plutocrats who run these three mass weapons of disinformation, have no care for humanity at all, only for their own pleasure, power, and pelf.  Tragically, tens of millions of Americans are worshiping idols which are leading them to destruction, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Just visited beautiful Modesto, and spoke with the Stanislaus Republicans.  It was a very good meeting.  Thomas Jefferson spoke about how farmers reflected what made America great, and while not all who attended were farmers, they were from farm country, the bastion that represents the eternal and immutable virtues our nation’s foundations rest upon.  Mylinda Mason and her husband Ron have a very beautiful story of endurance and redemption, and there yet appears to be more.  Very grateful for their hospitality and generosity.   She is a virtuous woman, like many other virtuous women in the Republican party.  There are no virtuous women in the Democrat party.  The ones who do practice virtue of some type, are deceived.  It was touching to see womanhood so capably represented at this meeting.  Indeed, conservative women are all worth their weight in diamonds, for they must not only do the right thing, but endure the spite and malice of the left, who, like Cain, hate them for doing what is right.

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Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Yesterday we learn  that students have gone 3 weeks without math class in Vallejo schools. I’m not surprised.  The emphasis of our current school board has never been publicly stated to be to improve reading, writing, and math skills, the basics of education, and so it’s no surprise they are alright with subpar attention to these three critical fundamentals.

Democrat, union teacher controlled, schools have been performing abysmally for decades, and the Democrats kind of like it that way.  The more kids who can’t read or do basic math, the easier they are for the Democrat plutocrats  who control the media, schools, and tech companies to control.  Since the Democrats care only about their own money and power, and nothing about that of the people they serve, this is just fine with them.

America became great by rewarding those with ideas, and giving them power to serve the people with.  However, Democrats rarely have good ideas of their own, but they hate that they have money and aren’t respected.  So, they viciously use their money to control information to suppress good ideas and to give themselves power and control they don’t deserve.

The Democrats compensate by viciously and ruthlessly constantly squawking about their Marxist Identity victim groups, like women, African Americans, Islam, and homosexuals, though every single identity group is doing poorly because of Democrat ideas.  It’s a neat little scam. Run dysfunctional schools that don’t teach black and latino students the basics of reading, writing, and math.  Then, when the kids are given diplomas they didn’t earn and can’t get a job because they lack fundamental skills, these same Democrats will turn around and holler about how racist America  is.  Isn’t it nice to be a liar and to be able to gain even more power from lying?

Vallejo’s schools are just like the union schools in every other Democrat run city.  Dysfunctional.  And the leaders prey upon the ignorance of the average man.  Then, when someone like Donald Trump, who has ideas that actually work, comes along, the corrupt Democrat leaders actually pay protesters to lie about Trump, to disrupt his rallies, and to ‘protest’ against this ‘racist, xenophobic, sexist’ man.  Ruthless and vicious piranhas, that’s what Democrat leaders are.  They not only can’t do their own jobs, but they hate anyone who has good ideas and can help solve the problems in their communities.  Envious, jealous, malicious, and malevolent.

This is nothing new.  Let’s look at Baltimore, another Democrat hellhole with similar problems.  The Deep state U.S. Department of Justice, not under Trump’s urging, has sued Baltimore, claiming the police are racist because they don’t  hire enough black police officers.  But, according to the brilliant black conservative Walter Williams, that’s because blacks are failing the written exam more than whites are.  An investigation several years ago revealed that in 19 of Baltimore’s schools,  out of 3,804 students, ONLY 14 OF THEM, OR LESS THAN 1% were proficient in math.  In 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student tested proficient in math.  In 5 of Baltimore’s high schools, not a single student tested proficient in math or reading.  Despite this, 70% of students graduated, certifying they were able to read, write, and do math at the 12th grade level.

This is the game Democrats play.  They constantly scream they need more money, while failing to do their basic jobs.  Then they interfere with successful businesses because it costs more in taxes to support the corrupt and failing Democrat institutions.  The problem in America is the corrupt Democrat party, and until every last elected Democrat is removed from office, our nation will not be safe.   It’s shameful the children of Vallejo have had to suffer for decades as a result of corrupt Democrat teachers unions.  How long must this continue?  When will we see the day when kids leave high school knowing Civics, math, english, history, and science again, as they did in 1950?

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Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Recently, had a heated clash with an associate.  She happens to be a woman, and highly accomplished.  She has a very prosperous career.  She has traveled to 30 countries, has a very advanced college degree, has overcome the adversity of coming from a war torn nation to come to America and become successful.  I won’t state her religion, other than to remark that it was discussed by America’s 6th President, John Quincy Adams.   Unfortunately, as is common with most of the educated class, they have been taught that a college education is indispensable to all knowledge.  They have not been taught actual history, but rather specious arguments to use to discount every single reference to actual human history that can be offered in a debate.

The conversation began innocuously enough.   It began when I heard about all the alleged wrongs America was guilty of from her.  ‘Well’, says I, ‘If America is so bad, why are you here’?  Her response was to state that the problems in her country were caused by America.  ‘This isn’t true’, stated I, ‘as America helped clean up the mess caused by Marxism in your country’.  A common tendency of the media and schools is to continually deride and castigate America, to demoralize it’s citizens, and to destroy America without actually starting a war.  It is a very insidious and subtle strategy, and few Americans on the left recognize it.  They actually believe there is a reward for condemning America, and failing to critically think about America in relation to other contemporary societies and ideologies.

When she proceeded to state that I couldn’t know how bad America was because I wasn’t from a war torn country, I queried in response, ‘How can you evaluate America, when you’ve failed to learn the fundamental basics of America’?  When she asked what this was, I asked if she could name 10 Founders of America from memory.  Knowing the media, schools, and tech companies have done a terrible job in educating Americans on the basics of our history, it was once again revealed she did not know.  However, rather than admitting that she did not know and would learn, she immediately became very agitated and began lecturing me that I wasn’t fit to teach her anything, as her education, wealth, and experience made her far more an expert on America than I was.

This drove me to be apoplectic, and I do not like becoming angry.  I’m convinced our anger is chosen by us, and endeavoring to avoid anger is a very wise thing.  It’s good for our health too, as anger isn’t good for ones heart.  Further, one doesn’t think very well when one is angry.  However, I simply asked what exactly was taught in college that could not be learned for free in the library?  I’ve never received a good response to this, and the trend continued.  Our Democrat elites have programmed millions that unless their experts among celebrities, in colleges, in tech companies, in the media, and in schools approve, nothing can be true.  This leads to massive polarization when their ‘experts’ feed us tremendous lies on climate change, systemic racism, gun control, homosexuality, and a host of other issues that  the Democrat plutocrat overlords lie to us about daily.  The common man indignantly protests and the mindless drones of the Democrat party ruthlessly try to enforce their ideology without critically examining it at all.

So, in summary, we need to understand that it is not an education, not money, not experience, and not experts who prove what is true or not.  Truth is objective and can be, if pursued sedulously and assiduously, be obtained by anyone.  The wisest are those who know they do not know.  They ask more questions, and are more likely to find the truth. Those who rest complacently on what media, schools, and tech companies tell them, are far more likely to be deceived, and to be indignant to find out what they have believed to be true, was not true at all.

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

A habit yours truly enjoys is to taken in the scenic mornings in Benicia, right next to the former Capital building of California.  It’s beautiful, and brings back happy memories, for as a child I enjoyed going there on field trips.  The surrounding landscape is peaceful, serene, and historic.  It’s very calming and relaxing, to review the news of the day in this landscape.  I make sure to wear my MAGA hat, because I  know there are millions in California, and thousands in Benicia, who have been brainwashed to think making America great again is so awful.


These people are living in a fairy tale world, fed by the Democrat plutocrats who control the media, schools, and tech companies.  They don’t understand facts, and so their vision is skewed and they are easy to manipulate.  They don’t understand our national debt is $22 trillion and climbing; that we have 36 million on welfare; that black men make up 6% of the population and are responsible for 52% of homicides (but only white people can be racist, and white nationalism is the real problem, the Democrats screech); that California is the poorest state in America, with 20% of our population below poverty level; that California has 12% of the nation’s population and 36% of the nation’s welfare recipients; that California’s schools are among the worst in the world, for getting paid the most money, and producing the worst results for the basic education fundamentals of reading, math, history, writing, science, and civics mastery; that 110 million Americans have an STD; that 21 out of 22 of our worst mass shootings have taken place after 1960; that we pay $740 billion a year for drugs, tobacco, and alcohol issues; that 70% of all clicks online are for porn; and that 90% of 14 year olds have already been exposed to pornography; often hardcore, due to the negligence of foolish adults; that 70 million Americans are on psychotropic drugs; that we are being overwhelmed by illegal immigration; that it normally takes 4 generations for legal immigrants to fully assimilate, but it takes even longer for illegal immigrants to assimilate; that we pay over $100 billion a year for illegal immigration;  that a wall would cost $15 billion, but the Democrats have severe math problems, and can’t figure out why paying $15 billion once, would save $100 billion a year for many years; that homelessness is a massive problem; and that 3% of kids were born out of wedlock in 1947, and now 40% of kids are, leading to massively higher rates of poverty, illiteracy, and crime among fatherless kids.  I don’t have the time to reference where all these memorized stats come from, but if anyone wishes to prove them, and cannot after doing their own research, kindly ask and I’ll happily provide the proof for my assertions.   The left has successfully brainwashed millions to simply brush aside facts that don’t agree with the lefts lying narrative, and even though the left is full of fake news, they train their devoted mindless drones to think of truthful facts like mine to be ‘fake news’, not backed by ‘reputable’ news sources, like the New York Times or Washington Post, two news sources who lie every single day.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the indoctrinated types would mind their own business, but they don’t. The insist on sticking their uninformed opinions into the lives of those of us who actually do our research.  Case in point, about three weeks ago, I was calmly enjoying an idyllic Benicia morning as described earlier, when a woman, who looked to be in her late forties, walking a dog, irate, interrupted my reverie.   ‘What are you doing standing next to the bathrooms?’, she impetuously queried me.  Hadn’t thought about my proximity to the bathrooms at all, simply considered the water fountain was closest to me at that point, and I like to drink water.  ‘Nothing’ responded I, suspecting nothing.  I wondered why it was so awfully important to her about my proximity to the bathrooms.  She then told me it was inappropriate for me to be standing next to the women’s bathroom.  Hadn’t thought of it, and she was badly evil surmising.  Evil surmising is imagining evil motives behind the acts and words of others.  The left does this every day.  To falsely alleging racism, smearing Supreme Court justices, lying about Trump, lying about white people, lying about Republicans, and lying about history, they nearly lie with every single sentence that comes out of their mouth.  She was very indignant, and I hurriedly moved away, to satisfy her evil surmisings, but that wasn’t good enough for her, and she likely called the police on me from the street, as she stood on the sidewalk, indignantly, loudly speaking into her phone, while gazing at me for at least the next ten minutes.  Thankfully, it appears someone at the police department was likely able to convince the hysterical woman that people standing in a national park area is not a crime, her hallucinations notwithstanding.

Well, it wasn’t over yet.  I was standing this very morning, minding my own business, and happily reading American Thinker, a very astute site, when a young woman approaches with about five white posts and some fabric.  This looked interesting, so I queried her what it was for.  She said she was looking for a site to take pictures of her tipi.  Interesting thought I.  Well, as I was admiring her tipi, along strolls, at a very rapid pace, a man who looked to be in his 70’s, with a furious scowl fixed on his face.  As he rushed by to the bathrooms, he asked me, and I was stationed midway between the front and back of the Capital, on the left hand side as you view it from the street, nowhere near the bathrooms, ‘Why are you standing by the bathrooms’?  Understanding his disturbing response was likely prompted by my MAGA hat, and that it was simply a venomous retort where he tried to mask his dislike with that with another form of vituperation, I responded ‘Do you have a problem’?  Was getting rather tired of people evil surmising about my motives.  ‘What are you doing by the bathrooms’, he repeated,  this time adding, ‘are you waiting for children’?  This disgusting surmising is typical of the left.  They have no problem ascribing the grossest and most vile evil intentions on harmless types.  They  hate for no reason, and feel entitled to commit any evil imaginable against those they hate.  On his way out of the bathroom, he was jeering something else unintelligibly at me, and I sang out ‘Liberalism is a mental illness’, and ‘you need help’. Was growing rather tired of random anonymous types simply shouting out their half baked slanders confidently.  100 years ago slanders like these would have landed these corrupt types in jail, but they confidently repeat these lies and innuendos publicly.  The man furiously stalked away, staring me down the whole time.  Never talked with him in my life, but he hates me for no reason at all. The shocked woman was nonplussed. She didn’t know what to do, and took her tipi around the building, and later left by way of the front, not passing me again. So, you see, the lefts malicious attacks are not without success.  They get away with slandering innocent people and are even capable of getting the average person to believe their lies.


“Human nature itself is evermore an advocate for liberty. There is also in human nature a resentment of injury, and indignation against wrong. A love of truth and a veneration of virtue. These amiable passions, are the “latent spark”… If the people are capable of understanding, seeing and feeling the differences between true and false, right and wrong, virtue and vice, to what better principle can the friends of mankind apply than to the sense of this difference?”
John Adams

Our society needs to return to virtue and truth, and to a day when the average person does not feel empowered to shout out lies to perfect strangers.


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Monday, September 16th, 2019

Whenever one alleges Communism or Marxism is in Vallejo, or any other Democrat hellhole, for that matter, you are likely to be laughed at, called Joe McCarthy, and gossiped about in private.  Communists have been using these tactics for decades.  They are masters of Deceit, and champion manipulators of public opinion.  They are very good at calling people racists, homophobes, sexists, bigots, haters, islamophobes, xenophobes, transphobes, or anything else that will denigrate opponents of Marxism, and allow their evil agenda to go on.
What do Communists do in today’s society, and who funds them?  They are very good at stirring people up against law enforcement.  They are good at infiltrating unions, including, sadly, the police unions.  They are good at pushing racial tensions.  They are good at using dependency that their corruption breeds and gaining more power.  Prostitution is highest in Democrat run cities.  They are good at pushing racism against whites, and claiming that the only race that can be racist are whites.  Any harm done whites by other races is ignored and minimized by these corrupt types, but any crime done by whites against any other race is sensationalized and trumpeted.
As for who funds them, we need look no further than Council Member Brown to find out what the Communists in Vallejo are up to, and who is behind them.  He just attended a GARE (Government alliance on Racial Equity) conference, as Lefou, or excuse me, Heather Blithely, informs us on a Facebook page.  Vallejoans don’t appear to be fooled, as the post had only 3 likes.  Of course, if you disagree with Communism, you are kicked off the Facebook page where she posts her nonsense.  The funding behind this comes from, among other sources, the benign sounding HAAS Foundation for a fair and an inclusive society.  Who can object to such a harmless, innocent name that seems to promote justice?  Ah, but it’s fake.  When we see where the Haas money comes from, it’s originally from Levi Strauss, who came up with Jeans in the California Gold Rush.  Unfortunately, money given to descendants tends to rot, and cause more damage than help, and that’s what this money is doing.  Have heard of this foundation from NPR, which is illicitly funded by taxpayers and pushes a radically left-wing agenda, though they will furiously lie about this if called on it.  One wonders, why would capitalists who made billions off of America’s free and open society seek to spread dangerous ideas that destroy that freedom for others?  Well, it’s because power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely, as Lord Acton informed us.  When one reads ‘The Naked Capitalist‘ one discovers that those you would expect to be the most grateful for the wealth America allowed them to accumulate, instead tend to be avaricious and corrupt, and tend to fund ideas that seek to destroy America and other nations. Was pretty shocked to learn it was American communists and Hitler sympathizers that bankrolled communism in China and Russia, and the rise of Hitler in Germany.  Like Frankenstein, their inventions went horribly wrong.   It was infuriating to learn that if American money and arms had not been given to Russia and China, we never would have had to deal with their horrible atrocities against their own citizens.
Note on this GARE  website that no business is connected with them that is owned by whites.  So, they are promoting racism under the guise of justice.  They proudly boast of businesses being owned by non whites, which is fantastic, but when you start proudly boasting about your exclusion of any race, that’s racism.   Note also that there is no phone number to contact anyone at the organization.    This is common with these power hungry types.  They feel they are too important and powerful to be bothered with the opinions of the little people.  They commonly, in conversations among themselves, encourage each other to avoid ‘negative’ people (meaning people who tell the uncomfortable truth), and to stay around ‘positive’ people, which means stay around people who are just as deceived as they are.
What these bogus foundations do is push their Cultural Marxism and advertise it under a harmless moniker, like racial justice.  This sounds good to the average person, who is naive and gullible. Then, these snakelike Marxists, will viciously call people like me racists when we dare to call out their subterfuge.
Also, it’s very disturbing that Vallejo’s leftists are organizing to infiltrate the schools.  Vallejo’s kids don’t know beans about history, Civics, the Bible, virtue, math, writing, or reading, but these Marxists insist they need to ‘help’ out the schools. Well, they don’t want children actually learning.  They want mindless drones who they can brainwash to fight their bloody revolution.
If this Foundation and GARE project was really about overcoming racism they’d be speaking out about abortion, which Democrats push, and which is committing genocide on the black community.  If they cared about racism, they’d be screaming outrageously about why poverty and crime are always highest in the black community under Democrats. But, these privileged, racist elites could care less about the common man.  It’s about power and wealth for them.
Also, Hakeem has flunky’s like Morgan Hannigan, a despicable and degenerate pot dealer, who would have been rotting in jail 20 years ago, along with Hakeem, who are enforcers for him.  Hannigan is an incompetent debater, and has publicly threatened to fight me from the podium when it was his turn to speak, and tries to intimidate opponents into silence.  Yet, he’s given positions of power at City Hall.   So, it’s pretty interesting when a thug threatens violence in public, and he’s not corrected at all, and I simply get up and echo the Constitution, that homosexuality is a crime against nature, and the police can’t get up to the podium fast enough to escort me out of City Hall.
Communists and Marxists wanted to legalize drugs and normalize homosexuality and pornography, to create a weak population that they could control and manipulate.  And we see in Vallejo that some of the most corrupt types have risen to power, and they viciously, and ruthlessly attack those who value virtue, because they are afraid of their power, which they aren’t fit to hold, being taken from them.  Like all barbarian warlords, they seek only to rule others, but neglect to rule themselves.
Hakeem does not belong in office as long as he owns a marijuana business, and no drug dealer does, for that matter.  Vallejo is going to pot.   Marijuana has been thoroughly debunked,  but, with the exception of the courageous Osby Davis, the city did not have the will to resist the Obama zombies who pushed for it’s legalization with zero proof of it being safe.  Find a new occupation that does no damage to Vallejo’s citizens.  Our town may as well be run by the Mexican drug cartels.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

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Saturday, September 14th, 2019

We learned yesterday that Vallejo has hired a new police chief.

Shawny Williams.

While I wish him the best, and I could care less about his race, I’m very disturbed about most of the people charged with selecting him,  most of whom not only don’t represent Vallejo, but are some of the worst people in Vallejo.


Who were the seven panelists who selected the new Police Chief?


1) Dr. Adam Clark, Superintendent, Vallejo City Unified School District

Admirable in many respects, but  has not put any effort into improving the Vallejo schools woeful test scores in Civics, history, math, english, and writing, which is the entire purpose of a school.  Has spoken more publicly about social justice nonsense, than about education.


2)’Reverend’ Dawn Roginski

A complete and unadulterated fraud.  A woman was never commanded to be a leader of a church in the Bible, and this heretic proudly parades her homosexuality for the world to see, openly defying God.

The weak male Christian leaders in Vallejo silently watch this blasphemer proudly flaunt her nonsense in the city, with not a hint of reluctance, and she has the audacity to try to insert herself into local government as well.  Those who have no control over themselves are utterly unfit to judge who should have control over others.

3)Jackie Arnold, Chair, Chamber of Commerce

No real courageous convictions to speak of, at all. Excels at fitting in with corrupt types.  Happily attended the drag queen reading event in Vallejo, promoting drag queens reading the children, the height of debauchery.

4)Lynda Daniels, NAACP Vallejo Branch 1081

Favorable on some issues, but the NAACP is not favorable to the Constitution at all, and has developed into a Marxist entity.

5)Mina Diaz, Founder, Diaz and Loera Centro Latino

Appears reasonable at times, but fights for her own tribe, latinos, to the exclusion of others. Demands rights specifically because she is latino, and though the first African American member of the City Council ran 4 times before he won, she lost once, and then supported a rogue Lawyer, Kevin Shenkman, who fraudulently stole $30k from Vallejo and forced whacky and unconstitutional District elections on our city.

6)Stacey Bowman, Executive Director, New Dawn Vallejo Corporation

New Dawn is a Marxist organization, strongly linked with Marxist churches in Vallejo, which are doing quite well, and is the spawn of the Marxist President Obama, the worst President in American history.  Scary to think we have Marxists dictating our city’s police chief.  Since Obama shook down the banks to give money to his Marxist community organizations, this organization may well be one of the organizations profiting from this looting.

7)Admiral Tom Cropper, President, Cal Maritime

Alone of the panel, I know nothing of him.  That’s not saying much, because if you aren’t speaking against Democrat evils in Vallejo, you likely are part of the problem.  Trusting that a Constitutional conservative would be selected by Vallejo’s Democrats to wisely choose a good police chief, seems to be just as wise as selecting a pedophile judge to judge a rape trial.   Neither judgement promises to have a good outcome.

While we heard screeching about making sure the police chief was a certain race (i.e. not white), how he needed to work with the community (i.e. be in bed with Democrat community activists who are an immoral lot if one ever existed), how we needed to work on police response to crime (I.e. don’t be strict on crime, many criminals are Democrat voters, and the Democrats need every vote they can get), about how we have too many criminals who are black (nothing is ever said about real crime rates in Vallejo. One expects disproportionate crimes committed by race will face disproportionate police response), and the other Democrat nonsense, we did not hear common sense expectations for a police chief.

First, he must know history, the Bible, and the Constitution. Without a knowledge of either of those, he is simply play doh in the hands of the Democrat media and community activists for them to use at their will.

Second, he must uphold the law and not have any disposition to protect any one from the consequences of their crime, especially not those of his own race.

Third, He must have common sense. College degrees mean little to nothing and are far more commonly hindrances today than helps. They brainwash millions into thinking utter Marxist nonsense, and then saddle them with exorbitant debts. So, these people cannot even afford to admit their college educations were brainwashing sessions, because they owe too much money, and to admit that money was wasted will threaten future money they hope to make.

Fourth: He must be a righteous man.  That doesn’t mean perfect.  That means he has repented from past wrongdoings, and is an upstanding man today.  He must oppose drug legalization, must oppose pornography, must oppose the private moral evils that lead to the explosion of public crime. If the leader does not live a virtuous and a righteous life, the community will be full of crime and evil.  This is why Vallejo has had issues with crime for decades because the Democrats are corrupt and wicked, and as the leaders are, so are the citizens.

Yet, we not only saw no indications that the new police chief fits any of these qualifications, but we received nearly universal proofs that he is the exact opposite.  Of course, the Marxist Democrats are well trained to holler ‘Racisss’ if a conservative white disagrees with their selection of a Democrat black person, and I’m not leaving out the possibility that the new police chief may be Republican, though that’s less than a 5% chance.  One thing Democrat politicians are very good at is selecting corrupt people for public trust.  We learned that from the corrupt Bill Clinton and the even more corrupt Barack Obama.  To be honest, we can learn that from every Democrat President from Woodrow Wilson forward.  Every last one was a disaster for America.  Republicans weren’t so hot either.

Democrats view the police and military as ideological and political weapons they can use to force their dangerous ideas on society. We already saw this on April 10th, 2018.  The Mayor of Vallejo, with no dissent from anyone in the audience or on the council, actually used 2 police officers and the Vallejo police chief, to remove a military veteran from the speakers podium, when it was their turn to speak,  when the military veteran criticized the Democrat victim group of homosexuals, who had been creating havoc in the city for over a decade.  There has been no formal public apology for this to date, which means not only can we expect to see a repeat of this tyranny, we are likely going to see it get worse.  Apologizing is the mark of a man, it is how we grow.  Refusing to apologize and correct one’s errors is the mark of a person who does not grow and who remains foolish.  ‘Correction is the way of life’ was Solomon’s advise.


I’m not sure about the personal views of retiring police chief Bidou, but it seems like his primary crime was he was a straight white male, and he didn’t tolerate crime from anyone, no matter their race.  This is a very serious offense to the Democrat leaders in the city, who really don’t want the people to find out their disastrous policies are why there are high crime rates and high poverty rates in their city. So, rather than have the people wake up and vote every last worthless Democrat out of office, they use what is known as the Cat’s paw strategy.  The chief of police is sacrificed to mollify the mob and to let the Democrat tyranny to proceed. Also, the Democrats will likely pay millions of Vallejo taxpayer’s money to ‘settle’ the case with Willie McCoy’s family.  So, they enslave the city even more when evidence of the dysfunction of their policies arises. It’s genius.  Imagine every time you make a wrong decision or have a bad public policy and you are rewarded by even more control and power.  Yet, this is what Democrats do.

Am reading Carnage and Culture by Victor Davis Hanson, arguably one of the greatest living historians in America currently.  He details what made Western Militaries so lethal and fearsome was they were independent, able to think well on their feet, and had a culture that encouraged individual initiative.  Contrast this with today’s Democrats. They hate those who don’t think like them, they encourage rewarding people for silly and stupid reasons such as skin color, and punishing them for it too.  We see the Democrats are just as racist as they were in 1861. Then they were racist towards blacks, now the Democrats encourage racism towards whites.  This is why the Democrats are wicked.  In 1861 they justified their racism towards blacks with bogus Biblical explanations and relying on junk science which stated non whites were intellectually inferior to whites.  Today, they justify their racism towards whites by making every single white in America guilty for the 1861 Democrats sins of slavery, and ignoring the millions of whites who fought against slavery, and opposed racism and segregation in the Civil Rights movement.   Whoever it serves their selfish interests to be racist to, they will do it.  They simply cannot judge people based on character, because the Democrats have no character to speak of.    Contrast the successful thinking of these courageous military warriors of the past with today’s Democrats who judge on gender, race, and if you support their Marxist political ideology.   This is why they were so successful and we are headed for a disastrous collapse.

Pornography leads to violent crime, but we never hear about that from the police in Vallejo or other Democrat cities, from Democrat leaders, from the Democrat tech companies, who make fortunes off the slavery of human beings, and from the Democrat media, which profits from human exploitation and misery as well.

Of course, Mr. Williams comes from San Jose, which just saw an uptick in violent crime.  How is he going to help Vallejo out when his own department has a shoddy record in responding to crime?

Within the past month, we had San Jose residents PLEADING for police help as violent crime spiked, and Mr. Williams gets rewarded by being chosen to be Vallejo’s police chief?  But this is what happens when you have ahistorical, uninformed, community rabble-rouser activists picking a police chief.  They don’t care about performance, they care about who will give them more power and money.  Selfish and wretched ingrates. When the people of Vallejo wake up, you Democrat leaders are going to have to answer for so much.  I tremble to think what’s in store for you.  Some of you can be tried for sedition and treason today.  And that’s not even considering what God is going to do to you.  Every Democrat leader today is worse than King George III of Britain.  Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First  had his Cromwell, George the III had his George Washington, and may you Democrats profit from their example.

I could do a far better job being police chief of Vallejo and I’ve got no experience as  a police officer.  But, why won’t Vallejo hire me as a police chief?  Well, it’s because Vallejo discriminates against conservatives who might interrupt the money hustle they are robbing the city with.  If residents have to suffer from crime, oh well, as long as the Democrat unions get their money, and the public employee Democrat unions at City Hall are able to rob Vallejo taxpayers to fund the Democrat juggernaut trying to destroy America.

Finally as a white, straight, male, and a conservative, Christian, Constitutionalist (Translation to the left when their Marxist ideologues are done propagandizing me to the masses: Ryan Messano is a racist, sexist, islamophobic, transphobic, homophobic bigot), I am very disturbed about the hiring of a man from the same San Jose Police Department which failed to protect the LAWFUL public political gathering in San Jose a few years back, and stood by while terroristic acts were perpetuated on harmless and innocent men and women for merely standing up for their political beliefs.  And for the leftists who will inevitably charge that anyone not black criticizing the hiring of a black police chief must mean they are ‘racisss’, you are full of baloney, and you are malicious and spiteful liars.  I fully approve the hiring of a conservative black police chief, and if a white liberal criticized the choice I would never call them a racist on that basis alone, though white liberals are some of the most racist people in America.

I  honestly do not trust the new Police Chief at all, and will continue to distrust him until he demonstrates that he is not in bed with the corrupt Democrat party.  Unless he proves me to be remarkably wrong, and I earnestly hope I’m wrong,  I expect him to be corrupt, and I expect crime rates in Vallejo to rise tremendously, unless the police cook the books, as Democrat police are very good at doing.

In the past, I used to give prominent hirings by Democrats the benefit of the doubt, and to think they may be good after all.  Experience has proven me to be a fool with that thinking.  If it quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is a duck.

Once again, in Vallejo, the unscrupulous types have yelled, screamed, and shouted and gotten what they wanted.  Like the kid who pitches a temper tantrum in the store and is rewarded with candy, this will not end well.  These types have now been shown that if you come to city hall with your mob, and terrorize the city you will get to pick the police leaders for your city.  That has never worked out well in human history.  Who knows, perhaps due to this police chiefs corruption and incompetence, decent citizens like me may have to perish and die due to unrestrained criminals.  When that happens, you can be assured the Democrats will have a story ready, and a narrative, to keep their corruption going, and their masses deceived.







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Friday, September 13th, 2019

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Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Yesterday, I received a laconic and terse request from Skip Thomson, AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, not to receive any more e-mails from me.  While he’s free not to read my e-mails, I’m going to respectfully decline to stop sending him e-mails.  There are thousands of voters who agree with my ideas, and if you don’t like hearing from them, tough.
If you don’t like getting e-mails from California voters, Mr. Thomson, then get out of politics, and let real men do the job.  Instead of being a thin skinned snowflake, who can’t defend his beliefs, because you are terrified of being exposed as the fraud you are, why don’t you learn integrity and to start doing the right thing by voters?   You have an out of control son, who has no business being a sheriff.  Ironically, while I applied for that same position and was not hired, your son was hired.  Was it due to nepotism?  I guarantee you you’d never find me imitating your sons crazed behavior.  I’ve taken a lot more criticism than your thin skinned son ever took, and I never dreamed of responding as he did.  You did a terrible job teaching him self control.  And I hope he was fired, as the last thing we need right now in a tense racial environment, are easily angered law enforcement officers.  But, he was drinking, it appears, and alcohol does cloud the judgement.   You might learn a lesson from history. When Eli’s sons misbehaved in public, he gently chided them, and his leadership was abruptly cut short.
Also, you are a tool of the unions who are bankrupting California. The public employee unions are a disaster for California, and are wrecking our economy.  And you defend them.  And, you can tell Danny Bernardini and Jon Riley I said that.  I’ve no animosity for anyone in the Union, but I’m no longer playing nice just because I have no personal animosity for people, who willfully pilfer the public coffers and savagely defend their right to do so.   I wish either of them, or any of the unions would say something to me in public.  This is why the Democrats have their Marxist identity politics, because they are unbelievably corrupt.  I’d say this to them directly, however, since they aren’t elected officials, and the unions are notorious for not liking criticism, and responding with mob tactics and brutal intimidation, I’ll let anyone who wants to forward this to the unions.  And no Jon, I don’t cause trouble.  You and your corrupt unions are causing trouble by constantly robbing taxpayers.  It’s called stealing.  And that’s what you and your Marxist unions have been doing for the past 60 years in America.  We agree on a few issues, but I’ve begun to realize that nearly every party that regularly attends Vallejo City Council Meetings is corrupt and in it for money.  The people who have morals and care about Vallejo are continuously brutalized when they try to tell the truth.
I’m no longer playing games with the unions. Great article yesterday on the Union thugs who are ruining California.  They have no place in politics, and if I see one more union member show up at a public event I’m at, I’m publicly going after them when I speak.  So, make sure you send someone with thick skin.   When you can’t prove your beliefs, you are easy to trigger and your opponent controls you.  Whoever can make you angry is your master.  And that is why the left hates me, because they are easy to manipulate and control.  Not my fault.  We control our responses to others.  We reap what we sow, and the consequence of undisciplined behavior is to be ruled by those with self control.  If people don’t like their outputs, change their inputs.

Kicked out of a men’s Bible class, after attending for months, for wearing a MAGA hat.

For months, yours truly has attended a Bible study.  It was begun 11 years ago, by a man who has quite an inspirational story of turning his life around.  Having met the young man at a School Board meeting nearly a year ago, when he came with a group of young men, I’d resolved to touch base.  I later found out his mother had been a long time friend and business associate of mine.

A few months after first meeting him, there was a forum on youth violence in Vallejo, and I attended where he was a panelist.  He spoke again, and invited me to his Bible class.  The offer was repeated by his friend.

So, I attended and it was a very great experience.  The barber shop where it was held was run by a dear friend of my family, who had cut my brothers hair for years, as it turns outs. Had many spirited conversations.

While there were theological differences between the leader, a close associate of his, and myself, still, it seemed to be healthy to be able to discuss controversial issues in a public forum, leaving our emotions and using reason to conclude.

Recently, having noted all the lies the media has been telling daily about Donald Trump is a racist, and how they’ve been telling this lie for nearly four years, I grew sick and tired of the Democrat tech company and media lies and resolved to do something about it.  Part of it was starting my news site in May 2018 to attempt to get the truth out to people.  There isn’t anything Trump has said or done that is even remotely close to being racist, and I simply refuse to play the game and not wear a hat because people are offended due to their being deceived by the media lies.

The Bible study is predominantly attended by African American males, who I consider as friends, and we’ve had some very good conversations.  When I first wore the hat early yesterday evening, a very close friend of mine, and my family, smiled, and laughed in amazement at my wearing the hat.  He playfully went up to a black friend of his, and told him to put the hat on and take a picture, and that it would go viral. The friend hurriedly dismisses this idea and they joked about it.  I had taken the hat off before entering the barber shop.  We had a great conversation for about twenty minutes where I detailed how the media has been brainwashing America, and the damaging effects of the lies on the Democrat platform.  Four men, including an 8th grader, all listened intently, politely, and respectfully.

I made it clear I’m not wearing the hat because I idolize Trump, but because the media has lied for so long, and attempted to link this hat with racism, which is a wicked lie, that I was going to challenge the lie, no matter what.  When people are getting beat up for wearing a hat, because media propaganda is teaching people to hate that symbol, then, every patriotic American should be wearing the hat.

The Bible class went by, and at the end we were discussing a video the leader recommended the group watch, on a prodigal son theme.  Three characters made bad decisions in their lives, and all had their lives ruined by their sinful choices.  However, the conversation soon shifted.  The leader had been quite insistent that he didn’t want politics to be addressed.  His contention was that Christ wouldn’t be involved in politics.  To which my response was that Christ lived in a day  and time where the state was run by heathen emperors from Rome, and the Jews couldn’t vote.  We are in a Constitutional Republic, founded by 204 Christians, begun on Christian laws, and were expected to vote to keep our Republic.

So he asked me would Jesus want me to wear the MAGA hat, to which I replied he would.  Jesus was all about confronting the popular narratives of the day that were lies and which were used to control and manipulate people, which the Democrats, their media, tech companies, and schools, do every single day.

I further told him that if one compared the Democrats and Republicans to each other, that Trump was a million times more preferable a leader than every Democrat in America.  I further said, that while it wasn’t easy, the Bible clearly says who is going to hell and who is going to heaven, and that every single one of the 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary is going to hell unless they repent.  It’s simple to discern, and this is why the Democrat media is lying up a storm about Trump being a racist because they are desperately trying to distract from their own evil.

Let’s examine the gross hypocrisy present when any ‘Christian’ refuses to denounce the Democrats but think Trump and the Republicans are the  problem, and refuses to judge.

When the black community makes up 12% of the nation, and has 36% of all abortions, and the Democrats support this, and place abortion clinics in black communities, that is genocide.  Yet, these same hypocrite Democrats holler and shriek about how Trump is a racist, though he opposes their genocidal abortion.  Margaret Sanger, the Founder of the Planned Parenthood the Democrats love, considered minorities to be inferior, and like weeds, and wanted to exterminate minorities with abortion and contraception.  And the Democrats are carrying out her vision today.  She was a Killer Angel.

When Democrats promote theft by wealth redistribution, envy and jealousy for the rich, and greed and covetousness at the same time, since the twenty wealthiest congressional districts in America are all controlled by Democrats, we have a serious problem!  When they promote the aforementioned murder of babies and the enslavement of women in pornography and prostitution, we are in serious trouble.  When they also promote the crime against nature of homosexuality, and Islam, which is a very dangerous ideology, this is a serious problem.

The argument will be made, that America has separation of church and state.  Well, that clause is nowhere in the Constitution, and when anyone takes the time to examine where it is found, in letters exchanged between Thomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptists, where the Baptists wanted re assurance that America would not have the bloody religious wars that caused chaos in Europe when Catholics and Protestants fought, one easily can understand we have Freedom Of Religion, not Freedom From Religion.

Eventually, the leader of the study and another gentleman asked me if it as appropriate to wear the hat because I knew the offense it was causing.  ‘Well’, says I, ‘what are people offended about’?Trump is not a racist, and so if anyone is offended, they need to research the media’s lies.  Facts don’t care about feelings.  I point blank asked numerous times if anyone could prove Trump was a racist, and no one had any examples of what he has said or done that made him a racist.  So, the media’s lies have successfully convinced professing Christians that Trump is a racist, without their being able to unemotionally prove this.

The Bible Study leader became very agitated and stated I could not bring the hat back to the class.  At this point, I’d been patient enough with his attempts to not discuss politics for the past few months.  When the Democrat party is wicked and Christian men are not bold enough to call them out, that’s a charade I will not be participating in.  Oh sure, the media has trained ‘Christians’ to think of Donald Trump as Satan and a racist, sexist, bigoted libertine, but that’s what a foolish person will believe. Wise people  understand the media’s game, how they’ve been consistently playing down Democrat scandals over the last 60 years, and constantly playing up Republican ones. While they express outrage over Republican scandals, real and imagined, they carefully hide Democrat scandals and try to distract attention away from it.  No wonder they control Hollyweird, they are champions at creating fairy tales.  I made it clear that I’d no longer be attending if this rule was enforced, and wasn’t going to bow down to the Democrat media lies.  And so, I was forced to part ways.

People were offended about blacks going into restaurants 60 years ago, but I sure am glad protestors went into those restaurants any way, to integrate them.  And so too today, when people believe lies, it’s necessary to confront them, and not back down because of their feelings, which obviously aren’t based on facts and reason.

Besides, how can anyone not see Trump is a huge blessing to all races in America?  Black and Latino unemployment is the lowest in recorded American history, though the lying media will claim that’s because of Obama.  Black poverty and crime ARE ALWAYS highest in Democrat cities and states.  So, how is that Trump and Republicans fault?  If a minority wants to blame anyone for problems in the minority community, on any issue whatsoever, blame the Democrats who are ruining this country.  Blame their wealthy plutocrat leaders who control the media, schools, and tech companies, and who lie every day.

We’ve come to a very dangerous place in America when we can’t even civilly discuss politics in a Bible class, because the lying Democrat media and tech companies, have deceived millions of Christians into thinking that the Democrats are either equally as bad as Republicans, or some Christians are so badly deluded, they think the wicked Democrats are closer to Christ than the Republican platform is.  Of course, not one person who believes this has actually read the Constitution, five biographies of the 204 Founders, and the platforms of both parties.  There are millions of Christians who claim they just follow Jesus, and don’t want to get involved in politics, but straddling the fence is the mark of a coward.  ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who in times of moral crisis, remain neutral’.  Meanwhile, these people, who are very apathetic, often waste nine years of their lives watching television, which is full of garbage, lies, and corruption.  So, they honestly believe Jesus approves of them idly watching worthless pop culture, and refusing to pick a side in the ideological political war for the future of America that is raging right now.  It’s pretty appalling when the media has conditioned millions of Americans,  like Pavlov’s dogs, to associate Making America Great Again with racism, slavery, and segregation.  And the Democrats are really good at this.  If they oppose anyone they pull this same trick. They did the same thing to Robert Bork in 1987, and they effectively judicially lynched him from getting onto the Supreme Court, by continuously lying about him and slandering him.

Christ clearly said, ‘Judge righteous Judgement’.  We also know that ‘Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God’.

If Christ rebuked the Pharisees for misleading the people, oppressing them, punishing them for small offenses, and being hypocrites, he’d be rebuking the Democrats of today even more, who are massive hypocrites, promoting racist abortion, degenerate homosexuality, porn, drugs, Islam, and lies intended to enslave people and force wealth redistribution, like man made climate change, gun control, Reparations, Medicare for all, and 37 million people on welfare.

The Democrat party is nearly the same as the communist party of America.  And our biggest geopolitical foe is China, which is Communist.  Democrat Maoists are visiting Venezuela to prop up the corrupt, Socialist,  and totalitarian government of Maduro.

It is time for Americans to awake from their apathy.  We cannot be apathetic and avoid being ruled by evil men, and controlled by evil Democrat plutocrats.

‘My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge’

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Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Today’s Times Herald Disinformation (online book for those who don’t want to buy it.), which is pretty similar to what Pravda did in Russia, (we know this from one of the highest ranking KGB defectors under Communist Russia, Yuri Bezmenov), details 9/11 memorials.

Why is it there was not one mention of Islam?  A quick check of the growth of all world religions in the past 75 years, in this fascinating and riveting three minute video, shows why.  As you can tell, Sunni Islam is now the number one sect in the world, passing Catholicism and Hinduism.

Half of America is effectively brainwashed into thinking the American Government was behind 9/11.  Who hasn’t heard the disinformation?  These people don’t understand the 1,400 year history of Islam, that it is the biggest death machine in world history (with 270 million murdered since Muhammad began it), that we’ve had 35,612 documented Islamic terror attacks that have occurred just since 9/11, and that our sixth President, John Quincy Adams (also known as Old Man Eloquent) wrote a very concise and accurate overview of Islam, centuries ago.

We are now paying our Islam tax, which is $7.58 billion a year, and far more than that in man hours wasted for our TSA.  Jizya is the Islamic code where non-Muslims pay a tax for peace.  In effect, this $7.58 billion a year is the Jizya, America has to pay for peace with Islam.   Over 200 years ago, America was at war with the Islamic Barbary Coast pirates, because they kept terrorizing our ships and kidnapping our sailors for no reason.  It seems nothing has changed.

Islam is incompatible with the American Constitution.  There are many Americans who don’t realize the threat Islam poses.  And they likely never will, until it’s too late.  They don’t understand it spreads in five stages, that Islam today only makes up 1% of the population, comprising about 3 million of 330 million Americans, including 1 million of 40 million Californians.  Samuel Adams, one of America’s Founders said the Constitution welcomes all religions, EXCEPT those which wish to subvert the Constitution.  Sharia Law is absolutely incompatible with individual rights given by the Constitution.  Ironically, American women, largely Democrat women, are badly deceived, and view Islam as harmless.  That is because the vast majority of women have little to no historical concept and often repeat the propaganda they come across on Google, they learned in schools, or they saw in the media.  Sadly, with American women having 1.7 kids each, terrified by mythical climate change and overpopulation fairy tales, and replacement rate being at 2.1, and Islamic women having 3.1 kids each, we may soon become the United States of Americastan.  And when that happens, American feminists will have no rights, they will be forced to wear a hijab, they will be beaten by their husbands, and they will be raped with impunity.  So, be careful what you ask for Democrat women, because you just might get it.

I have a Quran at my house.  I actually study all religions.  Sura 8:12 commands Muslims to cut off the heads of infidels. That would be everyone in America who isn’t Muslim.  Not sure about everyone else, but I’ve grown rather fond of having my head rest on the neck it was born on, and am not anxious for it to be divorced from its current station.

We see what the lying Times Herald said today.  If you want some kind of an idea of the threat Islam poses, you’ll never find it in the fake news Times Herald, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, The Washington Compost, the New York Slimes, 90% of newspapers in America, Fox, the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, it Amy other leftist news source.

Many Americans naively think that they know a Muslim or a few Muslims, that they are nice people, and that Islam is harmless.  These gullible Americans think Americans like me, who warn about Islam, are islamophobes, bigots, and haters.

Hopefully, the thousands who perished in 9/11 did not die in vain.  Prayerfully we learn from the Islamic terror, that has been going on for 1,400 years, and take steps to mitigate the threat here.

Few know that we just had an Islamic terror attack at Travis Air Force Base March 22nd, 2018,  when a Muslim man crashed a car full of propane tanks into the gates and blew himself up.  Why don’t we know that?  Because the media hid it.  Don’t want to wake the naive types from their slumber.

Did you know the very discovery of America by Europeans, was prompted by conflict with Islam?  When Ferdinand and Isabella finally conquered the Muslim Moors and kicked them out of Granada and Spain, they finally had money and wanted to find a trade route to India, to be able to compete with wealthy Islamic tyrants who constantly waged war on Christiandom.  So, they commissioned Columbus in 1492 to sail the ocean blue, and the rest is history.  Amazing how the conflict that began America, still is around, over 500 years later.

However, this was prophesied in Genesis.  Abraham was to wait for a son, but his wife, Sarah, was impatient and discontent, and like many women, she took rash action to solve the problem, which made it worse.  Abraham, weakly went along with her suggestion to sleep with her servant, Hagar, and thus, Ishmael was born.  Immediately there was tension, as Hagar derided Sarah for being barren.  Sarah, not being one to be insulted, demanded she be sent away.  And so she was.  She and her child were delivered, but Ishmael, the progenitor of Islam was given a prophetic outlook.  His hand would be against every man, and every mans hand would be against him.  And, that perfectly describes Islam for its entire history.

The solution to the threat is to ban all immigration from Muslim nations.  Also, carefully ensure that all school children are rigorously taught on the Constitution and on the dangers of Islam.  Also necessary is a thorough education of the Bible, the removal of which from schools, began a massive increase in crime, ignorance, and poverty.  Also, carefully monitor mosques.  These are often hotbeds of terror.  CAIR is using American laws to shield terror.  We see in the terror incident in San Bernardino that neighbors of the terrorists were afraid of daring anything because they were afraid of being labeled racists.  Same thing happened in the grooming scandal in Rotherham England, when hundreds of girls were raped, molested, and prostituted out by Muslim men.  Police and others did not want to say anything because they were afraid of being called racist.  Muslims are very good at abusing Western laws to ensure that criticism of Islam is called hate speech, and any criticism of Islam is effectively silenced and criminalized.

That is a blatant and outrageous threat to our First Amendment rights.  People criticize Christianity all the time in America, and that’s their right. Silencing criticism of any idea or religion is admitting that that idea or religion is our master, and we are slaves.

The Times Herald is the slave of Islam, so is the Democrat party, but are we Americans slaves, or are we free men?

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