Deagel’s Gargantuan Depopulation Forecast For America Explained By ‘The Massive Historical Death Toll Of Communism’
Horrific Events Must Happen Over The Next 4 Years To Whittle The US Population Down To 99 Million

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or DieIn his book “Death by Government: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900”, author R. J. Rummel takes a detailed and well-sourced look at genocide, aka ‘government mass murder’, throughout history. Warning within his book that government-sponsored and carried out ‘mass murder’, what he calls ‘democide,’ has been going all across our planet for 100’s of years, as we’ll see within this ANP story, 2021 America is definitely not ‘immune’ to such government carried out ‘reigns of terror’
Discussing genocides in China, Nazi Germany, Japan, Cambodia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Poland, the Soviet Union and Pakistan, he shows within his book that ‘democracies’have traditionally committed less democide than other regimes, reporting: the underlying principle is that the less freedom people have, the greater the violence; the more freedom, the less the violence.  
Also warning within his book that “the problem is power, the solution is democracy and the course of action is to foster freedom”, in the must-watch 1st video at the bottom of this story, former Clinton adviser and far-leftist feminist Naomi Wolf breaks the traditional leftist mold by telling Tucker Carlson she fears America will become a ‘totalitarian state’ as a result of COVID restrictions under Joe Biden.Warning Tucker that we’re now witnessing the attempts by government to bring about the ‘closure of democracy’ that Rummel’s book called ‘the solution’ to democide, Wolf also warns Tucker and the American people that the complete and utter violation of the US Constitution we’ve been witnessing for much of the past year went totally beyond party lines.

“Lockdowns have never been done in society and really, we are turning into a of totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes”. 

So with ‘mass murder by government’s’ over the past 100+ years leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, we should be thankful that America’s Founding Fathers granted us the ‘eternal remedy’ to such tyranny when they wrote the US Constitution into law, along with the wonderful ‘Amendments’ that come along with it. So while we should never, ever take the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments for granted, the American people should always seek to ‘exercise’ them fully. 

According to this new story over at The Sun, what they’re calling ‘the summer of freedom’ could soon come ‘crashing to an end’ (long before it even begins, we might add!) Warning within that story that a ‘4th coronavirus wave’ is ahead so the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ might soon be ripped to shreds, does anyone else find it concerning that soon after this viral story written by a Johns Hopkins doctorclaiming Covid-19 will be ‘mostly gone by April of 2021, the globalists crank the heat up another notch? 
Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to Bill Clinton during his reelection campaign, sounded an alarm about COVID-19 lockdowns during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday. Wolf was extremely critical of Joe Biden’s leadership and recently claimed on Twitter that his COVID-19 policies are making her regret her vote for him in the last election. Wolf says the country is ‘moving into a coup situation, a police state’ due to all of the coronavirus restrictions. ‘That transcends everything that you and I might disagree or agree on,’ Wolf said to Carlson, owning up to the political divide between the two.‘That should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution. ‘Whether they are on the left or the right, they do these same 10 things and now we’re at something I never thought I would see in my lifetime … it is step 10 and that is the suspension of the rule of law and that is when you start to be a police state, and we’re here. She said, ‘Lockdowns have never been done in society and really, we are turning into a of totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes.’ ‘The state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering in free assembly to worship as the First Amendment provides, is invading our bodies … which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, restricting movement, fining us in New York state … the violations go on and on,’ Wolf said. Before concluding her appearance on Fox News, Wolf left with a dire warning. ‘I really hope we wake up quickly because history also shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.’

With some of the top-voted comments on this Daily Mail story pointing out that America ALREADY HAS become a ‘totalitarian state‘, and were enabled to do so by Joe Biden’s ‘election steal’, as we’re also asked within the first video below, “what will America look like when this is all over?”Some of the top-voted comments from that Daily Mail story are seen below.:

IT ALREADY HAS become a Totalitarian State. The Democrats used COVID as a cover to suppress people’s rights and to STEAL the ELECTION.  Not just totalitarian control by the Dems but also by the tech industry, entertainment industry, and education system that cancels and destroys anyone that doesn’t fall in line completely with leftist ideologies.  

The democrats have become drunk with power during these lockdowns. Also, Biden opening the border, giving free benefits to what will end up being 40 million people, the reduction in individual liberties, the quest to take away constitutionally guaranteed gun ownership, and the manipulation of the election, all will work to cause an uprising.

It shows how courageous she is because liberals are in lock-step with each other and NOBODY wants to publicly disagree with the Biden administration. This should be an issue that both conservatives and liberals can agree on – but she is the only one to stand up and be counted. This country is on a dangerous path and brave people need to speak up before its too late. Thank you Naomi.

With former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali recently telling BlazeTVhost Dave Rubin that so-called ‘woke culture’ now embraced by the left has ‘far more in common with radical Islam than many would think’, with both political philosophies seeking to shut down free speech while censoring and destroying anyone who disagrees with them, it’s not a stretch at all by Wolf to suggest America is headed towards totalitarianism in 2021. 

So while I believe in the long run that any attempts by government to illegally ’round up’ and ‘dispose of’ the American people would end up very badly for them, especially with the ‘mass awakening’ going on across America and the fact that the American people have well over 400 million different ‘ways’ of defending themselves, with Democrats and Biden now ‘going for the guns’, all bets are off about what unfolds in the future. 

So with a far-left, former Clinton advisor warning the American people what she feels are major dangers ahead for us, could America be transformed into a totalitarian nation ‘before our very eyes’ as Wolf is also warning? As we see and hear in the final video at the bottom of this story, America’s jaunt into tyranny is not new; we’ve been warned over and over again by ‘watchmen’ through the years and have been set up like frogs in simmering water that rapidly comes to boil. 

Also warning within that video of that the globalists likely have planned a massive ‘purge’ ahead, as Rummel warns in his book “Death by Government”, we’ve seen all of these ‘horrors’ in our so-called ‘modern societies’ many times before, and as mentioned previously, in the 1st video below, liberal Naomi Wolf tells Tucker Carlson the US is already in ‘step 10’ of democracy being closed down. 

And in the 2nd video below, Tucker Carlson shows us numerous examples of rising authoritarianism in America and around the world due to the Covid-19 lockdowns as the globalists attempt to transform the world into a ‘much less free’ society. Giving Americans all the reason in the world to prepare to stand up for freedom with the globalists hoping to ‘shut it all down before our eyes’.
So with the website Deagel still forecasting America to have a population of ONLY 99 million by the year 2025, down nearly a whopping 230 million from our 327 million population from 2018, one can only imagine all of the absolutely horrific events that will have to happen to see our population whittled down to those numbers in less than 4 years as Democrats seek to usher in a totalitarian government for America. Especially with Democrats using the so-called ‘capitol riots’ to ‘punish’ Trump supporters and gun owners in America, to the tune of 125 million people!


One thing that I have realized about feminists is that they are NEVER content nor happy. Their path, the broad path, is a bottomless pit of discontentment and anger. Consider this article titled “It’s 2021, but for American Mothers, it’s still the 1950s.” The author makes a list all the things that women have today: education, choice, basic respect, careers, acknowledgement, and possibilities. You would think they would be thrilled with all of this but no, it’s not enough. It will never be enough for them.

She complains that there just isn’t enough to support them. “We have the pressure to work, without the support of paid maternity leave or affordable childcare. The lip service to gender equality, without male partners willing to equally share the load. The recognition that it takes a village, but scorn for women who actually collaborate with a village of nannies, daycare providers and housekeepers.”

THEREFORE, what do they need? Bigger and more intrusive government! This seems to always be the answer for those on the Left (Democrats). Who pays for paid maternity leave and affordable childcare? The taxpayers which means these career women are taxed higher and bring home less money. They want their husbands to equally share the load. Hey, they’re the ones who left their God-ordained role for men’s role. Why should men have to equally share the load at home with them? Lastly, they want others to raise their children, so they can continue on with their careers. They care only about themselves and certainly not what is best for their children.

“This highly-educated, ambitious woman becomes the default parent, endures the ‘motherhood penalty’—a financial penalty for her parenthood, and bears the mental load of motherhood.” Isn’t this what motherhood is all about? Sacrificing our bodies, time, and energy on raising the next generation. We’re the ones with the body that grows the babies, the breasts that nurse them, and then the temperament to be with them full time. Feminism has denied all of this.

Then she makes a long, laundry list of how women have been sent back to the 50s:

“We send mothers to the 1950s when our governments cancel school without a plan to enable parents to work. Guess who quits their jobs to pick up the slack? Millions of American mothers.” Yay! As it should be and a lot of mothers have figured out how much more they love being home full time with their children rather than trying to do it all. They’ve also seen how much impact for good that it has had upon their children.

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we treat the need for affordable childcare like a personal problem, rather than the critical infrastructure that makes our economy work.” No, like I said, growing government will make it harder for those mothers who want to be home with their children, but Democrats don’t seem to understand this. In fact, they want women in the workforce, so they can have a larger tax base and take their children to be raised in government-run schools. They falsely believe that government raises children better than their own mothers! Insanity.

“We send mothers to the 1950s when husbands and male partners assume their wife can lead homeschooling during the pandemic, or take the kids to the doctor when they’re sick, or continually ignore the thousands of tasks it requires to take care of children.” Yeah, this is why it’s a blessing for mothers to be home full time. This is their role, so the fathers can focus on providing for their family. It’s God’s perfect plan!

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we equate ‘good mothers’ with martyrdom.” Hmm? Jesus told us that the greatest of all is the servant of all. Yes, we sacrifice for our children, but our children are our biggest blessings in life. I have four grown children now with 12 grandchildren, and they are definitely the gifts that keep on giving!

“We send mothers to the 1950s when our male-dominated corporations refuse to embrace flexible and remote work, leaving women to drop out of the workforce and men to fear asking for flexibility.” This is why it doesn’t make sense to hire mothers. Men are more reliable then women. Women weren’t created to be in the workforce. This is also why “equal pay” is a joke!

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we idolize the nuclear family at the expense of the broader village, leaving women to do the work of an entire community all by themselves.” No, mothers do the work of their own households, not the entire community. This is how it’s supposed to work. God calls women to be keepers at home and raise their own children, not the “broader village.”

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we refuse to fund paid maternity leave and instead treat giving birth like an economic inconvenience, rather than the literal creation of our economic future.” Feminism wants women to find their worth and value in a career and paycheck. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are to find our worth and value in Him. In doing so, we seek His will above all. Our goal in bearing and raising children is that our children grow up to love Him and His ways. We don’t view them as our economic future, but as the future godly remnant.

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we refuse to acknowledge the reality of systemic racism and its impact on all aspects of Black and Brown lives, from education to infant mortality to housing.” Hmm, they always seem to use racism in everything. I love what one black woman named Monique Duson tweeted about this: “To say Black folks NEED welfare, free education, etc. to thrive, underestimates the power of biblical principles: work, marriage, education (poverty reducers). The ‘good works’ of socialism keep people locked away on the government’s plantation of mental slavery.”

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we shame them for needing help—mental health, childcare support, cleaning services.” There is a lot less need for mental health help when mothers are home full time. Depression has been skyrocketing in women since they entered the workforce. Mothers at home are childcare support, and in being keepers at home, they are the cleaning services.

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we elect leaders who refer to them as ‘housewives.’” You see, feminism doesn’t value homemakers (housewives). They claim to give women freedom of choice, but it’s only freedom of choice when you choose their way. They denigrate homemakers every chance they get, as this article clearly shows.

“We send mothers to the 1950s when we refuse to change our culture, our policies and our narratives to reflect the lives modern families live today.” Modern families today are a mess. Children are being destroyed. When a culture forsakes biblical values, it is the beginning of the end of a nation, as we are witnessing.

“American mothers don’t want to live in the 1950s anymore.” Not true. There are many women who read my writings and would love to have lived in the 50s when homemakers and mothers at home were valued, divorce was rare, children were well loved, and daddies came home each night.

Feminism hasn’t helped women at all. God’s ways are perfect, women. Begin obeying Him. Step out in faith and trust Him. Your life will never be the same. Yes, there will be tribulations and trials as promised in this life, but the blessings will be abundant.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:3-5

American Mothers are Trapped in the 1950s?

Do Underground Military Bases & Tunnels Cross the USA?



A reader claims there are over 145 deep underground military basesacross the USA. I reserve judgment. Carolyn Hamlett, whom I respect, says they abuse children there.See also

by Anonymous(

I have been personally for years studying the New World Order and all of the Networks, and Systems in which encompasses the long puzzle it takes us that never seems to end. 
Most of you know all about the FEMA Concentration Camps or what may be used as Quarantine Camps very soon for those refusing to accept what I believe will be a forced vaccination. 
Two years ago, I came across a DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE (“DUMB.”) There are over at least 145 of these in the United States alone. 
But one that was recently built within the last decade has stuck out. It is West of Atlanta, GA in a small community known as Yorkville, GA. 
 This is the South’s Terminus for many Hubs. There are several websites clarifying this information. The Tunnels from this Bunker run from Walmart’s in which are also in cooperation with the New World Order. One of the Walmart Tunnels is under the Douglasville, GA Walmart and the Construction has been scene by many during its first stage. ++

The Official Wal-Mart Tunnels of Paulding County Investigation

In order to further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of it’s citizens in case of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, a join venture of the NSA, DOD, MiB, DHS, CICs, DFCS, and BK has created an expansive tunnel system throughout the south. 
These tunnels will also serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies, and armor throughout the nation between strategic topographical locations. A map of the believed military and government installations affected and connected by this tunnel system: Paulding County, Georgia, is said to be the central location of the project. 
Yorkville, Georgia is to be a terminus of sorts for the hubs in: Anniston, AL Raleigh-Durham, NC Greenville-Spartanburg, SC Macon, GA Lookout Mountain, TN Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA Wal-Mart’s involvement in the project has not yet been officially commented on, but it is generally perceived that Wal-Marts in these areas are staging areas for the tunnel project. It is to be noted that this project is under a great deal of scrutiny by those who live near the ongoing construction project. 
Analysts do not believe the project will be available for public use, and will not be publicly acknowledged (rumors of usage by NASA for its installation in Huntsville, AL have been found to be true).
 At Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA there are five stories of underground Facilities that this Terminus connects to. Nobody knows what’s in there. 
Also, there is one in Forest Park, Kennesaw Mountain according to Author Richard Sauder, P.H.D. in his Book “Under Ground Bases and Tunnels What is the Government Trying to Hide?” 
This is one of three of his books on UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES IN AMERICA AND INTERNATIONALLY that connect in America. Yes, you read this correctly these Tunnels are Internationally connected and connect in America for the Illuminati. Recently the Military has been training in Underground Warfare Exercises, what could this be for? Defending a Underground Tunnel System or Base?
Please pass this article on to everybody you know and can wake them up.

FACT: there are hundreds of miles of subterranean tunnels and bases beneath north America. We don’t know their purpose, so all we have is conspiracy theories, and some of these hypotheses are highly speculative, further clouding the issue. Whatever it’s for, it must be important.
The evidence is conclusive, comprising photos, videos, countless eyewitness testimonies (including written statements from contractors who worked underground) and even a detailed map of the network from a declassified Russian intelligence file. This body of evidence would stand up in a court of law. And yet, most people are ignoring it, probably because it sounds so outrageous they assume it can’t be true. Superimpose over maps of Walmart sites to reveal stores arranged in straight lines and a relationship too extensive to be a coincidence. Sounds crazy, right? But remember, sounding crazy doesn’t make something implicitly untrue. The Governor of Texas was sufficiently alarmed to order the state guard to monitor the US military.