Eight hard questions for the Democrats

Patrick Garabedian

We are close to Nov. 3, and too many polls predict victory for the Biden-Harris ticket for conservatives to feel comfortable.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s voters have already shown their willingness to overlook his senescence and history of corruption, and they may well also overlook the evidence of utter corruption revealed in the new Hunter Biden computer drive. 

The reality is that the Democrat/media/academic/tech industry behemoth has shown its willingness to do anything to get the Biden-Harris ticket elected.  The time for subtlety and finesse is past for Republicans — it’s time to hammer home again and again a finite number of points to point out the radicalism and deceit of the 2020 opposition.  The injustices done to President Trump from 2016 to the present — the Russia hoax, the special counsel, the impeachment — are water under the bridge.  The injustices planned by the left  for the American people after a victory in this election  should be concentrated upon, drummed into the public consciousness over and over again. 

Questions to ask the 2020 Democrats:

1) Why are you opposing respected American traditions and Constitutional freedoms?

Why such anti-Americanism in your convention platform and in numerous acts and statements of policy?  Why opposition to the rights to assembly, to worship, to freedom of speech, to the right to bear arms, to the Electoral College?  Why support for open borders, for Medicare for illegal aliens, for abolishing ICE?  Why support for “defunding the police” and then support for violent rioting and looting?  Why support for packing the Supreme Court and for minting new “states” for political advantage?  You Democrats are even endorsing the enormities of the “transgender” movement, where people can supposedly change their sex by flipping a mental switch, and enter women’s bathrooms or be transferred to women’s prisons at will.

2) Why do you want to prolong the damage of the Wuhan virus to our economy? 

Why extend lockdowns with endless “states of emergency” in supposed respect for bogus “science” when Texas’s, Florida’s, and other states’ experiences show that the economy-murdering lockdowns of businesses and schools do not lessen virus contagions over the long term — they just extend individual suffering  through unemployment, economic suffering, isolation, and harm to children?

3) Why do you support the Green New Deal and the presumption of man-made global warming?   

The GND would pole-axe the American economy,  even without lockdowns and the rest of the Democrat program.  Yes, the climate is always changing, and it may be getting warmer.  That does not mean that it is caused by human activity or that it can be reversed by our shedding a few centuries of human progress.  Man-made climate change is a weird New Age faith, not anything remotely scientific.  There was so much water stored in immense glaciers only 10,000 years ago, including giant glaciers over Wisconsin, that a land passage existed between Britain and Europe.  Then it melted, and the seas rose, and the English Channel was created, and it was not caused by the campfires of the mammoth-hunters!

4) How can you justify your suicidal attitude to national policy? 

Democrats keep harping on the Russian danger and on the Hillary Russian election hoax, while downplaying the threat of a one-party totalitarian, tyrannical, and aggressive China (where, let us not forget, the Wuhan virus originated and whence it was gifted to the world).  China is the unfair trader and the thief of our technologies and industries.  Democrats are even worse in their Obama-like downplaying of the danger from the mad mullahs of Iran, with their unbridled pursuit of nuclear weapons and of aggression against their neighbors, against Israel, and against the West in general.  Democrats are ostrich-like.

5) Why do you pursue the politics of the big lie, endlessly repeated? 

About police brutality against blacks, from “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” to the causes of George Floyd’s death?  About white supremacists supposedly rioting in the streets?  About President Trump supposedly causing 200,000 deaths from the Wuhan virus by not using the magic wand that you claim he has but no other national leader possesses?  And what about your endless repetition of the undying Charlottesville hoax about the president supposedly praising white supremacists and neo-Nazis (Rabbi Dov Fischer’s “The Protocols of the Elders of Charlottesville” should put an end to that hoax in a rational world)?  Goebbels would be proud of today’s Democrats.

6) Why do you support anti-American racial divisiveness and violence?

The left is always eager to create verbal constructs with which to limit our freedoms — thus their acceptance of “Critical Race Theory” about the alleged existence of systemic/structural racism in America and the following spread of Maoist indoctrination sessions nationwide.  Why your acceptance of the false and  ignorant “1619 Project,” designed to simply smear America?  Why your “woke” acceptance of the Smithsonian African-American History Museum’s idiotic listing of “white” as opposed to “black” character traits?

Marxism is a violence-loving doctrine, seeing conflict and subsequent violence as necessary for history’s inevitable progress.  This has resulted in the Left’s tolerance for endless “protests” and the ensuing rioting and looting in Democrat-run cities and states. In June idiot “revolutionaries” were eager to recreate 1917 Russia in 2020 America by pulling down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park in D.C., setting a nearby church on fire and making moves to attack the White House itself.  Black lives do NOT matter to the Marxist-racist BLM organization, nor is the Marxist-anarchist “Antifa” movement against a nonexistent fascism — it is anti-U.S. Constitution and anti-freedom. Why do Democrats not condemn such groups?

7) Why your deceptive offer of a presidential candidate? 

A malleable , mediocre, now-senile, angry hack politician with decades of non-accomplishment and with a history of personal and family corruption.  A record of personal nastiness and lying and fantasy stories, of personal subservience to special interests (Delaware’s banks) and exponential enrichment of his family through obviously corrupt multimillion dollar bribes from China, Ukraine, and Russia. Biden is just a temporary front man.

8) Finally, why your equally deceptive offer of your real ( stealth ) Presidential candidate?  

The real head of the Democratic ticket is the supposedly vice-presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris. She is the one who still has all her marbles, and who will become president as soon as the doddering Biden dies or is declared too senile to be president. She is deceptively presented as a Black American, while she is actually of a privileged East Indian-Jamaican background, and advanced in California politics by being a political kingmaker’s sexual toy. She has surpassed her lack of principles as California’s Attorney General only by her record of being the most far-Left senator since entering the Senate (and what competition she beat).  Although one must acknowledge that, unlike Hunter, she had the wits not to allow any video or other type of camera in the neighborhood when she engaged in “shenanigans-for-rewards” with Willie Brown, the married Democratic kingmaker thirty years her senior.

To conclude all this, President Trump could  put a cherry on the cake with two promises:  If reelected, he would do everything legally possible to revive the American economy by putting a speedy end to States’ unreasonable economic lockdowns; and make the cost-free rioting, violence and destruction in Democrat-controlled areas stop. 

Since March, for seven months, the “emergency” and “temporary” economic and social lockdowns have attacked Americans’ freedoms and livelihoods. And since May, for five months, Marxist-inspired and organized violent rioting and looting have taken place with virtual impunity in Democrat-controlled cities and states. Both the lockdowns and the riots can fall through the cracks of our federal governmental system and be considered only local responsibilities, but the extent and especially the length of both lockdowns and rioting have by now made them national problems. The president could promise that if reelected he will restore the freedoms, rights and safety stolen from Americans by these “local” policies by :

a)  asking Attorney General William Barr to look at all possibilities of federal action to restore those freedoms and rights ;

b) by himself taking all possible action by executive order to do the same;


c)  if there is still not enough national authority to deal with problems which have become national in their effects, by asking Congress to pass appropriate legislation.

How nice it would be to see law and order reintroduced again after this half-year of insurrectionist activities by invoking the Insurrection Act, so that these “black block” Molotov-cocktail and brick-throwing insurrectionists who want to do gladiatorial combat with the police will face federal troops and federal prison sentences. Let’s see how they like being dressed in orange rather than black.


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