Hollywood’s Home Movies Portray Jewish Nightmare

The studio sold this movie with the tagline:
 “This is the way we all are.”
Judd Apatow mainstreams the dysfunction 
of Hollywood Jews, the only people he knows. 

Since [Luciferians think] man is an animal with no divine soul, there is no need to restrain his basest appetites and functions. (That would be “repression.”)  Therefore “comedy” no longer is defined as being “funny” but as being disgusting. Since man cannot aspire to be godlike, all that remains is a race to the bottom.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There is a special schadenfreude 
you get from watching other people degrade themselves. 

Judd Apatow’s productions which include the HBO series “Girls” and movies like “Knocked Up” (2007) and “This is Forty” (2012) specialize in this kind of train-wreck voyeurism. In 2007, I wrote“Knocked Up” is a trip down a psychic rabbit hole populated by perverts, creeps and losers. Hollywood wants us to emulate them. Judging from the rave reviews, we are  willing to oblige.”


( Mogul Judd Apatow) 

It is no exaggeration to call This is Forty “a home movie.”  Apatow wrote and directed it. Although Paul Rudd plays Apatow’s character “Pete”, Apatow’s wife, Leslie Mann plays wife “Debbie”, and his two daughters, Maude and Iris, play the children. As Malcolm Forbes said, “There is nothing wrong with nepotism as long as you keep it in the family.” 

Leslie Mann actually turned 40 in 2012 and this movie obviously was lifted from Apatow’s domestic life, including what passes for witty pillow talk. The only fictional element concerns the family facing financial distress. 

Before I get to the family dysfunction, let me harp one more time on Apatow’s vulgarity and adolescent obsession with bodily functions. As I have said, the Luciferian defines “courage” not in terms of standing for truth and justice, but in breaking norms of decorum, good taste and style. 


Since man is an animal with no divine soul, there is no need to restrain his basest appetites and functions. (That would be “repression.”)  Therefore “comedy” no longer is defined as being “funny” but as being disgusting. Since man cannot aspire to be godlike, all that remains is a race to the bottom.  


The litany of vulgarity and tastelessness crammed into the first hour of this movie include Pete sitting on the toilet, Pete getting a colonoscopy, Pete farting in bed, Pete examining his hemorrhoids in a mirror, Pete looking up an woman’s skirt.  

Apatow has a woman expatiate for five minutes on how her vagina is numb from an operation and two gays talking about blowjobs.  Apatow displays his wife’s breasts, has her feel Megan Fox’s breasts (to see if they are real,)  give Rudd a blowjob and get a vaginal exam. Mercifully, he doesn’t reference his daughters’ genitals this time around.

After an hour of cataloging bodily functions, the film settles down to an inventory of dysfunction facing rich Hollywood families. These include foul mouthed children who defy their parents and take their cues from social media instead; parents of parents who start second families when they are too old and poor; people living way beyond their means and feeling life is a treadmill, and a general inner emptiness which defies definition or solution. Gatherings with family and friends are toxic with everyone starved for a crumb of encouragement or, failing that, a chance for recrimination. 

The problem is the abdication of the father. The father fails to set down the law. Thus the family is in a state of anarchy. 
Rudd’s portray of Apatow is of a weak man who is lost in the world. His record company is floundering. He can’t keep his diet. He can’t control himself so how can he control his family? Debbie is the usual melange of insecurities and they bicker constantly. 


(Rudd looks and acts like oldest son)

“What are we even doing?” Debbie says. “This is not making me happy. You’re not happy. You don’t like me. I can feel that. I’m not blind. Jesus. We’re like business associates. We’re like brother and sister. There’s no passion there.” 

The problem is not passion, it is power. Pete has to take possession of his wife and children. They have to obey him. He is the leader. He must have a vision. When the man is emasculated by the wife, the result is anarchy. 

PETE- “Don’t be such a ball buster.” 
DEBBIE- I am not a ball buster. You make me one! I am a fun girl! I am fun-loving! I am a good time Sally! I dance hip-hop. I cannot believe I’ve wasted my whole life busting the balls of people who have no balls. I am the only one here who has any balls.” 

Hollywood Jews are very good at creating and spreading dysfunction but they never present the solution. For them, the human condition is to wallow in sickness and derive consolation from self pity or sentimentality.  Imagine if this story were about the husband reasserting his authority and his wife supporting him? But that would be “sexist.” 

In general, Hollywood was hydrochloric acid to Christian civilization. It corroded every form of social coherence: marriage and the nuclear family,  racial homogeneity, and religion. It promoted homosexuality. Now all that is left to destroy is human dignity and self respect. 

Why are there so few movies that uplift and inform, that make us feel good about being human? Why do the vast majority focus on 
human sickness and depravity in one form or another? (There are some exceptions.)  Hollywood is run by the Illuminati, a Cabalist satanic cult. Its goal is overturn the natural and spiritual order so it can replace God on top.  

Mankind is under occult attack. Art and entertainment have become a psy-op.

This is Forty – The Script 

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Talmudic Jews control 7 of the eight Ivy League colleges, and Talmudic Jewish children are vastly over represented in the nations colleges

Talmudic Jewish children have access to elite colleges that the rest of the population does not have access to. No surprise because their parents control the money supply of the entire world.

As American academia finishes transitioning into an even more intellectually repressive nightmare, talented professors are quitting and the value of a college education has plummeted.

Ivy League schools naturally set the tempo for less prestigious colleges. Gender ideology and critical race theory begins to metastasize once the factories churning out tomorrow’s elites institutionally embrace such rubbish.

The broader social ramifications of corrupting higher learning means future FBI agents, law partners, bankers, politicians and media makers learn to hate and discriminate against white people in their professional lives.

Bari Weiss, who quit the New York Timesbecause it wasn’t Jewish enough, released an article earlier in the month that has enjoyed heavy circulation. The piece, titled “The Miseducation of America’s Elites,” details the anti-white racial abuse wealthy parents subject their children to at exclusive private schools in an ends-justify-the-means attempt to get them into Harvard and Yale.

When the choice is the dignity of their children versus promises of money, power and prestige, the bourgeoisie opts for the latter.

But Weiss, who is promoted as a warrior against the Woke, spends a lot of time describing the trappings of the problem without giving satisfying answers as to its origins and standard bearers.

Institutional ideologies are not virus’ that emerge from nature. They are ideas, created and imposed by men, who have agendas and motives.

We know, thanks to Weiss, what America’s rich are willing to do to reach the carrot, but whose wielding the stick?

Cursory research done by National Justicefinds a crisis of nepotism at our Ivy League schools. Seven out of eight presidents of these universities are Jewish, despite being a miniscule 2% of the national population.

They are as follows,

Even Dartmouth’s Philip J. Hanlon, who does not appear to be a Jew, was inaugurated as president by a invocationled by the school’s Hillel Rabbi. No other religious figures participated in the event.

The concentration of Jews as gatekeepers means that Jewish values and prejudices end up trickling down into every facet of our lives.

At Harvard, Lawrence Bacow (among others) has led an expensive legal war to resist the Trump administration’s demand that it stop racially discriminating against white and Asian students.

Bacow, who in 2018 became the second Jew named Lawrence to lead Harvard in recent years, claims that racially excluding qualified white students is important for fostering a diverse learning environment. The quotas don’t seem to impact his own group. 53% of Harvard’s Grad students are Jewish.

Peter Salovey of Yale has joined the fray and turned what was one of the best research universities on the planet into a hyper politicized anti-white base of society wrecking conspiracies.

In an announcement last October, Salovey announced that he would put his school’s limitless resources and influence behind things like “The Center For Law and Racial Justice,” which trains students to use the law as an instrument to oppress white people, and a “new program to encourage diversity in Yale’s senior leadership” that apparently excludes the prospect of him resigning and giving his position to a non-white.

At Columbia, Lee Bollinger proclaimed the riots over the summer a “new Civil Rights movement” and announced radical reforms to curriculum and campus life intended to increase pressure on non-Jewish white students. Bollinger has also vowed to decrease and weaken the presence of campus police, even though students attending his university are regularly assaulted, robbed and even murdered by blacks that live in surrounding areas.

All the other presidents have overseen similar changes, revealing the lack of diversity not only of race, but also of thought and educational philosophy in institutes of higher learning.

While some will try to argue that Jews control the Ivy Leagues because of merit, as if merit is even part of our national vocabulary anymore, the actual selection process for presidents is decided by a board of trustees. Trustees are often inactive people who donate a lot of money to influence the schools or have high level political connections.

These trustees are disproportionately Jewish. Discounting ethnocentrism and shared ethnic interests as playing a role in their decisions when a clear pattern is present would be irrational and unscientific.

Conservatives will often excuse the behavior of these administrators by claiming they are “cowards” being “bullied” by leftist student groups, but this is not true. In response to a referendum where 69% of students voted to stop Brown from funding the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the Jew Christina Paxson wrote an indignant refusal letter, asserting that “Brown’s endowment is not a political instrument!

While all of these schools fought tooth and nail to fight the government’s lawsuit to prevent race discrimination against white students, none of the schools have challenged Trump’s executive order essentially outlawing criticism of Israel on campus. The order is unconstitutional and students have complained that it silences Palestinian advocates, but administrators appear to agree with Trump on this issue.

If America’s power dispensaries are so concerned with diversity and racism, perhaps they should select somebody who isn’t Jewish to lead their operations for a change.

The problem isn’t radical students or liberal self-hatred. The rot corroding our institutions of higher learning, like many other failing American institutions, is Jewish racial dominance.(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)