Why the New Paradigm Was Inevitable

by Jeff Thomas

Just as people go through a lifespan that consists of different stages, so empires tend to follow a pattern of stages.

They tend to start off slowly, making progress as a result of industriousness, understanding that progress is dependent upon hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.

This is important to understand, as it’s the one essential in the growth of a nation. No nation becomes an empire through complacency or a lack of productivity. Welfare states do not become empires, although most empires end up as welfare states.

So, if that’s the case, what is the progression? And more importantly, what does this mean, considering the dramatic changes that are now unfolding in much of the world?


As stated, prosperity is created through a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit throughout a significant portion of the population. This is what brings about wealth creation – a condition in which people invest their time and money in a business enterprise that reaps profit. The profit is then re-invested to expand upon that success.

In the early stages of prosperity, those who create the wealth are revered, as the goods and services they create benefit all, even those who may be less ambitious or less imaginative and may never become business leaders themselves.

But inevitably, there will be those who seek to prosper to the exclusion of others. This trend was seen around 1900 in the US – a time when the country’s wealthiest entrepreneurs figured out that, if they banded together, they could buy both political parties. That would mean that, regardless of which party held power, the government could be counted on to pass laws that would protect their monopolies and make success increasingly more difficult for the competition.

Wealth Disparity

Of course, the objective of this would be that there would be a small number of individuals and corporations at the very top, who would be in a position to split up the pie amongst themselves and throw the crumbs to those beneath them.

Over time, this would lead to those at the very top becoming inordinately wealthy, well beyond what would be normal for their level of investment. And very few new individuals and corporations would be able to break into this cabal. Only those who could add to the size of the pie would be allowed in.


Not surprisingly, this, over time, would lead to resentment amongst those who were left out of the loop. When this became generational, with minimal change, the “greedy rich” would become the most hated segment of the population.

Those who come to understand that they will never be able to advance to the top layer would come to regard themselves as “disenfranchised.”

This in turn results, eventually, in the awareness that the “little man” represents the majority of voters, which is then capitalized upon by opportunistic political candidates.

Increasingly, there are cries by political hopefuls for the one percent to be taxed. With every election these promises are renewed. And each time out, greater demands are made by the politicians.

Of course, the one percent are already running the show on both sides of the aisle and can make sure that they are taxed very little, if at all. But someone must be made to cough up, so politicians go after the middle class, taxing them increasingly until, after decades of increases, they are squeezed to the limit.

As Vladimir Lenin said, “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

At this point the wealth disparity is at a peak and the resentment turns to anger. Those, who for decades have been promised a “fair share,” realise that they have instead been sold out.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Traditionally, once the population became resentful enough that the system was in jeopardy, those few who comprised the ruling elite were likely to essentially say, “Let them eat cake.” This, ultimately, would lead to their downfall.

But today, we have the illusion of democracy, which allows for a different paradigm.


From the time of the French Revolution onward, we have had the construct of collectivism to work with.

Rather than defy the little man, defeat him by being seen to agree with him.

Create political figures who call out for a re-engineering of society: “An equal outcome for all. Take the wealth from the wealthy who stole it and give it back to the little man.”

Such platitudes sell well when resentment has hit its peak.

But the secret benefit for the ruling elite is that the new breed of politician works for the one percent, just as politicians always have.

And collectivism benefits the one percent even more than any free-market system could. Under it, the little man is not raised up, as promised. Instead, the middle class is beaten down to the same level as the little man, creating uniform poverty.

As Winston Churchill stated, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to us that, when an empire such as the US begins to unravel, the ruling elite who actually own the country are ready and eager to create a transition that will appear to benefit the little man but will, instead, enslave him to a greater degree than he ever could have imagined.

So, it should come as no surprise to us that in recent months, the US has witnessed a carefully orchestrated drama in which the poster boy for the greedy rich – the US president – goes down in flames.

And the heroes of the play appear centre stage, providing a litany of collectivist promises that will bring cheers from the populace.

And so the trap is sprung. A totalitarian future disguised as a panacea.

As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and there is no greater sucker than a voter who actually believes that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. His vain hope is that, even though every collectivist government in history has failed to deliver on its promises and has, instead, resulted in uniform misery, this time it will be different, and the new government will deliver on the now-hackneyed empty promises.

The new paradigm was as inevitable as it will be long-lived and ultimately destructive.


Written By Lindsay Harold

The culture is after innocent children, to corrupt them into sexual deviancy as quickly as possible. There are messages about promiscuity, “girl power,” homosexuality, rebellion against authority, transgenderism, abortion, and many other evils everywhere. They put it in books, tv, movies, music, and video games. They teach it in public schools. Children even share it with each other.

We have to protect our children very carefully so they are not influenced by such things when they are young and vulnerable, and as the culture gets worse and worse, that requires more stringent measures.

It means you can’t let your child read any books or watch any television or listen to any music you haven’t screened first.

It means controlling who their friends are and who they spend time with.

It means not letting them sleep over at a friend’s house unless you know the parents well.

It means keeping them out of public schools.

It means no smart phone for a child or other access to the internet without supervision.

Once upon a time, these were considered extreme measures, but today you’re a fool if you don’t at least do these things.

It’s a crazy, evil world out there, and it wants your kids. Don’t serve them up on a platter for the world to destroy. Keep them safe. Keep them sheltered until you can train them to know what they believe and why.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
1 Peter 5:8

The Culture is After Innocent Children

Rothschilds Courting Financial Collapse


Money is Just Confetti

The Illuminati always tell us what they’re going to do. We never listen.
So I repeat, someone whom I believe is Jacob Rothschild wrotethe US dollar “is being phased out not with a whimper but with the bang of a mushroom cloud in the creation of unlimited trillions.” 

They plan to inflate the money supply until they precipitate an economic collapse that will be the pretext for world government/currency. The WEF is already prepping us for another “crisis” much worse than COVID. The timetable? They are inflating the balloon until it pops. 

by Henry Makow PhD
The Fed is engaged in an orgy of money creation. More than a quarter of all $USD were created in the last 15 mos. alone.  Why? 
Obviously they’ve opened the “stimulus” floodgates to mitigate the harm from their pandemic, which Rothschild admits is a “plandemic.” However, this “stimulus” is not reaching the hardest hit, and has driven the stock market and cryptocurrencies to insane valuations. 
But the larger agenda is to replace the $USD with a digital world currency. However, Rothschild insists, a one-world-government is the prerequisite.
I am surmising that these developments could only happen in the aftermath of a financial collapse.  
Our “leaders” have sold us out to the NWO without any consultation.
Read Rothschild’s words:
 “Just about every other nation in the world has agreed to take that power from the US, and allow our central banks to create a new world currency, and to be their banker… 
For a good number of decades now the governments of over 190 nations have agreed with … the necessity of there being a one-world government to ensure the necessary financial stability….

Such a world government that our families have envisioned will have to give them something in exchange for giving up their local and national controls over trade and commerce. In this respect, we have exercised our powers of creating hundreds of billions mainly of fiat-created dollars and “loans” to fund not only the UN but also all of its Agendas, to provide credible, urgent, and existential justifications for the necessity of a one-world government.
To supplant many of the alleged “sovereign” of nations particularly in the West, it has been necessary for us to be very generous allowing the borrowing and indebtedness to us to become virtually astronomical. 
As the governments of the nations have become subservient to us so also are the people of those nations. Whether our sustainability measures are actually necessary or not to cure the problems, like global warming or inequality, which issues our NGO’s, government agencies, media, and corporate minions have developed and featured in their various campaigns,what really matters most to us is that there is some real substance to there being a one-world government. We need all the support we can garner through our efforts to convince people everywhere of the “necessity” of a one-world government.”
The take-away here is that they plan to inflate the money supply until they precipitate an economic collapse: “The US dollar is being phased out not with a whimper but with the bang of a mushroom cloud in the creation of unlimited trillions.” 
How long this will take is unclear. As Jacob says, “quite frankly even if we were to make the US dollar debt to us $70 trillion as you say, what we have found is that people around the world…still keep demanding the stuff.”

COLLATERAL DAMAGE A consequence of this money-printing is that money increasingly is divorced from productive activity and reality itself. 
When I compare how hard some people have to work to make money, with how the Fed creates it out of thin air and gives it away, I can’t help but think that “money” is make-believe. 
The $USD is not a currency; it is a concept, a confidence-game. They create it out of nothing and use it to ascribe value. We picture it in its coupon-form but in fact it is just digits on a ledger which the Rothschilds keep. 
There are billions of financial transactions every day. Do you think any “money” actually changes hands? No, the only thing that changes are digits. These digits determine how many coupons you can get but eventually all transactions will be cashless. 
What does a trillion dollars look like? Digits on Rothschild’s ledger. 
Similarly, stocks and cryptocurrencies trade as “concepts” (i.e. renewable energy, cannabis etc.) divorced from reality. Companies valued at tens of billions have no profits. 
Meanwhile, a whole swath of the population is being “retired” and put on the dole. Small business. Travel and hospitality. “You will own nothing but you will be happy.”
In Chinese social credit style, the Rothschilds will give them digits so long as they behave themselves. And, if the vaccines don’t kill them, something else will. 

 I’ll give JR the last word:
“It has been mainly the economic independence of most of the common people which makes them so unruly in these nations, and likely apt to support the sovereignty of their own nations and local control, which is the main obstacle to our plans, and precisely why the severe economic restraints have been necessary under the guise of the pandemic. If the people do not comply, undoubtedly a second wave will come their way, and with that food shortage, and complete government domination in order to usher in all of our proposed changes.”

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Rothschilds Courting Financial Collapse

They plan to inflate the money supply until they precipitate an economic collapse that will be the pretext for world government/currency. The WEF is already prepping us for another “crisis” much worse than COVID.

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