Makow — Compare Vaccine Genocide to a Forest Fire


Play the Long Game

“Fire is a natural part of many forest ecosystems, and can serve to renew and invigorate forests.  “Prescribed fires” are planned by land managers to manage forests… Ashes left behind after low intensity fires can increase the availability of nutrients and organic matter to the soil and to plants. Some seeds also need the heat of fire to germinate.  Finally, just like pruning bushes in your home garden helps your plants, the removal of dead or competing vegetation by fire can help invigorate forests.”

“They have been caught red-handed committing genocide. 
It’s not only humanity that is aflame; their whole satanic system is ablaze.”

by Henry Makow PhD

Watching a planned genocide unfold, and seeing civilization go down the toilet is depressing. 
I do this every day while maintaining my Twitter and Gab news feeds. 
Seeing so many beautiful lives ruined is disheartening. Seeing the credulity of the masked masses is sickening. Watching the pillars of society betray their constituents is maddening. Seeing liberal democracies morph into hideous police states is infuriating.
Desperate as the situation is, there is a way to cope if we compare what is happening to a forest fire. 

Fire is a natural part of many forest ecosystems, and can serve to renew and invigorate forests.”
Humanity is controlled by an occult (satanist) power that is engaged in a process of destruction comparable to the great wars, which they also caused. 
But we must not be disconsolate. 
Humanity is being culled. But God is not affected. God is Reality.  Reality is Eternal and Immutable.  
Reality is Spiritual in character: Perfection. 
Perfection, as in perfect Love, Truth, Justice, Goodness and Beauty. 
Humanity is at the interface of the spiritual and material world. 
Material things are flawed and ephemeral. 
So while we are understandably depressed, we can take heart in the knowledge that God is not affected by the satanist inferno taking place on earth. He is not affected by their lies. Humanity may suffer but Perfection is immutable and eternal.God has not been defeated and enslaved. Humanity has.
We can identify with God. 
Those consumed by unreality will meet their fate. 
Satanism worships Deceit, Degradation and Death. 
Satanism destroys its adherents. (Satanism Explained)

The scamdemic may have unintended consequences for the psychopaths responsible.They have exposed their system of covert control to all those with a functioning mind. They have discredited:Politicians
The Mass Media & Entertainment
The Medical ProfessionThe Church
Justice and Law Enforcement
The Military 
All are globalist/Communist i.e. NWO.
They have been caught red-handed committing genocide. 
It is not only humanity that is aflame; their whole satanic system is ablaze.


They have overreached. Psychopaths tend to make this mistake.

The whole world knows that covid is nothing but a bad flu. They know that the vaccines are the killer.  

A pandemic with a death rate of .25% is not a pandemic. A sickness with no symptoms is not a sickness. 

People are choosing to lose their jobs rather than take the poison. 

Everyone who promoted the scam will be thrown to the wolves. 

Justice will prevail.

Inevitably, attention will turn to the fraudulent world central banking cartel responsible for this calamity.
This fire is a needed reality check. They could have run this scam indefinitely. 

But they have removed their masks and are more vulnerable than they have ever been. 



My mother-in-law has some bougainvilleas bushes on her garden walls. They blossom year-round and attract birds and butterflies. 
A few months ago she decided to trim all the flowers. 
The birds and butterflies went away. The bushes lay barren.
But today they have returned in full splendour. 

So it will be with humanity. 

“Covid” has exposed the Cabalist (satanist) cancer eating at our entrails for centuries.
This is an opportunity to excise this cancer and return humanity to its intended path.
God has plenty of time.

Drugs took down a 3,000 year dynasty in China, and they are taking down America today.

Supply chain stalled by 72,000 truckers who failed strict drug tests

Drugs took down China, leading to the banker installed Mao in 1948, and the murder of 60 million by Communism. The owners of America’s Federal Reserve, the wealthiest people in the world, trillionaires all, our Invisible Government, still run China from the shadows.

They are using the same strategy on America, as the Rothschild controlled Sassoon family used in China with opium, and it’s working.

Am using a NY Post article, and remember, Jacob Schiff, architect of the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and the Bloody Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, had his granddaughter, Dorothy Schiff, who said she had an affair with FDR, own the NY Post for 40 years, and, Jacob Schiff’s great grandson, Andrew Schiff, was married, before a 2010 divorce, to Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna Gore.

The New World Order We Were Warned Was Coming Is Now Here And America Will Never Be The Same

2021 should have been a real eye opener for those Independent Media warned about the “NWO” aka the New World Order, where chaos is created just so radical politicians can use it to “create a solution” that limits even more rights and freedoms in America.

new world order

What was it Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emannuel was quoted as saying?

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Source

That has been the ultimate goal of many a politician over the years, and when Democrats took control at the beginning of 2021, that became their mantra, or manifesto, so to speak. From medical martial law to to bare shelves, with many other issues in between, we have passed the point of no return.

As a nation we will never get back to what we once were. We need to accept that.

The completion of the “New World Order” was only temporarily postponed by the Trump presidency, right up until the moment COVID was brought unto the scene, and from that moment on, America changed.

The second Joe Biden started occupying the White House, the mad rush by Democrats began to implement as much change as possible, as fast as they could before losing the House and/or the Senate in 2022 and leaving Biden as a lame duck president.


the new world order we were warned was coming is now here and america will never be the same

A few examples of what we have witnessed happening in just the short (seems like forever though) time Biden has been occupying the White House:

• Selections on goods are decreasing, stores shelves are depleted and in some cases bare, as we have been documenting for months while tracking the continued and increasing supply chain breakdown. From massive backlogs at America’s ports of imported goods to a shortage of truckers to offload and deliver those goods to businesses across the nation, everything from computer chips, to footwear to food and more has been depleted from store shelves.

• Inflation is out of control as are gas prices.(Thanks Joe for killing the Keystone Pipeline!) taking us fromenergy independence for the first time in 70-plus years, toleaving us once again dependent on other nations, some considered hostile to America, for our basic needs.

• Killing Keystone also killed tens of thousands of jobs for Americans, as well as causing economic disaster for areas which would have benefited by those employed for Keystone.

• Political divisions will always be worse now that there are barely any “blue dog democrats,” left anymore to keep the Democrat party from spiraling even more toward socialism and communism. Radical and extremist liberals have taken control of the Democrat party, with just two Democrats from conservative states partially standing in the way of full blown socialism becoming the “new” American reality.

• Public educational systems have become ripe for indoctrination, and seemingly crazed teachers are now influencing the nation’s students, as the video below shows:

• Medical Martial Law has been implemented more than once now in liberal states, with the Biden regime constantly trying to force mandates and discriminatory practices against those that refuse to comply.

Fortunately, courts have slapped down many of Biden’s decrees, while other cases are scheduled, but in the time between the mandate, announcement, or Executive action, to when it makes it to court, is causing permanent damage to Americans.

• Cancel culture for wrong-think has become the weapon of choice in order to control what is said and how it is said for fear of the online mob coming after those that dare step out of line and speak the truth.

• Immigration and open borders has become the Biden legacy, as the media first refused to utter the term “crisis” and until they could no longer hide the damage the Biden regime has done to American sovereignty.

Those are just a small part of the list of the damage the Biden regime has done in a little over 8 months.

So much has happened in 2021, and this is the world we now live in, and we must act accordingly.

Our readers understand the need for prepping, and many have refused to comply with unconstitutional and unreasonable demands as to mask wearing, social distancing, and experimental drugs being forced into their bodies and limitations on what they can and cannot say or do.

What we need to accept, as difficult as it may be, is the battle will never be over because it is too late to go back to the nation we were, so we are started at the midpoint in the race, not at the beginning.

Being prepared for the long haul and refusing to comply is part of the true “resistance,” but we must also be ready to defend our homes, our preps, our communities, our families and our lives, because the “resistance” has put a target on all our backs.

That statement isn’t hyperbolic, just look at what is happening from coast to coast. Dare disagree with the preferred ideology and you are stalked, harassed, attacked, verbally abused and/or canceled by an online mob.

So, I repeat, every one of us that do not comply and conform, has a target on our back.


We were warned that the ultimate goal of the NWO is total and complete control over the populace, chaos, socialism, a one world government, etc…. and now we are watching it happen in real-time and America will never be the same.

Read more: Very Detailed Explanation Of The Great Reset And The New World Order.

Below Tucker Carlson discusses some of the insanity we have been watching “transform” America into a country many of us do not even recognize anymore.


Austria Moves Closer To Imposing Lockdown On The Unvaccinated

Austria has moved closer to imposing a full lockdown on the unvaccinated after those who haven’t had the jab were banned from entering a long list of public spaces.

by Paul Joseph Watson

austria moves closer to imposing lockdown on the unvaccinated

“The entry ban will come into effect next week and will apply to cafes, bars, restaurants, theaters, ski lodges, hotels, hairdressers and any event involving more than 25 people,” reports RT.

The measures will impact the 36 per cent of residents who haven’t been fully immunized and have been introduced in response to rising COVID cases.

“The evolution is exceptional and the occupancies of intensive-care beds are increasing significantly faster than we had expected,” said Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg.

After providing a four week buffer period for those who have received one dose of the vaccine and can provide a negative PCR test, the option to provide a negative test will be removed.

As we highlighted last month, the government has put a limit on the occupancy of intensive care units which, if breached, will trigger lockdown measures being imposed solely on the unvaccinated.

Once the number reaches 600, or one third of total capacity, the new rules will be triggered. That number now stands at 352 but is rising by 10 per day.

Such measures will extend beyond vaccine passports, mandating that people who are unjabbed stay at home and only leave for “essential” reasons such as buying food.

This will probably be enforced in a similar way to how the first lockdown was enforced, with police performing spot checks on people asking if they have permission to be outside.

Austria would be the first major country to exclusively impose ‘stay at home’ measures on the unvaccinated, but it could eventually be replicated elsewhere, despite the waning immunity that the vaccine itself offers.

That’s how tyranny looks like. Will the people stand for it?

UK Wants To Add Fluoride To Drinking Water – Dr Vernon Coleman Explains Why This ‘Does Far More Harm Than Good’

The UK’s four chief medical officers (including the inevitable and, to me, increasingly scary Dr Whitty of England) want to see fluoride added to all drinking water in the UK.

There is already fluoride in some areas but these people, who have I believe betrayed the British public throughout the covid-19 fraud, now want fluoride in all our drinking water.

Dr Vernon Coleman: “Putting Fluoride in drinking water does far more harm than good.”

Watch below:

You can read a plethora of articles on fluoride (most based on scientific studies) by following THIS LINK, and then you can make up your own mind.