For Women, “Hooking Up” Isn’t About Sex

It’s about conformity 

Clearly young women are not giving themselves
to strangers for pleasure but rather because
perversion has become the norm. 

It’s occult social engineering 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Young women today literally have been thrown to the wolves by the satanists, traitors and perverts — the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish cultural elite — that killed traditional courtship. Naturally, these women cannot conceive that society has been subverted by a deceitful, occult power that wishes to dehumanize them.


Donna Freitas, left, has a book, The End of Sex: How Hookup Culture is Leaving a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Unfulfilled, and Confused about Intimacy, that is based on anonymous surveys of more than 2,500 college students. She couldn’t find “a single student who cited a long-term, committed romantic relationship that emerged from a traditional dating trajectory.” 

Furthermore, young people don’t like casual sex nearly as much as they pretend to. A measly four per cent of those she surveyed agreed that the “the best kind of sex is with no strings attached,” and a massive 59 per cent agreed that “to engage in sex they needed to be in a committed relationship.” 

These numbers, however, are belied by the “hook up” culture that pervades campus and beyond.  

“Although many students talked at length about having had sex,” writes Freitas, “few mentioned whether or not they had enjoyed any of it. The act becomes largely irrelevant–it is the fact that they can claim the act that matters most.” 

Clearly, young women are not giving themselves to strangers for pleasure but rather because perversity has become the norm. It’s conformity.

Instinctively, most young women want love and marriage. Little do they understand they are victims of a pernicious program of social engineering designed to turn heterosexuals into homosexuals, and destroy marriage and the traditional family in the process. 

Despite the media smokescreen, the vast majority of homosexuals do not marry and have children. They have anonymous sex instead. Homosexuals have  been “hooking up” for centuries. It’s called “cruisin.” Instead of courtship, they have sex with whomever strikes their fancy, often a hundred times or more every year. 

Heteros are being turned into homosexuals in the sense that we cannot form a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex. This is what sexual promiscuity does to people. When sex is monogamous, it serves as a glue between a man and woman. When it is promiscuous, it is the dynamite that blows them apart. This is the hell that homosexuals and all promiscuous people inhabit. 


(“Television programmers have rolled out  the Lena Dunham role model because that’s how millions of girls feel when they look in the mirror – fat, unloved and stupid.” – see comments) 

Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, the world is run by a small clique of Cabalist Jewish bankers and Freemasons (the Illuminati) who want to enslave humanity. These people are Satanists. They invert what is healthy and natural by promoting sickness and dysfunction. That’s why Lena Dunham, left, the world’s ultimate sick, loser, gets a multimillion dollar contract from the Illuminati to “give advice” to youngwomen. 

If we continue to believe the mass media, we will be no better off than mice in a mind control laboratory. 
We are being inducted into their satanic Jewish cult, Cabalism. They think they are God. That’s why they normalize their dysfunction

The mass media is full of directives on how “hooking up” is healthy and modern. Young women should “experiment with their sexuality.” Promiscuity is “empowerment.”Young women obey even though they experience just the opposite. They feel degraded and used, for good reason. This is the cognitive dissonance that characterizes our world: the disparity between what we are told and what we experience. We cannot conceive that the inmates have taken over the mental asylum.  But they have. 

In the bad old days before women weren’t “empowered” (i.e. treated as fire hydrants for dogs,) men had to love them as wives and mothers before they could have sex. Eventually sexual attraction subsides and marriage is based on love as well as trust. But Satanists have inverted the natural order.  Now, sex comes first and women are left trying to pick up the pieces afterward.

What is more conducive to a successful marriage? Young women who consecrate their bodies for the future husband and father of their children? Or women who have anonymous sex with dozens of other men and women? Which one is the illuminati encouraging? 

Instead of conforming, young women need to unionize: no sex without courtship and love. It will start small but it will grow. Similarly young men should make it known that they will not marry women with more than 1-2 mishaps. 

In “1984”, George Orwell metaphorically predicted a world where everything would be bent 45 degrees. Eventually, people walked at this angle and thought it “normal.” We need to confront our predicament and walk straight and tall. 

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