Bring Back Toxic Masculinity


Feminism, sexual promiscuity, porn, homosexuality prepared us for communist tyranny we face today.
They were designed to emasculate men and ensure they had nothing — wives and families — worth fighting for. 

And that’s where we find ourselves today. Listlessly watching while society is transformed into a Communist dystopia.

Society has been deliberately subverted by satanic Jewish central bankers and their Masonic flunkees, our “leaders.” These are the same people behind the Covid scam.

by Henry Makow PhD

1) The real message behind “toxic masculinity” is all masculinity is toxic. Satanist social engineers have been undermining gender identity for over a century. 


2) A measure of our satanic possession is that we accept concepts about gender that are emasculating and self destructive.
3) What is masculinity? Courage. Vision. Self-sacrifice. Leadership. Strength. Power. Ingenuity.Of course these qualities represent a challenge to Communists.
4.) What is feminine? Self-sacrifice. Loyalty. Love. Nurturing. Beauty. Grace. These qualities represent a challenge to satanists who want to eliminate the natural active-passive, yin-yang dynamic of the universe. They wish to displace the male. 
5. Most women want to be dominated by the man they love.Dominated NOT by force but by his lifelong love and commitment. The heterosexual dynamic is the exchange of female (worldly) power for male power expressed as love.  Women empower men by being submissive. They emasculate and feminize by challenging male dominance. 
6. Men are not going to assume the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood unless he feels that he is in charge, and his wife is clearly on his team. 


7. Men and women were not designed to compete. They become one when a woman self-effaces for the sake of love. By encouraging women to seek power instead of love, feminists are cutting women’s throats. They are squandering their few short years of peak fertility when men find them irresistible. 

8. Sexual fidelity is the symbol of the heterosexual bond. Sexual intercourse is an act of male possession of the female. Woman want to be possessed by the man they love. The man must know children are his.  Men were designed to obey God. Women were designed to obey God-fearing men. 


(Left, pursuing a woman is toxic, Gillette tells men. Actually, women want to be pursued.)
9. That’s how heterosexuality works: Total power in exchange for total love. We can be kinky too. Heterosexuality is based on a man taking the initiative and winning a woman’s trust. It is based on patiently overcoming resistance. 
10. “The man makes the house; the woman makes the home.”

“The male must present a woman with a spirit that she can embrace. Men generally use money or power to appeal to women. However, a man is much more than a provider or doer. He is an agent of God. Every man has a divine mission and purpose on earth. This mission imbues him with a confident masculinity, which appeals to a woman’s higher instincts.

Do women lose their identity in this process? Yes. Partly. Psychiatrist Marie Robinson calls this their “essential altruism.” Women were designed to find identity and self-fulfillment in their husband and family. This is positive. Ultimately, women do not get satisfaction in worldly achievement. They find fulfillment from giving and receiving love. They are creatures of love, God’s creatures.
The essence of womanhood is the maternal. A woman nurtures and makes things grow. She gives her husband and children unconditional love. Similarly, the essence of manhood is the paternal. A husband gives direction, purpose and security to his wife and family. Everything leading up to marriage is preparation for these complementary roles.
Marriage is a mystical union. Man and woman become one. The sword in its sheath; the record in its sleeve. This union in love is the wholeness we all seek. It is a prerequisite for happiness and personal development. Otherwise, we are stalled, i.e. obsessed with sex. In order for union to take place, a woman must identify her self-interest with her husband’s and vice versa. She becomes part of him. He becomes part of her. Their happiness is one.
Couples who remain “independent” are in competition with each other. They cannot know true intimacy. They cannot know true contentment.——Related Marriage is about Possession


Voddie Baucham’s new book “Fault Lines” was being reviewed on Twitter, and I liked what I saw, so I bought it. He began the book by sharing of his upbringing. He was raised by a single mother in a place filled with crime and gangs in Los Angeles. He eventually wound up in Texas and came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Once married and with children, he moved to Africa to explore his roots.

Here’s an excerpt that stood out to me:

“Living in Africa has given me a new perspective on many things. First, it has given me a renewed appreciation for God’s providence. I see His hand in American history in ways I hadn’t appreciated before – not only in establishing what I believe is the greatest Republic in the history of the world, but also in allowing me to be born, educated, and trained for the ministry there. Most Africans would give all they had to get to America. Ironically, I didn’t have to do that because my ancestors were forced to give all they had as African slaves.

“I have also broadened my perspective on slavery. A visit to the Slave Tree in Ndola, Zambia, poignantly reminded me that, contrary to popular belief, white slavers did not come to Africa and track through the bush to find and capture slaves; they bought them from other Africans who had already enslaved them. It was sobering to realize that my ancestors – far from being kings and queens – were actually debtors, criminals, or conquered people who were sold to Westerners by their own kinsmen. And thank God they sold them to the Westerners and not the Arabs! The Arab slave trade lasted more than thirteen centuries and was far more brutal; few Africans sold to the Arabs even survived the journey.

“Finally, living in Africa for the past five years has broadened my perspective on social justice in two major ways:

“I have come to understand that the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) movement is global. Just like people in the U.S. are arguing that racial disparities are de facto evidence of racism and white supremacy, the global version of CSJ is arguing the same is true in regard to global inequities. Thus, power and resources must be redistributed not only within nations, but between them. And since America is the wealthiest nation on earth, guess who needs to ‘check their privilege’ and divest themselves of power the most.

“I have come to realize that culture does matter, that not all cultures are equal, that Christian culture has produced the highest level of freedom and prosperity and the lowest levels of corruption and oppression in the word, and that transforming culture is a laudable and worthwhile goal.

“In this power book, Voddie Baucham, a preacher, professor, and cultural apologist, explains the sinister worldview behind the social justice movement and Critical Race Theory – revealing how it already has infiltrated some seminaries, leading to internal denominational conflict, canceled careers, and lost livelihoods. Like a fault line, it threatens American culture in general – and the evangelical Church in particular.”

Culture NEEDS the Gospel! It’s the Gospel that transforms people and makes them into good people because Christ lives in them. Teaching something apart from the Gospel is meaningless. Stop with the teaching that only causes division and hatred (Satan’s teachings). Teach Christ’s teachings and what He has done instead.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.
Romans 1:16

The Sinister Worldview Behind the Social Justice Movement

Financial Tyranny as Regular Citizens now form the New Western Underclass

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Financial Tyranny as Regular Citizens now form the New Western Underclass

Anthony Migchels – Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme


“BTC is a total ponzi, going up because of new money, much from the printing press, coming in. And it will go down when money printing ends, which seems to be around now.”


by Anthony Migchels(
BTC is and remains a totally bogus item. I hate to say it, but I agree with the likes of [Christine] Lagarde and others who say BTC is just a ‘speculative asset’, and not a means of exchange.
Market Cap is a Trillion now. If there is 10 billion worth of real, commercial trade in BTC, it’ll be a lot. This means that 1 BTC circulates……….every hundred years. That’s insane, that has nothing to do with ‘money’.
BTC is a total ponzi, going up because of new money, much from the printing press, coming in. And it will go down when money printing ends, which seems to be around now.
Also, I’m suspecting BTC did its job for the Banksters: it made electronic, cashless money hip. It indeed paved the way for a Global, Cashless Currency. But it won’t be it. It’s going to be regulated to death, once it crashes, I think. 
The real cashless electronic currencies will be run by the Central Banks, not some ‘free market’ outfit. China incidentally just last week started theirs, it’s operational now. The ECB, BoE, the Fed, they’re all developing their own.
I very strongly suspect we could see a crash in months. Here’s why:
a) The Lockdown planning that you posted a few days ago. That states ‘end of Q2 economic collapse’.
b) Demands by the Fed for higher capital reserves by banks and hedge funds. This is being down played, but I have a very bad feeling about that one.
c) Rising rates on the Bond Market. This really means the Fed is losing control. That’s the last thing they want. That is: World Power wants it, but the Fed is dying.
This is the real issue. You said, and I totally understand, that a Gold Standard seems unlikely.
But the fact of the matter is: all Eastern Central Banks are loaded with Gold. Just this week it was reported that Hungary raised its Gold holdings 3000%, from three to a 100 tons in the last few years. This has been ongoing even in Western Europe, where Holland, Germany, have been (trying to) get their Gold back from Ford Knox. Russia and especially China have been buying incredible amounts of it.
And who is suppressing Gold? The Fed!
And who is dying? The Fed!! The Petrodollar! The US Empire!
Central Banks adore Gold. All the Gold Standards of the past were run by the Central Banks.
The BIS, the apex of the World Central Bank System, has been promoting deleveraging ever since 2008. And they will get their way, and Gold is perfect for a good, burning deflation/depression/deleveraging.
The Great Reset is about the ‘reset’ of the Financial System. That’s what it’s all about. Debt can’t grow anymore, there’s too much of it, debt service is no longer affordable. This is the key issue.
Something MUST be done, and soon now.
I suspect the catalyst events are going to be some huge defaults in the US. Germany too, but  America is the key target.
Once these defaults come, or to prevent them, the reset is going to be made. I think that’s only months away. When that happens, the Fed will finally have to abandon Gold Suppression, and it will sore very high. There’s widespread support for Gold in the US among the patriots. Suicidally so, because it will destroy them.
America will then also start abandoning large parts of its Empire, especially Europe and the Middle East. America will reject the WEF ‘Great Reset’ and ‘sustainable development goals’ and will go its own way. They will end up isolated. Just as Kissinger was talking about the other day.
And this will set them up for the final clash.

In a recent interview, Jerome Powell said a cyber attack is a real threat.
Officials were bracing for a range of scenarios — from payment utility breakdowns concerning individuals and large financial institutions to the financial system being brought to a halt.
“There are cyber attacks every day on all major institutions now,” Powell noted. “And the government is working hard on that. So are all the private sector companies. There’s a lot of effort going in to deal with those threats. That’s a big part of the threat picture in today’s world.”
He mentions it in the context of Fed electronic currency, of which he says it would come in handy when the Banks can’t manage the payment system anymore because of such an attack.
But we’re actually nearing a breakdown so big that the Banks could stop functioning.
So I take this as an announcement. This is apparently the scenario they’re planning to sell what’s coming.—————————-RelatedThe Petrodollar Is Dead! Long Live The IMF World Reserve Currency!
Anthony Migchels is a monetary reformer, and the founder of ‘De Florijn’, an interest-free currency in the Netherlands. His blog is