Fired from my truck driving job at Schneider making $80-$120k a year, plus benefits, for refusing to wear a mask at Target.

Letter to company
Part 2

Transcript of the two messages:”Dear Schneider, I have had a great experience with Schneider. I have given the company my blood, toil, sweat, and tears, having worked 70 hours nearly every week I’ve been here.

Initially, I was disturbed by having to deliver to Walmart and Target, two of the biggest exploiters of the 1.4 billion slaves in China. But, I said nothing, while I avoid shopping at those two places like the plague. 

Today was the final straw. I have to follow my conscience, and Target is constantly harassing me to wear a mask. Three reasons that makes no sense. First, 99.7% of those who get Covid under 70 recover. Second, the masks are not small enough to block coronavirus Microbes, and third,The CDC and who both change the definition of a pandemic from death to infections in 2009. Under the original definition, there would be no lock down, and no mandated mask wearing. Due to this I cannot Cooperate with the biggest lie and hoax in human history. , And the many great people who work at Schneider, but I can no longer cooperate with a deliberate attempt to destroy the American middle class.If I have to lose my job, at least my conscience is still my friend. Here I stand, I can do oh no other, so help me God. Thank you, Ryan

Besides, who does Target think they are, they would be destroyed without their 1.4 billion slaves in China. And, if any of us print out money, we go to jail for forgery, but the owners of the Federal Reserve own Walmart, China, Target, the media, schools, And tech companies and they get to constantly print out their fake money whenever they want, while creating stupid hoaxes like this virus to justify economically crippling America. I have more money in my bank account than Target has made in the last 10 years, legitimately.”

Note, Schneider gave no formal written response to this message, only a pink slip the following Monday, after hurriedly flying me back to Stockton from NY, flying me back Friday instead of the scheduled Sunday. My manager, Greg, was polite about it, and was always very helpful and a great manager to work for.

After refusing to wear a mask as a truck driver going to Target, I was immediately fired. There is no logical reason to wear a mask. Plenty of other trucking companies are looking for dedicated truckers.

Most truckers know this mask lockdown is totally bogus. Am scheduled to go to Missouri to buy a truck on Monday. That will quadruple my wages.

Told him I’m not their slave like the Chinese are.

Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God.

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