Have Rothschilds & Their Freemason Flunkies Overreached?

inquisition.jpgThrough their Biden front, the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel has declared war on more than 80 million MAGA Americans and signalled they will be dealt with in typical Communist style.
In The Secret Jews, (1973) a book about the Marranos, Rabbi Joachim Prinz remarked on the “apparent inability of Jews to understand or predict their own catastrophes. The Jews, whose history consists of one tragedy after another, has yet to be prepared for any one of them.” 
The Marranos are the model for the Freemasons and Communists. They pretended to belong to the target group. But, like Masons, they had secret hand signs and met in secret to rehearse their satanist subversion.

from Jan 11, 2009


by Henry Makow PhD.

After Christians took back Spain from the Moors in the 14th Century, they wanted “to root out all non-Catholic elements in the country and unite it under Catholic rule.” (Prinz, The Secret Jews, p.25)

Jews had lived in Spain since the 4th Century BC and had prospered under the Moors. The Church demanded that the more than 400,000 Jews convert or leave. Because thousands had been massacred in anti-Jews riots of 1391, more than 250,000 Jews agreed to convert and became known as “conversos.”  

However, the Church soon realized it had made a fatal blunder. As you would expect, the majority of these converts were not sincere. These were called “Marranos” (pigs.) But now that they could pass as Christians, they were exempt from the taxes and restrictions that governed Jews. They were more influential and powerful than ever. 

They intermarried with the nobility and rose to the highest ranks in government and the Church. The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola , was a converso, and so was his successor Diego Lainex. Most conversos practiced Judaism in secret and were considered “Judaizers.” 

The “Jews had invaded Spain from within…Judaism was not only incurable; it seemed to be invincible….rather than solving the “Jewish question” the mass conversions had created a new problem: a powerful middle class made up of secret Jews.” (42)   

The Marranos are the original model for the Freemasons and Communists. They pretended to belong to the target group. But, like Masons, they had handshakes to recognize each other and met in secret  to rehearse their satanist subversion. 


There were also many exceptions, sincere converts like St. Theresa of Avila, the greatest Catholic woman mystic. Ironically, when Ferdinand and Isabella restored the Inquisition in 1478, sincere converts took the lead. “The most notorious of these is Tomas de Torquemada, who was descended from a Jewish family, as was his equally violent assistant, Diego de Daza.” (39)

The Inquisition is considered one of the most traumatic events in Jewish history. But it had no power over Jews. It was addressed at Christians converts who had deviated from the faith:

“The Marranos … appeared not as Jews but as allegedly heretical Christians. The number of Marranos who were executed..is estimated at 30,000. The same Inquisition also punished Muslims (“Moriscos”)…However, no unconverted Jews were ever called to the tribunals.”

Nevertheless, in 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella expelled all Jews from Spain. Joachim Prinz remarks on the “apparent inability of Jews to understand or predict their own catastrophes. The Jews, whose history consists of one tragedy after another, has yet to be prepared for any one of them.” (51)


The same process was repeated in Portugal. While many Iberian Marranos eventually gave up their religion, many more left and flooded Europe and the New World (America) with Jews who were able to pass as Christians, i.e. “crypto Jews.”

According to Prinz, they prospered wherever they went. Their wealth was “staggering…In Bordeaux, Avignon, Nantes and Marseilles, it became a compliment to characterize a Christian businessman as being “riche comme une juif.”  

In England, there were only 100 Marrano families in the early 17th century but “they were among the most successful merchants in London.”  In Germany, 40 Marrano families participated in the founding of the Bank of Hamburg in 1619. The fortune of the Marranos of Altona near Hamburg, was estimated at almost six million marks and some of the finest homes in nearby Amsterdam belonged to newly arrived Marranos.” (127)

Everyone knew they were Christians of convenience. “The fiction of their Christian allegiance was a business arrangement…[their] banking house..was a Christian institution with which emperors, dukes, bishops, and heads of government could safely do business.” (130) 

Inevitably, these Marrano bankers and merchants acted in concert. Prinz tells the story of the Marrano banker (House of Mendes)  Joseph Nasi  (1524-1579) who controlled the Ottoman Empire as Adviser to Sultan Suleiman and later his son Salim. He tried to create a Jewish homeland at Tiberias but no Jews wanted to settle there. Later, he devised the “Marrano Strategy.”  He would boycott or ruin anyone who persecuted Marranos. (141)

When a fire destroyed the Harbor of Venice in 1571, many suspected the House of Mendes of paying arsonists to set the blaze. “And while much of the city was still in flames, Joseph Nasi counselled the sultan to occupy the Venetian island of Cyprus, declaring it a Turkish possession.” (142)


The real history of the world is the story of how certain rich Jewish bankers and their non-Jewish Masonic allies have conspired to establish the world government dictatorship now emerging.

The outline of this history is becoming visible. Jews or Marranos have always dominated commerce. Their natural allies were the local aristocrats, who provided protection. Intermarriages took place. The royal families of Europe are probably part-Jewish. E.g. Prince Charles was circumcised by a Jewish mohel.

Now we are seeing a resurgence of the feudal system, where the masses serve this small, inbred, super rich, network of perverts and satanists.  Education and media teaches the serfs to embrace the illuminati’s agenda. Taser-wielding cops and soldiers will prod the laggards. 

Welcome to the New World Order. It entails some risk for Jews who aren’t part of this tiny clique. But Jews never were very good at “predicting their own catastrophes.” 

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CNN Business had a headline the other day that read, “By 2030, 45 percent of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single, the largest share in history.” The man who shared this on Twitter, wrote above it, “Female depression also at all time highs. Just a coincidence.”

Women will often say that women are taking positions of authority, because men have abdicated their positions. No, it’s women who have abdicated their positions at home with their children. Men haven’t abdicated theirs.

God’s curse after the Fall for women was that they would have pain in childbirth. Child birthing and raising children was their God assigned role in life. God’s curse for men is that they would toil in the soil. They would have to work hard in order to support their families. Women didn’t like their God assigned role, so they left their homes in droves and competed for men in the workforce. Feminism had convinced them that marriage and being home were bondage.

You see, Satan always persuades people to do things upside down. Workforce for women is bondage, not being wives and mothers at home. Now, instead of being home and caring for their families (eternal investment), they are out in the workforce working for strangers (leads to loneliness and depression). Feminism has made women unattractive to men. Most men don’t want strong, aggressive, independent women. They want gentle, kind, and loving women who want to be protected by a man.

Marriage has been on the decline since the sixties and “free love” movement, and it continues. The worst part is that those in the Church are mimicking fallen culture in this area. I will tell you what I think we need to steer this ship around. Churches NEED to be sound in doctrine. They need to be preaching/teaching truth from the pulpit.

We began a new church a month ago. Sad to say, it’s the first biblically sound church I have ever attended. The singing is biblical (no Hillsong, Bethel, or Elevation), the preaching is solid and the preacher uses Scripture throughout the sermon, and the elders are all men. There are many other things I love about this church, but these are the main reasons. The Pastor of the junior and senior high is just as good of a Bible teacher as the main preacher. Those teenagers are learning solid Bible teaching.

There’s a 29 year old woman I reached out to on Instagram. She is solidly biblical. I wanted to know if she was homeschooled, since she is so wise. She said she didn’t believe in the Lord until she was 22 and then attended a solid, Bible preaching/teaching church. It helped her to grow in the wisdom and the knowledge of the Lord quickly. Few churches are like this.

As these teenagers grow older, churches need to do things to get the young women and men together in groups often to encourage them to get to know each other. It’s okay for 17 years old and older to begin thinking about marriage in a few years, searching for a godly spouse. Biblical womanhood needs to be taught to the young women. The young men need to be taught to work hard and want to provide a living for their families. We shouldn’t make the young wait until all of their ducks are in order to marry. All this does is promote fornication and young women chasing dead-end careers.

This culture is headed downhill fast. Find a solid, Bible believing church even if you have to drive a bit. Make sure you are teaching your children the Word of God and hiding it in their hearts from the time they are young. Help them to desire to be married and have children by modeling a great relationship with your husband and enjoying being a mother and homemaker. Make it look like it’s the best thing in the world because it is. It was designed by God Himself! We will always be a remnant. Work hard on keeping the remnant being fruitful and multiplying.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:15

Nurse Disgusted by Medical Perfidy


“I’m a medical professional & I’ve known that this was a SCAMDEMIC from the very first day they announced it, & I’ve never been so disappointed & angry with the medical community as I am in this very moment. Unfortunately, I have conversations with other peers in the business & they’re fearful of losing their jobs too if they were to speak up & go against their employers.”

by Megan Davis(henrymakow.com)

I know that this comment is late in coming, but I just found your posts & I find them a refreshing change to the fake PROPAGANDA shoved down our throats by the EVIL SOCIOPATHS in the world.
This is an attempted takeover by the Cabal, however not only on the American people, but they are attempting to take over the world now.
Other countries are going through this (some are finally waking up to the destroy & takeover plan. American’s however will be the only country that will be a possible lose for the Cabal’s plan, bcuz we’re armed, more of us are waking up & fighting back, & with BiDUMB now occupying a stage that looks like the White House but is not & killing hundreds of thousands of jobs within his first couple of days “leading” (he’s just a puppet of Obama) this country, more people who have been supporting him & actually took the bait & voted for such pure evil are seeing exactly what they voted for & they’re not liking it so much.
I actually had a friend who said that he voted for him tell me that he was wrong, & he now understands what I’ve been trying to get across to him for the last four years… did I mention that he’s a US Marshal?? MEDIA BRAINWASHING
Even those who have a front row seat to the political circus have been brainwashed by the MSM PROPAGANDA TELL-A-VISION which is the enemy of the people….
Maybe this is how it HAD to happen?? I don’t know for sure, but I’m starting to feel more optimistic than the past year or so.
I hope that I’m correct in my opinion bcuz if I’m not, then the whole world will be enslaved by the satanic illuminati who already control way too much. I keep praying for God to give me the strength & depth of character to succeed in turning the hearts of the people in my path that I have the power to help them see the truth so that they might join in the fight for the common good, that dark may become light & that God wins always is my hopeful mantra.
I’m a medical professional & I’ve known that this was a SCAMDEMIC from the very first day they announced it, & I’ve never been so disappointed & angry with the medical community as I am in this very moment.
Unfortunately, I have conversations with other peers in the business & they’re fearful of losing their jobs too if they were to speak up & go against their employers.
I get that, but in this case it’s also not saving the future for the children that they are just trying to keep clothed, fed, and homes over their heads.
The children might live for today, maybe even tomorrow, but give it a year and it won’t matter. They’ll either be emotionally dead, or literally dead, or just wishing they were dead.
Which hell will be worse? Complete enslavement of the human race or true death where your spirit is free & with God?
If we don’t stand up today against the tyranny we won’t have a future worth leaving our generations to come. They’ll live in slavery, the most EVIL of all evils.
As part of the group of people who have woken up & understand the Cabal’s game plan to kill us off, we MUST keep trying to wake our fellow citizens up, trying as hard as we can to be compassionate & understanding of their beliefs & the difficulty in reconciling those beliefs that they have been brainwashed by.
Most people are truly good people and they don’t want to believe that anyone could or would be so EVIL, so SOCIOPATHIC, that they would seek to do everything in their power to destroy them.
Unfortunately, the Cabal is indeed out to destroy America & every other nation in the world to conquer Earth with the power of satan & not the good of God.
I pray that we can wake up our fellow brothers and sisters in the world and give them the courage to stand up for the good of humanity and for what is righteous!
With God all things are possible and we MUST keep that faith in him close to our hearts. If we have faith in him, we will prevail! We just have to work for it!

Donald Trump is a traitor who betrayed America.

How DJT Lost the White House

Donald Trump Was an Actor in a Political Reality ShowHe had a clear path to overturn the rigged election, and he didn’t take it. 

by Henry Makow PhD


On the evening of Friday Dec 18, Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne held an informal meeting with Donald Trump. 
During this meeting, Powell and Flynn told Trump that he could successfully challenge the result on the grounds of two Executive Orders triggered by evidence of foreign intervention in an American election. One had been issued by Obama, and one by Trump.
All it would take to prove chicanery was to audit six key counties. They outlined the process in detail. Trump was sufficiently impressed to appoint Sydney Powell his Special Counsel on the spot. 
The dramatic account is given by Byrne, who narrates the 30-minute video embedded above.
Trump pretended to be surprised by this information. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” he berated his lawyer Pat Cippollone. “All you do is tell me what I can’t do.”
“Can you see what I could have accomplished had I been surrounded by other people?” he appealed to his three guests.
But then he softened, “But Pat’s  friend. He’s OK.”


Rudy Giuliani was also “a friend.” Trump insisted Powell share responsibility with Giuliani who immediately picked a fight with Powell and disagreed on strategy.

Trump comes across as a Mafia Don. Loyalty to “friends” takes precedence over defending democracy. Don’t expect a gangster to have a historical sense or principles. He got those from his speechwriter, Stephen Miller. He pardoned Israeli spies and criminals but not Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.
PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITYSo “loyal” himself, why did he surround himself with “friends” like these? His Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was also a traitor. Even Mike Pence threw him under the bus. 
They are his Illuminati (Freemason) buddies/handlers. 
MAGA was a charade. Trump served a purpose, dividing the nation. Now he’s playing the victim, pretending he wasn’t responsible for the people he chose. Even his three Supreme Court appointees proved to be traitors. 
Sure enough Sydney Powell was dumped the following week. 
Clearly, Trump lacked the character to fulfill his responsibility to his fellow Americans. 
He had a clear path to victory, and he didn’t take it. For someone who prided himself on winning, he definitely took a fall. 


Why did anyone expect a Cabalist (Masonic) Jew to deliver on his promises? Goyim, you’ve been had yet again.
The meme below says that Trump was threatened with assassination if he didn’t concede.
Do you believe this was necessary? 
I don’t. Trump is a player, not a martyr. 
Do Americans deserve martyrs? 
I could only raise $500 for a friend who blew the whistle on his Big Pharma employer.
When individuals are not prepared to sacrifice for the good of the whole, a society is finished. A society is finished when it fails to honor its champions. 
The American people patriots appear unorganized and leaderless. We must rally behind Patrick Bryne, Sydney Powell and Michael Flynn. They aren’t traitors like Donald Trump.
After listening to this recording, you will not want Donald Trump to provide leadership. 

You will not want to be deceived twice. 

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