White Privilege

I have met many delightful and wonderful people in my knocking on doors here in Vallejo, and it is a pleasure conversing with 98% of the people.  However, there are the 2% that make knocking on doors challenging.  There are others, not included in the 2% who have strongly held ideas but express them and are trying to test their ideas.  Those I take the time to reason with.  I came across one door yesterday and had an interesting experience.

The gentleman who opened the door was younger looking, and Asian.  We began talking and he was quite logical and reasonable.  However, when the concept of children being treated equally came up, he began to ask me about white privilege.  Now, I’m convinced white privilege is a malicious myth invented by Marxists who would love nothing better than to have latinos, Asians, and blacks unite to fight the white majority of 63%.  It’s cultural Marxism, where one’s identity no longer depends on character, but rather on color.  Ones identity is based on what color one rolled into the world as, and one is hopelessly tied to that destiny.  America is the only nation in world history that has offered freedom from the idea that our race is your destiny.  Though it took us awhile to live up to the idea that all men were created equal, we are more advanced in that idea than any other nation on earth.  It’s nice to hear Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran lecture us on racism, when their nation’s are nearly exclusively made up of one race.   Every race in America has the most power and wealth in America, than members of their race have in any other nation on earth.  You would think all of us would be grateful.  But no, we have to constantly hear about how racism is alive and well today.  We constantly have to be lectured by diversity police about systemic racism, and how we are all racists (only if we are white, that is), and that whether we see it in ourselves or not, we need to be guilty of it.  That’s a bunch of malarkey. The idea that any race is inherently evil is pure rubbish.  Every race can be racist, and every race has good and bad people in it.

The gentleman kept pressing the point about white privilege, repeating the question often.  Again, I was on his doorstep, and wanted to be polite, and since he was emotionally involved with the topic, I wanted to avoid offending him, while still stating my beliefs. That was a tough task, as every word hinting at the idea that I didn’t believe in the white privilege myth got him more involved.  I began to understand that unless I said that I believed in white privilege, there was no satisfying this gentleman.  It was quite sad, because it’s not fair to ask a question of someone on a topic that you refuse to discuss, and to become angry when they respond in a way opposite from how one feels.

He was gracious, and thanked me for coming by, and said he had an engagement to attend.  We talked for 45 minutes, and ended peacefully.  However, it was sobering because the white privilege myth is being spread by the media and schools among the gullible and naïve.  The media and schools design is to spread racial discord in America, and the best way to do that is to keep dredging up the crimes of the majority race, which happens to be white, and to continuously advertise these crimes to minority races, while ignoring the crimes that the ancestors of minority races were guilty of.  It’s clever manipulation and it’s deceiving far too many Americans.  The truth is, none of us is guilty of our ancestors crimes, nor are we responsible for our ancestors successes.  We are all responsible for our own behaviors.  While it is true, that there were periods in American history where everyone was not treated equally, we went through tumultuous times, including a Civil War, to ensure that all men were given equal rights and opportunities.  It is wicked to try to subvert our existing equality, to try and resurrect past wrongs, to try and gain power and money by inciting resentment in people today for wrongs long since righted, and for crimes which only a tiny fraction of Americans today are even blood related to.

There are too many in America today who talk constantly about racism being an issue, and these same people are silent on the issue of character.  My experience is that those who shout the loudest about racism and color, have some of the worst characters.  I haven’t come across any one, of any race in America, who contains sex in marriage between a man and a woman, who avoids psychotropic drugs, who reads widely and deeply, who avoids the corrupting influence of hellivision and porn, and who is not successful.  So, our choices matter, not our color.

United we stand, divided we fall.

We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.

Does one have to know teacher jargon or go to college to understand education?

Yesterday, I was knocking on doors, when I came to one where a man answered the door and we began talking.  He was hospitable, but began querying me on my teaching credentials or lack of them.  He kept insinuating that if I didn’t know all the minute details of what tests were, and the minutiae of the terms used in teaching, that I was unfit to be involved in education.

Yet, this is the exact strategy that keeps the parents out of the schools, when studies have shown that parents who are heavily involved in their children’s education have children who perform the best, both academically and behavior wise.  When educators insist on using arcane language that no one but their coterie understands, it becomes difficult for the community or parents to be actively engaged in children’s education.  One begins to wonder, is that what educators want?  Do the teachers unions think the children belong to them, to educate as they see fit, parents be damned?  I believe they do.  What do you parents think?

The gentleman was an educator, and was quite flustered.  His face was twitching,  his body was continuously shifting and his discomfort was quite evident.  I simply calmly listened to his continuous queries and deflected, trying to be polite, as I was at his door, and wanted to avoid antagonizing him, though the ideas I stood for, simply being stated were plenty antagonizing to him.

I tried to explain to him that experience was overrated, and that wise people learn from other’s experience, but foolish people have to learn from their own.  It appeared likely that he would shoot through the roof when I said that.  His face became animated, like the Fourth of July come early, and he passionately pursued the idea that only personal experience can be a teacher.  Of course, the appeal to anecdote ( or one’s personal experience) is a logical fallacy, but he was completely not interested in discussing this.

When I said that Abraham Lincoln had a single year of 2nd grade formal education, and that was the extent of his formal education, he grew apoplectic, and said, “We aren’t talking about Abraham Lincoln, we are talking about you”.  “Well,” says I, “what one man can do, anyone of us can do, would you agree”?  He did not.  I then said that students today were the least informed of any generation in American history.  This brought fresh animation to his face, and I began to earnestly fear he may be in danger of heart palpitations.  He was utterly outraged that today’s students should be thought of as mindless and uninformed, when the test scores, showing 70% of Vallejo’s 12th grade graduates can’t do math and English at the 12th grade level, show that the students are quite often, mindless and uninformed.  There is an entire book on the topic.

His wife came to the door, and I began to feel guilty, as if I was the cause of a family disturbance, when all I had done was come to introduce myself and ask for his vote.  She had a bland countenance, but like the headmistress from Roald Dahl’s Matilda, she got to business quickly.  “Did you vote for Donald Trump”? says she, in a matter of fact way.  Well, I knew the jig was up then, because if you say yes, the conversation comes to a screeching halt as disinformation contorts those infected with it to hate anyone who believes anything they don’t.  So, I began to explain the principles that would lead one to consider voting for Donald Trump, and she hastily ended the conversation, commandeered her still gesturing husband into the home, and brought a swift termination to the conversation.  I bid them a good day, thanked them for their time, and thought Vallejo would like to learn about who their neighbors are.