Friday, September 20th, 2019

America has a very serious problem with idolatry.  If anyone doubts this, simply examine the inordinate time we devote to paying attention to the celebrities of this day and age.  Seemingly every action in their lives, we are informed about.  And what good does this do the average citizen, in a nation where half the population is functionally illiterate?  Very little to none.  It actually is damaging, because most celebrities have personal habits that aren’t worth emulating at all, and since we often become what we pay attention to, many start to imitate the faults of celebrities.  The debauched culture of Hollyweird, which used to be isolated and not represent America, now has spread to America and the entire world, poisoning all it touches.

Idolatry is so insidious that tens of millions of Americans have been programmed to unthinkingly accept the decrees of the Democrat run schools, media, and tech companies as absolute truth.  Of course, the Democrat plutocrats who run these three mass weapons of disinformation, have no care for humanity at all, only for their own pleasure, power, and pelf.  Tragically, tens of millions of Americans are worshiping idols which are leading them to destruction, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Just visited beautiful Modesto, and spoke with the Stanislaus Republicans.  It was a very good meeting.  Thomas Jefferson spoke about how farmers reflected what made America great, and while not all who attended were farmers, they were from farm country, the bastion that represents the eternal and immutable virtues our nation’s foundations rest upon.  Mylinda Mason and her husband Ron have a very beautiful story of endurance and redemption, and there yet appears to be more.  Very grateful for their hospitality and generosity.   She is a virtuous woman, like many other virtuous women in the Republican party.  There are no virtuous women in the Democrat party.  The ones who do practice virtue of some type, are deceived.  It was touching to see womanhood so capably represented at this meeting.  Indeed, conservative women are all worth their weight in diamonds, for they must not only do the right thing, but endure the spite and malice of the left, who, like Cain, hate them for doing what is right.

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Judge blocks California’s attack on Trump.

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President Trump blocks 100% Of Iran’s Income – Trump sanctions Iranian National Bank at ‘the highest level’

Boys: Pigs Have Learned to Fly: Jerry Falwell Supports GOP Candidate Who Performed Same-Sex “Marriage”!

WSJ: Trump Asked Ukraine’s President to Probe Hunter Biden

Pro-Second Amendment Columbine Survivor Gets Beto to Admit: I’m Open to Banning All Guns

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Yang: We might need to eliminate car ownership.

Gun sales boom as Dems argue for confiscation

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Hawaii’s Senator of Hate.

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WH’s Navarro: China Paying for Tariffs ‘in Three Ways’ — Slashed Prices, Currency Value, Fleeing Supply Chain

Bronx Suspect Charged with Murder for Beating Alleged Robber to Death with Metal Pipe

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