Jewish Author Advocated German Genocide in 1941


“Germans are a subhuman pestilence.” The Nazis took this guide to German genocide by a Jew and changed the title.
For millions of Jews, Nazi-occupied Europe in 1941 was a house filling with gas fumes.
Why would an American Jew toss in a lighted match by advocating the sterilization & extermination of Germans? This was before the Jewish holocaust began; America wasn’t even in the war.Supposedly a loner, Theodore Kaufman probably had wealthy backers.
 His book was advertised in major newspapers. Moreover, although self-published, the book received favorable reviews in the MSM, which is unusual. Kaufman had a Messianic vision of a “peaceful” World-Government run by JewsHe implied that Germans were rivals to Jews in the field of world domination. The mass murder (“burnt sacrifice”) of assimilated Jews was necessary to establish the NWO with Israel as the capitalHis book was a psyop that advanced this agenda.

“I believe that the Jews have a mission in life. They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast federation.” — Theodore Kaufman 
Compiled  from Amazon Reviews  and Wikipedia
from March 5, 2019by Henry Makow PhD

According to  David IrvingGermany Must Perish!, a self-published book (July 1941) by Theodore N. Kaufman, prompted Goebbels to begin deportations of Berlin Jews to the Baltic countries where they were being slaughtered by the locals, (in revenge for Communist atrocities.)(1.15 min ff)  
Theodore Kaufman, (1911-1986) owned a small advertising agency in New Jersey. There were about 350,000 Jews still in Germany and millions more in occupied Europe. 
What would prompt a fellow Jew to place them in mortal jeopardy by advocating the sterilization of all German men under 65 and women under 45?
Kaufman wrote: “Concerning the males subject to sterilization: the army groups, as organized units, would be the easiest and quickest to deal with. Taking 20,000 surgeons as an arbitrary number and on the assumption that each will perform a minimum of 25 operations daily, it would take no more than one month, at the maximum, to complete their sterilization … The balance of the male civilian population of Germany could be treated within three months. Inasmuch as sterilization of women needs somewhat more time, it may be computed that the entire female population of Germany could be sterilized within a period of three years or less.” — p.88
 The back page cites the following endorsements: “A Plan For Permanent Peace Among Civilized Nations” — New York Times“A Sensational Idea” — Time Magazine“A Provocative Theory – Interestingly Presented” — Washington Post. 

Advertisements in the New York Times and New York Post described the book as: “A dynamic volume outlining a plan for the extinction of Germany and containing a map showing possible dissection and apportionment of its territory.”  The book accuses Germans of everything Jews are accused of — text here.


(Theodore Kaufman. Did this man inspire the Holocaust?) 
In an interview carried in the September 26, 1941, issue of The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, Kaufman defended his proposal:  “I believe that the Jewshave a mission in life. They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast federation… Slowly but surely the world will develop into a paradise. We will have perpetual peace. And the Jews will do the most to bring about this confederation because they have the most to gain. But how can you get peace if Germany exists? The only way to win an eternal peace is to make the punishment of waging war more horrible than war itself. Human beings are penalized for murder, aren’t they? Well, Germany starts all the wars of magnitude. Let us sterilize all Germans and wars of world domination will come to an end!”NAZI REACTION
In “Last Train From Berlin” (1942) the late Howard K. Smith wrote that the Nazis were overjoyed by this propaganda windfall. According to Smith, at first, the Nazis merely sold Kaufman’s pamphlet cheaply but eventually distributed a copy to every German family with their ration card. Kaufman’s book gave the Nazis a propaganda windfall and even another excuse for eliminating the Jews of Germany.
“No man has ever done so irresponsible a disservice to the cause his nation is fighting and suffering for than Kaufman,” Smith wrote. “His half-baked brochure provided the Nazis with one of the best light artillery pieces they have, for, used as the Nazis used it, it served to bolster up that terror which forces Germans who dislike the Nazis to support, fight and die to keep Nazism alive …” 


The Berlin daily newspaper Der Angriff of July 23, 1941, proclaimed: “Diabolical Plan for the Extermination of the German People” and that Kaufman’s was a work of “Old Testament Hatred.” Extracts from the book appeared in the nationally-circulated weekly newspaper Das Reich, August 3, 1941.
The leaflet at left presents a reproduction of Kaufman’s “8-Point Plan”, and is then captioned: “German People! You now know what your eternal enemies plan to do. To stop their extermination-plan, there is only one thing to do: FIGHT, WORK, WIN!”

Pointing to Kaufman’s writing, the Nazi message to the German people was a simple one: get them before they get you. 

In September 1941, Julius Streicher published an essay in Der Sturmerthat called Kaufman’s book “the crazy thinking of [an] insane Jewish brain”. He quoted Kaufman at length and then commented: “By destroying the German people, the Jew wants to stop up the spring from which, since the beginning, the world has always found its creative blood, the source of all that is beautiful, good and noble.” 
After the US entered World War II, Adolf Hitler claimed mass sterilization of German male youth was a “primary” American goal:
“The Jewish president of the American Federation of Peace is no anonymous individual, no fanatic rejected by world Jewry, no mentally ill crackpot, but rather a leading and widely known Jewish personality in the United States. He belongs to the so-called Roosevelt Brain Trust, which provides intellectual and political education and advice to the American President. “It is therefore beyond question that his book and its demand that ‘Germany must perish’ corresponds to the official opinion of the leading circles of world plutocracy.”

When the Jews of Hanover were evicted on September 8, 1941, the local authorities cited Kaufman’s book. Kaufman responded: “This is just a flimsy pretext for another of the innate cruelties of the German people … I don’t think it was my book that prompted this barbarity. They employed every possible German cruelty against the Jews long before my book was published.”

The German philosopher and historian Ernst Nolte argues that the German reaction to Germany Must Perish! supports his contention that World War II was a genuine response to German fears of a worldwide Jewish plot. 


Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels wrote in in his diary: “This Jew did a real service for the enemy [German] side. Had he written this book for us, he could not have made it any better.”
On Sept 1, 1941, the Nazis required German Jews to wear a yellow badge on their clothing. Goebbels claimed that Hitler authorized this step after reading Germany Must Perish!.
From their safe refuge, American Jews had no compunction about endangering fellow Jews they claimed to care about.This was part of a larger pattern of Illuminati (Zionist) Jews enabling the holocaust. Zionists were complicit in the holocaust, and then reaped the moral capital from their crime.
——————————-Note: An earlier provocation that endangered Germany’s Jews. “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them. That will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.” – Mr. Samuel Untermyer (1933)
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Porn is “Final Frontier of Satan,” said Ex-Porn Queen

shelley.jpg(Shelley Lubben, left, exposed the porn industry.)

Porn stars are bruised, drugged prostitutesyet you never hear of feminists helping them.

Ex-porn star Shelly Lubben 
calls it the “final frontier of satan” contaminating all who watch.


MAKOW COMMENT –  THEY USE LUST TO DEGRADE & MANIPULATE US Pornography contributes to our collective satanic possession, rendering us impotent to form permanent bonds and defend our freedom. The article below reveals that there is nothing glamorous about being a “porn star.” They’re abused women. 
I never went in for the hard-core stuff, mainly frequenting a clean site, just nudes. My reasoning was that denying my lust would just magnify it. Looking at them demystified them. I wasn’t that aroused, not missing anything. This worked by-and-large.
As I got older, I gradually lost interest. 
When I was younger, these girls were goddesses. 
Now, they remind me of the dogs I see on, forlorn creatures looking for a home. They have been tricked into squandering their most precious assets, their innocence and sexuality (emblem of their love.) 
How will they ever be able to love one man after giving themselves visually to all and sundry? How will they be able to respect themselves? How will they be able to trust a man. 

One reason porn is so freely available because the Illuminati want to neuter as many young women as possible. Porn creates dysfunction in both sexes, and dysfunctional people are their recruits. These women are worthy of my compassion instead of desire. The fact I have taken a lifetime to get to this realization is a measure of the power of lust, and my satanic possessed. Our society is satanically possession. Unwittingly, we are born into a world controlled by a satanic cult.
Porn “Stars” are Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes
(Revised from Feb 22, 2010)by David R



Shelley Lubben believed she was ready to shoot her first porn film. She was in for ashock:  ‘When I walked in, a dark satanic anointing just fell on me. It was creepy, dark and eerie, and it was nothing like prostitution. I knew I was in the devil’s territory; this was the final frontier of Satan.’

During the satanic ritual that followed she hit rock bottom: ‘I sold what was left of my heart, mind and femininity to the porn industry and the woman and person in me died completely on set.’

Her message: Behind whatever thin veil of glamour they might have, porn stars are prostitutes. Delete any notion in your mind of a glamorous ‘porn star’ now. 

Using Shelley’s research, I present this article with the hope that it will act as a wake up call to men addicted to self-pleasure by sadistically watching brutalized  prostitutes at work. 


Porn stars rarely get started out of a love of sexual exhibitionism. Along with poverty and broken families, childhood abuse is very common. 

Shelley said: ‘Many actresses admit they’ve experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse and neglect by parents. Some were raped by relatives and molested by neighbors. When we were little girls, we wanted to play with dollies and be mummies, not have big scary men get on top of us. So we were taught at a young age that sex made us valuable.’ 

Often they are teenage runaways picked up by pimps. They only escape one circle of abuse by entering another; they can’t run from the pain so they go towards it.  Fast forward a few years and they find themselves in a zombified state, drunk and drugged on a porn set as they re-live the same abuse they experienced growing up.

Shelley continues: ‘The same horrible violations we experienced then, we relive through as we perform our tricks for you in front of the camera. And we hate every minute of it.’

Crissy Moran was a famous and ‘successful’ porn star. Did she enjoy it?

 ‘I went through more heartbreak and became suicidal. I was taken to the hospital for panic attacks. I tried to overdose on xanax, strangle myself, and cut my wrists but not nearly deep enough. I was too scared of the pain. I prayed God would just take me away! I felt helpless. I even went to church for a few months but the guilt I felt was overwhelming that I would feel as if I were choking when I was at church. I had to choose and once again I chose to continue sinning. It was easier and I needed the money.’ 


The brutality of most porn videos is obvious to anyone who has seen one. A typical film consists of one or more huge guys on steroids having violent sex with a girl.

Porn users only see a well-edited film. They don’t see what happens behind the scenes; the girls that are crying and throwing up because they can’t handle the hardcore acts they are being told to do. Jersey Jaxin explains what awaits you on set: ‘Guys punching you in the face. You have semen from many guys all over your face, in your eyes. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It’s never ending.”

A girl’s first time on camera can be horrific. She is disorientated under the bright lights and the sex is shockingly violent. The experience is more akin to an abusive alien abduction than a pleasurable sexual one. This is how Genevieve described her first scene: 

‘It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was very scary. It was a very rough scene. My agent didn’t let me know ahead of time… I did it and I was crying and they didn’t stop. It was really violent. He was hitting me. It hurt. It scared me more than anything. They wouldn’t stop. They just kept rolling.’

 Her horror was in sharp contrast to the indifference of the crew.

 ‘I had bodily fluids all over my face that had to stay on my face for ten minutes. The abuse and degradation was rough. I sweated and was in deep pain. On top of the horrifying experience, my whole body ached, and I was irritable the whole day. The director didn’t really care how I felt; he only wanted to finish the video.’ 

Whatever artifice of control the girl had is now removed and Lubben has described what is left as ‘traumatised little girls living on anti-depressants, drugs and alcohol acting out our pain in front of YOU who continue to abuse us.’


 The sex you see in porn is a lie; sexual enhancement drugs are used on set. ‘Drugs are huge. They’re using viagra. It’s unnatural. The girls will be on xanax and vicodin,’  according to Sierra Sinn. No wonder the sex is so vicious.

Perhaps there should be a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen noting what drugs the performers are on: Gary is on Viagra and coke. Candy drank half a bottle of Jack Daniels and then smoked some crack. Enjoy the film.

Most porn stars take drugs, in fact they are often on film to pay for their habit. The girls are traumatised and get high to numb their pain, as Becca Brat will tell you: ‘I hung out with a lot of people in the Adult industry, everybody from contract girls to gonzo actresses. Everybody has the same problems. Everybody is on drugs. It’s an empty lifestyle trying to fill up a void.’ 

However it is a void that cannot be filled, and as the drug abuse spirals more and more out of control their lives get dangerous. Brat said: ‘I became horribly addicted to heroin and crack. I overdosed at least three times, had tricks pull knives on me, have been beaten half to death –  the only reason I am still here is God.’ 

Ask a young guy when he last saw a drug addict; chances are he pleasured himself while looking at one that very morning.


It should be no surprise that sexual diseases are at pandemic level in the porn industry. 

With chlamydia, gonorhoea, and herpes being passed from performer to performer there is a backdrop of sickness to a porn set. In fact, they often act as laboratories for the creation of whole new sexual diseases, such as the novel herpes of the throat.

Most performers develop some form of incurable sexual disease during their career and some are killers; AIDS is still loose in the industry. Every time a performer steps in front of the camera they are playing Russian roulette with their lives. 

Lara Roxx got HIV on film without knowing the risks. She said: ‘We should think about these issues right now, to change stuff around to make this a safer f**kin’ business. It isn’t a safe business, and I thought it was, and I would not have done that scene with no condom with Darren James if it would have crossed my mind that those tests weren’t good and that I couldn’t trust him or the people he’s been with. I thought porn people were the cleanest people in the world.’

There is nothing clean about porn; it is diseased prostitutes having sex with other diseased prostitutes.                                                                   


It has become the norm for young men to grow up watching videos of trafficked women being abused. It is legitimized by the silence of the media, education system and religious groups, who rarely denounce it.  

A porn habit can terribly pollute a man’s image of women and sex. He will become cynical and believe that any nice qualities a girl has mask her true essence – the whore he sees on screen.

Shelley was that girl on screen. It nearly killed her. What saved her was spiritual elevation to a state where she could make judgments on good and evil. When she awoke to see demons running amok in the sex industry, she finally had the strength to leave it.

Her example tells us to reclaim the difference between right and wrong and start imposing it on our amoral culture.