Austrian Police & Army Reportedly Refusing To Enforce ‘Health Dictatorship’ – Will March In Protest Against It

Austria has been jettison to the forefront of the media this week as they devolve into what’s become a police state wrapped in a humanitarian crisis. Their society is being split in two — citizens are being segregated and discriminated against based on weather or not they have undergone a medical treatment. The vaccinated are allowed to have their rights while the unvaccinated are confined to their homes, only allowed out with the permission of the ruling class.

austrian police & army reportedly refusing to enforce ‘health dictatorship’ – will march in protest against it

Beginning on Monday, Austria placed millions of citizens not fully vaccinated in lockdown. One third of the entire population is now confined to their homes and can only leave in special cases.

Predictably, the lockdowns of the vaccinated have not curbed the increase in cases and Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is now mulling a countrywide lockdown — of everyone.

Naturally, it will not be Schallenberg and the rest of his ministers in the executive cabinet who will enforce these lockdowns and mandates. It will be the enforcement class — police and military — otherwise known as order followers.

Only unquestioning order followers will feel resolute in shaking down citizens, demanding to see their papers, and arresting them for non-compliance. Only unquestioning order followers can sleep at night after a long day of enforcing such tyrannical decrees.

After all, it is not the evil people who crafted plans for such despotism and suffering throughout history who actually carried it out. It is their unquestioning order followers — “just doing my job.”

The New Nuremberg Trials 2021: Update From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich(The people will not accept ‘I was just following orders’).

Thankfully for the Austrian people, however, as the French newspaper Infodujourreports, not all of their law enforcement is made up of unquestioning order followers and many in the police and military are refusing to follow these orders.

“The police and the army refuse to control the health pass in the name of ‘freedom and human dignity.’ They will join a large demonstration against compulsory confinement on November 20, 2021 in Vienna,” the paper reports.

Days after Schallenberg announced the segregated lockdown, the leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) Herbert Kickl, called for a ” mega-demonstration” on November 20 in Vienna and police are apparently supporting and even joining.

In an interview, Kickl explains that the mega protest is “For freedom, human dignity and against the division of society through an irresponsible corona policy of the government, which makes the population the scapegoat for their failure. Everyone is invited to be there, because everyone is directly or indirectly affected by the madness . In the face of this huge challenge we all face, worldview must no longer play a role. With this demo, we want to be a platform for everyone who no longer wants to sit and watch. ”

After the former minister of the interior’s speech, according to the infoDujour, “Austrian Armed Forces Union (FGÖ) President Manfred Haidinger followed suit and joined in in a letter published on 14 November. He intends to “defend fundamental rights and freedoms”.

The FGÖ specifies that “everyone” is authorized to demonstrate, even in the event of confinement! The obligation of control imposed by the Minister of the Interior, Karl Nehammer has already been rejected by the police union. In addition, the Union of Austrian Armed Forces announces that they will participate in this great gathering in Vienna.”

The chairman of the Social Democratic Trade Unions (FSG) and the Police Union, Hermann Greylinger said in an interview that police don’t want to carry out these checks.

In the letter by Haidinger (FGÖ) adds in his letter, “we hereby point out that participation in assemblies is a particularly protected legal right and that it is also taken into account in the draft ordinance currently available. Participation and travel throughout Austria is permitted. Although unvaccinated people are advised to travel by private transport.”

The letter states that “the ban on a meeting planned by citizens as well as the ban on a gathering of political parties have been recognized as illegal” by the Vienna Administrative Court.


Dark Winter Ahead? Protect Yourself with the Sunshine Vitamin


Literally dozens, if not hundreds, of diseases are caused by deficiencies of Vitamin D3 and magnesium. We are deficient in Vitamin D3 due to avoidance of the sun and deficient in magnesium due to modern farming and the use of pesticides. 
by Mike Stone(

Michael H. Brown, the author of over a dozen books, once wrote: “When you find a good source of information, keep in mind that ninety percent of it is probably correct. The trick is to discern the ten percent that is in error.”
We’ll use those words as a guide while reviewing the book “The Miraculous Cure for and Prevention of All Diseases: What Doctors Never Learned” by Jeff T. Bowles.
As someone who has read literally hundreds of books on health and healing (and written one of my own: “Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding,” ), I can assure you that this is one of the most valuable books I’ve ever come across. The author provides documentation that literally dozens, if not hundreds, of diseases are caused by deficiencies of Vitamin D3 and magnesium. We are deficient in Vitamin D3 due to avoidance of the sun and deficient in magnesium due to modern farming and the use of pesticides. 

The author lists scores of ailments that are caused by Vitamin D3 and magnesium deficiencies and strongly recommends taking them both, plus K2, boron and zinc. “You need all five,” he writes.

Vitamin D3 isn’t actually a vitamin. It’s a steroid hormone and our body produces it naturally when exposed to the sun. On page 27, Bowles states: “Whole body sunbathing for just thirty minutes produces 20,000 IU of Vitamin D3 in your skin!”

And on page 75: “Sunscreen use and sun avoidance since at least the 1980s has led to an explosive rise in many diseases.”

Now take that into consideration and think back to the heavy lockdowns we endured in the early months of 2020. Could one reason for those lockdowns have been to keep people away from the sun and thereby create massive deficiencies in Vitamin D3 among the population?

With that thought in mind, pay attention to what the author says on page 56, “If your immune system is revved up by Vitamin D3, you probably don’t ever need any vaccinations. In fact, it has been shown that Vitamin D3 supplementation is 10X more effective at preventing the flu than the flu vaccine in Vitamin D3 deficient people!”

beach6.jpgAre those lockdowns starting to make more sense now? Remember those people we saw being chased and arrested on beaches and in parks?

On page 58, Bowles writes: “Those whose immune systems are revved up by Vitamin D3 will NEVER get the disease of cancer in the course of a normal life.” 

Pretty exciting stuff and if you like documentation, this book has plenty, along with testimonials. Sadly, the author mentions that the reason why most people don’t try Vitamin D3 for cancer is because they go into full panic mode.

Those of you who are familiar with the work of Dr. Weston Price are aware of his discovery of what he called Factor X, an unknown substance present in the diets of the indigenous people he studied. Dr. Price credited Factor X as being primarily responsible for the perfect health and perfect physiques of the people he studied. 

On page 196, Bowles reveals that Dr. Price’s Factor X is actually Vitamin K2. Bowles recommends taking as much K2 as Vitamin D3.

I loved reading this book and have begun taking Vitamin D3 myself, along with magnesium (Bowles cautions not to take Vitamin D3 without magnesium), and the other supplements the book recommends. If you’re a truth seeker, you’ll likely enjoy the book too.

With a so-called “dark winter” approaching, one of your most potent ways of not just surviving but thriving, just might be the sunshine vitamin–Vitamin D3, along with magnesium, K2, zinc and boron.

So what about the 10% of this book that is in error? Actually, I found only one error in the entire book and it comprises less than 1% of the book’s content. The author subscribes to the long debunked theory of evolution. Why someone of his obvious intelligence believes in something so ridiculous as evolution, I have no idea. But there it is. Don’t let this one tiny error keep you from reading the book. 
Mike Stone is the author of:

COVID-19 and Kids: A Parent’s Guide to the COVID-19 Pandemic” available here:“Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding,”available here.COVID-19 and the Mark of the Beast: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Trump Vaccine” is also the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles – – Available on Amazon.

Young Global Leaders: WEF Puppets Destroying Society


Look at this list of people willing to sell out humanity to advance their own careers.
Some of the names might surprise you: Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerborg  & Gavin Newsom.
No genuine leaders are allowed to emerge. 

This largely explains the current wave of medical authoritarianism sweeping the globe.  There is nothing coincidental about it.  Governments, media, and corporations are all controlled behind the scenes by the same people who want us to “own nothing and be happy” while subsisting on a diet of worms and GMO crops.

by CR( 
It has become a cliché to say that world leaders are appointed, not selected.  However, it appears that not only are they appointed, but in fact trained well in advance for their future roles.

Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, is also the founder of another organization called Young Global Leaders  which selects and trains globalist puppets to be promoted to positions of influence.


This largely explains the current wave of medical authoritarianism sweeping the globe.  There is nothing coincidental about it.  Governments, media, and corporations are all controlled behind the scenes by the same people who want us to “own nothing and be happy” while subsisting on a diet of mealworms and GMO crops.

Notable members listed on their site include:

-Chrystia Freeland, Canadian deputy PM and finance minister
-Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s Marxist NDP
-Pete Buttigieg, US secretary of transportation responsible for supply chain breakdown
-Francois-Phillipe Champagne, Canadian minister of innovation, science, and industry – this explains why the gov’t is openly discussing transhumanism and mind control.-David de Rothschild – needs no introduction
-Emmanuel Macron, French president
-Wyclef Jean, musician and Haitian ambassador to the US
-Marc Kielburger, Justin Trudeau’s friend who runs crooked charities
-Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
-Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation
-Leana Wen, CNN’s favorite medical fascist
-Alexander de Croo, Belgian PM
-Banafsheh Geretzki, head of division at the European Central Bank and former Blackrock CEO
-Jens Spahn, German health minister who is ready to lock down unvaccinated citizens
-Leo Varadkar, homosexual Indian former PM of Ireland, now minister of enterprise, trade, and employment
-Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
-Ivanka Trump 

-Also numerous executives at Blackrock and Goldman Sachs, two of the world’s largest investment firms, 

On top of that, in this video Klaus Schwab says that Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, Jacinda Ardern, and Sebastian Kurz were all Young Global Leaders.


(Greta Thunberg in august company)

This article adds Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates to the list, as well as California governor Gavin Newsom, first to mandate covid vaccines for schoolchildren.

Looking at this in the larger scheme of things, it all makes sense.  Corporations, media, and government have been pushing a radical agenda on us from all angles, ranging from the non-stop promotion of mixed-race couples, transsexualism, and homosexuality to climate change and vegetarianism.
It never made sense that corporations would seek to alienate their customer base with offensive and bizarre advertisement and sell products that people don’t want.  Profits have become secondary to this radical social agenda, as the people controlling the corporations control the monetary system itself and are now concerned with gaining power, restructuring society, and micromanaging our lives.
Governments and politicians have no concern for human rights or even the demands of their voters, as demonstrated by the failing Biden administration and Canada’s false opposition PC party.  Even Putin, former hero of the Right, is rolling out vaccine passports in Russia.

Human society is controlled by people who hate humanity and seek to corrupt, control, and destroy us.  Democracy is a puppet show.  What appears to be opposition to evil is in most cases another mouth of the same globalist bird.

This is a feudalist oligarchy. Leaders in business, politics, and media are either members of secret societies such as Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, and Skull and Bones, or were hand picked and directed by Klaus Schwab. Or both.
If the media wasn’t fully controlled, the information in this article would be front page news and the “pandemic” would have been over long ago.———-Related Klaws Swab’s School for Dictators

Worldwide Search Trend For ‘Died Suddenly’ Spikes To Record Highs

We can’t help but notice one Google search trend that has erupted worldwide. The search term “died suddenly” has spiked to an all-time high in the last two months, with data going back to 2004.

by Tyler Durden

worldwide search trend for 'died suddenly' spikes to record highs

Headlines in Europe piece together a mysterious trend of people suddenly dying:

headlines piece together a mysterious trend of people suddenly dying

Here are more of those headlines from the US:

headlines in usa piece together a mysterious trend of people suddenly dying

We cannot definitively pinpoint the root cause of these mysterious deaths but want to direct readers to a piece noted last week titled “German Newspaper Highlights ‘Unusually Large’ Number Of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently.”

Jordan Peterson: Government Adviser Told Me COVID Rules Based On Opinion Polls, Not Science

Jordan Peterson says he spoke to a senior government adviser who told him Canada’s COVID restriction policies are completely driven by opinion polls and not science.

by Paul Joseph Watson

jordan peterson government adviser told me covid rules based on opinion polls, not science

Video Screenshot

“In relation to the COVID restrictions, I talked to a senior adviser to one of the provincial governments a couple of weeks ago,” said Peterson.

“He told me flat out that the COVID policy here is driven by nothing but opinion polls related to the popularity of the government,” he added.

“No science, no endgame in sight, no real plan, and so what that means is that the part of the population that is most afraid of COVID,” are driving the policy.

Peterson pointed to figures that prove people vastly exaggerate the risk of being hospitalized by COVID due to relentless government fearmongering campaigns.

The author said he found the conversation “extremely disheartening” because he had hoped lockdown policies were “at least driven by something remotely resembling a scientifically informed plan.”

Peterson said the government adviser was “irate at what had been happening, enough to consider resigning.”

As we have previously highlighted, populations in virtually every major country believe COVID to be an exponentially greater threat than it actually is.

A poll in France showed that the average person thinks the infection to fatality ratio is over 16 per cent, when it is actually 0.1-0.3 per cent.

As we previously highlighted, a poll conducted in summer 2020 found that the average American believed 9 per cent of the population, around 30 million people, had died from coronavirus when the actual figure at the time was less than 155,000.

People in the U.S. also believed that 20% of Americans had caught coronavirus, 20 times higher than the number of confirmed cases.

In Sweden and the UK in particular, people also vastly overestimated the number of lives COVID-19 had claimed, with the average Brit thinking coronavirus had killed 100 times more people than the actual figure.

Governments scare the living hell out of citizens to elicit a fear reaction, then point to poll numbers calling for more lockdown measures in order to justify more lockdown measures.

It would be funny if it were not so sinisterly Machiavellian.