Nearly arrested in Nashville, Tennessee library for refusing to cooperate with mask law hoax.

Yesterday evening, March 31st, inspired by Henry’s latest article on Civil Disobedience, I went to the downtown Nashville library, which is in the process of being gutted by Social Justice, Cultural Marxist activists. What evidence did I have for this?  They had BLM books and posters all over the entrance lobby.

I promptly took pictures, and went to explore the library.

The librarian, who was in the massive foyer, apparently did not have the courage to tell me to put a mask on.  So, he tattled to a police officer upstairs, who began descending the steps as I began ascending them.  

He told me to put a mask on, and I told him masks were a hoax, that 99.7% of those under 70 recovered from the virus, and that the CDC and WHO, both who were not accountable to American taxpayers at all, but rather, are both controlled by the big corporations making record profits off this lockdown, CHANGED THE DEFINITION OF A PANDEMIC IN 2009 from deaths to infections.  This means, the pre-2009 definition, if still in force, would mean no mandated masks and no mandatory lockdowns.  This proves, to anyone with common sense, that this entire lockdown is a gigantic hoax. 

He then called two more police officers.  I told him I support the police, however, not when police follow bogus laws intended to harm the citizenry.  Finally, noting there was only 30 minutes left until the library closed, I consented to put a mask on.  However, I then toured the entire three floors of the library, and apparently all three floors had been alerted, because they gave knowing smiles when I approached.

On the top floor, a gentleman with hair dyed pink, when asked what he thought of the mask mandate, said he didn’t want to talk about it.  “Well”, said I, “you’re following nonsensical rules you cannot discuss or understand, which is really pathetic”.

Then, I wondered if the library had been cleaning out their children’s section like other libraries have been doing around America.  I wanted to check if they had the Wizard of Oz series, that I enjoyed as a child.  By the way, I’ve been in dozens of libraries in America, in the past year, and THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME CULTURAL MARXIST MESSAGING.  This is not coming from the community, it’s elites who control the American library association (ALA) are forcing their propaganda down America’s throats funding it with our tax dollars.  

As I get to the children’s section, I notice the police officer there, and he’s on the phone, ending a conversation with someone.  “Yes, I understand, I’ll talk to him”, he says. I immediately deduced the clerk on the upper floor had tattled to the police, after getting chewed out.  The library was full of effeminate tattletale librarians, who use the police as their personal bodyguards to defend their ridiculous, arbitrary, and tyrannical rules.  

So, then, three police officers told me I had to leave the children’s section because I had no kids. A five minute video is included, I wish I had better technology.

The audacity.  There is absolutely no law that says you have to have kids to visit the kids section of the library.  Then, when I told him if he could show me the rule, I would leave, a female librarian, brainwashed in college no doubt, as all librarians must have college degrees, shows me the rule, WHICH SPECIFICALLY SAYS THAT ADULTS AND TEENS MAY BROWSE THE CHILDREN’S SECTION.  So, they were saying I was breaking a rule that their own rules showed clearly they were wrong about.  So, I refused to leave, and continued refusing to leave, until, finally, I asked for the police officers supervisors name and number,  informing him that if he was so concerned about his job, when the public finds out he’s threatening to arrest people for going to the children’s section of the library, he’s really going to have something to worry about.  The public pays for the library and police to ensure the ACCESS OF ALL OF THE PUBLIC TO ALL PARTS OF THE LIBRARY.  

Finally ended, and walked out.  The officer told me I would be arrested if I entered the library for a year, and I told him I’d be speaking with his supervisor and he’d be lucky to have a job tomorrow.  

Will be contacting his supervisor today.  Then, I began touring the state Capitol building, which is quite a sight.  I saw the two presidents from Tennessee, both Andrews, Andrew Jackson, and Andrew Johnson.  They both had statues, and it is interesting to remember that Andrew Jackson fought off Nicholas Biddle, the Rothschilds, and their bank, nearly getting assassinated for his efforts.  

Those same devilish bankers are behind the chaos we are dealing with today.  

I saw a statue of Sam Davis, who was a Confederate soldier spy, found behind Union Lines with information on Union troop positions, and who, rather than inform on his own side, chose to die, when faced with the death penalty, saying, when offered leniency, “ “I WOULD DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS BEFORE I WOULD BETRAY A FRIEND.”  Don’t believe in the Confederate cause, but this was a brave action.Further along was a massive monument to all the volunteers of Tennessee who gave their lives from World War 1 on.  Very sad to reflect that thy died for the bankers wealth and power, not for their families or America, as they had been deceived into think g by the lying media, which is still lying and deceiving to this day.  
As I turned a corner, I saw an attractive woman speaking at the Capitol, with a cameraman videoing her.  I approached to hear what she was saying, and heard her uttering the latest coronavirus propaganda.  Indignant, I passed behind her, to ensure that the camera saw me too, and then exploded, “Why are you lying to the American people?  99.7% of those who get coronavirus under 70 recover, this shutdown is a gigantic hoax.”  The cameraman began gesticulating, annoyed, to silence me. This only motivated my efforts.  The woman stood quietly to the side with a bemused smile on her face, and I denounced both of them, telling them they ought to be ashamed of themselves for lying to America,  That God hates liars, and he surely must hate both of them.  They folded up the camera and left.
After that, I toured for about three hours more, then walked three miles home, over the beautiful Cumberland River.  

As I passed over the river, on the downtown side, I saw the social justice warriors had been busy setting up markers to inspire racial hatred. Also, downtown Nashville still has businesses that are badly damaged and not open due to the George Floyd riots of May of last year. This plaque was installed in 2019, and its some anonymous race victim group that thinks reminding everyone of past racial wrongs is beneficial. All it is is an attempt to stir up hate whitey animosity.

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