Why do Democrat voters hate Trump so much?

There are a number of reasons for the Democrat voters unreasoning dislike of Trump.  The primary two are they were taught it by the media and schools, who are hotbeds of communism.  This is quite dangerous.  While Trump has his faults, profanity, being rash, using personal attacks, his past infidelity, among others, any objective and critical evaluation of Trump and any Democrat reveals that he is light years better than any candidate they offer.  The problem is many voters aren’t voting on the Constitution and the vision for America of the Founders, which is sad, because it was that vision that leads to America offering the greatest opportunity to every race of any nation on the earth.

Also, there are 39 million people on welfare, which isn’t in the Constitution at all, and these people vote for Democrats, as the Democrats promise them other people’s money.  The same goes for the 20 million employed by local, state, and federal governments, besides the military and post office.  Bureaucrats vote Democrat because they want to keep their paycheck.

The liberal media is calculating and scheming, and has fed latinos, Asians, and blacks the idea that Trump is a racist and hates them.  This means that many Asians, latinos, and blacks hate Trump no matter what.  Since they think he dislikes them, which is a total lie manufactured by the fake news, they don’t care what he does, they don’t like him.  This leads to 90% of blacks voting Democrat, and over 60% of Asians and Latinos.  Then, the scheming media makes it appear that Trump doesn’t like Asians, latinos, and blacks because they aren’t in his administration.  Of course, few are in his administration because few actually support him due to the media’s lies.

White liberals and their cultural Marxism are a bunch of snakes, and they will whip up Latinos, Asians, and blacks in an effort to gain power and money for themselves.  The globalists would love civil unrest in America. This would give them more power.  It makes them positively giddy in anticipation.  Americans get suckered by this race nonsense right and left.  Democrat men are often guilty, because they are often lecherous libertines, and since they have no self control mostly, they are too weak to see the deceit in the media and schools, and they are lustful after conservative women, who are often far more desirable for spouses and raising children than liberal women who believe in abortion and are rebellious.  Conservative men rarely waste any time on liberal women, as the conservative male understands that to marry a liberal woman is to ask for a lifetime of misery if she doesn’t change her views, and there is no assurance she will.

Whenever you hear someone talk about how terrible Trump is, dear reader, just keep in mind there is a 95% chance the person knows next to nothing about the Constitution, they can’t name the 9 SCOTUS justices currently sitting, and have never read 5 biographies of the 204 Founders.  So, they are parrots and have been fed disinformation.  It’s a shame to watch people be brainwashed so badly.  And who is behind this?  Well, $3 trillion poured into Silicon Valley from wealthy investors and some foreign countries.  Do you think this money was to build up America, or was it to buy power and influence for those investing?  It doesn’t take a fool to see that this money was invested to weaken America and gain power and control for those hostile to America’s interests.  This is why the media, tech companies, Hollyweird, hellivision, and schools all detest Trump so much.  He actually stands for America, and these Americans who oppose him know very little about our history and are prostituting themselves out to interests diametrically opposed to the liberty and freedom we stand for.

The problem with the Vallejo Times Herald

For many years the Vallejo Times Herald was a reliable source of information for the city of Vallejo.  It provided unbiased news, and a reliable viewpoint.  However, since the worst President in America history, Obama, was elected in 2008, the Times Herald has degenerated into a Democrat rag, unfit to be called serious news.  The readers have caught on, and its subscriptions have dropped dramatically.  Some will make the argument that the internet has made the Times Herald irrelevant, which may be true, but it’s content is overwhelmingly one sided, and it’s readers were largely conservative, and so it alienated it’s key base.  A very foolish business decision.  It no longer delivers on Monday, and it’s subscriptions will probably never recover again.

It is the only newspaper in town tasked with covering public events and happenings, and it has been doing a miserable job.  As a result, most people have tuned out.  This is part of the reason why there is so much voter apathy.  The voters know they are being deceived, and so they step away.  The Times Herald makes no bones about it’s wildly partisan opposition to Trump.  Every last negative item about him gets headlines, and every positive development gets buried on the inside, or isn’t reported on at all.   The Times Herald is very undiscriminating on whose letters it publishes.  While they did a good job a few years back of publishing my letters, and for that I’m thankful, they often censored my letters and removed whole sentences.  They only published a fraction of the letters I submitted, and when my letters came under fierce criticism from resident atheist troublemaker Thom McCombs, the Times Herald would fail to publish my response to his constant revilings.  So, to the gullible reader, it appeared this moral midget always had the last word and was right.  He definitely wasn’t.  200 years ago, newspapers wouldn’t give any space to the morally bankrupt citizens who write to the Times Herald supporting marijuana, opposing Orcem, opposing business, and parroting the latest progressive nonsense they’ve learned in the media and schools.

John Glidden, an alleged reporter, publishes the usual cultural nonsense about homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, racism, and the rest of the garbage.  Meanwhile, he quietly ignores and hides opinions he doesn’t like from the readers and the readers are never the wiser.  From now on, I will attempt to shine a light on local news, and the reader can get state, national, and world news from these seven conservative sources.

American Thinker

The Federalist


PJ Media


Daily Wire


Also, voters are voting without a comprehension of America’s history, and are easily swayed by Hollyweird, Hellivision, and the liberal media and schools.  Further, they are often corrupted by porn and drugs, and can’t think straight.  These are the people who are mindless drones and keep on voting for incompetent candidates.

Since the Times Herald refuses to start being unbiased, it’s best to not read it.  I read it 5 minutes a day, for the obituaries, letters, and town announcements.  Other than that, it’s only good to line a bird cage with.

Cultural Marxism in churches

Today is the 40th anniversary of Jim Jones.  This lunatic killed 900 people by trying to mix Christianity with communism and Marxism.  As a white liberal, he was good at race baiting, and white liberals today do the same things.  He would tell blacks that America was so racist and hated blacks, and then he goes off and kills hundreds of blacks with the Kool-Aid.  Same thing happens in Vallejo today.  Matter of fact, Tony Ubalde served on a commission with Jim Jones, and now is a pastor and on the school board, playing the same game about race baiting.

It’s not isolated there though.  This cultural Marxism is in Vallejo’s churches.  They teach their gullible and naive parishioners that social justice is good, and on and on.  The parishioners little dream what horrors await them under communism.  In this fascinating article on Jonestown, Stella Morabito of the Federalist has both the the NBC video just prior to the slaughter and the audio tape of the massacre.  Pretty sickening.  If the reader is sickened by it, just recognize that today’s Democrat party has a pretty similar message.

In Vallejo, you are constantly hearing adults going on about how systemic racism is such a problem.  Anyone who knows the data knows that is a bunch of malarkey.  The people who talk about color the most have the least character.  But they are very brutal in their tactics and will ruthlessly suppress any who disagree with their systemic racism myth.  What we have is a problem with race baiters who love to make power and money off of portraying themselves as victims.

The Democrat party is a menace to society today, and the only reason why they have one elected official in America is because of the naivete, corruption, and gullibility of their voters.  They love uninformed students in schools, because they are easy to manipulate, and their media does a very good job, feeding the masses all kinds of disinformation.   If American voters all knew the Bible, our our real history (not the stupid nonsense you find in Howard Zinn’s revisionist textbooks), and all read just five biographies of the Founders of America, there WOULD NOT BE ONE DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE TODAY!  Their unions, and special interest groups are what sow mayhem and disruption in society.  The unions have long outlived their purpose, and are now responsible for kids doing horrible in schools.  The unions don’t understand what the issues are in society, and are in no rush to correct them.  Societal dysfunction means more money and power for them, and they have no objections to that.

It’s amazing, because Democrats have been running Vallejo for decades, yet they claim the schools are racist, the police are racist, and discrimination is all over the place.  Well, if that’s the case, they are the ones to blame, because they’ve had power for quite a long time.  Truth be told, crime and poverty among blacks and latinos is always highest in Democrat run cities and states.  Yet, these Democrat leaders always blame Trump and Republicans.  Any logical person understands its the Democrats that are to blame for the plight of minorities.  But, many voters are not logical at all, and vote on their feelings.  The hellivision, popular culture, schools, and other Democrat entities feed them disinformation, until they can’t tell what is reality and what is not.  Some of the biggest churches in Vallejo teach cultural marxism and deify figures like Colin Kaepernick.  Just look at who ol’ Colin’s mentor is, a radical communist type, who has been influencing young athletes in communist subversion for decades.

So we need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves about Cultural Marxism.   There was a great book written on the evil doctrine here.  Those who do not understand its wickedness, need to learn fast, because a showdown is coming.   Evil never relinquishes power voluntarily.  It must be steadfastly resisted.