Monday, June 25th, 2018

Trump: Be careful what you wish for Max!

Mike Huckabee: Ren Hen owner followed Sanders party to another restaurant and organized protest.

Waters history of praising mob violence!

Jim Jordan confirms Speakership bid plans.

Breaking: SCOTUS tosses ruling against florist who declined to make homosexual wedding arrangement.

Trump unloads on “dirty” restaurant that denied Sanders service.

Federer: The Scary Things George Washington saw in our Future.

How an affair between a reporter and a security aide has rattled Washington Media.

A dying, apostate church.  St.  Paul’s Lutheran Church in Benicia places homosexual, Pride flag on its flagpole.

Nolte: Border Hysteria Delivers Disastrous Week for Establishment Media

Trump advisor Leo: Trump will likely have two more SCOTUS appointments.

Representative Maxine Waters calls for political violence.

Rep. Waters harassment policy is going to make America a lot worse.

Insist on E-Verify.

Cost: The immigration debate is partially about political power.

Schlichter: Liberals hatred will inevitably turn into violence.

Brown: Maxine Waters, is this really the America that you want?

Ready to Rumble: Left losing it’s cool.

Shapiro: No, not all cultures are equivalent.

Congresswoman demands ethics probe into Sanders restaurant tweet.

Harsanyi: The real world is starting to resemble Twitter and that is a problem.

Chowka: Insurrection is here, how long do we have until Civil War 2.0 begins?

Sobieski: Leftist thugs guarantee another Scalise tragedy.

Fitzgibbons: Isn’t there some way Facebook and Twitter can be forced to stop excluding conservatives?

Prentice: A high stakes game of Get Trump poker.

Maxine calling in the Mob!

Key question for judge in Weinstein case: Can other accusers testify?

Xi says China must lead way in reform of global governance.

Takes spying to new heights, with flock of robotic birds.

Senator suffers cracked rib after colleague saves her from choking.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name pulled from literary award over “stereotypical attitudes” in books.

WaPo’s editorial board comes to Sanders defense.

Medvin: CNN’s Terror sided reporting.

Morefield: Ask liberals  how unlimited immigration benefits America, then watch their heads explode.

Jackson: Democrats five point plan for defeat in 2018.

NY Slimes Op Ed: All Trump policies trace back to “white extinction anxiety”.

Ellis: How the Constitution provides sufficient common ground to solve immigration.

Left Slams Refusal To Join Gay Weddings, Celebrates Restaurant’s Refusal To Serve Sarah Sanders

IG report shows James Comey lied about why he publicized new Clinton e-mails.

Joondeph: Remember when it was fashionable to be tough on immigration.

What to do when anti Trump zealots cross the line into violence or even chargeable menacing.

New Poll: Obama the worst president since World War 2.

Data: Death of white Americans exceeds white births for first time ever.

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