Systemic racism manufactured by Elite to control Population and make Millions?

Systemic racism manufactured by Elite to control Population and make Millions?

Herland Report: Systemic racism manufactured by Elite: Former Arizona police officer-turned conservative political commentator Brandon Tatum unloaded on President Biden and the press for politicizing the Derek Chauvin trial, and insists that so-called ‘systemic racism’ is simply manufactured by politicians and the media to earn votes and make money.

“I think we’re living in the twilight zone,” Tatum said of the Chauvin trial. “This conviction, in my personal opinion, did nothing for our country. People are living a lie. I mean this is one police officer, one person in the community, they found him guilty, this was the swiftest justice I’ve ever seen in my life. The day after the film came out he was arrested. He was tried. 10 hours of deliberation, he was convicted. I’m not really sure why people are acting like this is monumental,” writes Tyler Durden, Zerohedge, quoting Tatum.

“Also, he did not get a fair trial in my personal opinion. There was a lot of obstruction that happened. They paid the family out $27 million before the jury could be selected. I mean, they’re going to have a case in appeal. I don’t know why people are celebrating and I don’t know why this is such a big focal point other than – people are making money off of the pain of people in our country.”

The BBC host then asked Tatum if he was upset over this “landmark” case?

“This is not a landmark case, this is a political agenda,” Tatum shot back. “They’re pushing laws in our country. Policing in America is not inherently racist. We don’t live in a racist country. This was an interaction between a police officer that I thought did the wrong thing, and a black man who was on drugs high, resisting arrest, and ended up being killed by that police officer. That’s as simple as it can be. The President of the United States got out and made a fool of himself trying to promote racism in a simple police encounter that the officer got convicted on.”

Systemic racism manufactured by Elite: “So you reject President Biden’s comment about systemic racism and it being a stain on the whole nation?” the host replied.

“Yes, President Biden is an idiot in my personal opinion, and he’s just talkin’ because he’s a politician. Systemic racism – I mean if you look at Joe Biden himself, he spoke at a Klu Klux Klan-member’s funeral and did the eulogy of Robert Byrd … We don’t have a problem with racism in our country, we have a problem with people not following the law. We also have a problem with politicians making up things so they can get re-elected. And that’s exactly what has been happening. That’s why you never see anything change. They’re lying to us.


Systemic racism manufactured by Elite: The host then tried using woke racial statistics, arguing: “So the rate of people being killed by police – the rate is higher amongst black people than amongst the rest of the population. How do you account for that if that isn’t a systemic racism problem?”

Tatum shut that down with force, replying: “First of all that’s not true, twice as many white people are killed by police every year. Twice as many white people are killed unarmed by police every year – you just don’t see it.”

“There’s a gentleman named Tony Timpa. I bet nobody has any idea who Tony Timpa is. Tony Timpa was murdered in the same fashion as George Floyd was killed, but because he was white, we don’t hear about it and nobody cares about it. Nobody’s talking about police reform when he was suffocated and killed. But they only talk about it because George Floyd is black.”

“Black people commit over half of violent crimes in this country, and only make up 13 percent of the population. They commit over half of the murders in this country, but only make up 13 percent of the population – and we can agree that 13 percent of the population aren’t the criminals.”

“There’s only a small fraction of the black community that’s doing this. So that explains why police are in the black communities more, and that explains why black people are incarcerated more. They are making up lies saying that it has anything to do with racism.”

“Do you understand that there’s black police officers too that patrol many of these majority-black cities? Are they racist? No, that’s not the case. They’re just making things up in my personal opinion, and they’re riding a wave of dead black people in order to make money and get political leverage.”

Bribing young people to get the death vaccination!

By Catherine Smith

April 27, 2021

West Virginia will give $100 savings bonds to residents between 16 and 35 who get COVID-19 vaccinations, the New York Post reported.

The Republican governor Jim Justice announced the incentive measure Monday as a large share of the state’s eligible population have not received even one dose of the vaccine.

“We’re going to give a $100 savings bond to every single one that steps up and takes their vaccines,” Justice said at a Monday press briefing, according to WSAZ. Those young people who already received their vaccine will be paid retroactively.

Justice said he would like the state to vaccinate roughly 80 percent of residents between the ages of 16 to 35.

Last Friday, state officials urged young residents to get vaccinated, WOWK reported.

“We have doses available. Plenty of doses available to get to West Virginians,” said retired Adjutant Gen. James Hoyer, who is leading the state’s Joint Inter-Agency Vaccine Task Force.

As of late last week, about 40 percent of the state’s eligible population had still not received a COVID-19 vaccine, according to WOWK.

West Va. to Give $100 to Young People to get COVID Shot


Written By Darryl McIntyre

The following is a message I wrote 15 years ago to encourage a Christian lady who was going through a severe burnout, which was complicated by a series of failed relationships. I have concealed her identity. She was an attractive lady and highly successful, but said that her life felt empty. She was eager to meet Mr. Right and start a family. Now in her late thirties, she was discouraged about her prospects of meeting a good Christian man and began to wonder if she would spend the rest of her life alone and childless.

After spending time in prayer, the Lord gave me these few words of encouragement to lift her spirits. Her enthusiastic reply left me certain that He knew just what she needed to hear. (Praise God!) Looking back, I would offer the same advice today to anyone facing the same struggle. It is my prayer that this will bless some of your readers.


Hi Nadia,

I want you to know that you have a Helper in Jesus who goes everywhere with you. It is my prayer that you will seek Him out, surrender yourself totally to Him in humility, and lay your cares at His feet. Then be still, trust Him, and just rest in His peace.

If you will do this, and practice a little patience, I am confident that after a short time (when you are at your most humble), He will lift you up again. He will heal you, restore you, encourage you, and give you energy/enthusiasm like never before.

Then, to all of this He will add, for His own good pleasure, all of those good and honorable blessings that you desire. Your cup will indeed overflow.

I have learned that if we lack faith (as I myself have at times), the best thing to do is simply obey His word in our daily lives. Then our faith (and peace) will be restored.

Once back in His peace, let us remember the misery we had before and praise Him. (Praise is so important! He has answered countless prayers for us all.) Then just envelop ourselves in His Word and the company of His children.

If you do this, one day soon hopefully, most likely an amazing Christian man will notice your attitude and behavior. You may just be laying down napkins at a church picnic and had never seen him or spoken to him before, but through Divine intervention, this man will be granted the gift to see you through God’s eyes. (“For God does not see as man sees. For man looks upon the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart.”) In that instant, he’ll see the grace, dignity, delicate poise, humility, kindness, and the Christian love pouring out of you. (Trust me, there is nothing more attractive to a Godly man.) Some time will pass, and you’ll get to know each other. Then, again through Divine intervention and because of his Christian walk, his fleshly nature will seem to disappear, and He will fall in love with you, the person inside. And so shall it be with you.

Then your family will take root with the anointing and blessings of the Living God.

Trust and obey.


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

***Remember, God is good, and His plan for you is good, precious single women. His timing is perfect. In the meantime, be holy both in body and in spirit (1 Corinthians 7:34). It’s important to attend a solid, Bible believing church too!

Discouraged About Meeting a Good Man

Nightmare! Companies Profit by Quarantining New Hires


(left. Not CH)
After he was hired by Canadian Natural Resources in Northern Alberta, Corey Hagopian was deceived, tested and quarantined in depraved conditions, against his will.

from Facebook

by Kinsey Nordlund(
Imprisoned – blacklisted – unemployable – lines – mind games – terror tactics – lies – nondisclosure agreements – rotten food – submit – signing documents under duress – you don’t have a choice – snitches.
What do these words have in common? A worksite in Northern Alberta. 
I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful young man last Sunday. 
Corey Hagopian and his girlfriend sold everything they owned in Ontario for the promise of a better future in Alberta.
What he encountered at on a job site in Northern Alberta was nothing short of a nightmare. Trained in electronics engineering as a technician with a specialty in non-destructive testing and ultrasonics, he was hired to work at a Canadian National Resources (CNQ) site in Northern Alberta. 
He was told he would be working 40 minutes from Edmonton; they failed to mention that was by plane. When Corey found out he would be flying into camp he asked about being Covid tested. He was told no he wouldn’t be tested; that they could not force him to be tested. 
He got on the plane and at the other end of the ride, he was told to line up for a test. He managed to avoid being tested then but they came looking for him the next morning demanding he be tested. 
He managed to escape that test to get into the field to work but that evening his trainer insisted he needed to be tested. Corey responded by repeating that he was told he wouldn’t be forced to test. 
The trainer said that he couldn’t force Corey to test but they could force him off the site if he refused. Corey thought about it and decided that if he was going to be forced to test then he didn’t want to work there. 
He was told he couldn’t get off the property by bus, car, or plane without being tested. He was trapped. He agreed to the first test; he spoke to the nurses explaining he had a sinus issue and to please be careful. The nurse was anything but careful, the next morning when he bent to tie his shoes his nose began to bleed and proceeded to ooze blood for the next few days.
Although he was upset and angry about the violation of his person and his personal rights it appeared to be a one-time thing and he could get his months shift in and go home. 
Before the first week was out the one-time test turned to every 72 hours; then every 48 hours, then by the end of the week it was everyday. 
Not agreeing with their protocols, he said once he was paid for the first week he was leaving. That first weeks pay was withheld. He continued to put up with procedures trying to get to the next payday so he could leave. 
On the 11th day in camp being tested everyday, he was told he had a positive result. When he asked to see the results, he was denied. 
He was ordered to pack his things he was being moved to an isolation unit.
 I shared Corey’s story with a friend I know who also worked up north. He told me that Alberta Health Services pays the company for every person in Covid isolation. 
They pad the numbers to increase the amount of money they receive from the government. Remember the government doesn’t produce anything to make their income and thus the money they give to these companies comes directly out of taxpayer’s pockets. They may only have 50 people isolated but they tell AHS that they have 100 or 200. 
If AHS plans an inspection, a tip off to the inspection results in moving people into the isolation unit, suddenly someone who has no symptoms and negative tests upon arrival are positive.


The isolation unit Corey was moved into hadn’t been cleaned. There was feces on the floor in the bathroom, sneeze droplets dried on the table, the bed had sleep imprints and dirty linen from the previous occupant.
When Corey complained he was told to clean it himself, there were towels, cleaning product and gloves already waiting for him. Corey continued to demand his right and wanted to leave. He was told that he would need his home isolation plan approved before he could leave.
Strangers hearing of his plight offered to bring his car to him so he could leave. While he wrote his plan, the strangers got the keys to his car, and started the 10-hour drive to get him. He was lucky he had moved to Alberta, those who work there who are not Alberta residence are not allowed to leave, full stop and forced to endure these conditions.
AHS approved his plan the next day, but he wasn’t notified that it had been approved for another four days. While interned in this makeshift prison, his meals were meager and stale. Much of it was rotten and uneatable. While waiting for his approval, he learned that there were others who were in the same situation.
He managed to help three young women to escape as well. One of the pair coming with his car, told him to call the RCMP and tell them what was happening. Corey took the advice, spoke with a constable from Ft MacMurray explained the situation, forwarded his AHS plan and that people were coming for him.
That evening guards and nurses on site called the RCMP reporting that Corey was threatening to pull the fire alarms, telling people he would give them Covid and being disruptive. When the constable called Corey to find out what was going on, Corey was baffled.
He hadn’t left his room; he hadn’t threatened anyone with anything beyond his knowledge of his own human rights. The constable was confused, but fortunately believed Corey. When Corey’s ride didn’t arrive right on time, the guards harassed him, goading him with questions like was he sure someone was coming? Did he know what day it was? Did he know his name?
Questioned one would be asked if given the Montreal Cognitive Test. While packing on his last day, he heard a woman crying out his window. She was telling the persons on the other end of the phone that she couldn’t stay in those conditions, but she couldn’t lose her job, she had a mortgage and children to support. Corey found her and they talked. He promised he’d get her out too.
His whole time in the CNQ camp he was harassed and treated poorly. Those who comply with the rules and all the testing are treated like royalty, those who don’t are treated like prisoners. Everyday you are given contact tracing forms or what the employees call ‘snitch’ forms. You are required to tell on anyone you see cough, sneeze, or blow their nose.
Anyone who takes more than 15 minutes to eat or had their mask below their nose. You don’t need to test positive to find yourself in isolation, you need only be close to someone in your ‘bubble’ who may have been in contact with someone who may be positive.
My friend said that even showers are monitored by a guard at the door. If you take more than 15 minutes to undress, shower, dry and redress, you are made to explain why you took so long. He said everything is a line and a time limit. A line up for room assignments, a line up for a test, a line up for meals and lunch preparation. Every second of your day is scheduled. He too was not told before he arrived what to expect.
I can only assume employees are not told the truth because if they were, they would never agree to go. My friend managed to stick it out a few months before he could no longer take it and quit. He and Corey both told me they were denied access to their test results, new people on site are not told of their rights. Many comply out of fear. Fear of losing their employment and being blacklisted from ever working in the industry again.
My friend was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement that will fine him $500,000 if he openly discusses the inhumane treatment they endure. Corey wasn’t sure if he signed such a document, but that ship has sailed.
Sunday at a rally in Calgary Corey spoke in front of a crowd for the first time regarding his experience. After meeting many in the crowd, some who believed him and some who didn’t, he was pulled aside by a young woman asking for help. Her partner was in the same circumstance as Corey, and she was scared for his safety. . As we spoke, we counted seven people with remarkably similar experiences. He has met people from all over Alberta who applaud him for his courage to speak out, to not be silenced into submission. I
If you or someone you know has experience similar treatment in one of these northern camps and would like help either escaping or just to help in solidarity, please contact me at or Corey at