COVID-19 flare-up and tyrannical edicts: Just a coincidence right after the election fraud?

C.M. MentorWell, here we go again. COVID-19 hysteria is peaking once more and it’s coming just days after a momentous presidential election. What a coincidence! Is there any possibility that this is happening because the Democrats feel the need for a big, attention-getting distraction from the stench of a fixed election? It is becoming very apparent that there was a mind-blowing level of vote fraud, in several states at least, to rob Donald Trump of a landslide victory. Not the usual, criminal Democrat vote fraud, but industrial-strength, highly criminal, highly coordinated fraud. Fraud using every known trick and what looks like a bunch of new ones, too. The usual tricks include dead people voting, people voting multiple times, paid-for votes, miscounted votes, deleted votes, created votes, etc. etc. These things seem to happen every election when Democrats are in control. This election, however, might involve ballot creation and vote-tabulating computer software jiggering on a massive scale. Truckloads of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, pristine ballots for only candidate Joe Biden with printer-accuracy selection marks or machine manipulated irregular marks, large vote blocs suddenly moving from Trump to Biden, all vote blocs marking only Biden, and exactly the same percentage of votes favoring Biden versus Trump in numerous state precincts, and many other very odd anomalies. All of this stinks and everyone knows it. Fair-minded people know that Donald Trump’s campaign was light-years ahead of sleepy, masked, basement-dwelling Joe Biden’s. Trump often had four or five events every day which drew tens-of-thousands each. He did this day after day and he is 74 years old! There was tremendous enthusiasm for his candidacy. Joe Biden often drew about 10 people at his events, and sometimes voters literally ignored him. Fortunately, they were all in their safety circles with face masks on. Donald Trumps outstanding campaign, the success of down-ballot Republicans, and his resounding vote lead well after polls closed all point to his highly-probable, amazing victory. When confronted with the Trump vote margins, Democrat web-spinners obviously said to themselves “Whoa, Nellie!” They instructed their comrades in the various swing states to stop the vote count to give time to get more Biden ballots and “adjust” the vote tabulating computer settings and software. The fact that the vote counting was stopped at all and that it was done in multiple states at the same time is an obvious tip-off to coordinated fraud. It is reported now that the Dominion Voting Systems computer hardware, which are widely used in many of the swing states, have software with settings that can be altered in real-time, either locally or remotely, via the internet, and sure enough, some were hooked up to the internet. Their computers also have built-in settings that can be altered locally to adjust the weighting of candidate votes in selected races. This is not a sick joke. One can only imagine the mischief (fraud) that is possible by fiddling with the vote totals once the ballots have been counted and are in the “system.” Josef Stalin knew the power of vote counting versus vote casting and commented on it many years ago. Some of the very interesting things to start appearing after the election are the forensic data analyses of the voting and its patterns. Many of the techniques are frequently used in financial and other fraud investigations. Such things as Benford’s first-digit rule, Bernoulli trial analysis and just-plain logic and common sense reveal much that is very wrong in the vote patterns of many swing states. Ballots being received before they were mailed out is one indicator that pops out of the voting data. Many private-individual data experts have performed extensive analysis and found strong evidence of manipulation. This kind of evidence may not satisfy courtroom requirements, but it does represent billowing clouds of suspicious, dark smoke rising from the election. Where there is smoke… The oddities might also be just like fingerprints at a crime scene. Questions about the integrity of the elections started arising almost immediately after the election. So what an appropriate time to goose-up the ante on the COVID-19 hysteria to distract people’s minds from the complexities of voting, vote counting, undecided state elections, fraud and all manner of related things. It is much easier for people to understand a plague-like death from a horrific pandemic and the need to wear masks everywhere and at all times. Simple…and once masked Joe Biden is safely in the White House everything will be fine. The pretext for the renewed hysteria is the increase in the number of “cases” of COVID-19 that we have now. You know, the cases resulting from the inaccurate, ever increasing, and often over-sensitive tests that are being performed. Tests that have produced a ‘positive’ in one nostril and a ‘negative’ in the other nostril on the same person. Tests that trigger a ‘positive’ when only harmless fragments of a virus are present due to overly-sensitive test thresholds. The reality is that healthy people under about age 65 have minor or no symptoms when they test positive for the virus. The vast majority of the population does not need to be locked down or wear masks. Let them live their lives. Older people, especially those with health problems, need to be careful – just as they must during flu season. The CDC recently announced that the number of people who died from the COVID-19 virus alone is less than 10,000. The rest of the deaths involved people with two or three other, major health problems. The average age of the deceased is around 78 the same as it is for all other death causes. I don’t trust any of the COVID-19 death statistics. They are filled with false positives and actual death causes that have nothing to do with the virus. COVID deaths have been so financially incentivized that the statistics are very tainted. Yes, testing reveals that people are getting the virus, but spreading is what viruses are very good. There is nothing known that can stop this. Lockdowns and masks do very little, at best. There is no science or data that show otherwise. Viruses must propagate through society to the point where there are no more hosts. This is herd immunity which commonly means that roughly 20% of the population is susceptible to the virus and 80% has immunity for various reasons. The best that can be done is to limit the viral load by maintaining distance from others and washing your hands. Stuff people do during flu season. By the way, don’t viruses always flare up in the fall? Stop the testing and case insanity and let people live their lives. It is a struggle to comprehend what kind of people inflict such harm on their fellow citizens as the governors of the states that have just ratcheted up their tyrannical lock-down, shut-down, curfew and gathering edicts have. These people are almost all Democrats. The harm is enormous and it affects untold millions of people. Ruined businesses, lost revenue, drug addition, domestic abuse, child abuse and suicide. This array of social harm far outweighs any possible good that the edicts produce which is miniscule at best. In fact, we have many months of lock-down and mask-wearing experience already. See all the good that did? Sane, thinking people don’t, but tyrannical, mostly Democrat governors apparently do. Maybe they should pay attention to their beloved WHO that recently announced that lock-downs and shut-downs really aren’t such a good idea due to their immensely harmful impact on society. However, cranking up the COVID-19 hysteria right now might just be the ticket for a timely fear-filled, distraction from massive Democrat vote fraud and criminality.

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