Sunday, December 2nd News.

Paris Tax Riots worst since the 1960’s.

Tax Riots turn violent

Springsteen: Trump will win in 2020, because Democrats have no effective candidate.

China requires Tech companies to keep detailed records of users internet usage.

Comey makes a deal with house Republicans to testify.

Showalter: The stomach turning ‘ballot harvesting’ that enabled Democrats to walk off with California.

Perkins: With Jihad, we are betting our future on wishful thinking

Democrat researcher proves Google’s anti-Trump bias.

Pakistan Prime Minister claims Jesus never existed.

McCarthy: Robert Mueller’s plan.

Peterson: Fake news media run PR campaign for illegal aliens.

Mexico’s new president opens home to public.

Nolte: Hollyweird has little innovation left,  faces bleak future

Wheaton college students say black pro-life activists make people of color feel unsafe.

Pearcey: Justice Kennedy’s hubris

French Yellow Vest protest spreads from Paris to Belgium.

Bialosky: Roberts is wrong about federal judges and here is how to fix it.

Stuckey: The religion of leftism


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