Why John Fox is utterly unqualified to be a teacher or on the School Board.

I really don’t like writing this at all either.  However, since no other media source in Vallejo will warn voters about potential dangers, and the major political figures are in a corrupt cabal and could care less about the taxpayers, it’s time to speak up.  I cannot remain silent.  Our schools and media are complicit in keeping us dumbed down, as it’s easy to manipulate those who know a little, and it’s hard to control those who know a lot.  So we are continually exposed to media indoctrination in a desperate attempt to keep us dependent and subservient.  Frederick Douglass once said, “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”.   This is why you won’t hear a single one of my seven opponents ever talk about why we have 70% of the children graduating who can’t read or do math at the 12th grade level.  THEY LIKE IT THAT WAY!!  Don’t you understand, the less your children know, the easier it is to make them into mindless drones.  Thousands of years ago, a wise man of God, Hosea, said, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”.   That is exactly what is going on today.  “But Ryan”, many will say, “I read the newspaper, I have a college degree, and I read online news, so I am informed”.  Actually, you are indoctrinated.  All of the aforementioned are controlled by the left.

But I digress.  I first met John Fox about five years ago, if memory serves.  He was pleasant, gracious, and wanted to do lunch.  Soon, I learned that Mr. Fox was a proponent of the homosexual agenda in schools.  I had a severe problem with that, because no one authorized the Supreme Court to take on powers it had never been delegated by the Constitution and to legalize homosexuality in 2003 and homosexual marriage in 2015.  Our rights come from nature and nature’s God, and both find it abhorrent that humans should practice homosexuality.   It is ironic that the Homosexual Stonewall Club pledges allegiance to the Flag and it’s Republic, when the original 13 colonies all severely penalized homosexuality.  I remained cordial and courteous, as I do to this day.  However, it is  unacceptable that we have anyone pushing the homosexual agenda who wants to be around children, teach them, or be on the school board.  Due to media indoctrination, we now have a full scale war going on when those, like me, call out the devious and dangerous homosexual agenda.   Homosexuality is incompatible with freedom and liberty.   Homosexuals are slaves of their own selves, which is the worst slavery of all.  A quick look at ancient Rome reveals the four worst tyrannical leaders, those most cruel and debauched, were all homosexuals.  Nero, Caligula, Commodus, and Elagabulus.  Every society that tolerated homosexuality was on it’s decline, none survived it.  Homosexuality is like a vulture.  It only comes around when societies are dying.

Were John to leave homosexuality, as he can do, and repent, I’d happily endorse his run for school board.  But there is no way a single reasonable and virtuous Vallejoan should ever vote for a person who endorses such corrupting habits.  Our children deserve better.  Homosexuals also, according to reliable studies, have a much higher propensity to molest children.  Simply look at the Catholic Church.  The priests aren’t molesting little girls, they are molesting little boys.  I haven’t heard John’s take on the child molesting teacher who was arrested at his own school, but I’d be curious to hear it.

Also, what is wrong with community ‘leaders’ who have zero standards but keep endorsing such dangerous candidates?  Why aren’t they blowing the trumpet?   Of course, I will be called a homophobic bigot by the homosexual mafia, who will commence a full scale attack on me, reminiscent of the days of Gomorrah.  They never change tactics.  Either their evil prevails, or those who oppose it must be destroyed by psychological terrorism.

Let us remember, in 2008, liberal California voted 52-48% to keep marriage between a man and a woman.  Our votes were trashed by governor Jerry Brown, and by then Attorney General of California Kamala Harris.  These tyrants told us to shut up, our opinion didn’t matter.  Then the United States Supreme Court joined in and took on powers they were never granted by the Constitution, overthrowing the will of the California people with the 2015 ‘Obergefell vs. Hodges’ decision legalizing homosexual marriage.  Of course, we had a rogue homosexual judge in California sit and refuse to recuse himself from the case due to a conflict of interest, and nonsensically rule homosexual marriages are some kind of constitutional right.  It’s not.   We were told in the 2008 election that homosexuals would nottry to introduce homosexuality to children or into the schools.  That was a blatant lie, and just ten years later they are working to indoctrinate our children.  When will Vallejo stand up against the sodomite invasion?  What will it take?  If we don’t have the spine to fight for our children, what will we fight for?  Here is John Fox and the homosexual mafia in Vallejo attempting to give superintendent Clark his marching orders.  

Vallejo has been warned, vote accordingly. This is a war between Good and Evil.  Your children’s future hangs in the balance.

Why Measure S, the school bond, is bad for Vallejo, and why I oppose it.

Many times in America’s, and in Vallejo’s history, we face financial crisis, and those most responsible for it, urge us to run to the polls, to vote to give them more money, and they will fix the problem.  Having the fox guard the henhouse never fixes the problem, but we are supposed to believe this, and to be naïve and gullible.  We are told to vote for the bond to help the children, and that classrooms are leaking, so why don’t we taxpayers fork over more money?  Well, that’s not the answer.  Our government is way too big already, and the school district is CHOCKFUL of wasteful expenses, mediocre teachers who can’t be fired and do not get results, and unnecessary bureaucratic costs.

The vast majority of those who are involved in nearly every school board election, are in it only to enrich and empower themselves and to hell with Joe Taxpayer.  It doesn’t bother them a bit that the schools pump out 70% of 12th graders who can’t do math and English at the 12th grade level.  They actually kind of like this, because the more uninformed voters there are, the more their parasite media can mislead millions to vote them more power and money.  Of my seven colleagues, Tony Ubalde, Ruscal Cayangyang, Allan Yeap, Christy Gardiner, Ralph Gross, Burky Worel, and John Fox, I am the only one with no ties to current board members.  Let us remember, the same people who we liked, voted for, saw their signs on the side of the road, got their mailers in the mail, and who Vallejo’s power players supported in the past, are the ones responsible for the current mess.  As politicians, they rarely ever take responsibility.  The candidate who has currently been on the board for the longest, insists we need to have joy in our heart.  Mr. Ubalde, I agree we need to have joy, but the Bible says, ‘those who sow in tears, shall reap in joy’.  Joy is not an end, it is a byproduct of right choices.    Also, if you say you are a pastor, exactly what kind of pastor are you?  When kids are being taught destructive lifestyles like homosexuality, and their curriculum is dumbing them down, a man of God would SPEAK UP!  But you are quiet and silent, and think being quiet in the face of evil is a good thing.  Let me quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a brave man who died defying Hitler.  “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  No current board member or potential board member has served longer than  you, and yet, while you boast of increased graduation rates, the reading and math testing rates in the district are ATROCIOUS!!  There is nothing to be proud about when your school district is graduating children who can’t do math and reading.  You fail to recognize the problem and I’ve yet to hear a solution from you.

We are in these money problems because of societal issues, like a decreased fertility rate and a shrinking youth population, fatherlessness, and apathy of citizens and parents.  We have had poor past management, and that needs to change.

There was a similar moment in history when our nation faced a financial crisis.  It was back when Herbert Hoover was president, and we had an economic downturn.  Instead of the people turning to themselves to fix the problem, they went running to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and asked the government to solve their problems for them.  We got federal welfare programs which were supposed to be temporary, but have only grown and are still with us.  Turning to government to solve our personal problems is never the answer.  If the community wants more money for schools, then they need to send more of their children to the schools, and start having more children.  Which means the schools need to start achieving academic excellence again.  What parent wants to send their child to a school where school safety is missing, and their child is likely to graduate without learning math and English at the 12th grade level?  Not one wise parent, that’s who.    We spend, on average, around $13,000 a year per child in school.  If we put 1,000 more children into the schools, that is $13,000,000  per year.  If we put 8,000 more into the schools, back to our 1990 levels, that is $104,000,000 a year.  That is plenty of money.  We ourselves have the seeds of the solution to this problem in ourselves, literally too, when it comes to men:).  And, I’m not talking about kids outside of heterosexual marriage.

The argument will be made, ‘but what about cost, it’s too expensive to have kids and home prices are through the roof’?  Well, every American won the ovarian lottery, and those born here are the top 10% richest in the world.  If we can’t afford to have kids, it’s because of our materialism and priorities.  The housing crisis is caused by an atrocious permitting process, and by environmental Chicken Little’s, who run around with the Gospel of Climate Change, and overpopulation, both myths.  China and Russia love American environmentalists, because they handicap American industry and energy, and give Chinese and Russian industry and energy tremendous profits.  A basic law of economics is supply and demand.  When demand is high for homes, we need to build more.  But due to massive taxation and regulations, our bureaucratic Democratic Government is stifling growth.  Vallejo has a terrible hospitality record with businesses as we have activists who viciously attack businesses trying to re locate here.  Also, our schools are in terrible shape, so what business wants their employees to move to a city where the schools are horrible at educating children, and where a violent environment is tolerated in schools?  None, that’s who.  Amazing that the left supports a death culture.  They love porn, homosexuality, contraception, psychotropic drugs, and abortion, all death lifestyles, and hate to take steps that lead to life and prosperity.

Please vote against Measure S, and avoid big government bureaucracy from expanding. The schools are failing to properly educate our children and throwing even $500,000,000 at the problem isn’t going to fix it.  Fixing the exterior of the schools won’t fix the problem, fixing the interior hearts of our educators and society, will.  Circumstances reveal us to ourselves.  They reflect who we are.

Fire is the test of gold, adversity is the test of strong men.


On Voter apathy

Plato once said, “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”.

He also said, “No man is hated more than he who tells the truth”.

Thus, as men grow more uninformed and corrupt, they hate to be corrected, and love to be ruled by evil men.

The stages of deterioration of a nation were described very well by Plato.

In Vallejo today, many of those in leadership positions constantly advise us to be calm and not to disagree, as massive problems confront us.  They say the worst thing is to be disagreeable.  Umm, with problems like these in front of us, disagreeableness in the past would have saved us from a lot of them.  We are advised to be quiet and not rock the boat.   The boat can use a good rocking, by a person who knows how to get it to it’s best destination.  The same city wide power players, who rarely attend public meetings and rarely speak publicly, as they think they are too important to be bothered with the common people, throw their money around and try to influence elections.  They have been doing this for decades, and they seek the acclaim of man,  power, and money. That is the only reason why they are involved in politics at all. Judge them by the results.  Their leadership and lack of foresight is what got Vallejo into this mess.

Vallejo and America has a huge problem with indifference and apathy towards public affairs.  In a city of over 110,000, a typical city council meeting attracts less than fifty citizens.  The school board meetings have the same issues.  What are the voters doing that is so desperately important?  Most are spending 9 years of their lives watching television.  70% of all clicks online are for pornography.  70 million Americans are on psychotropic drugs.  So, they aren’t avoiding these meetings, often, for good reasons.  It is because they place their selfish personal cares above that of the community at large.  Yet, these same people, are some of the ones who holler the loudest when anything goes wrong.

Vallejo has tens of thousands of eligible voters who don’t vote, and tens of thousands of eligible voters who do vote, but have not thoroughly researched the candidates and topics they are voting on.  Also, many of the voters have never bothered to learn history and are convinced their liking a candidate, a candidate being given a lot of money, or a candidate being backed by a lot of other popular people in the city is a good reason to vote for them.  Critical thinking is at all time lows.  We ought to be evaluating candidates by the standards of virtue and wisdom early Americans were evaluated on.  The common response to this, by the intellectually lazy, who are drones obeying the Google Gospel, is that there were faults in the past, so we don’t need to learn from it.  That’s totally false, history repeats itself.  Google, Silicon Valley, and the tech industry is woefully unaware of the fact that Greece and Rome were once the tech leaders of their day and ARE NOW IN RUINS.  WE ARE HEADED THERE.  The common man, when he hears something he finds interesting, but does not know much about, will run to Google, where he will be hopelessly muddled by the algorithms Google uses to sucker tens of millions all over the world. 

So, how do we deal with voter apathy?  We exercise our individual intellect, and we refuse to listen to those who constantly have been leading us astray for decades, in academia and the media.  We learn the logical fallacies and we learn to stop trusting and believing in ideas that are logical fallacies.

We learn to live virtuous and wise lives, for if we do not, our liberty is in jeopardy, and we will surely be slaves. 

The reader may be advised that the local News Papers, from the Vallejo Times Herald, the Contra Costa Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, along with national papers like the New York Slimes, and the Washington Compost and most of the others, may as well have editors in China.  They suppress the truth, and they post the most scurrilous nonsense.  Hellivision is the same way.  Even Fox news is not even conservative.  CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS are decidedly left wing.  So is NPR.  Online, Google will eliminate conservative views with it’s algorithm, and Facebook will delete and block conservative commenters.  Huffington Post, CNN and the vast majority of left wing news sources are horribly biased disinformation sources who haven’t got any standards or historical concept at all.  Yet, they are paid vast amounts of money, and they are the major source of information for the vast majority of voters in the People’s Republic of California.

My experience is that 90% of Democrat voters in California have never read seven conservative news websites for two months of their entire lives.  Does any reader believe that anyone can reach a logical conclusion on any topic without thoroughly examining both sides?  If not, then we have a severe problem with tens of millions of voters becoming mindless drones, and simply allowing the media and Democrat puppet masters to manipulate them.

Worse, though 90% of Democrat voters have never read Breitbart, Daily Wire, National Review, TownHall, PJ Media, the Federalist, and American Thinker for two months of their lives, they will not find a problem with that.  They will defend their being uninformed on it, often.  A wise person will learn when they are shown new information, but a foolish person will scoff and scorn, and that is the attitude of most voters on the left.

The media shows us what they want us to see, to get us to say and do what they want us to do.  It wouldn’t work if the average voter was wise and virtuous, but they increasingly aren’t.  ‘My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” said a wise man long ago.

So, will we awake to knowledge, wisdom, and virtue, or will we remain lethargic, in a stupor, and comatose?  The choice is ours.  Our future depends on it.