The glaring hypocrisy of all Democrats criticizing Hakeem Brown

When news broke of City Council member Hakeem Browns horrendous criminal past, including punching his pregnant wife in the stomach, allegedly resulting in the probable death of his child, there were many area Democrats who were aghast.
Open Vallejo, who is to be commended for superlative reporting, isn’t in Vallejo to help Vallejo. He is sponsored by outside forces who hope to control Vallejo by whipping up race tensions and attacking our stability with repeated attacks on the police. Since Open Vallejo has begun work in Vallejo, there has been a massive breakdown of law and order, and their many libels and slanders, always reflecting badly on Vallejo police, never on Vallejo criminals of all colors, has led to the highest rates of murder, rape, and violent assaults in Vallejos history, this year.

Evidently, the outside forces who fund Open Vallejo, Geoff King, and his fellow mercenaries, do not want Hakeem as Mayor, so Geoff King was commissioned to launch his hit job. Geoff King is not a random do-gooder here to help Vallejo. He and Open Vallejo, among with the Vallejo Times Herald, the ACLU, BLM, B’Nai B’Rith, Freemasons, and many other organizations, are here to control Vallejo, though they don’t always get along, like most families.
Yet, consider the Democrats, especially the Democrat women, who are clutching their pearls in dismay over revelations of Hakeems brutality towards women. These hypocrites support abortion, which murders babies far more painfully and effectively than Hakeem punching his pregnant wife in the stomach.

These white liberal women who pretend to be so appalled by Hakeems actions, openly support abortion and the genocide of the black race, though they always publicly pretend to care a lot about “people of color” as they support the disastrous welfare, education, and entertainment systems that have led to so much dysfunction in all races in America, but, which has been most telling in the black community, due to deliberate policies of white, Democrat, Communist sympathizers, like Woodrow Wilson, and his Federal Reserve and income tax, FDR and his New Deal, JFK and his New Frontier, and FDR’s protege LBJ, and his Great Society and War on Poverty. It’s no coincidence that Democrat cities have the highest crime, poverty, and homelessness, particularly among “people of color” as they are fond of saying when their faux sympathies are paraded for public view. The Democrats only pretend to care about “people of color” to Manipulate the black, Asian, and Latino communities, gaining their votes, giving Democrats power and wealth, and leaving minorities in dysfunctional and deteriorating cities. But, every election, lying Democrats are back to promise “change”. It’s as if the dysfunction the Democrats create is a perfect persuader for people to vote Democrat to get rid of it, but it never happens.

All Democrat Presidents since Wilson have always worked to expand Government, shrinking individual liberties, and expanding taxes and regulations. They have been aided by lukewarm Republicans who sometimes did as much or more than Democrats to enslave America. Tricky Dick comes to mind and his dealings with Communist China.

Sadly, it appears that Hakeem, after his troubled past, like Malcolm X, began to see that the police weren’t the problem, and he is right. But, in a city full of people who are living a lie, which is necessary for any Democrat to be elected, Hakeems discovery of the truth, and his support of the police, led to a vicious backlash against him, which ended with the revelations of his violent past.

While Hakeems violent past precludes him from any leadership position, he has much to offer Vallejo still, if he gives up his pot business. Pot does distort thinking, and does lead to increased violence, as Hakeems life demonstrates.
That said, the entire Democrat party is unfit for leadership, and it is that entire party that introduced drugs into the black community.

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