Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

We learn that California Democrat officials tried to shake down the federal government for even more money for their homelessness crisis recently, and Ben Carson and Trump gave them the smackdown.  Must be pretty embarrassing to publicly claim your state is an economic miracle, and then go begging to the federal government for more welfare.  As it stands, California has 12% of the nation’s population, and about half of the homeless people in America.  Los Angeles is home to 19% of the total homeless population of America!!  This is today’s Democrat party, constantly asking for money to try and solve the problems it’s own lunatic ideas cause.  What lunatic ideas, you ask?

Oh, constantly predicting the end of the world for nearly the last century, due to climate, and always being wrong.  The lunatic ideas of high taxes and high regulations, then innocently wondering why homelessness is such a problem when they’ve priced builders out of the market.  The lunatic ideas of ignoring the massive crime increase, and instead attacking police as the problem.   The lunatic ideas of making illegal immigration protected in California, passing billions of dollars of expenses onto U.S. taxpayers.  The lunatic ideas of legalizing drugs, and watching mental health worsen in America.  All of this is easily predictable, but Democrat leaders, driven by the love of money, power, and prestige, don’t care about humanity.  They will lie through their teeth and say they do, but they will sacrifice anyone for more power, money, and prestige for themselves. Watch Democrats fight among themselves.  It reminds me of warfare between savages that I witnessed in history centuries ago.  Very ugly, and not pretty at all.

The front page of today’s Times Herald had a lot of the usual nonsense.  It celebrates cleaning up the community.  Not much to celebrate when you are picking up 10,000 lbs of trash, but tens of thousands of homes in Vallejo are putting even more damaging trash in their brains every single day watching television, pornography, and using drugs.  Just like the Pharisees of 2,000 years ago.  Make the outside look clean, but inside you are full of filth.  And, just like those Pharisees who murderously hated a 33 year old who told them the truth, today’s Democrats absolutely hate anyone who confronts them with their hypocrisy.  Thankfully, the Constitution gives us the First and Second Amendment, which Christ did not have in his day, to protect those of us conservatives who tell the truth, against the corrupt rulers.   Back then they tried to call Christ a Devil, and then falsely accused him of treason against the Roman Emperor.  Today, Democrats accuse Republicans of treason constantly and falsely, and then accuse us of hatred, though they are full of it.  They equate opposing moral abominations with hatred.

We then move on to another article on the front page, which is Maui Phil’s Peace Rally. God bless his efforts, as he means well, but he simply does not understand that the peace he is promoting is no different from the peace we were constantly being lectured about by Communists in the 1960’s.  They could care less about world peace, they wanted to disarm America so we would lose a war with Communist Russia.  And, as Stalin called them, they are Useful Idiots.  Sad that the youth of Vallejo are being used for this.  Fittingly the article begins by noting they played a John Lennon Song.  The same man who said he was greater than Jesus and was assassinated a short while later.  The same man who sang a song about ‘No heaven, and no Hell’, about a Communist paradise, when Communism has murdered 100 million.  Remember first listening to ‘Imagine’ on NPR and thought it was beautiful.  Didn’t realize NPR was using taxpayer money to spread disinformation to people.  Now I realize popular entertainment is used to sucker the common man.  Communism depends on moral decay to spread and overwhelm virtuous societies.   The fact that we have a prayer given by Dawn Roginski, a homosexual who dares to defy God and call herself a Christian leader, demonstrates that that rally had nothing to do with peace, and everything to do with promoting evil.

Communists believe that Government is God, which leads us to the final bit of nonsense on the front page, celebrating GVRD’s 75th Anniversary.  Vallejo was far better off before GVRD, because we had far more stable families, far better schools, far lower crime rates, and a far better city.  In 1944, Vallejo, California, and America had real men.  Probably the only reason why Vallejo got the GVRD, was because the real men were off at war, and this was done behind their back by bureaucratic pencil pushers in FDR’s fraudulent administration.  Every single Democrat Presidency has been a disaster for America, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, who gave us the disastrous 16th and 17th Amendments, along with the Federal Reserve.   It was the weakness of America’s military supported by Wilson and FDR that directly led to World War 1 and World War 2, and the loss of hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Today, was asked to leave another church, simply for imitating what the Bible said.  1 Corinthians 6 identifies who won’t be going to heaven.  So, judging by that, and examining the Democrat party platform, it becomes easy to say that all 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton can’t possibly be going to heaven unless they repent.  Of course, the Christian hating media has brainwashed tens of millions to think Trump is unfit for office because of his past sins, failing to realize that a person’s past behavior, that is repented of, is not held against them.  These deceived tens of millions also don’t realize the media has lied to them, and is manipulating them, for while they shriek about Trump being bad, they carefully hid Bill Clinton’s rape of Juanita Broaddrick in the 1992 presidential election.  Had that been known, Clinton would have been easily beaten.  They also hid Obama’s crack cocaine use and homosexual past when he ran for President in 2008.  Had that been known, he’d have been beaten as well.  That said, the globalists were sitting pretty, because the Republican alternatives to the Democrats;  George H.W. Bush, McCain, and Romney were terrible Republican Candidates in their own right.

Also said birth control is unscriptural, which it is.   The preacher was offended by this truth, and rather than inviting this truth into his heart, he invited me out of his church.  Am getting pretty used to this, and so I beat feet, and a disciplined retreat.


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  1. I hope you will help me with the accusations against Lincoln & Thanksgiving that I emailed you. I can answer the general twisting of facts meant to appropriate suffering; & it’s obvious, the purpose is to undermine America; but I must rebut the links. I can’t, this is out of my expertise. I’m very upset, I hope you have rebuttal.

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