Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

SCOTUS upholds travel ban, overturning lawless Hawaii ruling!!

Google, Obama, plan to control news.

Congressional Muslim: Travel ban will be “Marker of Shame” like Plessy.  Same Congressman has ties to radical Islamist organizations. 

Rogan: Chief Justice John Roberts Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban and makes Trump’s opponents look silly.

Buchanan: A Fascist Right, or a hysterical left?

Watch: Showdown: Waters refuses to talk with journalist, rudely dismisses her, just as white Democrats did to blacks in the 1950’s. 

Massie: On Harrassment of Trump, staff, where is GOP Congress?

Strikes down malevolent CA abortion law targeting crisis pregnancy centers!!

Judicial Watch files Ethics complaint against Maxine Waters for “Inciting Violence”!

Wicked and filthy mouthed late night hosts attack Sarah Sanders. 

Wayne Allyn Root: the Nazi, Hitler, Holocaust Issue.

Dershowitz: Strzok texts sound like collusion at the highest levels.

Davidson: With Cartels in control there are no easy solutions to border control.

Video: ABC reporter encounters smuggler with illegals at U.S/Mexico border!

Montage: Media framing Trump voters as Menace to Society!

Iowa Rep. King says America is headed for another Civil War.

Boeing unveils Hypersonic Airliner, capable of 4,000 MPH, NY to London in two hours!

NYT Op-Ed: Conservatives have no right to an audience.

Victor Davis Hanson: Mexico – What went wrong?

Nordlinger: A feast of vital truths.

Charen: The price of Feminism.

Farah: The Death of the First Freedom!

Harsanyi: Dear Judd and Kumail, You have no idea what a real Nazi was like.

Boorman: How the theory of White Privilege leads to Socialism.

Overstreet: The Battle for America is nowhere over- Here are 10 ways to fight.

Wulfsohn: If Democrats don’t condemn Maxine, there could be a bodycount.

Chantrill: They protest because they believe.

Peterson: Democrats rushing off a short term electoral cliff.

Moran: GOP introduces motion to censure Maxine Waters for inciting violence against Trump officials.

Mob gathers outside Stephen Miller’s apartment.

Lefist Mindless drones mob Jeff Sessions visit to Los Angeles.

Black: Criminal Justice Reform system out of control, and media are distracted.

Judge to hear alleged Islamic takeover of American schools.

Watch: Maxine loses it over Dem criticism over her calls for more harassment.

CNN rabble-rouser Jim Acosta has broadcast shut down.

Kanye rejected racial pressure to vote for Hillary.

In New England, Hillary trashes Electoral College.

Update: Why we use the Electoral College.

Screaming, incoherent woman on airlines flight.

Judge throws out climate suits against big oil by S.F. and Oakland. 

Even Swedes questioning welfare state.

Blind CA Democrats consider creating “Fake news Advisory Group” to monitor media.  Newspeak for shutting down conservative ideas.

Record $300 billion flows back into America.

Deranged and deluded survey ranks America as 10th most dangerous nation in the world for women.

Lowry: What Trump gets.

Why Did DOJ And FBI Ignore Lack Of Evidence For Russiagate? They Fell In Love With Their Source

Solway: A double injustice throws a scare into the nation’s judges.

Forest and Rayne: cooler heads need to prevail on Texas Climate Change predictions:)

Alexiev: Sultan Erdogan: Invincible and doomed.

Waters and Pelosi: the Twin Faces of the Democratic Party.

Lifson: The specter of Revolution haunts the mullah’s in Iran. 

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