Know thine enemy

It is impossible to fight an enemy you do not know and cannot see.

Why is it important to “know thine enemy”?

Arguably, Robert E. Lee lost the battle of Gettysburg because if a lack of intelligence. Normally, J.E.B. Stuart would give reconnaissance, giving Lee a good idea of the enemies size, and location. But before July 1st, 1963, Stuart was on a foolhardy mission behind Union lines, and was unavailable to give Lee updates. As a result, Lee was seduced into a battle where he did not know the enemies location or strength, and, was forced to fight on very unfavorable terrain, with his troops attacking uphill for most of the battle, with ferocious cannon fire raining on down from the formidable heights of Culps Hill, Little Round Top, and Cemetery and Seminary Ridge. It was a devastating defeat for the South, and the turning point of the Civil War, though the South was controlled by the same bankers who control both parties today.

Both Republicans and Democrats are controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve, who are Talmudic Jews. Every President from Woodrow Wilson onward has been controlled by these snakes. That includes Reagan and Trump. Trump is a double crosser. Clinton, Obama, Trump, and Biden are all controlled, it’s a cleverly contrived act, and why is anyone surprised? Reagan and Trump were both actors, the Talmudic Jews have owned Hollyweird from the start, and are very good at making up stories to deceive people. They even boast about it in their movies, two examples being “Wag the dog”, and “Primary Colors”.

The real enemy is the owners of the Federal Reserve, “The synagogue of Satan”, “the MoneyChangers”. But, 99% of Americans don’t know this is the enemy, and even worse, those of us who do know this is the enemy, don’t know their names, where they live, or their plans.

Meanwhile, while we investigate, their agents are online to sow confusion and mayhem. You can recognize their agents by those who show up to slur this as “anti-Semitic”, and the rest of the labels the Cultural Marxists love. No one has ever rationally refuted what I’ve said which has been researched with hundreds of books. Yet, these comments get massive criticism from anonymous nobodies, suggesting the bankers have armies of fake accounts, to give the illusion of widespread support for ideas thy like and disapproval for ideas they dislike.

They love those defending Biden and Trump, because that plays right into their agenda. This comment will be downvoted and irrationally attacked by dozens, likely. The Talmudic Jews control both sides media, schools, tech companies, Hollyweird, victim groups, Communist China, corporations, and so much more!

Be careful, the bankers are masters of supporting both sides in wars, and gaining more power and wealth as a result. They did it in both World Wars already, and are likely cooking up World War 3 right now.

To be clear, the greatest enemy any of us faces is our own sins, and if the battle against those are not won, all victories against external enemies matter not at all.

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