Do Obama and Hillary belong in jail?

We are continually lectured that Barack Hussein Obama was a wonderful president, a near Messiah, and that he was so wonderful for America.  I remember with horror how I watched this video and felt so wonderful about Obama and so inspired to support him.  I go online to watch it often as I like to be reminded how I once was a Democrat peon who unthinkingly followed the puppetmasters too.  This gives me empathy for liberals and helps temper the outrage I feel for their absurd unawareness.    Barry was wonderful for the wallets of his wealthy liberal backers, but that was about it.  The liberal media somehow forgot to tell us about Mia Pope, Larry Sinclair, and the two homosexual choir friends of Obama’s who mysteriously incurred bullets to their domes right before Obama announced his run for president, prompting the mother of one to accuse Obama of masterminding it to hide his relationship with her son.  It’s interesting that Mueller is targeting Jerome Corsi, the writer of the article on Obama’s Trinity Church bombshell, right now in his fake news investigation of Trump for Russian Collusion which is the biggest fraudulent use of our justice system in history.


But when you weaponize the intelligence agencies of America against an opposing candidate, isn’t that worse than Watergate, or am I crazy?  Of course, to 22 liberals and RINOs on here, whose opinion isn’t worth having, I’m a bona fide nutcase, because their liberal and RINO leaders tell them so.   A little recap, dear reader.  Watergate was when Tricky Dick sent burglars into the DNC to get information on them.  That’s illegal and he got caught by the Washington Compost, the amoral Democrats began shrieking bloody murder, and eventually the spineless Republicans wilted and impeached Tricky Dick, though he resigned first.  This led to a Jimmeh Carter becoming President, and the peanut Farmer from Georgia was a total wreck as president, doing nothing of note other than paving the way for Ronald Reagan and his greatness. Jimmeh did an interview with Playboy while pretending to be a devout Christian.  Suckered a lot of Christians, as all Democrat candidates do.  If it weren’t for the Christian voters who get suckered into voting Democrat, the Democrats wouldn’t have a prayer in any election.


So with this current Mueller investigation, which has bamboozled at least half of American voters, we are supposed to believe that Trump colluded with Russia, and that is how he won the election, and he actually shouldn’t have won.  So what happened?   Well, the Fusion GPS Dossier, which is at the root of the whole matter, was originally funded by a homosexual friendly, media owner (Washington Free Beacon) billionaire Paul Singer, who backed Marco Rubio.  When Rubio got smashed by Trump in his home state of Florida and resigned, Singer put the fake news Dossier up for sale, and since Hillary Clinton controlled the nearly bankrupt DNC with her massive cash flow that she had from her corrupt Clinton Foundation, this sounded like a great deal to her, and she paid $12 million for the Dossier.   She then turned around, partnering with Barry, and used this unverified info to present to the FISA court and to get warrants to spy on Trump.  So, for the first time in American history, we had a current American President use the nation’s national defense system to spy on his opponent.  This is unprecedented and is called treason. When you subvert a lawful election process by hijacking the media and intelligence communities with fake data, this is far worse than what Nixon did, who used private operators to try and spy on his opponents.


Of course, the Democrats have their Praetorian Guard media, CNN, NPR, Washington Compost, NY Slimes, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Google, and many other news sources, well over 90% of the establishment media, running interference for them, and hiding this devastating news from gullible voters, and feeding them all kinds of garbage about how bad Trump is.  This is why you see the poor liberals on WB and the tens of millions of Democrat voters in America constantly chirping about how Trump is such a bad man, and how can conservatives go to bed at night with an orange clown like him running the nation.  They are simply parroting the corrupt media. Their media is clever as a snake, and will compliment their gullible viewers for not being dumb enough not to go to racist Breitbart or Fox News.  LOL, and the liberal voters continue to be deceived.



Except it’s not funny.  This is a matter of national security.  Liberals are easy to deceive.  Many have noticed how I ask liberals about 7 conservative websites they’ve read 2 months of their lives and what five biographies of the Founders have they read.  Well, I don’t do that for my health’s sake, I do it for a reason.  It’s to try and prod them into questioning their mindless acceptance of facts that they lack the capacity to critically evaluate.  But, you see their responses.  They get indignant and angry, and begin to mock and make fun of my queries.  Typical of scorners and scoffers.  Not only do they not know the truth, but they will mock and interfere with those who do.



Of course, we conservatives are told we are all racists (if we happen to be white), or Uncle Tom’s (If we happen to be black) for opposing Obama, no matter that we oppose his insane big government ideas.  And tens of millions of Democrat voters are convinced that it was racism that drove opposition to Obama.  I know, because I supported Obama in 2008, and after reading my local newspaper, watching CNN and the rest of the hellivision, watching youtube, and perusing Google, I was convinced a white person had to be racist to oppose Obama.  It took me a few years to awake from my delusion.


Also, let me forewarn the liberals.  If you actually try to research any of these topics on Google, the Google algorithms will lead you to liberal news sources so you can be further brainwashed, and when you are done, you’ll be even more convinced I’m dead wrong.  So go get a book on both sides on these topics if you aren’t lazy like most liberals, and content with the status quo.   Honestly ask yourselves, liberals, why the Google search results don’t pull up Breitbart, National Review, Townhall, WND, American Thinker, or the Federalist?


Liberals haven’t really heard at all about Obama’s 18 scandals, as their news media keeps them in the dark and tells them its the racist conservatives trying to lynch a black man again.  Also, fewer than 10% of liberals have libraries of note that they actually use in their own homes, and they are quite simple to manipulate.  They hate to be reminded of this, and will react with outrage when their disinformation is shown to be so.  So, they have no clue about:

1) Operation Fast and Furious

2) The great “stimulus” heist

3) Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress

4) ObamaCare

5) Spying on journalists

6) The IRS scandal

7) Benghazi

8) Hillary Clinton’s secret server

9) The Pigford scandal

10) NSA spying scandal

11) Bowe Bergdahl

12) Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment

13) Polluting the Colorado river

14) The GSA scandal

15) The VA death-list scandal

16) Solyndra

17) Secret Service gone wild

18) Shutdown theater


Of course, most liberals have been trained to think of Breitbart and other conservative sources as racist disinformation, and it doesn’t bother them that they haven’t seriously looked into these sources.


So, will America wake up to the crimes of Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats, or are we going to let the liberals and their sycophant supporters continue to destroy America, as termites destroy a house?





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