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The Transformed Wife: Have women going to college helped this become a better nation?

Carl Jackson: The limitless power women have over men.

Corsi goes to war: Prosecute Mueller and staff for criminal acts.

Mychal Massie: White Liberal progressives the most racist.

Buchanan: In Paris, Climate chickens come home to roost.

Wauck: Crossfire Hurricane, the theory of a case.

Pinkerton: George H.W. Bush and the generation touched with fire.

Now DNC law firms records in bullseye.

Emergency room promoting….Euthanasia!!

Riots in France are the worst since the 1960’s.

Google, Facebook, Amazon push central control

Federer: the brutal conquest of Mexico by Cortes.

D.C. bids farewell to Bush.

Trump wants rat locked up for a long time.

Census confirms, 63% of non citizens on welfare.

Tumblr strikes a blow for virtue, deletes all porn.

Hellivision holds ground for news, as print fades.

Lying CNN has no shows in top 20.

French: The battle over conservative manliness from Bush to Trump.

Cost: Why Bush 41, a great president, won only one term.

The left’s demented hatred of President George H.W. Bush.

Mark Lamont Hill: Symbol of leftist hate.

Marcus: Service was Bush’s privilege.

Sobieski: Is the FBI raiding homes to protect Mueller?

Black college student arrested for fake hate crime.

Hemingway: NeverTrumpers cling to Russian collusion theory despite lack of evidence.

Morefield: Ballot harvesting: California Dems latest election stealing strategy.

Paulson: China: America’s wake up call.

Conservatives consider regulating Google and Twitter.

How a stupendously ignorant tweet from Ocasio-Cortez undermines single payer.

Peterson: Opposing Chinese communist spies isn’t racist.

Shapiro: America is engulfed in a crisis of meaning and it’s killing us.

Walsh: NFL player punished for hitting woman, after she hit him first.

NFL Ad revenue crashes due to 2017 ratings decline.

Delingpole: Macron headed for his green Waterloo

Despite bitter family rivalries, H.W. Bush wanted Trump at funeral.

Progressive radio voice in Bay area found dead in Kentucky.

Trouble with tuna: A lot of millennials don’t even own can openers.

Sebastian Gorka at restoration weekend.

I became white after I left Islam.

Lewis: The EU Reich vs. Britain.

Joondeph: So what if Trump wanted to build in Moscow.

Marcus: The word ‘Mean’ is leftists lethal weapon.

Curtis: The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!

Hellner: Shouldn’t we investigate Obama running a terrorist drug operation instead of fictional Russian collusion?

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