Cops terrorize Ontario woman in self- quarantine

ober 7, 2020


Law-abiding citizens are treated like criminals. I hope your family does not become a target of Doug Ford’s single-minded drive to prevent an infection like ours was in the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 6, 2020. 
by Anon
The weaponizing of public health directives is turning a healthy, kind, gentle, and patriotic people into a suspicious, polarized, angry, and distressed society at graceless odds with one another. 
At 1:22 AM I received a highly panicked call from my daughter who was abiding by self-isolation orders following international travel. My 32-year-old single daughter was “holed up” for 14 days at her brother’s vacant rural property as he himself works abroad. 
For her, being in remote rural property far from any neighbors in a creaky old farmhouse was already a scary stretch. But to comply with our citizenship responsibilities, we all agreed to endure the risk and do our part to not be accused of importing Sars-2. 
At the other end of the phone was my daughter, in hushed, breathless, bursts of sheer terror, telling me someone was trying to break into the house–her worst fears and ours! 
She told me she was locked in a downstairs bathroom and someone was pounding on the doors and yelling. On her way to the bathroom, she said she had peered out and could see people (she didn’t know how many), with flashlight(s) and car lights in the laneway of the farmhouse. 
I had to listen to my daughter ask her “daddy…what do I do if they take me away?”
I’m 2 hours by car away and helplessly hearing my daughter ask me to give her one more piece of advice, maybe for the last time. 
Please join me as you emotionally empathize with our moment at 1:22 AM this past Tuesday morning. 
Please embrace that moment dads with daughters. We did what anyone would do, while I kept my daughter on the line, waiting for the inevitable discovery, our other son, involved by this time, called 911. 
And we waited to see who would get to my daughter first, the aggressive intruder or the police, commissioned to protect and to serve. 
Deep down inside I knew the answer because the intruder was already there and the nearest OPP detachment was at least 20 minutes away.
 Might an officer miraculously be on patrol in that remote backroad? What seemed like forever but was probably 10 minutes, a response came back from the police. 
The aggressive intruder with headlights in the laneway and waving a flashlight around this remote rural property at 1:22 AM in the night was an OPP officer doing a COVID compliance check! 
No warning, no text or phone call, no police car lights flashing, just an OPP officer out enforcing the Trudeau/Ford government’s healthcare. 
No apology from the officer–just a cop out “doing his job” as he put it, terrifying young single women abiding by the law at 1:22 AM in rural northeastern Ontario. 
It’s a beautiful country up there, as is most of Ontario–a great place to be alone unless you are in the crosshairs of COVID eradication orders.
 A subsequent afternoon call from the attending officer to a very disturbed father, you would think, would be filled with concern and empathy and understanding and maybe even an apology for being the catalyst to a night we all thought would be our last with our beautiful daughter–who herself was in process of being mentored to comply with government directives, even if inconvenient.  She was keeping the law. We all were understandably shaken by the evening events. 


Instead, the attending officer calls and when asked to explain his actions proceed to shout me down with the declaration that he has “20 years’ experience and knows how to do his job and doesn’t need to take any “excrement” from me!” 
I presume, as he was aggressively and belligerently hanging up on me, he was exercising the same lack-of-judgment policing style he employed the night before? 
I have been advised by political leaders and others to escalate this story because something is very wrong everywhere. Folks, we all need to look around and ask ourselves if leadership is producing a better Canada, a better Ontario, and the answer is obvious. 
We have never been more uncivil and angry and polarized. Criminalizing healthcare is dead wrong! It must stop. 
There is an Independent Police Review Division to address the brutal treatment of law-abiding people. Our family will make use of it. It’s the least I can do for my severely traumatized daughter. 
What are we going to do about our beloved province and country? In the process of caring for each other in our sicknesses, maybe making healthcare laws and empowering compliance policing is a very wrong approach. As a father to all other fathers out there: this could happen to your family if we don’t insist upon a leadership course correction and quickly!
Thanks, K!

Covid taught us, we have no human rights.

COVID Taught Us: We Have No Human Rights

October 6, 2020


(Masks are mandatory everywhere in spite of being useless. 
The #Scamdemic is about CONFORMITY, not health.) 
The focus on why the coronavirus is a hoax 
and the tests are bogus, misses the point. 
The point is that the Illuminati bankers are 
deliberately destroying civilized society. The
“virus” is just a means to an end: A Communist
satanist world police state, i.e. the NWO.  
by Henry Makow PhD
The MSM is always talking about “human rights.”  
But only sexual and ethnic minorities have them, in order to sabotage and dispossess the majority. 
Have you ever seen the MSM defend the “human rights” of Christians, heterosexuals, anti-vaxxers, or people of European descent? 
Even COVID observes these laws. It infects Trump rallies but not BLM protests, truly a Communist virus. 
I won’t sugarcoat this: Everyone who doesn’t serve the Illuminati will be dispossessed or worse.
Ultimately, “sustainable development” means substantially reducing the world’s population. An orchestrated nuclear war during Trump’s second term may accomplish this goal.
The COVID hoax has taught us that our government and MSM do not represent us. They represent the Illuminati — a satanic cult led by the world banking cartel –that regards humanity as redundant. 
They want us to be less of a burden on the world’s natural resources. Their world is a paradise for them but a nightmare for everyone else. This is their Agenda 30. 


(Solzhenitsyn confronted the Satanists in Russia)
The COVID hoax teaches us that we are essentially powerless. We have no human rights. They can destroy our livelihoods, force us to wear useless face diapers, tell us where to stand, and restrict travel. They can impose restrictions if we want to buy food. 
The object is to teach us that we are powerless and must obey. The object is to train us like animals. Then they will introduce mandatory vaccinations that may poison us, reprogram our DNA, and identify if we are compliant or not. 
We need to organize and demand our human rights. We need to flood our traitorous politicians with demands for:
1. Freedom of speech
2. Freedom of Information.
3. Freedom of assembly.
4. Freedom of belief & worship.
5. Freedom of movement.
6. Freedom from forced vaccination.
7. Freedom from restrictions due to opting out of vaccinations.
These are human rights. They are given to us by God, not by subverted and corrupt governments.
They can’t take them away. But unless we fight for them, they will be gone permanently.
Mankind is the prize in an eternal battle with Satan.


God’s Plan is for human beings to know Him, become more God-like, and create Heaven on Earth.
Satan wishes to tear up God’s Plan, deny the Creator even exists, and whittle down the human race to Satanists and their servants.
God’s Plan is for humans to manifest their Divinity.
Satan’s Plan is for humans to be domestic animals.
We have lost our identity: God is our True Identity. But we can only know this by serving Him.
We are the prize.
Will we be like our Creator and flourish?
or like Demons and destroy ourselves?
We’ve reached the tipping point.


Doug Casey on what happens after the election.

Whenever a really radical group takes over—and the Democrats are serious radicals—they try to cement themselves in power. I’ve explained my reasons for believing the Democrats are going to win, and it only takes a small number of people working as a cadre to do it. I’d like to discuss what happens next.

At the time of the Russian Revolution, the hardcore Bolsheviks only numbered in the hundreds. That was enough to take control of a hundred million Russians and stay in power for 70 years until they totally ran the wheels off the economy.

The same thing happened with Fidel Castro in Cuba. He landed with only 50 or 60 guys, but once he took over the country, his apparatchiks were able to keep control of it.

Serious populists, socialists, Marxists, and other authoritarians can pull that off because they’re completely unbound by conventional notions of morality. They sincerely believe the ends justify the means, and nothing is off the table when it comes to gaining and maintaining power. They always say they’re working for the people and invariably promise lots of free stuff. The hoi polloi want to hear that during a crisis—like the one we’re entering. When things get tumultuous, once they’re in, it’s almost impossible to get them out. Democracy—which is a sham anyway in today’s world—be damned.

If the positions discussed by the twenty final contenders for their presidential nomination are any indication, the Democratic Party has been completely captured by leftists like AOC and her gang of four, who really want to change the very nature of the US. If they win, they’ll be able to do so.

In order to succeed in an American Purple Revolution, they’ll need to cement themselves in place. It takes time for cement to dry. Even though the Republicans are just ineffectual and spineless “me too-ers” with no core beliefs, the Democrats will see there’s no point in letting them regain power.

How will they ensure that? First, it seems almost certain that the Democrats will make both Washington DC and Puerto Rico states; there will then be 104 senators voting—and they will without question be left-leaning Democrats. That will also help assure control of the Electoral College—assuming it’s not abolished—since it will have two more reliably Democratic states. Second, the 20 million undocumented people—illegal aliens—now in the US will undoubtedly be made citizens; they lean heavily toward the Democrats. Third, they’ll expand the size of the Supreme Court and pack it with leftists, so any new laws they pass can’t be challenged effectively.

There could be more, of course. Perhaps they’ll reduce the voting age to 16; such is already the case in Argentina and a growing number of other countries. Young people, especially once they’re freshly indoctrinated by the State schools, always tend to favor socialist ideas. Maybe they’ll even engineer a new Constitutional Convention to change everything. The 2nd Amendment will go, of course, and the rest of the Bill of Rights would be heavily modified. Most of it is already a dead letter—but that would formalize the change once and for all. There will probably be “free” college in order to ensure an extra four years of intense leftist indoctrination for all. State-administered and paid medical care is a sure thing, as well.

These things would cement the Democrats into office for at least a generation. But please don’t think I support the Republicans. That would be like supporting tuberculosis just because it’s better than terminal cancer. Could things get violent? Yes.

There are quite a few examples, and these things can come out of almost nowhere, like the witch hysteria in Salem in the late 17th century. It was completely irrational, of course, and couldn’t have been predicted. But if you argued against the prevailing hysteria, you too could be accused and hung.

Are You Ready for the Post Election Turbulence?

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The US is the most polarized it has been since the Civil War.

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Sometimes, these things are ethnic. Look at what happened in Rwanda a generation ago. The Hutus and Tutsis had lived together, more or less amicably, for generations. Then, all of a sudden, a million people were hacked with machetes. The wave blew over, and now things are peaceful again. But if you weren’t out there slaughtering Tutsis during the hysteria, you might be accused of being a sympathizer and be killed yourself.

Sometimes, these things are religious, like the war between Christians and Muslims in Bosnia, or Lebanon, or the Central African Republic—among other places.

Sometimes, conflict is political, like the gang warfare between the National Socialists and Communists in 1920s Germany.

But what the US seems to be facing isn’t so much political, or religious, or ethnic as it is cultural, which is much more serious. The country is on the cusp of a full-blown cultural revolution. It happened during the Terror of the French Revolution. In a short period, perhaps over 20,000 people were murdered, mostly guillotined. Who would have guessed that simple regime change could get so out of control? It did, however, because it wasn’t just a political revolution. It was a cultural revolution, right down to changing the names of the months.

It famously happened in Russia in 1917, when the Bolsheviks succeeded in changing the basic structure of society. And it happened in Cambodia in the late 1970s with Pol Pot, when a quarter of the population was murdered. Who would have thought that even possible in modern times? That was also a cultural revolution against the educated and essentially anyone who wasn’t a peasant.

Of course, the mother of all social convulsions was Maoist China’s Great Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. The whole country, or at least what looked like the whole country, was bamboozled into overthrowing what they called the Four Olds—old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas. It went on for ten years, killed perhaps two million people, and destroyed the lives of tens of millions more.

Right now, the same meme is spreading in the US. Absolutely anything could happen after the November election, no matter who wins. But with the serious financial, economic, and social problems the US is facing, authoritarians will know how to use them to their own advantage.

The people promoting a US cultural revolution aren’t getting much resistance. The old regime—the conservatives, the Republicans—are totally intimidated. They’ve been brainwashed into accepting the righteousness of the Left’s cultural, political, economic, and social agendas. They don’t like it, but they sheepishly accept it. The schools, the NGOs, corporations, Hollywood, and the media are completely controlled by leftists and have inculcated their notions into society.

This is a real problem. When these things get out of control, the consequences can be genuinely terrible. Trends in motion tend to stay in motion—and this one is even accelerating.

America was unique among the world’s countries because it was founded on the premise of individualism and capitalism, free minds, and free markets. More than any other country, it’s lived up to those ideals.

But these people don’t want just a change of government; they want to overturn the actual things that have made America—America. There’s no other place to go once America goes.

Where can you run? In fact, the whole world is moving in the same direction.

That’s really dangerous because the president has a lot of power, including the power to make several thousand direct appointees with immense influence. Trump has been very unsuccessful in all his appointments. Most of them turn on him viciously. He might as well have picked random names out of the telephone directory. The Democrats, however, can be counted on to plug in fully vetted idealogues.

If Biden wins, he’ll probably get the Senate and the House, too. The Democrats will get a vast array of programs and departments approved. The changes will be much more radical than either Roosevelt’s New Deal or Johnson’s Great Society. Taxes will skyrocket, along with unlimited money in a world of Modern Monetary Theory. The US will get a makeover. America will cease to exist.

I don’t know how the red areas of the country will react if/when the Dems win. They’re culturally conservative, so I doubt there will be serious counterviolence. But if Trump does wind up in office, after a seriously contested election, we can count on more Portlands and Kenoshas. A domestic version of the leftist saying during the ’60s: “Two, three, many Vietnams.” It’s really serious.

The consequences of the Greater Depression will go far beyond a simple bear market. If Trump does win, no doubt the Republicans will crack down on the country in an attempt to keep order. The Dems will have cause to say they were right about his dictatorial tendencies. Then, assuming we have an election in ’24, we’ll certainly get a leftist Democrat in office.

On the (kind of) bright side, gold will go a lot higher. So will Bitcoin, partly because FX controls will be installed. And the next financial bubble will be in gold mining stocks. They’re very cheap right now; those in production are coining money. Ten-to-one shots will be thick underfoot. Buy them now, so you have the capital to insulate yourself from the bad things to come.

Then it’s game over for the Old America. Even if we don’t have an actual civil war.

Editor’s Note: Right now, the US is the most polarized it has been since the Civil War.

If you’re wondering what comes next, then you’re not alone.

The political, economic, and social implications of the 2020 vote will impact all of us.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Day After—How to Prepare for What’s Coming After the 2020 Election

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Student Of History Has Brutal History Lesson For Anti-America Democrats: Some American Indian Tribes Kept Human Slaves, And ATE THEM During Difficult Times!

Christopher Columbus haters should leave his statues alone, get a job, take lunch to a sick neighbor or volunteer at a soup kitchen

By Don Boys, Ph.D.for All News Pipeline

It’s getting that time of the year when people who wish to be perceived as modish, maybe even elegant, start taking shots at Christopher Columbus. It shows they are woke. (That’s the first time I’ve used that word incorrectly, and I feel, well, silly.)

The Indians in North America were sleeping peacefully in their hogans, wigwams, and longhouses during the early hours of October 12, 1492. They were dreaming as their ancestors had for centuries, of flashing salmon, thundering herds of bison, the thump of an arrow striking a deer, and the sound of corn rustling in the evening breeze, with no idea of the events that would happen when Europeans stepped out of a small boat into the pounding surf.

As the Indians began to stir from a sound sleep, Admiral Christopher Columbus was nearing the island of San Salvador. While looking for the old world, he had discovered a new world.

Columbus had arrived. He delivered civilization to this continent—and all that went with it, good and bad. He brought culture and corruption but far more good than bad.

Columbus knew he was nearing land when he saw driftwood floating near his ship and land birds flying around the masts. He, no doubt, wondered what people were watching his ship from behind the screen of foliage as he neared the shore. Would the people be friendly, noble savages, or hostile, brutal savages? Both ideas would be promoted for many years back in Europe, but the idea of noble savages was popularized by writers in recent times to prove they are woke. (See, I did it again and it’s still silly.)

It is true that what may be accurate of one tribe would not be correct of all tribes. Also, the time in history would make a difference in some comparisons. There would be a big difference in 1650 and 1850.

The internet and schoolbooks are loaded with humanist, inaccurate propaganda that American Indians were not violent as American movies present them as being. (As an aside, if I have to choose between what a humanist says and what John Wayne clearly portrayed, the choice is easy to make.) We are told their women were not slaves that worked all day so the braves could hunt and fish. We are expected to believe the women were good and noble when fornication was the norm. The revisionists always reveal bloody massacres by whites but don’t usually balance it with the fact that there was brutality and broken treaties on both sides.

The “noble savage” is a product of imaginative writers with humanist leanings. Some of the Indians were brutal savages, even cannibals! The New Columbia Encyclopedia reported on some Northwest tribes such as the Kwakiutl who “had a highly classified society with chiefs, nobles, commoners, and slaves….This distinctive culture, which included cannibalistic rituals, was not greatly affected by European influences until after the late 18th century….”Yes, some Indians kept slaves and ate them during hard times!

Wonder why that is not taught in any public schools? Or Christian schools?

(ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER: Due to unexpected emergency repair bills, please consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this ‘Info-war’ for America at this most critical time in US history as we approach the 2020 election during a time of systematic ‘big tech’ censorship and widespread Democrat corruption.)

Indians are alleged to have been preservers of pure air, water, and the forests while modern Americans are made to feel guilty for highways, homes, and hospitals. And cities, colleges, and churches. We are told that is not progress. I suppose deer trails, wigwams, and kids dying by the thousands is preferable!

The modern factory spitting out smoke is said to be obscene and a blight on mankind, but a smoking factory means jobs, money, bills paid, and food for children, gifts to charities, higher Gross National Product, and a higher standard of living for most people.

Yes, I choose smoking factories to silent, dark factories because I love people better than I do clean air. If I have to choose between an unobstructed view of a field of buttercups and a housing development, I will choose the houses every time. While being interested in cleaning up the environment, let us not become fanatics and follow the self-serving hypocrites in that movement who use the altruistic concern of sincere people to “feather their own nests.”

We are supposed to feel guilty for being white, middle class, and Protestant/Baptist; or black, upper class, and Episcopal. This is especially true regarding what we have done with the land since “taking it from the noble savage.”However, the Indians were not always careful with the environment. The Columbia Encyclopedia reveals the Choctaws “hunted with bow and arrow and blowgun, caught fish by poisoning streams.” Yes, friends and neighbors, the “noble savage” was often a polluter. Sorry about that.

Merely living on the land does not confirm ownership. This is the most important factor in the discussion. Riding on horseback across the land does not confer ownership. Land is “owned” when it is occupied by families in homes and is controlled, defended, tilled, and fenced.

Before Columbus, the Indians had lived here for hundreds (some say thousands) of years but were still living in crude homes; eating and warming themselves over an open fire; and letting their old people die alone without help. No Indian in North or South America had the concept of the wheel even though the wheel was used for transportation in Mesopotamian chariots in 3200 B.C.

Indians had access to all the gold, silver, iron, water, trees, etc., that the white man had, yet it was the white man who built the greatest, most advanced society in the world. If that sounds like racism, so be it. It is also factual. Most Liberals don’t like facts; they prefer fantasy, or fiction, or faith in old, discredited theories that informed, honest people discarded years ago.

If the white man had not beached his boats on the sands of Jamestown, Plymouth Rock, and Cape Cod, the Indians would still be huddled around their soot-lined tepees warming themselves over a fire made by rubbing dry sticks together. They would still be burying their children because of childhood diseases, and maybe the air would be cleaner if the white man had never come, but who would be alive to care?

As I think about the previous two paragraphs, I’m convinced all sane people know the truth of my statement; it’s just I’m not supposed to say or write it because it makes some people unhappy and uncomfortable and unsure of themselves. Well, they will get over it with enough time.

While the Indians in Central and South America had more advanced civilizations, they were still savages. In Mexico, the Aztecs sacrificed thousands of young virgins every year and literally jerked the hearts out of their enemies before the terrified victims were burned on a much-used altar. The dead were then eaten.

But the modern race hustlers tell us Chris was a bad guy and is worthy of our disdain, disgust, and denunciation; however, many minorities make heroes out of thieves, thugs, and tyrants. And that seems to be acceptable. Columbus was far from perfect, but he was one of the most courageous men of all time. His coming to the New World helped end brutality and gave impetus to the greatest civilization on the face of the earth—America.

The Columbus haters should leave his memory and statues alone and go out and get a job, take lunch to a sick neighbor, and volunteer at a soup kitchen.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog. Send a request to for a free subscription to his articles, and click here to support his work with a donation.)

Vallejo politics. A microcosm of Democrat dysfunction

Last night, the Vallejo City Council declared a Public Safety state of emergency.

Typically, Democrat cities go bankrupt or have emergency levels of crime, poverty, homelessness, and academic dysfunction, since the Democrat party is run by corrupt bankers, who also control the media,  tech companies, schools, and Hollyweird, and is run for the benefit of the Democrat billionaire overlords, not the people, (The proof is in the pudding, and when Democrat dysfunction really gets out of hand, they put strongman types like Hakeem, to be an enforcer and intimidator, and to keep the bankers cities inline) and the citizens of those cities, scream and shout, but they keep right on voting Democrat, while viciously libeling those of us conservatives who know how to fix Democrat dysfunction.  That is exactly what is happening in Vallejo.

This was totally unnecessary.  Yes, Vallejos crime rate is out of control, as is the case in all Democrat cities, and that’s because of the Democrat schools and media, constantly lying about America being racist, and absolving the community with the highest violent crime, rape, and murder rate of all races in America, the black community, of any blame.  Crime isn’t a race issue, as the bigger murderers, liars, and thieves in world history are the owners of the Federal Reserve, who are white Talmudic Jews.  These people promote race tensions, and they back Hakeem because they know if they can racially divide America, it makes us easy to control.

Hakeem’s pastor, who is not a Christian, has a degree in Critical Race Theory.  He constantly instructs his church in racial grudges, ensuring the victim hood ideology, which is a sure path to failure in life, is alive and well in the black community. I’ve heard Dante Quick at Friendship Baptist give some excellent lessons, but, as long as he clings to racial grievances, and refuses to address the greatest foe all humans and nations, of all races and genders have, Sin, he will continue to spin his wheels.  It’s sad he and Hakeem can do so much good, yet, both are hindered and disabled by racial grudges and Hakeems being in the drug business.

Since Hakeem has taken office, promising change, Vallejo has had change alright.  We went from 8 solved murders in 2018, the year Hakeem was elected, to being on pace for the most murders and rapes in Vallejo history, IN JUST TWO YEARS.  Like all Democrat politicians, Hakeem is well versed in how to deflect blame, and to gaslight the city, blaming “institutional and systemic racism”, when the real problem is the sin of every single race in Vallejo.   Of course, this is the natural result of the Democrat overlords being in control and passing ruinous taxes and regulations, enslaving the population.  Enslaved people have higher rates of crime and poverty, because they are discouraged by their slavery.   They tax Vallejo to death funding their corrupt police and fire department run unions.

So, Vallejos problems will worsen, as you cannot tax or police your way to prosperity and righteousness.  All this does is bring Vallejo closer to a Democrat/Communist police state.

Until Vallejo and America utterly reject the evil and wicked Democrat party, our path to complete enslavement will continue.

“Those who will not be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants”

William Penn

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14


The Fight for free speech

The violence, looting and mayhem that this nation has seen over the last several months has much of its roots in academia, where leftist faculty teach immature young people all manner of nonsense that contradicts commonsense and the principles of liberty. Chief among their lessons is a need to attack free speech in the form of prohibitions against so-called hate speech and microaggressions. Here are examples of microaggressions: “You are a credit to your race.” “Wow! How did you become so good in math?” “There is only one race, the human race.” “I’m not racist. I have several black friends.” “As a woman, I know what you go through as a racial minority.”

It is a tragic state of affairs when free speech and inquiry require protection at institutions of higher learning. Indeed, freedom in the marketplace of ideas has made the United States, as well as other Western nations, a leader in virtually every area of human endeavor. A monopoly of ideas is just as dangerous as a monopoly in political power or a monopoly in the production of goods and services.

We might ask what is the true test of a person’s commitment to free speech? The true test does not come when he permits people to say those things he deems acceptable. The true test comes when he permits people to say those things that he deems offensive. The identical principle applies to freedom of association; its true test comes when someone permits others to voluntarily associate in ways that he deems offensive.

While free speech has been under attack, we are beginning to see some pushback. More than 12,000 professors, free speech leaders and conservative-leaning organization leaders have signed “The Philadelphia Statement.”

The 845-word document says in part: “Similarly, colleges and universities are imposing speech regulations to make students ‘safe,’ not from physical harm, but from challenges to campus orthodoxy. These policies and regulations assume that we as citizens are unable to think for ourselves and to make independent judgments. Instead of teaching us to engage, they foster conformism (“groupthink”) and train us to respond to intellectual challenges with one or another form of censorship. A society that lacks comity and allows people to be shamed or intimidated into self-censorship of their ideas and considered judgments will not survive for long. As Americans, we desire a flourishing, open marketplace of ideas, knowing that it is the fairest and most effective way to separate falsehood from truth. Accordingly, dissenting and unpopular voices — be they of the left or the right — must be afforded the opportunity to be heard. They have often guided our society toward more just positions, which is why Frederick Douglass said freedom of speech is the ‘great moral renovator of society and government.'”

The recognition of the intellectual elite attacking free speech is not new. In a 1991 speech, Yale University President Benno Schmidt warned: “The most serious problems of freedom of expression in our society today exist on our campuses. The assumption seems to be that the purpose of education is to induce correct opinion rather than to search for wisdom and to liberate the mind.”

Tyrants everywhere, from the Nazis to the communists, started out supporting free speech rights. Why? Because speech is important for the realization of leftist goals of command and control. People must be propagandized, proselytized and convinced. Once leftists have gained power, as they have in most of our colleges and universities, free speech becomes a liability. It challenges their ideas and agenda and must be suppressed.

Attacks on free speech to accommodate multiculturalism and diversity are really attacks on Western values, which are superior to all others. The indispensable achievement of the West was the concept of individual rights, the idea that individuals have certain inalienable rights that are not granted by government. Governments exist to protect these inalienable rights. It took until the 17th century for that idea to arise and mostly through the works of English philosophers such as John Locke and David Hume. And now the 21st century campus leftists are trying to suppress these inalienable rights.

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. To find out more about Walter E. Williams and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


Trump, Atlas, time to face down coronavirus fear.

The uproar over the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis made one thing abundantly and terrifyingly clear: Coronavirus hysteria is here to stay—and there are signs it might be getting worse seven months after we first confronted the unknown disease.

Rather than accept that nearly all the early advice dispensed by self-proclaimed “experts” was not just wrong but resulted in devastating consequences that will impact the country for years to come, lots of Americans—including the entire news industry and leaders of both political parties—are endorsing more punitive government decrees to “stop” a virus that poses almost no serious health threat to the overwhelming majority of Americans.

People are fixated on masks; the president of the United States isn’t allowed to take a brief ride in an SUV with people trained to take a bullet on his behalf without enduring widespread condemnation for “risking the lives of others” even though everyone wore a mask and other protective gear. Most of Monday night’s town hall meeting with Joe Biden revolved around mask use.

Panic rules daily life at the same time we have fewer reasons to panic. Recent data crunched by the Centers for Disease Control confirms that nearly everyone under the age of 70 who contracts the disease recovers; 95 percent of adults over 70 recover, too. Most sufferers report mild symptoms; overly-sensitive tests give false positives for people showing no symptoms at all. Hospitals are not overflowing with COVID patients and, with few exceptions, never were.

But the paranoia is so baked in that it seems unlikely the country will emerge from this constant state of fear anytime soon. How can we regain our senses and return to normal life while accepting that this virus is not unlike other serious viruses that we’ve handled in the past without tanking the economy, surrendering to house arrest, or running around screaming about face coverings?

The president, thankfully, emerged from his brief convalescence with a new fighting spirit. “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life,” the president tweeted Monday morning when he announced he would be headed home from Walter Reed Medical Center. “We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge.” In a video taped at the White House Monday evening, the president underscored his have-no-fear message. “I learned so much about coronavirus. And one thing that’s for certain, don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. You’re gonna beat it.”

It appears that Trump’s new COVID advisors are having an impact. In August, the president appointed Dr. Scott Atlas, a critic of lockdowns and our one-size-fits-all remedy to cure the virus; Atlas, 65, is a much-needed antidote to the attention-hungry, flip-flopping Anthony Fauci, who refuses to exit the media’s adoring spotlight or entertain any opposing viewpoint.

I talked to Dr. Scott Atlas on Monday afternoon, shortly after the president announced he would be leaving the hospital and getting back to work, which prompted yet another round of convulsions from the cult of Trump haters who simply cannot get a grip on reality.

“The president isn’t going to hide from the public or the press,” Atlas told me. “He wants to go to work. He wants to see Americans and he wants to interact with others. He won’t hide in the basement or frozen in fear behind a mask.” (Atlas also has been advising Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who lifted restrictions on bars and restaurants on September 25 in his pursuit to normalize his state’s economy.)

Contrary to Joe Biden’s frequent accusation that the president won’t “listen” to the scientists, Atlas said that “narrative could not be more wrong. There is a difference of opinion in the scientific community. There is no monopoly on knowledge.”

Atlas named several top scientists, including noted epidemiologists, who refute the efficacy and humanity of lockdowns, especially school closings. Dr. John Ioannidis, who like Atlas is associated with Stanford University, wrote a prescient article in March 2020 forewarning the “fiasco” of extended lockdowns. (Ioannidis’ explanatory video that same month was removed from YouTube for violating the site’s terms of service, which meant the professor of medicine and epidemiology at one of the world’s premier universities dared to hold an opinion outside mainstream thinking at the time.)

Other experts such as Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, and Dr. Sunetra Gupta are partnering with Atlas to use science and logic in hopes of deprogramming a largely brainwashed public. The trio this week issued a statement, called the Great Barrington Declaration, aimed at promoting “focused protection” that would safeguard high-risk populations while encouraging life to return to normal as quickly as possible. “As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies,” the declaration states. “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health.” Thousands of experts and members of the public have signed the petition so far.

The United States is the only country in the world, Atlas said, with this level of hysteria over reopening schools. “We are sacrificing our children. We are eliminating socialization and group activities. It’s harming low-income families most because the lockdown is the luxury of the rich.”

Atlas doesn’t argue with the initial response to the virus. The attempt to prevent hospital overcrowding and buy time to prepare the health system was “appropriate,” Atlas said. But the medical and scientific community knows much more about the virus now. “It isn’t March or April, it’s October. We can’t continue to just believe people we thought had the whole story at first.”

Those people—Atlas didn’t name names but I will—include Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, and Dr. Robert Redfield, the hapless head of the Centers for Disease Control. Fauci is taking shots at Atlas in the press, referring to him as an “outlier.”

Beltway insiders, on the other hand, are attempting to smear Atlas by distorting his view on herd immunity, a scientific concept that up until a few months ago was universally accepted as truth. Suddenly the term is presented in the media in scare quotes as if it’s the latest Republican-fueled conspiracy theory. “Denying herd immunity is like denying gravity,” Atlas told me. “But there is no policy recommendation, none, that cites herd immunity as a strategy.”

Democrats have planned to leverage the twin crises of COVID-19 and the economic shutdowns to win in November. Biden’s message, not surprisingly, is all over the place, at once condemning the president for not doing enough to stop the spread then condemning the president for the economic and societal consequences of the lockdown that was intended to stop the spread.

Polls consistently show low approval ratings for the president on his handling of the disease; most respondents believe Biden would do a better job even though his plans do not differ from the president’s. Biden continues to flip-flop on a national mask mandate but has publicly said he would authorize another economic lockdown.

It’s increasingly likely the election will be a referendum on Coronavirus and its after-effects, which means Trump’s new tack is a risky, but necessary, one.

Someone needs to push back forcefully on this destructive course with reason, compassion, and yes, science. The president needs to explain that he will lead us back to the life we abruptly left behind in March. “What we’ve seen is the arrogance of the elite in a highly charged political climate,” Atlas said. “Leaders have to make decisions that make sense that take into account the impact of their policies.”

“We need to save lives and get America back to work.”


Counterfeit sex and counterfeit family

The counterfeit America that bequeathed to the country a fraudulent concept of citizenship divorced both from the consent of the governed and actual American history also will not allow us to distinguish between men and women. Counterfeit America offers us counterfeit maleness, counterfeit femaleness, counterfeit sexuality, and a counterfeit version of the family. At heart, it comes from a kind of nominalism: pretending we can call fundamentally different things the same thing.

Let us start with men and women: individuals born with a pair of XX or XY chromosomes.

Counterfeit America tells us there is no substantive difference between the two.

Since there is no natural difference between man and woman, likewise there can be no moral difference between them, either.

Instead, we are told that the male virtues: physical strength and endurance, coolness under pressure, inner composure, stoicism, and aggression are not really male virtues at all. The feminine virtues: honesty and fidelity, nurturing and compassion, physical beauty and charm aren’t female virtues either.

Rather, counterfeit America tells us that they are to be melded into whatever each disordered individual wants them to be; that might be the genderless, neutered individual with no sex at all; it might be men “choosing” to call themselves women and taking female names; it might be women “choosing” to call themselves men while taking male names—as if humans can even pretend to have such power. In counterfeit America, rather than receiving his or her sex from God Almighty, each atomized individual “chooses” to make it whatever he wants.

If only each atomized individual could choose to copy and print legal tender in the way they select their sexes these days! For some reason, I don’t imagine that will be happening any time soon.

Still, it’s an interesting thought.

I buy my own copier, print a few thousand fraudulent copies of some Benjamins and demand that the bank or vendor accepts it as legal tender. If they say “no,” I scream “discrimination” and hire the SPLC to sue them. How is that any different from a male who dresses up as a woman and demands that I call “her” by the fraudulent made up female name he has chosen? God only knows.

But the Supreme Court, seemingly controlled by counterfeit America, has nothing to say about the fact that the former (printing my own counterfeit copies of United States dollars) willland me in prison. At the same time, the Court says if I refuse to play along with the latter (going along with the “transgender” charade) I can be fired by my employer for “discrimination.” Strange world indeed.

This gendered masquerade rests on still more nominalism. Men have always been physically stronger and more aggressive than women. This is why, despite a century of feminism, men still run faster than women in every distance at track and still lift far more weight at the deadlift, the bench press, and the power clean. How big is the difference? Despite the fact that the nominalist tells us there is no real difference between men and women, for example, a woman who is stronger than 99 percent of other women is still weaker than 90 percent of men when it comes to the bench press.

Despite a century of cultural emasculation and conditioning meant to turn them into copies of the fairer sex, American men as a group still commit far more violent crime in the United States than American women: four times more to be precise. On death row, the disparity is even greater: there are over 2,500 men on death row and just over 50 women. That’s 48 men for every 1 female inmate on death row.

Still, counterfeit America tells us to pretend there is no difference, really. And if you say there is, good luck keeping your job or evading a “discrimination” lawsuit for saying the obvious.

Despite these lies, children still recognize the difference.

Despite all the “social constructing” possible, crying infants prefer their mother’s voice to their father’s, and children perform better at new tasks when doing so with their fathers.

Finally, nominalism leads counterfeit America to say that the sacramental marriage between one man and one woman is somehow the equivalent of the “blended family” and fornicators cohabitating; that it is the equivalent of sterile homosexuals who cannot beget children without a test tube; and it demands we pretend that there is no substantive impact on children raised by these counterfeit families which aim to supplant the real, God-ordained family. The fabrication doesn’t hold up under examination. Bastard children reared by cohabitating parents out of wedlock, test-tube children created for homosexual couples or career-minded heterosexual geriatrics, and those adopted by the childless have worse life outcomes across every demographic than do children raised by their biological mothers and fathers.

Counterfeit America wants to shame us for pointing this out.

Yet, look at the results of this blurring of the lines. Since I was born, the American fertility rate hasn’t been above replacement for a single year. All American population growth since has been due to increases in life expectancy among already living Americans or through immigration. If we break down America’s fertility rate by political orientation, we would see that the differences are even greater. The fertility rate of counterfeit America is pitiful: very liberal women have barely more than 1 child per lifetime. And it is dropping. Studies tell us that perhaps 1 in 4 women (and men) among the millennials, will never have children.

Here’s a thought experiment. If we could isolate counterfeit Americans on a large island cut off from mass migration and push them out of the driver’s seat in those cultural institutions which brainwash conservative children to join them (the liberal media, education, entertainment and tech industries), just based on the results of their own worldviews, personal “choices” and resulting fertility rate, what would happen?

They would go extinct.

Why, therefore, should we take any advice from people who—all things being equal—have no future? To use their own scientific parlance, counterfeit America—as a whole—represents a worldview which is little more than anevolutionary dead-end?

Perhaps severing the ties between mother, father, and biological children is deliberate? A child in this situation has no lineage; and with no lineage, one’s connection to one’s heritage is made more tenuous. The atomized individual, with no lineage, no heritage and no rootedness in his past is the perfect clay to mold into the cosmopolitan “citizen of the world,” who sees borders, culture, and tradition as the enemy. Such an individual, sundered from all of these social ties, is the perfect clay for the almighty State to mold into whatever form it wishes.


About Hezekiah Kantor

Hezekiah Kantor is a pseudonym for an American high school teacher and coach with a B.A. from an Ivy League University and an M.A. in teaching from a Jesuit college on the West Coast. A teacher of the year in his first school district, he holds a National Board Certificate for Adult and Youth Social Studies. He has an interest in politics, religion, economics, and military history. His 2019 book, Trojan Horse Religionexplains in detail the beliefs and practices of the Progressive Liberal religion and describes how Progressive Liberalism aims to be the State Church.

The past was a glorious time

There has always been evil in this world since the Fall. There’s always been evil in America (like slavery) and hard times, but now it is evil all the way through. Feminism, the Internet, and Hollywood have corrupted deeply. Even many of the churches have grown lukewarm. They are afraid to teach the truth, hence, worldliness has taken over the churches.

Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t just start out as evil. No, the evil grew until the cities were destroyed, and all great nations are eventually destroyed from within. Please, read Romans 1. It explains clearly how evil begins and what the end result is. Men “hold the truth in unrighteousness” and God eventually turns them over to a reprobate mind.

Here is a comment from a man from this post in response to a woman trying to say that the past was just as bad as these days.

The past definitely was a glorious time. You only need to read “Little House on the Prairie,” “Little Women,” Dickens, Tolstoy, or any other period literature which was largely representative of life back then.

Unlike the corrupt and foolish generation of today, they weren’t wasting 78,000 hours watching television, as the average American is today. They didn’t have over 20 percent of the population on psychotropic drugs, and not only did they not have the military disinformation weapon of the internet, they also didn’t have 70 percent of the clicks for porn. They also were far better educated on wisdom, virtue, the Bible, and history for a fraction of the price.

The out of wedlock birth rate in 1947 was three percent. Today it’s 40 percent. Not to mention 110 million Americans have an STD. They had no welfare, income tax, or gun regulations in 1910, and the fertility rate in 1957 was 3.7. Today it’s 1.7. Replacement fertility rate is 2.1. Millions of babies have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs and with divorce and fornication completely acceptable, single motherhood has skyrocketed.

As for children, even the poor ones were taught morality, which is why poor children like Carnegie and Rockefeller had a chance to work their way up to become anything. Unfortunately, their power corrupted them. Now, most children spend their childhoods in daycare and then in the Marxist school system.

Twenty five percent of women today are on psychotropic drugs, and women are exploited, enslaved, abused, and harassed at higher rates today than ever before in American history. The Left will lie and say this stuff always happened. It wasn’t reported before, but that’s completely false. Simply look at what Weinstein got away with doing to some of the most powerful and wealthy women on earth today, and consider, if he got away with doing that to those women, what is happening to the common woman who isn’t as wealthy or famous?

Children raised without money, but with the love of both parents, a mother at home, and virtue, are vastly superior to children raised without love and virtue but with money. Marriage used to be only between a man and his wife as God has ordained, divorce was rare, and this brought a lot of security to children. When the family falls apart, the nations fall apart.

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
Romans 1:21,22


The Past was a Glorious Time