November 4, 2020
The Nasty Street Fight ahead for 2020: This is Why We Elected Trump

C. Edmund Wright

Ironic, isn’t it? This could be Trump’s finest hour. 

As befits the already awful year of Our Lord, 2020, the presidential election is going to come down to a nasty street fight of lawyers, public relations spin, and positioning involving four states. Donald Trump has won all four, and now he must successfully defend all four wins from the very mail-in shenanigans he (and all of us) predicted would happen months ago. This is flesh and blood people versus theoretical pieces of mail. The people must win this.  

Like many, as I was transitioning from supporting Ted Cruz in the summer of 2016 to making peace with supporting Donald Trump, the main comfort I had was that Trump was a fighter, one who seemed fearless, and one who talked like a real guy instead of a political drone. Then there is the “it” factor that Trump has, a once in a lifetime gift upon the political scene.  The brilliant Cruz was admittedly a bit weak on all of that.  Okay, more than a bit. 

At the time I was producing a series of twenty attack articles against the Republican Establishment for Steve Bannon at Breitbart, so I naturally had enjoyed — and written about — the successes during the process of Trump, Cruz, Ben Carson and Rand Paul — as they all irked the GOP-E. 

And in the past four years, Trump has rarely disappointed on the fighter front. His instincts back on March 22nd were to push back against Tony Fauci, to not let “the cure be worse than the disease” regarding COVID, and he was right. Something inside was telling him that letting a narrowly focused bureaucratic scientist who hadn’t treated a human patient in 40 plus years rule the world’s economy was not a good idea.  Oddly, he backed off of that fight for about seven months — possibly at the behest of NYC focused Ivanka and Jared or wimpy GOP consultants, but that’s a discussion for another article and another day. 

As a result, Mr. Trump, now is the time to really fight, and fight like you’ve never fought before. Tell Ivanka and Jared and the consultants to sit down and shut up. Time for you to be you. Now is the time for the straightest, toughest, and most real unvarnished talking you have ever done. You shouldn’t have to do this, of course. You should have sailed into re-election with well over 300 Electoral votes and a booming economy. Then the scamdemic of COVID happened, with all of the complications and implications thereof and therein, and the world was turned upside down. Our economy and your political fortunes included. 

Yet somehow, even with the Fauci mistake, you charged into yesterday with the incredible momentum of a winner. And you won, legitimately. Taking out the Marxist strongholds of California and New York, you won the popular vote in the other 48 state by millions. By all rights, you have won Michigan, you beat the frack out of Biden in Pennsylvania, and you held off  “the damned Yankees” who have moved into Georgia and North Carolina and brought their polluting voting habits with them. 

But that’s not where we are. We are still in a war, a war against an enemy, the worldwide left, that has co-opted the Democrat party, virtually the entire American media, the social media giants, Big Education, Big Entertainment and even Big Sports. Yes, the foot soldiers will be the lawyers, but this battle will have a huge public opinion angle, and that’s where you must dominate. You must make it clear to the Supreme Court justices and to everybody else that your supporters are real live people who love the country and who are passionate.  

And millions of their voters are theoretical pieces of mail that may or may not have ever been in the hands of a legitimate voter. Remind people that Republicans did well in The House and The Senate, and across the country. Just ooze legitimacy, because you are the legit winner. We are the legit winners. 

Quite likely this is coming down to the Supreme Court, and they are flesh and blood human beings. They do watch what’s going on. They have feelings and opinions and have to live in Washington. Keep that in mind. Aside from the three ultra-liberals, they are not drones. Justice Barrett is new, and she needs a visible and obvious reason to support flesh and blood voters over pieces of mail. She needs a reason she can support you and not be called a lackey. Justice Kavanaugh had his testosterone drained by the vicious attacks on him, and you need to give him a reason to get it back. Justice Gorsuch is one of those brilliant but annoying libertarian leaning guys who needs a public display of such common sense that he understands pieces of paper cannot disenfranchise real people by cancelling their votes.  Thomas and Alito are solid. And Roberts? Well, I’ve written him off but would be delighted to be wrong.

I say, continue to hold rallies. Stay on this every second of every day. Keep your attorneys fired up. Keep your people fired up. Make it obvious that this is still a war between the people and the basement dwellers. More than ever, Trump must be Trump. Go with your gut. Attack. We shouldn’t be here, but we are. It is what it is. Perhaps we have the one man who can make it his and our finest hour. The Republic depends on it. 

Photo credit: Michael Vadon   Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Edmund Wright is a long time contributor to American Thinker, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax TV and author of Amazon Elections Best Seller WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again.

Communists trying to steal US Election!!

November 4, 2020 


Trump, via tweet, which was then censored by Twitter.
“We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!”Mail-in ballot delays are hitting now: WI (no way we’re announcing tonight),MI (Friday), PA (no count anytime soon) and GA (biggest Dem county stopped counting, Trump leading by 300k).
MI, PA, NC, WI, GA —- Trump leads in every one of these states. So the Dems have stopped counting votes here. — Call these states for trump and he wins. 

by Henry Makow PhD
This is the most important US election in history and the Communist Deep State is trying to steal it. 
Literally, our freedom is at stake.  Our future, and that of our families, is at stake. 
Communists don’t play by the rules. They believe the “end justifies the means.” 
They stoop to censoring, intimidating, or even killing anyone who stands in their way. 
They are quite capable of rigging this vote. 75% of my readers agree (see Twitter poll.) 
When you count the vote, you could run a mule as your candidate, and be assured of victory. Hunter Biden’s laptop has shown that his father is a Chinese agent, but the Communist MSM suppressed this information.  The “big guy” is a gangster, a traitor, and an unrepentant pedophile. He is also senile, bordering on demented.  But, when you count the vote…
I just can’t believe that nearly 70 million Americans voted for a man affiliated with Antifa and BLM who rioted, looted, and turned their downtowns into war zones. A man who was taking kickbacks from the Chinese. 
Only someone who planned to rig the vote would run this embarrassment. He is a raised middle finger to America and all it stands for. He exemplifies the contempt that Satanists have Americans.
A well-connected contact sent this yesterday afternoon. I ignored it because I was confident Trump would win a landslide victory. 
Demonrats/Globalists have hacked & hijacked the voting system and the Military “white hats” are trying to get it back.  Within the Military are Globalists, who are working for the Biden/Commie/Globalist team The hacked/hijacked voting system will make it look like Biden won by 3 points.The Military “white hats” are very concerned –my contact said, “This was not supposed to happen, the Trump Military “white hats” thought they had this loophole secured, however, they do not, they lost the server  –it was stolen -removed by the Globalists and the Military “white hats” are looking for it. The stolen server will just say that Biden won.Does this sound insane?     Yesterday my contact was very calm –he told me, Trump has the votes and can win this fair and square and they are prepared for the Globalists corruption –But today he is totally panicked –he is a high up person that will be put on a death list if the Globalists get in, so he may have to flee the country– just like Trump said he would do if the Globalists get in!

We cannot allow tyranny to be imposed by subterfuge. We have to draw the line. This election is that line.
Whatever his shortcomings, Donald Trump is a major obstacle to globalist plans. He must emerge victorious or we are doomed.———
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