The Matrix Has Tightened Its Grip

The Matrix Has Tightened Its Grip

Paul Craig Roberts

The English language Russian media organizations, RT and Sputnik, and the new online and I think print newspaper, The Epoch Times, provide news and information that never appear on CNN, MSNBC, over NPR, or in the New York Times, but their reporting could be much better.

The problem for RT, Sputnik, and Epoch Times is the power of the official narratives. The official narratives are so ingrained that it is difficult to communicate outside them. Moreover, many of the editors and journalists for these alternative media organizations are hesitant to step too far outside the narrative as they exist under Washington’s threat of being closed down. Additionally, it is difficult even for alternative journalists to get their minds outside the box and present entirely different narratives.

As an example consider the October 29, 2021 report in RT that the US “intelligence community,” an oxymoron, has concluded that Covid-19 is neither genetically engineered or a bioweapon, but may change its mind if China doesn’t open its laboratories to US “intelligence.” 

RT has performed the service of showing that Washington’s “intelligence report” serves the function of providing another threat to China in addition to putting Taiwan in the UN and sending US Navy ships through waters claimed by China. However, the RT report fails by not challenging the intelligence community’s conclusion.

Released NIH grant documents show clearly that the US through Fauci at NIH was funding gain-of-function research at the University of North Carolina. Many experts consider gain-of-function research, which is research to increase the ability of a virus to spread, to be bioweapon research. When controversy arose, Fauci switched the funding to the Chinese lab in Wuhan. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is what the official documents show. Senator Rand Paul has tried to make an issue of it, but the presstitutes do not cooperate and neither do the Republicans. 

Republicans refuse to make this an issue, just as they refuse to make issues of President Kennedy’s assassination, 9/11, the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and intended invasion of Syria, because to point a finger at the US government offends their sense of patriotism. As Donald Trump blamed China for Covid and as Trump supporters, the backbone of the Republican Party, call Covid the Chinese Communist Party disease, Republicans are locked into the narrative. Generally speaking, Americans are always more comfortable pointing their finger abroad.

But RT isn’t locked into the narrative and could have exposed the false “US intelligence community” report on the basis of the NIH grant documents that are in the public record. But RT did not. Perhaps it was too much work, or perhaps RT feared Washington’s response. RT has already been forced to register as a “foreign agent,” and has to worry about being closed by Washington. A free press is not something that any Western government any longer looks on with favor. If you doubt this statement, just look at Julian Assange’s treatment.

When I read alternative media I almost always see elements of official narratives, such as the official numbers of Covid cases and deaths, accepted and woven into the story as true. The influence of those controlling the narratives extends into the alternative media. Few want to be pilloried and discredited as kooks, conspiracy theorists, racist, anti-semite, domestic terrorist, Holocaust denier, anti-vaxxers, and other epithets that daily grow in numbers.

Too few Americans have caught on that an explanation dismissed with an epithet is likely a true explanation. People whose minds are governed by controlled explanations are people who live in The Matrix. And that is where our rulers intend to keep us.

The Matrix Has Tightened Its Grip

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